The Alliance: Chapter Ten

Y/N’s POV:

“The Book of what?” Kate asks, raising an eyebrow at Tyler. He sighs, his expression darkening. “The Book of Shadows. It’s a book about black magic”. Inari’s eyes widened at the mention of black magic. “B-Black magic? Do you know how d-dangerous that is Tyler?” Inari asks, panic on her face. He sighs, looking down. “I certainly don’t, but Jess did. It was her suggestion that we get the book. In fact, it was part of the plan”. Everyone’s eyes widened, shocked expressions painted on their pale faces.

“Why would she suggest such a thing? Why was it important anyways?” Koda asks, frightened by the though of the danger that could have been involved. Tyler thinks hard, trying to recall a memory. “She mentioned something about Dronox and unlocking secrets of some sort” He says, narrowing his brows. Kate’s breathing hitched at the mention of Dronox, a look of alarm on her face. “Well then if Dronox could be after it, then we DEFINITELY need to go after it”. Everyone murmurs in agreement, but Inari sighs shakily and looks down, hugging the sleeves of her robe. “Just please be careful. Many things can go wrong when working with black magic.” She says, sadness and worry in her voice. Tyler gives a small smile, placing a hand on her shoulder. “Don’t worry Auntie, we won’t do anything rash”.

“I’ll leave you to it then. I will be at the temple of you need me.” She says, turning away and exiting the hub. Kate scans our faces, a stern expression on her face. “We need to start heading out immediately. Tyler, do you have any idea where we can find it?” Everyone’s attention snaps towards Tyler, who was rummaging through a bag that was slung around his torso. He then pulls out a hand-drawn map of the nearby area, examining it closely. “We charted the route on this map. If we follow it, we should get there. I just don’t know how long it will take to get there.” He says, his eyes still on the paper. Kate nods and turns her attention to Koda. “Go tell Fallagon to prepare a ship for a week long expedition. He’ll also be in charge while we’re gone.” Koda nods, quickly making his way out of the hub.

“What will we do with the book once we have it? He’ll obviously be after us once we have it.” I say, looking at Kate and Tyler. Tyler looks up from the map, a stern expression on his face. “We guard it with our lives.” He then walks upstairs, map still in hand. I sigh and look at Kate. “Dronox will do anything for that book, so we need to expect the worst.” I nod, looking out the window. “We’ll possibly be leaving tomorrow around noon or early evening. Go get some rest”. I give her a quick “Good Night” and walk upstairs to my room, crashing on my bed.


I wake up, squinting as the light pours into my eyes. I sit up and stretch, yawning a little in the process. I haven’t gotten such good sleep in weeks. The hub seems quiet and calm, the sounds of birds chirping in the distance filling the air. A smile tugs at my lips as I get ready for the day.

I exit my room to be greeted by Rys, a small smile on his face. “It’s almost time to head out. I hope you got good sleep, because we’re going to be up for a while”. I chuckle and nod, following him to the socks where everyone else was waiting. Tyler had the map out while Koda was helping loading the crates and barrels onto the ship. The ship was a decent size, a captain quarters on the stern while the steering wheel was on the bow. The flags were adorned with the town’s banner, a dark green with a dark grey cross. Mostly everyone was already on the ship, Kate was checking everything while Chickie was leaning against the left railing. Rys and I walk aboard, and Kate perks her head up.

“Ah, glad you both decided to join us” she chuckles, looking at Rys. “Tyler might need your help with the map. I would go ask him just in case.” Rys nods, making his way towards Tyler at the bow. Kate sighs, looking up at the sky. “Looks like it’s about time to begin our journey”. Kate looks at Chickie, and he makes his way to release the flags from their hold. The anchors are raised soon after, causing the boat to start moving. Kate sighs and murmurs “Let’s hope this isn’t all for nothing”.


Mitsurugi-sha in Fushimi Inari Shrine by Takashi Hososhima

I went to Kyoto Hushimi-Inari shrine. I also went to there last autumn. I found this terrestrial globe with small color magnetic balls in front of restaurant. I understand that people all over the world visit this restaurant and attach color ball on this terrestrial globe. I was pleased to find that this restaurant is loved by people around the world.


The Red Pathway by Peter Stewart
Via Flickr:
Fushimi Inari Shrine 伏見稲荷大社 Nov 2013 Kyoto, Japan Follow my latest updates on: Facebook | Google+ | Instagram | Twitter For image licensing or print enquiries, please contact me at:

Hi ^^ Just finished this watercolor painting as gift to Kimirra who has name-day tomorrow. Her character fox spirit Inary.

A5, watercolor, golden pen.

H.resolution of this illustration will be in 3+ patron pack ^^ So if you want to get it or support us and get rewards on Patreon <3

Also side note. When we will reach second goal there will be monthly giveaway with watercolor (as above) painting as prize =^___^=


Outside the Gates by Jake Jung


The Torii Gates by Peter Stewart
Via Flickr:
Torii pathway of the Fushimi Inari Shrine - Kyoto, Japan Follow my latest updates on: Facebook | Google+ | Instagram | Twitter For image licensing or print enquiries, please contact me at: