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In the Regency AU, what are the height differences between Steve, Bucky, and Tony?

Steve and Bucky have a good six or seven inches on Tony.

Sarah was super surprised when they brought back this tiny omega because to her knowledge both Howard and Maria hadn’t actually been that short. Unfortunately the years with Obadiah took their cost that way, too; Obadiah deprived him of food so often that it kind of stunted his growth. And with him being constantly kept in his room or only allowed “omega” pastimes, he hadn’t had a lot of muscle on him, either. He’d looked kind of like a waif, like a stiff breeze would blow him over. It had made him look more frightened than he’d wanted to let on.

At first Steve is terrified of touching his precious omega because Tony is so fucking delicate looking and Steve knows that outside of battle he’s kind of a klutz. He’s so bad at dancing that his mother only makes him dance with her at most balls and he only has to do one dance. (Bucky usually bullies him into a second one with him but he leads and that saves his feet from most trauma.) Steve is terrified to hurt him even accidentally. But as it turns out, it’s very difficult to hurt someone when they fit you perfectly. Tony’s shoulders fit his hands so nicely, his waist fits Steve’s arms like they were always meant to be there, the cradle of his thighs warm and perfect for his hips. Sometimes Steve grips Tony too tightly when he’s distressed or out of his mind with pleasure and he feels awful about it until he notices Tony standing in front of the mirror and gently pressing on the bruises, blushing. Tony likes being marked. (Tony also likes dancing. Steve’s still not very good at it but he’s never been able to say no to Tony. Luckily, Tony was raised to be the perfect omega, so he can lead while making it look like Steve is leading, shift his feet so Steve never steps on his toes, and still smile up at Steve like he’s having the time of his life.) ((He is having the time of his life, dancing with one of his husbands. It’s much better than dancing with Obadiah or one of his flunkies, and especially better than dancing with Tiberius, who always tried to slide his hand down inappropriately.))

Bucky adores their size difference from the get-go. Tony is so easy to manhandle, to lift up onto his saddle (“I don’t need help!” “I know.”), to lift him for a book he wants in the library (“You could have just reached it for me!” “I know.”), to lift him up against a wall and rut him ( “O-oh! Bucky, I-!” “I know.”). He loves drawing Tony out for the wilder Rogers dances that he doesn’t know, swinging him around like he weighs nothing at all. Tony always laughs in delight and flushes with pleasure. He’s beautiful like that. He’s beautiful always, of course, but he’s most beautiful when he’s happy. (Of course, Bucky’s favorite thing about Tony’s size is watching Steve get excited, grab Tony’s waist, and lift him up to spin him in a circle. Tony always looks so surprised, and then he laughs a little at how happy Steve is and clutches at his wrists, not like he’s afraid he’ll fall, but because he trusts that Steve will hold him and he wants to hold him back.) ((But mostly, his actual favorite thing about Tony’s size is how perfectly he fits between them in bed, curled up against one of their chests, reaching back to rest his hand on the hip of whoever’s behind him that night. Tony’s so relaxed when he sleeps. Sometimes Bucky just lies awake watching him.))

See What I See

Title: See What I See

Word Count: 2,228

Warnings: Season 10 spoilers, plus-size!Reader, inappropriate and rude (body and other) comments, mentions of blood, mild swearing, slight angst, fluff

Summary: After Sam and the Reader find demon!Dean and bring him back to the bunker, the Reader is left alone with Dean for a little while. Dean enjoys taunting her while they’re alone together.

Pair: [plus-size!Reader, x Dean/demon!Dean]

Author’s Note: So, I got a request to write another plus-size!Reader imagine! Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days.. this week has just absolutely sucked. But, eh. Request things! x Also, I know that this one shot doesn’t really correspond with the scene of Dean being cured, but for the sake of fanfiction, oh well.

              Sam’s words echoed through your head. It’s not him. Don’t listen to anything he has to say. Just focus on the fact that he’s gonna be alright. Don’t listen. Don’t listen. Don’t listen. Don’t listen. It’s not him. You continued to repeat his words, over and over again, in hopes of yourself believing it. Truth be told, it was difficult for you. It was Dean talking… but it wasn’t him. He didn’t mean the things he was saying. No. He wouldn’t. Would he?

              You remained silent, fumbling with the syringe of purified blood left by Sam, counting down the moments until the next hour to plunge the needle into his neck. You desperately yearned for Dean to be himself once more. You missed him dearly. All of you did. Sam. Castiel.

              “Oh, Y/N, why don’t you just give it up already?” Dean grumbled, a long exhale falling his words. “Don’t you get it? I don’t want to be… cured.

              You inhaled slowly, still facing away from him. Your eyes narrowed at the weaponry in front of you, your eyes tracing the designs in the silver blades in hopes of distracting yourself. You gravely tried to block out his voice, though your mind disobeyed, allowing his statements float into your mind and brand themselves into your brain.

              “C’mon, Y/N, don’t you understand that I don’t want to be saved? That I like the disease,” Dean hissed, the sound of his chains clanging together as he struggled against them, an unsatisfied grunt following his unsuccessful attempts of breaking free.

              “Too bad,” you muttered, checking the timer on your phone, alerting you that there was only a few more minutes until second to final injection. Just one more hour.

              Dean sniggered, your nose crinkling in disgust at the menacing tone to his laughter. You slowly pivoted around on your heel, the timer on your phone alerting you that it was time. You approached Dean, positioning the needle to inject into his neck. You gripped tightly down onto the roots of his hair, tilting his head and plunging the tip into his skin. Dean hissed, attempting to jerk himself away from you, but failed. You withdrew the syringe from his flesh, stalking back over to the table and setting it down onto the wooden surface.

              Dean coughed and groaned, lolling his head and resting his chin against his chest. “I know why you want your old Dean back so badly.”

              Your gaze lifted to face the arsenal of weapons hitched to the wall, your eyes growing wide with sudden curiosity. Of course you wanted Dean back, but the way he tone of voice was suggested that he had more to say and that his words had deeper meaning to them.

              “Do you think I don’t hear you and Sam talking?”

              You bit the inside of your cheek, your facial features hardening at his choice of a statement. How could he know? You very secretive about your growing feelings for the oldest Winchester, always making sure that he was out of earshot when you discussed it with Sam. Or so you believed to.

              “About how a guy like me could never fall for a girl like you?” he continued. You could hear the smirk in his voice, knots beginning to form in the pit of your stomach. You were a hunter. You weren’t supposed to be nervous nor scared, especially over petty, romantic feelings towards another. But you were. God, you were.

You had had feelings towards Dean for quite some time now, at first ignoring the strange sensations that bubbled in your abdomen. You told yourself that it was truly nothing, but as time went on, you began to accept the idea of being together with Dean, though you knew for a fact that he would never love a girl your size. Though Sam assured you that Dean would love you no matter what, you pushed his comments off with a shrug and a sip of your beer, telling him that his assumptions were ridiculous.

“Well, you’re right.”

Your breath was hitched in your throat, your mouth gaping at his confession. Though you had always known that he would never love a girl your size, there was always a glimmer of hope that possibly he would look passed your appearance. You were wrong, though.

Don’t listen. Sam’s voice rattled in your head, though you couldn’t help yourself. He sounded so real. This was Dean. This was Dean speaking. Not the demon inside of him. Dean.

“I’d never have feelings for a fat, disgusting bitch like you,” he snarled, an evil chuckle rumbling through his chest.

You stiffened, straightening your posture and rolling your shoulders back. You bit the inside of your cheek harder, your flesh coaxed with raw sores and the metallic taste of blood on the tip of your tongue. You took a deep breath in hopes of composing yourself, though you knew that Dean’s words stung. Normally, whenever someone would make an inappropriate comment regarding your appearance, you simply would shrug it off and possibly slug the guy. But with Dean? You couldn’t quite contain yourself. You felt the tears brim within your eyes, your Y/E/C hues growing glassy and bloodshot. You dug your fingernails into the palms of your hands in hopes of distracting yourself from the hurtful words, though a single tear slipped passed your barriers and slid down your flushed cheeks.

“Oh, did I offend you?” Dean chortled, his chains clinging together as he huddled over in fits of laughter. “Sorry the truth hurts, sweetheart.”

“Don’t call me that,” you mumbled, picking up your phone and slipping it into your pocket, beginning to make your way towards the exit.

“Oh, so I did offend you!” He laughed once more. “But there you go. Running away like you always do. God, whenever someone makes a comment about you, you run away. You cry. You’re weak, Y/N.”

His statement burned in your head, your chest rising and falling with each heavy breath that lifted in your lungs. A large lump began to form in your throat, you desperately trying to push down the sob that threatened to pass, though your attempts were unsuccessful. He was digging himself into your head. He was manipulating you. That’s what demons did. But you couldn’t shake it. You couldn’t. This was Dean. Your best friend.

“See? There you go. Crying. God, how the hell did Sam and I even put up with you these last few years? We should have never started hunting with you. You’ve only brought us down. You’re too slow, Y/N. You can’t catch up. You’re a weak link. It’s your fault why so many people have died. You’re too slow to save them. You’re a failure.”

              “Shut up!” you roared, turning on your heel and marching towards him, retrieving Ruby’s knife from your pocket and pressing it to his neck.

              Dean’s cocky smirk caused a sneer to appear on your lips, your nose wrinkling. Dean’s tongue jutted out from his mouth, wetting his lips as his green eyes locked with yours. “Do it.”

              You applied more pressure to the blade, creating a small incision into his skin, but you immediately withdrew it once you realized what you were doing. You stared down at him for a brief moment, shaking your head before walking calmly to the door. You turned to face him once more, raising an eyebrow at him before pushing the cabinets together, blocking him from view.

“I heard shouting. What happened?” Sam frantically inquired as you stomped your way into the living room area, both Cas and Sam glancing up at you from their conversation on the couch.

              “It’s done. He only needs one more injection,” you informed rather harshly, making a beeline towards your room, slamming the hatchway shut. You sighed, replaying the previous events in your mind, the horror continuously repeating. Over and over again, the words that he spat at you caused a shiver to run down your spine, your jaw clenching tightly. You knew that he was a demon. You knew demons dug under your skin, but you couldn’t help but believe that what he hissed was true. Were you weak?

              You sighed heavily, plopping down onto your bed, burying your face within the comforter. He’ll be back to normal soon, you assured yourself, clutching down onto one of the pillows, reeling it into your chest. Soon.


              You hadn’t realized that you had fallen asleep until the sound of a knock brought you from your slumber. A groan seeped passed your lips as you lifted yourself up from your position, propping your elbow down onto the mattress. “Come in,” you hoarsely spoke, clearing your throat to awaken your vocal chords.

              The door slowly opened, revealing a small sliver of Dean’s tall frame, your eyes widening at the sight of him. He no longer carried himself as if he was superior over everyone. His shoulders were hunched a little, a guilty expression etched on his features.

              “Hey,” he murmured, walking fully into your room and shutting the door with a soft click. He cautiously made his way to the other side of your bed, your eyes following him with every step. The mattress sunk underneath his weight, his body shifting so he could face you properly. “I-”

              “Save it, Dean, you don’t need to apologize,” you mumbled, averting your gaze and allowing it to fall into your lap, your fingers fiddling together. “I know you didn’t know what you were saying.”

              “But that’s the thing, Y/N. I did know what I was saying.”

              You didn’t think that your heart could break any more than it already had, but clearly you were wrong. Your heart pace quickened in your chest, your stomach clenching at the sound of his words. He did know what he was saying. He did mean it. Of course he did. You knew that already.

              “But I couldn’t control myself. I tried so hard to stop, Y/N. God, I would never ever say that shit to you. But I couldn’t stop,” he whispered, pursing his lips to form a tight line. You felt his eyes still locked onto you, your gaze slowly flicking onto him once more, though you didn’t bother speaking. Dean noted your decision to be silent, his mouth disclosing to speak once more. “I just wanted to tell you that I’m sorry.”

              You slowly nodded, looking back down into your lap. Dean sighed, scooting his body closer to you, wrapping an arm around your shoulders and pulling you into his chest. You were startled at first, to say the least, but you relaxed into his grasp, burying your face into his shirt.

              “You’re wrong, though.”

              You peered up at him, your eyebrows knitted together into a line of confusion, cocking your head to the left slightly, indicating him to continue on with his thought.

              “You’re wrong. I could easily fall for a girl like you. Hell, I have.”

              Your eyes widening at his confession, your lips parting to speak, but his words beat you to it. “I know you have a horrible self-image of yourself, Y/N. But, God, I wish you could see what we see. What I see. I see a strong, confident, woman who can take down an entire vampire nest by herself. Who has saved many people. Who has saved this damned world. C’mon, Y/N. How can you be so blind?”

              You bit your bottom lip harshly, sighing quietly, though once again, you didn’t bother to answer. Dean breathed heavily, stroking your arm soothingly. “Because I see a beautiful, smart, hilarious, badass, curvy woman who should love herself no matter what has happened in the past. No matter what she looks like. No matter what anyone else ever says. You understand me?”

              You nibbled down harder, though you slowly nodded your head. You didn’t believe him, though. You’ve always had this image of yourself in your head that you weren’t good enough for anyone, especially Dean Winchester.            

              “You know I’m not the one to be all sappy and shit, but Y/N, I just want you to know who are you. You’re not weak. Not at all. We all make mistakes. We’re human. It’s how we are. It’s how we always will be. Please, believe me.”

              “Yeah, yeah, I hear you,” you mumbled, fluttering your eyes closed momentarily. Dean sighed, leaning down and pressing a soft kiss to the crown of your head, his calloused hand continuing to rub your arm comfortingly.

              “I have fallen for you, Y/N. I tried to deny it at first. Because who would have thought that Dean Winchester would actually get hooked on a girl? But, Hell, I have. God, have I. And I can’t help it. I can’t help myself when I’m around you.”

              You leisurely looked up at him, a tiny smile twitching onto the corners of your lips. You leaned up, pressing a gentle kiss to his lips, Dean immediately returning the romantic gesture.

              You pulled away after a few moments, your lips still tingling from the previous sensation, your smile growing wider. “It’s good to have you back, Dean,” you murmured, collapsing your body into his.

              Dean wrapped his strong arms around you, holding you close to his chest and slowly rocking you back and forth, resting his chin on your head. “It’s good to be back.”

Master List.

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How about an mc who is self conscious about her large chest?

I don’t know how to really answer this without it becoming too sexual/out of my comfort zone. So it’s fairly short, sorry.


  • as innocent as this boy is he     doesn’t have a singular complaint about MC’s chest 
  • He was very fond of hugging her     bc her chest was really soft    
  • But it usually made him blush
  • He’d probably try to make you     feel better by showing you characters on LOLOL with big chests 
  • “She’s like the coolest     character and her breasts are huge!”
  • You gave him a look
  • And he immediately faltered 


  • she understands the struggle of     breasts in general but doesn’t understand why you’re insecure 
  • She tries to make you feel     better by buying super cute bras for your size 
  • she tells you she loves your     chest size and hopes you don’t feel too disheartened by it
  • She’s blushing madly the entire     time


  • wait being insecure about that     is a thing?
  • He’s confused at first because     most girls who throw themselves at him brag about their size
  • But he wants you to be     confident with how you look    
  • He tells you whenever you have     doubts that he loves your breast size 
  • He also shows you


  • he’s wouldn’t be good at     verbally helping you past your insecurities
  • So instead he gets a tailor to     make you a beautiful and comfortable dress
  • He also tries and fails at     subtly dropping hints that he doesn’t care about a persons breast size
  • If none of that works he     eventually just outright tells you he loves you and your breast size is     fine
  • He does worry about you being     uncomfortable in bras that a too small 


  • he’s probably the most     inappropriate about it    
  • He’ll try to make you feel     better, but he’ll do it through very strange means
  • These means probably include     randomly squishing your boob and smiling like a dork
  • Also makes a cake resembling     large breasts, smiles like a good ball and tells you it’s totally fine
  • Slams his face into it to prove     his point without being too vulgar    


  • kinda annoyed at first
  • “Does it really matter?“ 
  • Feels very guilty if he see’s     you sulking after he was too harsh    
  • So later he tried to tell you     your chest was fine
  • But the topic kinda got him all     flustered
  • “Look your chest- it’s     fine. You don’t have to worry- you should care about that- you look     fine-"     
  • He was very red in the face


  • not even for a second does he     get embarrass about comforting you 
  • Nor does he make it     inappropriate     
  • "MC your size is fine, you’d     look beautiful to me no matter what. Please don’t worry about that" 
  • He hugs you tightly and reminds     you often that you are beautiful and you shouldn’t be insecure 

The “I definitely should NOT have birds” starter kit…

So as I’ve looked back on this vague post, alot of people are confused as to why I chose these options for inproper use in parrots. A brief explanation should hopefully clear up some questions you may have.

1. Cage; This shouldn’t be used for housing multiple budgies. This is even too small for a single budgie as a cage used for housing all day long, as it’s easily over crowded and does not offer adequate space for toys and wing expansion. A horizontal flight cage is a much better use of free space and allows room enough for your budgie to stretch its wings. This size ratio can be used as reference to larger birds.

2. Seed; As a primary diet for parrots, this does not offer the nutritional value parrots need out of their day to day diet. A mix of vegetables and fruits is a good accompaniment but switching your birds to pellets/crumbles off of seed is even better. Pellets have been formulated to meet all the daily nutritional needs and can be bought for specific breeds and size of parrots.

3. Millet; This is okay as an occasional treat but if fed daily can be too high in fat content. Your parrot could miss out on proper nutrients as it is an easy stomach filler; therefore consumption of nutritional foods would decrease. Growing and providing your own fresh millet is a healthier alternative.

4. Dowel perches; If they are used as the only source of perching, this can be bad for under the birds feet. Repetitive pressure points can cause ulcers, no muscle excersice and the smooth surface offers no nail trimming value. Opt for natural perches with variations of rough/smooth bark and different widths. Your parrot will also love chew the top layer of bark off the wood.

5. Value pack toys; If used for an inappropriate sized bird with a strong beak can cause lots of issues. These issues can cause injury/lesions as the plastic snaps or breaks under pressure or body weight. The plastic bells can get caught on beaks as they have the little slit, perfect for some curious birds to stick their beaks in and get stuck. The ball trio with the plastic gaps can get toes or feet caught, especially in the moving ball wheel. The plastic can become fraile and snap easy of used for too long. All this situations can be very traumatic and stressful if something does happen with your bird. Plus plastic just isn’t a nice option for chewing.

6. Rope perches  (this includes any fibrous material like happy huts and rope preeners); Birds tend to nibble on these fibres which can be swallowed (even micro fibres)which build up over time causing impaction in the crop, ventriculis (stomach) or intestines. This can result in serious medical emergency. If you provide other other sources of natural chewing materials like dried grass, bark, paper before any chewing on cotton fibres they’re likely to keep your bird occupied away from chewing cotton fibres. Natural ropes such as sisal or hemp are another alternative however in a strong minded chewing bird (like avie) they can cause splinters in the mouth (which I have had to remove with tweezers. This situation does depend on the individual bird. There is definitely not enough education around monitoring birds and cotton fibres

These are here as reccomendations only and i am not in anyway saying you can not use it with your bird its just from past experiences  (making mistakes myself) is the reason i used the images i have.

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Hi~ I was wondering if I could send in an Ask for Bokuto, Azumane, Kageyama, (from Haikyuu) Okamura, Hayakawa, and Kasamatsu (KnB)... the scenario being their reactions to having their crush sit on their lap for a long car ride due to lack of seating... (not necessarily nsfw reactions, I imagine their reactions would be pretty amusing though XD) Please and thank you. :3

Hello there! Thank you so much for adhering to my request for a different genre of ask. It’s only the second one I’ve received so I appreciate it. This made me grin and I really hope I hit their personalities well in this. 

“Hey, ______-chan, sorry for the lack of space, we miscounted the seats. But I’m sure _______ won’t mind you sitting in his lap!”

Bokuto: Tenses up his ridiculously firm thighs as you sit down; how could Akaashi do this to him?! His eyes are wide, nerves very apparent on his face since this precious owl doesn’t hide his emotions at all. He can only be thankful that you’re facing away from him.

Azumane: If he hasn’t passed out after initial contact of your cute (he’s noticed, so sue him) butt to his legs, having to wrap his arms around you as the car goes over a large bump to keep you from sliding to the floor almost does him in. He quickly releases, flustered and apologizing for touching you while you try to calm him down; he was just being protective after all.

Kageyama: “Here, you can just have my seat, I’ll take the floor,” he says more firmly than he meant to, still irritated by Hinata’s completely inappropriate suggestion. As he crouches next to the sliding door of the van, the miniature middle blocker whispers, “That was your big chance, Bakageyama!”  He glares at him. “Shut up dumb ass!”

Okamura: Torn between elation and embarrassment, Okamura awkwardly pats his lap in invitation to Tatsuya’s suggestion. As you take a seat, he makes sure to keep his hands firmly gripping the seat lest he accidentally touch you inappropriately given the size of his hands.

Hayakawa: He’s talking so fast and mixing up his words so you can’t understand him. Does he want you to sit on his lap or not? Finally, a whack to the back of his head from his captain gets him to shut up after which he tugs you onto his lap. Well, apparently he’s fine with it.  

Kasamatsu: Turns three shades of red, almost fainting when you reply, “Oh good, thanks Kasamatsu-san!” Once your comfortably in his lap, he has to remind himself to breathe. Can this van not go any faster?!

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Good vibes (sort of); I figured out that the binder I was using was two sizes too small, so I've bought myself a new one! Fingers crossed this one is much less painful and still binds me well! How on earth I managed to get a binder so inappropriately sized is beyond me, but hey. I guess we all learn from our mistakes! And I learned that binding, while producing amazing results, can be dangerous and unsafe if done wrong. It was a good lesson to learn, in the end.

Rusty Nail (Legendary Artifact)

Barely as long again as your fist is wide (whomever wields it notices it’s a good fit for them to some degree but not outrageously so - pixies and giants will find it inappropriately sized), this hardened substance has turned Amber in color over the years. It’s as hard as meteor stone and has bends in it from long use so that it looks like a large, useless, corroded nail with a wrapped handle. The handle is wrapped in bandages, leather and sap or pitch and sweat - also hard and polished from years of use. This is a crude item not made for combat (this qualifies as an improvised weapon). Base damage for this weapon is 1, type is Piercing until activated. Tavern Brawler Feat increases the base damage to 1d4 and is a natural lead in to a grapple (as written in the Feat) as you restrain your target for more stabbings.

Other than being “old”, this artifact does not appear to be or register as magical at all until activated by scoring a critical hit. A critical hit activates the magic within. Rather than rolling double damage, the attacker just keeps rolling to hit the target until a miss is rolled. Visually this involves the person repeatedly stabbing or shanking the target with a visceral fury and speed never seen before.

If the initial attack is made with Advantage or Disadvantage, count each die roll separately that would hit in the total number of successes even if one would miss. As long as at least one would hit, keep rolling. If rolling with Disadvantage, both rolls must miss to end the attempts and ends the round. Each successful roll to hit increases the total damage by 1 and is now magical damage. Bonuses to hit are added to the roll normally but things like Inspiration, Luck or other skills that modify a result cannot be used on subsequent rolls.

Regardless of damage reduction from the base attack, the bonus damage from successive hits during the same activation round cannot be halved, reduced or resisted (half of 1 rounded up is still 1). Immunity against magic AND piercing damage could render this artifact useless against it - Storyteller call.

As long as you keep rolling high enough to hit, this flurry of attacks continues and is not limited by attacks per round but it does cancel any remaining extra attacks that round the user has normally whether due to magic, class, skills, feats, etc. And once you miss that’s the end of your round so make sure it’s the last thing you do that round.

This artifact is cursed and affects different users differently once it’s been activated.

Enter uncontrolled Rage if Lawful. Add STR bonus as damage at the end of all rolls once to total (minimum 0), cannot stop attacking that target in subsequent rounds until target is dead.

Note: Other Rage bonuses apply if Rage is already available to you (a la Barbarian), which modifies how and when the Rage ends in addition to that target being dead. It uses up one of the number of Rages available to you that day and if no more Rages are left, just the normal Rage effect listed above takes place.

Enter uncontrolled Bloodlust if Chaotic. Add DEX bonus as damage at the end of all rolls once to total (minimum 0), cannot willingly exit combat as long as there is an enemy target visible and in range.

After a combat where the artifact is activated, the Lawful or Chaotic wielder behaves in a Neutral manner (NG, TN or NE) until a Short Rest. This reflects the extreme nature of their normal Alignment being satiated for a short time. Until they are able to take at least a Short Rest, any aspect of their character that requires their original alignment aren’t available to them (spells, skills, items, etc).

Any attempt to convince someone who has successfully activated this artifact to give it up or trying remove the item from them will be met with massive resistance. Even stealing it will cause an irrational effort to get it back. Whether logically violently or physically, they will maintain/regain possession of it but they might be convinced to sell or trade it for unreasonably high amounts of money or other items in trade (roll with Disadvantage to negotiate, they roll Insight with Advantage if you’re trying to deceive them). Once they rest they’ll be back to their normal self anyway so what’s the problem? We act differently when we get drunk but no one takes the mead away forever, right?

Long term use of this artifact could be hazardous to your sense of ethics (potential for alignment change over time is high). Remove Curse will allow the person to let it go willingly. Persons who are already (or become) Neutrally Aligned (NG, TN, NE) do not suffer the curse (including no risk of Rage or Bloodlust) and can take it or leave it at any time.


CC BY @landingmines Written with 5e and EQ in mind.


Those of you old enough to have played the original Everquest game online will remember when the Nail (Rusty Nail?) became a very common loot drop after a patch. It was a weapon with a Speed of 1, Damage of 1. Seemingly useless, and the fact that you got one as loot every other kill, we just deleted them after taking screenshots of ourselves holding a silly nail.

Then someone did the math and used it in combat. Mob hit points melted like butter in the hot sun and they patched that so fast no more than a few players had time to benefit before it was effectively nerfed and eventually removed from game.

So this is a tribute to that item! It’s one of a kind, you know it is wrong to have it but nigh impossible to give it up willingly and no one knows it’s special - until it’s special (but will identify as an unknown artifact). Enjoy! Let me know if you use it. Tweaks and fixes appreciated. Please keep credits and tags intact.

Bonus points if you can find a graphic of that item for me to use here!

'RoboBees' to help build better drones

Inspired by nature, scientists have developed a new type of flying microrobots called “RoboBees” which can perch during flight like bats, birds or butterflies to save energy and stay in the air for long durations and help develop future drones.

“Many applications for small drones require them to stay in the air for extended periods,” said Moritz Graule, lead author from Harvard University.

Unfortunately, smaller drones run out of energy quickly.

“We want to keep them aloft longer without requiring too much additional energy,” he added.

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anonymous asked:

liam is trying to do a nice thing by interacting with the crowd with the signs and all u have to make larry ones even the ones on the big screens get seem and liam reads those ones too its just not right at all let him read ones that arent larry

We do not control what Liam reads. He makes up his own mind. He is the one who gets to decide which signs he reads out. He reads way more “normal” signs than Larry signs. It’s only been recently that he’s read Larry signs and it’s barely ONE a night.

As for the ones he reads from the big screen, he can’t control what gets caught on camera. WE can’t control what gets caught on camera. But you know what? Whatever is shown up there is pre-approved, or someone tells the operator to show it. They are being directed, basically.

Liam is 100% capable of reading the sign to himself before saying it out loud. And if he doesn’t do that, he stops himself. And we’ve seen it happen. He looks at a sign and realises he can’t say that. Or he starts to read one and says, “I’m not going to read that one” because he has a CHOISE.

And before you come to me /again/ saying Liam doesn’t know what the quotes mean, you are sadly mistaken. The interview I reblogged yesterday where he and Harry played a game proves it. Harry barely got a sentence in before Liam was spitting out the quote or moment. Liam knows, end of.

Our Larry signs do much less damage than those signs that girls bring with nsfw or inappropriate messages. Why aren’t you complaining about those? Why aren’t you upset that the boys constantly see “I want to suck your ****!” why aren’t you upset that girls are begging for one of them to fuck them in big ass letters on a ten foot poster? Or the ones where they talk inappropriately about the size of their dicks? Your priorities are fucked up. We should be concerned about the boys, and how they feel about these nasty signs. 

And listen. It is Liam’s choice to read the larry signs. But if Harry and/or Louis were not okay with it, they would tell Liam. So for the next show and the ones after that, Liam would know to steer clear of anything Larry related. But they haven’t, because they are obviously okay with it. Liam would not read something that one half of his band was uncomfortable with.

AU where Enjolras is an animal rights activist and Grantaire is a vet and every time Enjolras passes a pet shop (you know one of those ones where there’s puppies in really inappropriately sized cages etc) he has to adopt any puppies he sees so that he can take care of them properly before finding a good enough home for them and because of this he sees Grantaire like every week for vaccines etc and Grantaire’s just like “hoW MANY DOGS DO YOU NEED”

And he springs animals who’re being tested on or treated cruelly from their cages in the middle of the night and “steals” them and Grantaire pretends not to notice and helps him bring them back up to good health and then eventually when they get together and move in with each othER THEY START UP A DOGGY DAYCARE (/*w*)/ ~♥ ♥

Admin Tip #021 Making Good Font Aesthetics Choices 

Like a majority of the individuals involved in this community, my eye-sight is not great. Its pretty bad actually. It really helps to know a good level of basic understanding for graphic design and picking out what fonts, font-sizes, colors, etc. in order to make your main page as coherent and comfortable on the eyes. If you have a good premise and a great amount of information, potential applicants can spend a long time looking at your page. Font size and basic color choices are extremely important. So, lemme tell you a couple things about fonts, because too many rpgs that I’ve tried to look at recently have had obscenely hard to read text for a bulk, if not all, of their text.

  • Size

So let’s start with me telling you a little about fonts. I’ve noticed that lately people have been choosing to make their font-size choice extremely small - as in, sized inappropriately in single-digit sizes. Not good. A potential applicant who’s interested in your game can spend upwards of thirty minutes to an hour on your page reading through your material. If they’re looking that long at your page, you want to make sure the experience is as comfortable as possible for them. Don’t have them strain their eyes trying to read through you’re information. The absolute smallest you want to go is 10 pt, especially if you have a serif font. 

  • Serif vs. Sans-Serif

Now, what’s the difference between serif and sans serif? Serif fonts have “foots” on the ends of the strokes in a letter. The one you’ll be most familiar with is Times New Roman. Serif fonts can look nice and classy, but a lot of the time they’re much harder to read, and in general, when compared to sans-serif fonts, also take longer to read through in general. Because of the extra strokes on the letters, the mind has to siphon those out when looking at a selection of text. 

Now, as you may have gathered, sans-serif is in regards to fonts like tahoma, arial, verdana, etc. - for example, the default font that tumblr chooses to showcase dashboard posts in. Its much easier to read, and you’ll notice that many apps and websites choose to utilize sans-serif fonts. Tumblr, Facebook, Gmail … there is a reason for this! Not only is it easier on the eyes, but one is much less likely to get tired of looking at a text if the font is sans-serif. It takes away that extra effort that one has to put out when reading through a large amount of text. 

Now, there’s no harm in using a serif or sans-serif font for your text, but for the love of merlin make sure its legible. Don’t make it some minuscule size that requires someone with a larger screen resolution to zoom in four or five times. Yeah, one with a larger screen resolution usually expects to zoom in once or twice, but four times? That’s a bit ridiculous. Make sure you have a good font choice, and make sure its no smaller than a 10 pt. font. That really is the absolute smallest you should go. Sans serif you might be able to push a point size smaller, but honestly, only if you have a ‘wide’ font like verdana. Screw trying to look like some “elite” and “professional” establishment. You’re not getting any where close to 'that’ if nobody can read your shit. 

  • Color

Okay seriously - make sure you have enough contrast between your background color and text color. Lets say white has a value of 0. Grey has a value of 5. Black has a value of 10. For the love of all things good. Do not have a background and text color that are only like, two shades away from one another. There should AT LEAST be five shades of difference between them. 

Take your lightest shade, middle shade and darkest shade and put them in to photoshop or something. Put a black and white filter over it, or take out all the color. The colors should not be relatively close to one another. You want to make sure there’s enough contrast between your color choices! Having a grey background that’s only like, two shades away from your text-color is a complete utter nightmare. 

Font size is one thing that a viewer can usually fix with a quick key stroke or two. Color? If I can’t read your text I don’t look at your page. Simple as that. 

  • All in all

Font size, face and color are extremely important. Please keep it in consideration because seriously: if I can’t read your shit, I don’t look at your shit. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got great content or a totally awesome premise that’s right up my alley - if I can’t read it, I’m gone. End of story.