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Penguin kids playing

I was looking my last year drawings and wanted to share this to you! It still funny as last year When Teikoku people get together, they play instead of doing something any better (? //laugh

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Everybody loves Fubuki

Hi guys, I’m back with @shawn-and-aiden-frost-9‘s “Everybody loves somebody” ! Here is her post if you want to see it :

Everybody loves Fubuki :

1. AfuFubu : Aphrodi helped Fubuki in the worst moment of his life, and did everything to help him in his own ways. And let’s be honest, they’re cute together.

2. HiroFubu : It began by the episode 45, and they’re always together in the S3. And they share the same bond (Endou helped both of them to discover their true sakka).

3. GouFubu : Gouenji helped him too, and I think it’s the one who played the biggest role for Shirou’s healing. He showed him the way, and made me understand he wasn’t alone anymore. Also, I think Gouenji could be a very adorable boyfriend.

But as everyone could expect from me… the best one is…

Shirou & Atsuya : It isn’t in a romantic way. I love the relationship between siblings, and the bond they share is so strong and pure. (And I’m happy they can be finally together ! >3<)

I’m so glad you liked this tag game, I didn’t expect it ! You’re an amazing fandom for sure <3 Also, I’ll tag two more people so the tag game can go on and so more people can give it a try : @penguinsandsoccer and @suzunofuusuke, I hope you’ll enjoy try this ! <3

Here are the rules :

Rules : This is something like a tag (?) : you have to choose an Inazuma Eleven character you like and then you select between one and three pairing(s) you kinda like or think it’s logical, and explain why you think so. Also you must pick out THE ultimate ship involving your character, the best one, THE true pairing etc… (and explain it too).

/!\ you can’t choose a character which has been chosen before !
/!\ please tag only one person !

/!\ mention me so I can see your post :) (@ygreczed)

(Here are the unavailable characters : Kidou, Fubuki Shirou)

Thank you again @shawn-and-aiden-frost-9 ! Your ships are very cute and I’m really happy you liked the tag game. And thank you all for being such an awesome community ! <3

Inazuma Eleven Asks

I saw a lot of different kinds of asks games, and even for specific animes. So I decided to make one for the series Inazuma Eleven/GO/CS/Galaxy. There are even for Inazuma Eleven Ares. That’s general questions, and I’ll surely add more in the future (or change some of them). Feel free to send me propositions ! Enjoy !~

  1. Real sakka or IE sakka ?
  2. In which college you would go to, and why ?
  3. In which college you would not go to, and why ?
  4. Managed sakka or free sakka ?
  5. Manager or player ?
  6. Player or coach ?
  7. If you were in a team, which position you would like to be ?
  8. If you were a player, which kind of player you would be ?
  9. What is your favourite serie ?
  10. What is your favourite arc (in any serie) and why ?
  11. What is/are your favourite quote(s) ?
  12. What is/are your favourite college(s) ?
  13. What is/are your favourite team(s) ?
  14. What is/are your favourite character(s), and why ? Can you relate to him/her/them ?
  15. What is/are your least favourite character(s), and why ?
  16. What is/are your favourite villain(s) and why ?
  17. What is/are your favourite coach(es) and why ?
  18. What is/are your favourite manager(s) ?
  19. What would be your element ? (Ex. : Gouenji → fire)
  20. What do you think about the Fifth Sector ? Do you think there could be more informations in the anime/manga ?
  21. What do you think about the system of the SEEDS ?
  22. What do you think about El Dorado ?
  23. Your OTP ?
  24. Your Notp ?
  25. Your ships ? Are they rare or not ?
  26. Your brOTP ?
  27. Which is the ship(s) you really can’t see ?
  28. What is/are your favourite friendship(s) ?
  29. What is/are your favourite sibling(s) ?
  30. What is/are your favourite hairstyle(s) ? Why do you like it so much ?
  31. Do you have any favourite place(s) ?
  32. What is/are your favourite episode(s) ? And why ?
  33. Your favourite opening(s) ?
  34. Your favourite ending(s) ?
  35. Your favourite character(s) song(s) ?
  36. Your favourite uniform(s) ?
  37. Your favourite soccer uniform(s) ?
  38. Your favourite character’s background ?
  39. The character you love the most, and why ?
  40. The character you hate the most, and why ?
  41. Your favourite hissatsu(s) ?
  42. Your favourite tactic(s) ?
  43. Your favourite Keshin(s) ?
  44. Your favourite Keshin(s) Armed ?
  45. Your favourite Mixi-max ?
  46. Your favourite Soul(s) ?
  47. If one of your friends is with the Fift Sector, what would be your reaction ? What would you do ?
  48. You’re in a great competition. You have a game against another team, and you end up by losing. You’re eliminated. Do you keep a grudge against the other team ? Or you prefer to keep good contacts with them ?
  49. One of your teammates decided to leave the team. What is your reaction ? Do you try to convince him/her to stay ? Or do you prefer to respect his/her decision and let him/her leave ?
  50. What would have happened if Endou would never have found his grandfather’s notes ? Do you think he would still end up by loving soccer ?
  51. What could you reproach or not to Inazuma Eleven Ares ?
  52. What could you reproach or not to IE/GO/CS/Galaxy ?
  53. What is your favourite competition ?
  54. What do you love the most in all the series ?
  55. What do you hate the most in all the series ?
  56. What do you think about the time travels ?
  57. A lot of people dislike Galaxy. Are you one of those persons ? And what could be the reasons ?
  58. If you were in a team, would you like to be captain ? And if not, why ?
  59. In your opinion, how come the nets have not been torn yet by all the shots ?
  60. In which team would you like to be if you were an alien (no matter true or false alien) ?
  61. Your favourite alien team(s)?
  62. Your favourite alien(s) ?
  63. You’re in a desperate situation. Hitomiko’s father proposes you to use the Aliea stone. Would you use it ?
  64. Would you be ready to sacrifice everything for soccer, just like Gouenji ?
  65. Would you be ready to make a petition for Kidou taking off his goggles FOREVER ?
  66. If someone gives you the chance to watch the series for the first time again, would you do it ?
  67. Do you have any mangas of Inazuma Elevne/Inazuma Eleven GO ? Do you like it ? Do you prefer the manga or the anime ?
  68. What do you think about Inazuma Eleven Ares ? Do you think it was a good idea to continue the serie ?
  69. Are you excited, or are you anxious about Inazuma Eleven Ares ? Are you afraid to be disappointed ?
  70. What do you think is it the project “Ares” ?
  71. What are your favourite characters in IE Ares so far ?
  72. What is the best IE (or IE GO) game you ever have played ? And if you have never played one, what is the game you really want to play ?
  73. Did you already love soccer before watching IE ? And if you didn’t, how IE managed to make you love it ?
  74. Did IE learn you anything ? Did it bring you something ?
  75. When and how did you discover IE ?
  76. Do you have merchandise, and what ? And if not, what would you like to have ?
  77. What would be your reaction if someone says to you ‘sakka yarouze !’ ?
  78. What do you always wanted to see in the series ? Or what would you like to change ?
  79. What do you think about Akihiro Hino ?
  80. What do you think about all the series in general ?
  81. Why do you think IE isn’t as popular as the other sport animes ?
  82. Your favourite seiyuu(s) ?
  83. Any funny fact you would like to share linked to IE ?
  84. Any unpopular/popular opinions ?
  85. Anything you want to ask !

Everybody loves Kirino

FINALLY here is the “everybody loves Kirino” ! Thank you @kirino-the-mist for you amazing post about them. I hope you’ll like the art, it was my first time drawing Kirino and I think I’m not really good at it yet. 

Here is the original post :


1.Kinako loves Ranmaru: Like a small sister or a crush, she really cares for him. She understood his feelings and gave her place to miximax with Jeanne. It was really kind~ And seriously, they match very well. I can see him also being nice to his kouhai, praising her like ‘You did a good job today!’ and patting her head.

2.Jeanne loves Ranmaru: She thought he was a nice person from the very beginning. As they started to talk, both realized they had things in common, like being insecure at the moment. He wanted to be sure she was going to be alright by any cost. They gave strength and motivation to each other and were able to overcame their fears and evolve. To be honest, I think she´s the girl for him. However, story can´t be changed and… Well, for now, they are star-crossed lovers, but if reincarnation exists in IE world… Maybe~

3.Masaki loves Ranmaru: They started in the wrong way, true. But after many bullying, the little one realized his senpai was worth of admiration. Even if he stills makes some small pranks here and there. Kirino also noticed his kouhai was a good boy in the core and now cares for him like a little brother. But I guess the bullying and pranking are also related to a crush… Kariya might never admit, but he really likes Kirino-senpai, after all!

But as expected…

4. Ranmaru loves Takuto!

No one can deny. Kirino likes Shindou so, so much. And the friendship is mutual! ‘You´re here this time. I find this reassuring’, said the musician to him. And he feels the same, I´m sure! There´s just too many displays of friendly affection between them. The first time Raimon clashed with Fifth Sector, Kirino was there for Shindou, waiting for him to wake up and calm him down. After training, he was there to bump arms like bros. When he was at home, frustrated, he went there to chat. Shindou is thankful to have a best friend like him~ No matter if Kirino felt jealous and insecure because of him, all relationships have some bumps. At the end, everything was okay. I´m quite sure that, in Galaxy, Shindou was the one to point him to be the new captain. He trusts his bestie.

I´ve been talking about just their friendship, but of course… It could evolve. Oh, it could. And of course, I think Kirino would be the first to confess. I think Shindou would be a bit surprised and flustered, but happy. They are just so cute as a couple~ I can imagine… Shindou playing a special song for Kirino, giving him beautiful flowers… Kirino would say ‘This is so girly, but I actually kinda like it.’ And they would just laugh and hug. Aaaaawwww… I better stop, I´m talking too much :´D I just love RanTaku~

I’m glad you made me draw Kinako, she’s so cute <3 
I agree with you about Kirino x Jeanne, there sure is a link between them, and somehow, I like the idea of Jeanne trying some “current clothes” with Kirino. As for Kariya, it is quite obvious that he has a huge crush on his senpai. But, yeah, Shindou x Kirino is definitely my favorite pairing involving Kirino, <3

So, I have some bugs with my notifications lately, I don’t see it when you mention me in a post so if you played the game lately without me noticing it please tell me !

Here is the list of unavailable characters : Kidou, Fudou, Fubuki Shirou, Touko, Hakuryuu, Midorikawa, Tachimukai, Suzuno, Sakuma, Tenma, Kirino, Tsurugi Yuuchi, Fideo 

Truth or dare

Hello ! I’m back with this (hopefully as fun as the last one) game ! You know the concept, it’s a classic Truth or Dare but with the Inazuma Eleven characters. Yep. This tag game is going to turn into a romantic soppy teen show, I know you all too well… So huh, you can also thanks @penguinsandsoccer ‘cause I came up with this game after I read her fanfic “truth or dare” (a gorgeous kdfd fic). Hehe, thank you, dear <3 Also I’m sorry there aren’t any Go chara but I was limited to 31 chara max and I am way more comfortable with IE characters… :<

Rules : First of all you have to choose between truth or dare, thanks to the third letter of your last name ( vowel = truth and consonant = action), and then find which character match with your birthday date in the list below. Then you have to answer/describe the reaction according to your character’s personality (and your headcanons about him/her) ! Before you tag someone else, don’t forget to give one Truth and one Dare so the next people can play !

(If you need inspiration there is actually a bunch of websites listing ideas for teens and young adults)

/!\ Please tag only one person ! If the game is stuck I’ll tag people by myself
/!\ You can ask touchy/embarassing things but nothing too dirty
/!\ You can choose if you want your character to be a teen or an adult when he answers
/!\ Mention me ! (@ygreczed)

I’ll illustrate your posts if I can !

  1. Endou
  2. Kazemaru
  3. Kabeyama
  4. Tsunami
  5. Haruna
  6. Kogure
  7. Tobitaka
  8. Fudou
  9. Fubuki
  10. Gouenji
  11. Toramaru
  12. Aki
  13. Midorikawa
  14. Kidou
  15. Nagumo
  16. Sakuma
  17. Someoka
  18. Hiroto / Tatsuya
  19. Natsumi
  20. Tachimukai
  21. Suzuno
  22. Touko
  23. Hitomiko
  24. Aphrodi
  25. Fidio
  26. Edgar
  27. Angelo
  28. Rika
  29. Osamu (Desarm)
  30. Reina
  31. Fuyuka

I start ! So the third letter in my last name is a consonant, and my birthday is on the 9th : Fubuki is going for a “dare” !

(My sister chose the dare)

Imitate one of your friend until someone guess who it is !!!”

Fubuki : *stern face and tied back hair, drawing glasses on his face around his eyes* I look so cool… I am so serious and mysterious… My IQ is about 300… I’m looking for the true sakka… (did you see it) ? *deep and sexy voice*

(did you guess ?)

I tag @shawn-and-aiden-frost-9 and @penguinsandsoccer to begin with ! Have fun girls ! <3

@shawn-and-aiden-frost-9‘s :
TRUTH : Who was your first teen true love ?
DARE : Go tell Tachimukai he looks stupid but amazingly cute when he’s practicing with Endou’s tires and see how he reacts

@penguinsandsoccer‘s :
TRUTH : Did you ever flirt with a member of Inazuma Japan during a party ? If so, who was it and how did he/she react ?
DARE : Text your crush and ask her/him if he’d prefer go to the cinema with you or to come your place so you can watch a movie… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)