inappropriate ties


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♐ Sagittarius - The Centaur Born between: November 22 - December 21

Archetypes: The Wanderer, The Tourist, The Teacher, The Guide, The Philosopher, The Psychiatrist, The Student, The Benefactor, The Comedian, The Free Spirit
Positive:  Carefree, casual, enthusiastic, playful, respectful, charismatic, intelligent, social
Negative:  Tactless, unresponsive, irresponsible, patronizing, temperamental, pleasure-seeking, impulsive
Fears: Committing to someone and giving up their independence, that they will love/need someone more than they are loved/needed
When Mad:  Violently impulsive, verbally aggressive, hurtful, become tongue tied, inappropriate laughter, tend to make life changing decisions when mad
When Sad:  Lethargic, attempt to escape through substance abuse, uncharacteristically serious/tense, less tolerant
When Happy:  Less cynical/isolated, more tolerant/generous/curious/inquisitive/affectionate, able to consider new ideas without immediate rejection
When Nervous:  Impulsive/hostile/hyperactive/distracted, increase in vocal volume, try to repress emotions through physical activity, substance abuse, rapid thinking, giggling, back pain
In Love: Less skeptical, more focused/productive/tolerant/content, warm/friendly/humorous/casual, giggles
With Money: Spend on experiences not things, Love novelty items that do not provide long lasting enjoyment, Avoid debt so as not to be tied down
Sister Sign: Gemini

*I am such a typical Sagittarius…90% of this is so me*