Keurig I love you

I have a very personal relationship with my Keurig. His name’s Kevin he’s a chill ass stoner who makes a killer cup of Joe. Dude’s cool and has a cup ready for me asap in the morning. Kevin you’re awesome bro and I love you man. 


The heavy rainfall beat down on what was once a stark white dress.

Juvia, on a normal day, would’ve made a fuss about it. It was new, and expensive. Saved especially for occasions such as the one that was scheduled to occur today.

The dress was torn around the hem, pieces of grass and dirt stuck to it diligently. It seemed that nature was so set on de-purifying that dress, it had gone a little overboard.

Juvia’s breath came out in hushed rasps, a ludicrous attempt to keep herself silent. Her grip on the fender of the decrepit Jeep was unwavering, her knuckles were pale from the incessant beat of the cold rain and the tightness of her grip.

Juvia could feel Gray’s presence better than she could see him, the rain shielded most objects, living or inatimate, from her vision. His presence, unlike the rest of her environment, was warm.

She wanted to grab him. To clutch that worn sky blue shirt and hide behind it like the child she was inside. But stirring deep inside of her is the fear that if she moves, she’ll die.

Gray made the first move, she could just barely catch the glint of his dark hair, slicked back from rain, moving upwards.

Her hand shot forward and grabbed his leg, fear and adrenaline taking the reigns from the sensible part of her brain and she clamped down onto his ankle, paralyzed.

When his hand comes down to remove hers, it was surprisingly gentle, unlike his normal brutal mindset. He plucked her hand off of his leg effortlessly, and places her hand in her lap where it could be safe. He brought a single finger up to his lips, although the image was foggy, Juvia received the message.

He scouted out the surrounding forest, eyes trained in on the animal that was no doubt hunting them. His eyes saw nothing, but Gray was smart enough to realize that if that beast didn’t want them to see it, they wouldn’t.

He sunk back down to a crouching position beside Juvia and shook his head curtly. Juvia stayed frozen.

“We have to move,” he said lowly, eyes fleeting back and forth like a cornered animal. He was just as terrified as she was.

Juvia swallowed. When she told her legs to move, they promptly refused. She then shook her head.

“Juvia, come on.” Gray encouraged, “we’re sitting ducks here. Better to attempt an escape than wait for death, right?”

She nervously nodded, her mind in agreement with his. Her legs still resisted movement.

“I-I’m scared.” She gasped, her hands beginning to shake under the weight of her arms as she tried to push herself upward.

“I know,” he whispered, grabbing one of her arms carefully and throwing it over his broad shoulders. “You have every right to be.”

Juvia sniffed, letting her weight fall onto Gray’s shoulders for a bit. Her limp legs finally complied, and she was able to shakily stand, with some support of course.

“Please don’t leave me,” she whimpered, revealing to him her greatest fear since the Indominous Rex had escaped. He was stronger than her, mentally and physically, he could leave her to die anytime he wanted to, and why he hadn’t yet continued to baffle her. She was a useless burden, he didn’t need her.

“Hey,” he said, trying to get her attention. When it didn’t work, he tried just grabbing her face with his hands forcing her to stare directly at him. “I’m with you, ok? Always.”

His simple words quelled the fear in her heart, which he was miraculously able to do in less than five seconds. Her legs gained strength and she pried herself away from him, not wanting to burden him with her weight any longer.

“You alright?” He asked, without his casual dripping malice, and almost with a hint of what she liked to think was concern.

“Yes.” She answered. A bittersweet smile tugged at his lips as he gripped his gun to his chest. He leaned over the hood of the Jeep to double-check for any raging hybrids, cleared the area, and looked back at her for support.

She nodded at him tersely. His half-smile evolved into a full-blown one, what a strange man. But fear does odd things to you, she’d be able to contest to that.

“Let’s get the hell out of here.”

somebody should’ve definitely stopped me

Talking about Reincarnation with my friend
  • Me:Then you turn into an animal and if you're a bad animal you turn into a bug and if you're a bad bug you just... i dunno a tree? but then what if you're a bad tree??
  • Her:you turn into an object
  • Me:but objects arent living things how would that work
  • her:hmm..
  • Me:Maybe a rock.
  • Her:ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME YOU JUST SAID A@#$%^&*loosing her shit*

anonymous asked:

How is cross dressing wrong?

i explained this like, three times already!
cross dressing implies there are only two genders, and that male is opposite to female. gender is a spectrum. it does not work like that.
cross dressing assigns gender to clothing. there are no “boy clothes” or “girl clothes”
your clothes don’t have a gender. they’re inatimate objects!! oh boy.
like, it’s just??? when i hear people getting turned on by seeing a boy in a dress it’s like. the only reason why it’s sexually appealing is bc it’s demasculation and is used as a humiliation thing 9/10 times (and dominance comes into play) i can’t really? articulate it well. but think deep. think why seeing a boy in “"girl’s”“ clothing is a turn on for people. because like, it’s almost never the other way around.
i’m kink critical, to a very keen extent. i’m sorry, i wish i could explain this better.. i’m actually really upset + anxious currently so my thoughts are a bit jumbled.

In a hungover state..covered in bruises.. black knuckles, swollen foot from mindless anger fuelled violence towards inatimate objects.. mind littered with black holes of forfotten moments..