inazuma eleven everyday


Downloaded Inazuma Everyday just now and “playing” through it. Since it works in real time, there is a lot of waiting periods and I have to manipulate the time a lot to see events.

First impressions:
(1) It has more than one save point…!!! (Level 5, why can’t you do this with your regular Inazuma Eleven games……..)
(2) The two people you get to pick at the beginning are Endou and Gouenji. Naturally, I chose Gouenji first.
(3) The setting is at the beginning of their second year in Raimon. Gouenji has just moved to Raimon so he begins school in two days, and Endou is getting ready to go back to school and introduce you to the club.
(3) You can touch/talk with them at the beginning. When you touch them, you only get Kizuna points up to three times a day. Also you won’t get more points unless 3 hours have passed in between touching.
(4) For presents, you can give as many as you want. You spent “game coins” for presents, and depending on what kind of present it is and at what timing you give it, your Kizuna points increase.
(5) It is so fcking cute. Has voice bits and stuff too ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I set up a guide for people who might find useful


“Put "I like football” in the past tense.“
"There’s no way I can put my love for football in past tense.”


Later on, he falls asleep during class. xD

You can touch Aki too, except she doesn’t give voice. Akiiiiiii ヽ(^Д^*)/

Since Gouenji is waiting for Fuku-san to arrive at 10:30am, I’m playing around with Endou a bit.