inazuma drop

Inazuma eleven is pretty cute

I started watching this simplistic sports anime called Inazuma eleven out of pure boredom but I’ve actually grown pretty fond of it. I’m only like 20 or so episodes in but I literally set time aside in my daily schedule to watch it. It’s about these young boys who are in a soccer team and they invent these cool and *cough* scientifically impossible *cough* moves and compete against other schools who always have their own equally cool moves. The animation isn’t terrible and frankly the theme song is the best thing ever. So far not all the characters have had the spotlight on them but I’m only starting it and the focus has been slowly making its way through different characters. So far my favourite boys are Axel , Mark and Jude (They are my sons) and my favourite move has to be between The Inazuma one , the Inazuma break and the Inazuma drop. Or really anything else with Axel 😅 he’s my fave