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Inazuma Eleven Asks

I saw a lot of different kinds of asks games, and even for specific animes. So I decided to make one for the series Inazuma Eleven/GO/CS/Galaxy. There are even for Inazuma Eleven Ares. That’s general questions, and I’ll surely add more in the future (or change some of them). Feel free to send me propositions ! Enjoy !~

  1. Real sakka or IE sakka ?
  2. In which college you would go to, and why ?
  3. In which college you would not go to, and why ?
  4. Managed sakka or free sakka ?
  5. Manager or player ?
  6. Player or coach ?
  7. If you were in a team, which position you would like to be ?
  8. If you were a player, which kind of player you would be ?
  9. What is your favourite serie ?
  10. What is your favourite arc (in any serie) and why ?
  11. What is/are your favourite quote(s) ?
  12. What is/are your favourite college(s) ?
  13. What is/are your favourite team(s) ?
  14. What is/are your favourite character(s), and why ? Can you relate to him/her/them ?
  15. What is/are your least favourite character(s), and why ?
  16. What is/are your favourite villain(s) and why ?
  17. What is/are your favourite coach(es) and why ?
  18. What is/are your favourite manager(s) ?
  19. What would be your element ? (Ex. : Gouenji → fire)
  20. What do you think about the Fifth Sector ? Do you think there could be more informations in the anime/manga ?
  21. What do you think about the system of the SEEDS ?
  22. What do you think about El Dorado ?
  23. Your OTP ?
  24. Your Notp ?
  25. Your ships ? Are they rare or not ?
  26. Your brOTP ?
  27. Which is the ship(s) you really can’t see ?
  28. What is/are your favourite friendship(s) ?
  29. What is/are your favourite sibling(s) ?
  30. What is/are your favourite hairstyle(s) ? Why do you like it so much ?
  31. Do you have any favourite place(s) ?
  32. What is/are your favourite episode(s) ? And why ?
  33. Your favourite opening(s) ?
  34. Your favourite ending(s) ?
  35. Your favourite character(s) song(s) ?
  36. Your favourite uniform(s) ?
  37. Your favourite soccer uniform(s) ?
  38. Your favourite character’s background ?
  39. The character you love the most, and why ?
  40. The character you hate the most, and why ?
  41. Your favourite hissatsu(s) ?
  42. Your favourite tactic(s) ?
  43. Your favourite Keshin(s) ?
  44. Your favourite Keshin(s) Armed ?
  45. Your favourite Mixi-max ?
  46. Your favourite Soul(s) ?
  47. If one of your friends is with the Fift Sector, what would be your reaction ? What would you do ?
  48. You’re in a great competition. You have a game against another team, and you end up by losing. You’re eliminated. Do you keep a grudge against the other team ? Or you prefer to keep good contacts with them ?
  49. One of your teammates decided to leave the team. What is your reaction ? Do you try to convince him/her to stay ? Or do you prefer to respect his/her decision and let him/her leave ?
  50. What would have happened if Endou would never have found his grandfather’s notes ? Do you think he would still end up by loving soccer ?
  51. What could you reproach or not to Inazuma Eleven Ares ?
  52. What could you reproach or not to IE/GO/CS/Galaxy ?
  53. What is your favourite competition ?
  54. What do you love the most in all the series ?
  55. What do you hate the most in all the series ?
  56. What do you think about the time travels ?
  57. A lot of people dislike Galaxy. Are you one of those persons ? And what could be the reasons ?
  58. If you were in a team, would you like to be captain ? And if not, why ?
  59. In your opinion, how come the nets have not been torn yet by all the shots ?
  60. In which team would you like to be if you were an alien (no matter true or false alien) ?
  61. Your favourite alien team(s)?
  62. Your favourite alien(s) ?
  63. You’re in a desperate situation. Hitomiko’s father proposes you to use the Aliea stone. Would you use it ?
  64. Would you be ready to sacrifice everything for soccer, just like Gouenji ?
  65. Would you be ready to make a petition for Kidou taking off his goggles FOREVER ?
  66. If someone gives you the chance to watch the series for the first time again, would you do it ?
  67. Do you have any mangas of Inazuma Elevne/Inazuma Eleven GO ? Do you like it ? Do you prefer the manga or the anime ?
  68. What do you think about Inazuma Eleven Ares ? Do you think it was a good idea to continue the serie ?
  69. Are you excited, or are you anxious about Inazuma Eleven Ares ? Are you afraid to be disappointed ?
  70. What do you think is it the project “Ares” ?
  71. What are your favourite characters in IE Ares so far ?
  72. What is the best IE (or IE GO) game you ever have played ? And if you have never played one, what is the game you really want to play ?
  73. Did you already love soccer before watching IE ? And if you didn’t, how IE managed to make you love it ?
  74. Did IE learn you anything ? Did it bring you something ?
  75. When and how did you discover IE ?
  76. Do you have merchandise, and what ? And if not, what would you like to have ?
  77. What would be your reaction if someone says to you ‘sakka yarouze !’ ?
  78. What do you always wanted to see in the series ? Or what would you like to change ?
  79. What do you think about Akihiro Hino ?
  80. What do you think about all the series in general ?
  81. Why do you think IE isn’t as popular as the other sport animes ?
  82. Your favourite seiyuu(s) ?
  83. Any funny fact you would like to share linked to IE ?
  84. Any unpopular/popular opinions ?
  85. Anything you want to ask !

● The game “Inazuma Eleven EveryDay Plus” which includes Endou/Gouenji/Kidou stories will be available for 600 yen for iOS/Android in early June. This is the game that only was limited to people who bought two Inazuma Eleven game software back years ago.  
● The code word for next “Inazuma Eleven Outer Code” is “K’s Dining Table.” It will broadcast on June 30th.

I’m planning to translate the shorts for Outer Code on here, but I doubt that I will have time to translate the whole series when it airs.

Shorts will be tagged #inazuma-eleven-outer-code, and under the general umbrella tag #inazuma-eleven-ares-no-tenbin

I’m playing Inazuma Eleven GO Light, and it’s funny how the conversation about Kidou’s goggles is always there. xD Like, they’re really serious when they’re talking about it. Big mystery for them ! I can’t wait Kidou to read that… x)

And Touko is soo beautiful ! I already saw her but I didn’t have the occasion to see her outfit. And she’s really beautiful. Also, Hiroto… His voice in French (’cause I’m playing in French, and there’re voices which I laugh so hard. Like Hakuryuu’s voice XD) is so sexy. And I love seeing him in a suit. Handsome as hell ! *O* And he’s always training with Tenma, and he’s like “I already saw his face somewhere..” Well, he’s just one of the players of Inazuma Japan.