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Inazuma Fandom Family?

Hello guys!

I was thinking about doing this for a long time now and what’s the better occassion if not the fact that I just reached 100 followers! Thank you so much!
So, I’ve seen this stuff going around on other blogs and I thought  why not make one for Inazuma fans. So, a fandom family is basically a page where all the members as characters are shown with urls and everything. I though that this would be cool since we are quite a small fandom, and we will be able to find other Inazuma blogs much more easly.

So what do you have to do to apply? (aka Rules)

  • You don’t have to be following me, but it would be cool if you could check out my blog. :)
  • I know it seems evident, but I feel like I should be mentioning this: since it’s an Inazuma Fandom Family, you have to be a blog which posts at least some amount of Inazuma stuff…
  • Reblog this post (to help spread the word :) )
  • Send me an ask with your name/nickname/however you wished to be called and the top 3 characters (it can be either from the original series or from GO) you would like, in order of preference. You can check out who’s taken already here. You can send me a quote too, if you wish.
  • And basically, that’s it. I’ll answer your ask after I’ve put your blog on the page. Please note that these might take some time though.

Aaaand that’s it, end of rambling! :) Thank you everyone for following me again, and I hope you guys feel like doing this. :) Have a nice day everyone!