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As a Doccubus shipper I'm curious as to why you think Bo is better suited to being with Tamsin, your obvious hostilities towards Lauren aside.

Obvious hostilities towards Lauren aside (your words not mine)…

Starting with the really obvious point, they are both Fae. Neither is weaker than the other, they are both more powerful than we know. I mean, Tamsin is a new-born Valkyrie, so therefore even more kickass than before, and we don’t know the limits of Bo’s abilities yet. Bo needs someone who will let her embrace the entirety of what she is, who she is, someone who won’t hold her back, intentionally or not. She needs to be free, to have a freedom that being with Lauren won’t bring her. With Tamsin there are no demands, no expectations.

Lauren is human, therefore is always going to be the weaker in that relationship, she’s going to always be the one who needs rescuing. I mean, the Season 4 finale was a prime example, Bo saving Lauren took precedent over Bo saving the world.

As we all know, and as Anna Silk herself has said, Bo wasn’t really herself in Season 4. So much went on with the character that we still don’t know, she changed, but for me Season 4 episode 8 was one of the times we got to see the old Bo back, and that was the episode with the time loop and Tamsin. She brings out another side of Bo, she always has, and I think we always get to see more of the real Bo when she’s around Tamsin and Kenzi, especially if that duo are together – by the car at the end of 408 anyone?

Not only does Tamsin bring out a different side to Bo, Bo also brings out another side to Tamsin. Ever since 306 when Tamsin sided with Bo and went to rescue Kenzi (which we’ll probably see again in S5) every time the two of them were together, Tamsin was different, softer in a way. Also, now that I mentioned 306, Lauren didn’t believe Bo when Tamsin did. Tamsin who had just arrived in town, hadn’t spent that much time around the gang, other than Bo, knew that Kenzi wasn’t Kenzi, all because Bo believed it so completely. You can see in the scene when Inari/Kenzi is telling Trick about Bo going nuts, as Tamsin comes to the edge of the pool table and the camera focuses on her, the raise of the eyebrow tells you right away that she knows something isn’t right, she just doesn’t know what.

Tamsin is always honest with Bo, we’ll see if that continues into Season 5 when the show addresses the Hel shoe thing. But up to this point, Tamsin has always been honest with her to a fault, even if it’s something she doesn’t want to hear. Tamsin is the one who called her out on her shit, knowing that Bo needed it, she needed to be pulled about it. She needed to be told to suck it up and deal with it, and the only person that could come from was Tamsin. Bo seems to show a lot more vulnerability when around the Valkyrie, and I think that it’s probably because she knows she can be. She doesn’t have to always be the strong one as she does in her relationship with Lauren.

Plus, where Lauren has ‘done it all for Bo’, Tamsin has actually done shit for Bo. Let’s list them (in no particular order):

1)      Lies to the Morrigan, basically sticking two fingers up at her when it comes to Bo.

2)      Breaks Bo out of the cell to rescue Kenzi.

3)      Gets shot for Bo, physically pushing her out of the way and taking the bullet.

4)      Goes full Valkyrie at Taft, because Bo asked her to, even though she knew it would leave her in a weakened state and very vulnerable.

5)      Goes against the orders of the Wanderer (whoever the fuck that actually is) and doesn’t intentionally turn Bo over to him, or intentionally deliver her where he wants her.

6)      Drives her truck off a cliff. In short, she killed herself for Bo.

7)      Pulled into the wall by that crazy candy-ass making dwarf.

That’s more than enough to prove that point. Tamsin has been in love with the very idea of Bo since before she even knew who Bo was, before she even knew Bo was real. The description that Tamsin was given, was in her opinion, that of someone who was so perfect that they couldn’t be real. So for however long, however many hundreds of years, Tamsin has loved Bo.

That’s my reasoning – but just had a random thought… Maybe they actually did meet in one of Tamsin’s many past lives and they just don’t know it yet, because come on, Trick erased some of Tamsin’s memories, what else was removed.