Keurig I love you

I have a very personal relationship with my Keurig. His name’s Kevin he’s a chill ass stoner who makes a killer cup of Joe. Dude’s cool and has a cup ready for me asap in the morning. Kevin you’re awesome bro and I love you man. 

Ono što sam imala da ti kažem već sam ti rekla pre dve godine. Nisam ljuta i ne želim da delujem grubo i osvetoljubivo. Ne inatim se, jednostavno me više ne zanima ono što imaš da kažeš. Za mene je ta priča završena.
—  Fabio Volo - Kad bi juče bilo sutra

rosalbasnow asked:

"I'm not going to be nothing more than a puppet to all of you, am I?." she stated very loudly looking around the room of people of the two factions of leadership before the civil war. "I'm tired of being anyone's goddamned puppet or Doll to be locked up until needed. I'm a fucking human being not an inatimate object!!!!"

“Then stop letting yourself get pushed around. Stand up.”