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TC imagine:

Imagine your TC calls you to the front desk and gives you a note saying, ‘stay behind after the lesson’ you go back to your desk and the bell rings, “sir, you gave me a note” you say and he smiles “I know you like me, I know it’s inappropriate for a teacher to be saying this but I like you too”

Awkward encounters - Davin x reader (The Stag)

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AN: I came up with this cute little idea after rewatching the stag last weekend. Here you go :) I’m not tagging anyone from my forever tag list as I’m unsure who’s actually seen this movie. 

Summary: You’re one of Davin’s students and you stumble upon them in the woods.

Word count: 1,150

Warnings: Strong language, teacher/student relationship?, spoilers I guess.

It was meant to be an early morning walk, clear your head, walk your sister’s dog. You didn’t expect to find your english lecturer butt naked with five other men in the middle of the Irish country side. 

You always had a crush on your english lecturer, he was young, fairly (and by fairly, you meant really) good looking and the way he spoke just transfixed you. He was your favourite part of the day although you’d never admit that. 

The past couple lectures you had noticed that he had a couple friends coming to visit him, including a very beautiful woman which almost made you jealous. That is until you found out through the grape vine that the woman was actually his best friend’s fiancé. 

Not that any of this mattered though because he was your teacher and he barely knew who you were. 

Back to the forest. 

You wouldn’t normally track this far but you had to house sit for your sister this weekend and you had to walk her small dog everyday. 

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You and shawn are at the library studying then he starts to tease you under the table till you guys make out at the end of the library hehe

“I’m trying to concentrate,” Shawn tells you, peering up at you from overtop his (your) glasses. He’s been pretending to be a super studious, take no prisoners student but he honestly couldn’t be any more of the opposite. He’s a goofball at heart, and he’s trying to keep you from making him lose the bet. 

You smirk at the thought of it. Two weeks without sex, and whoever cracks first loses. You’ve been inching your hand up his thigh progressively for the past ten minutes, and he’s getting hot, hot, hot but still trying to keep his stupid character up. “That’s very inappropriate ma’am,” he says, pushing your glasses further up his nose, “we’re in public.” 

But then you grip his dick through his jeans and you hear him swallow. “Is that inappropriate too, sir?” you tease. “I think I need some help with my chemistry homework somewhere a bit more… private, don’t you? It’s a bit loud down here.” 

And that’s the story of how you end up getting fucked against the library bookshelves by a nerd wearing your glasses. 


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Alright, this is my second (my apology gift, really, it’s over 5000 words of fluff) for Shay, in which I attempt to tackle one of her favorite tropes (characters A and B have to stay at a hotel and there’s only one room with one bed)

once again - thanks to @the-musical-alchemist​ for listening to me flip out about how to write this, I appreciate it always, Gio ;-;

I said it already, but I’ll say it again - Shay, you’re one of the greatest people I’ve ever met, simply because of who you are - you’re always kind, passionate, thoughtful, and are extremely talented and witty.  In short, you’re just incredibly wonderful.  Thank you so much for being you, and have the happiest birthday possible.  Hey, now you can rent a car and come visit me!!!

“Are you kidding me,” Roy grumbles, tightening his grasp on his small bag as he stomps his snow-packed boots on the porch of the building.  “Of course Grumman sends us to the most remote town, in the dead of winter, splits up our team, and gets us reservations in what has to be the absolute filthiest looking place I’ve ever seen.”

“Relax, sir,” Riza responds.  She flexes her frozen hands to try to regain feeling in her numb fingertips as she switches her bag from left to right.  “You’ve seen the rest of this town; the entire place just doesn’t have a lot of money.  I’m sure the inside is nicer.”

“Whatever you say, Captain,” he retorts.  Riza sighs at his snarky-tone, but doesn’t challenge him, knowing that the last thing that she needed was to argue with her superior officer when they were both cold, hungry, and exhausted.

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Magical Office: Episode 5 - The Aurors Visit

Episode 5

(The episode opens with Newt and you sitting in Minister Parkinson’s office. You both sit in front of his desk. The Minister sits with his elbows resting on the desk’s surface while his hands cover his mouth. He has been making fake farting noises with his mouth for a couple minutes. The camera focuses on Newt’s face as he stares awkwardly at the Minister. You stare, completely baffled by the Minister’s childish antics.)

Minister Parkinson: Biggles tells me this is the latest and greatest muggle-joke. Making wind noises to trick others into thinking someone else has passed wind. (He laughs and continues to make fake fart noises under the shield of his hands.)

Newt: Aaanndd… joke ruined. (Newt rubs his hand through his hair) Can we get on with Y/N’s review?

Suddenly a low and slow fart noise can be heard. As the fart noise continues to go on, Newt looks into the camera as it zooms in on his reaction. Annoyance is plastered all over his face though he shows it by having a blank expression.)

Newt: You’re not going to take this seriously, are you?

Minister Parkinson: Eww Newt, that’s disgusting. I mean Y/N is right there.

(Newt again looks at the camera with the same annoyed but blank expression.

Y/N: I’m not quite getting this joke, can we continue with my review?

(You look back and forth between the Minister and Newt, not sure what to do. The Minister gets annoyed with both reactions to his joke and opens the file in front of him.)

Minister Parkinson: Ugh alright… party pooper. Biggles taught me that phrase… it’s where…

Newt: You have to stop hanging out with Biggles…

Y/N: Minister, I think we get the concept of the phrase. Can we please get this over with? It’s just Newt and I have a lot of work to do.

(At this, Minister Parkinson snorts a chortle and looks into the camera as if to solidify a inside joke between the two. His eyebrows raise up and down to convey his message as the camera zooms in on his face. The camera goes back to Newt, who points to the Minister and then back to the camera.)

Newt: What’s this all about?

(The Minister looks up at the camera quickly and then sheepishly looks back down.)

Minister Parkinson: Would you like to know?

Newt: Yes sir, I would hence why I asked.

(The Minster looks like a child trying to get away with something. He looks down at the file and then looks back up at you.)

Minster Parkinson: So, Y/N… how many times have you tammed the dragon? (He giggles like a school girl.)

Y/N:Sorry? I’m not sure what you mean?

(The minister lets out a chorkle. He tries to stop, but he continues again. Newt and you continue to be confused. He finally calms down and then and tries to act serious.)

Minister Parkinson: Has Newt asked you to tame his dragon? (He cracks up into another chorkle and hides his laughter beneath his cupped hands. Newt and you have disgusted faces.)

Newt: (Calmly lets out a sigh.) That’s very inappropriate, Minister.

Y/N: Sir, that’s very rude.

(The Minister starts to get annoyed at your responses.)

Minister Parkinson: Oh c’mon! It was just a joke… you know since you two… you know…

(The Minister holds up his hands. He holds his right pointer finger out and makes his left hand into a circle. He slowly starts to bring the two together. Newt quickly lunges forward knowing where the Minister is going. He quickly censors the gestures by covering the Minister’s hands with his own.)

Newt: I think it’d be in your best interest to continue this meeting without anymore jokes, Sir.

(The Minister’s laugh quickly dies as he sees how serious Newt is.)

Minister Parkinson: Alright, well Y/N it seems Newt’s report on your progress seems fine and his mishaps have severely dropped in numbers…except that one day….

Y/N: I had no idea he snuck that Hippogriff into the men’s room.

Newt: I’m right here. Clearly visible…

Minister Parkinson: I feel fine with your performance and if you both do start hooking up, could you not do….

(Newt quickly stands up and pulls you out the door.)

Newt: Okay… we’re done here. Thank you Sir.


Milton: Today is Auror Shadowing Day. A day where some appointed Auror’s take a break from their cases for them to get to know and shadow others in the ministry. This day is the most important and exciting day of my life, only second to my date of birth. I do not get nervous or excited. I do not celebrate muggle christmas nor St. Patricks day but every year I anxiously await Auror shadowing day.

(The camera shows Milton going around the office making sure everything is perfect. He walks around, flicking his wand at imperfections around the corridor. The camera shows Claire sitting at her desk, reading over paperwork, her green stamp and pad sitting next to her. Milton walks by her and flicks his wand at her and a black sheet covers her. She screams as she tries to untangle herself from the sheet and falls over her chair onto the floor. The camera shows Rodger in the background looking up from his work confused. Claire’s chair legs and feet are the only things that can be seen. Rodger shrugs and goes back to his work. Milton then makes his way to Newt’s door and flicks his wand at it. The door is instantly boarded up and has ‘CAUTION’ tape all over it. Milton chuckles as he goes back into his office. The camera focuses above the door where there is a bland black and white banner that says “WELCOME FELLOW AURORS”. )


(The next scene shows Newt and you in his case, a place where you both thought the camera’s couldn’t see you both. Newt stands by the Occamys and begins to feed them. You walk up behind him and wait for him to turn to you. His face glows as he sees you.)

Y/N: So that was very interesting.

(You both laugh awkwardly. There is a thick sense of chemistry between the both of you. When the laughter quickly fades, Newt takes your hands in his. The camera secretly zooms in on your fingers interlaced.)

Newt: Y/n, I think there’s something we’ve been dancing around and I think we should address it.

Y/N: Really? (You slyly smirk.) You hate dancing.

Newt: (He smiles at your joke) Yes, exactly why we should address this later, here. Please.

Y/N: Of course. I have to go up and meet Thaddeus. Save me a seat at lunch.

The camera catches Newt give you confirming gently hand squeeze as you start to walk out of the case.

( The entire corridor stands in the hallway. Milton is antsy with anticipation. He prances back and forth on either foot, which makes him continually nudge Bridgets side as she stands next to you. You are taking Newt’s place as he is very busy with his work today. Bridget looks royally annoyed at Milton and dramatically rolls her eyes.)


Bridget: As if Milton wasn’t annoying and awkward already. This happens every year. It’s because of one of the girl aurors. Her name is Angelica or something, he’s in love with her. But he’s never actually said anything to her. He freaks out.

(A segment shows Angelica standing around talking with Bridget and Claire. A sneeze is heard and the three look around trying to find the source. When they can’t produce a culprit, they go back to their conversation. The camera focuses in on a fake tree plant, Milton stands behind it and rubs his nose with his arm.)


(Minister Parkinson walks into the corridor with two Aurors. They walk behind him.)

Minister Parkinson: Okay, we all know how this works. Thaddeus, you are shadowing Y/N. She is works as Newt’s assistant in our Beasts Department. Angelica, you’ll be shadowing….. Milton in our misuse of Magic department.

(Milton lets out a sigh and faints with a loud thud on the floor. Bridget and you look down at him and back up at the Minister.)

Minister Parkinson: Ughhhh… every year… (He looks to Bridget.) Angelica, you can shadow Bridget until Milton gets himself off the floor.

Milton: (He jumps back up quickly upon hearing the Minister.) No…no Minister, that would be necessary Sir.

Minister Parkinson: Get a grip man. Minister OUT!

(The Minister turns on his heel while flashing a peace sign and continues out of the corridor. Angelica and Thaddeus stand awkwardly around as you and Milton approach the two. The other office mates walk off to their respective offices. Rodger walks over to you and puts his hands on your shoulders.)

Rodger: Watch out for this one, he’s known for being a self evaluated casanova.

(Before you can react to his statement, he pats you on the shoulder and walks out to a meeting.)


Thaddeus: I’ve been an Auror for 7 years and I don’t want to blow my own horn but, I’m a pretty big deal to a lot of people here. I’ve got Minister Parkinson, he’s a pretty big fan of mine. It also doesn’t hurt to be an Auror with the ladies. I think I’ve been with pretty much every single witch on my floor. So what’s the deal with this Y/N? Is she single? People in this corridor are a joke. We constantly make jokes about the people on this floor. Like that Biggles guy? Total looney. Don’t even get me started on that Milton guy. That guy has applied 5 times to be an Auror and he’s failed every time. Some people just can’t take a hint… but seriously, is she single?

(He turns in his interview chair to see you outside the room. You are shaking Angelica’s hand while Milton stands next to Angelica hyperventilating.)


(You take Thaddeus down into Newt’s case to show him how you help Newt take care of his creatures. Newt sits inside the case’s hut and leans over his bench, scribbling jibberish down and examining different potions in test tubes.)

Y/N:…and this is Newt. (Newt quickly turns with a smile until he sees Thaddeus beside you. Newt nods and goes back to his work.)

Newt: Fletcher. Good to see you are still roaming around the ministry.

Thaddeus: Salamander. How did you get to have such a gorgeous assistant?

(You look bashful as Thaddeus calls you beautiful. You can’t deny he is a good looking man who could lay charm on thick.)

Newt: Just lucky, I guess. If you don’t mind, I have a lot of work to do.

(Sensing the tension in the air, you lead Thaddeus out to the grounds.You take him over to the Graphorns. They rush over at the thought of being fed. Thaddeus looks at them like they the most disgusting things he’s ever seen. The little one tries to give him kisses with his tentacles and Thaddeus quickly pulls his hand away and constricts his face. You look over at him.)

Y/N: Oh, he’s just looking for some love.

Thaddeus: Ummm… yeah that’s not my thing… you… on the other hand.

(Thaddeus gets a little closer to you. His eyes try to stare you down and try to pull you in with his charming looks. You uncomfortably move away and continue to talk to him about what work goes into taking care of the Graphorns. You can tell he isn’t paying attention as he moves a strand of hair away from your face. Immediately you turn and move onto the next creature. As you walk away, he chuckles at your shyness and saunters to follow you. The camera focuses over to the hut, Newt leans into the doorframe, watching the interaction between Thaddeus and you. He is obviously not amused by Thaddeus’s advances towards you and begins to walk down the hut stairs when he suddenly stops. He runs a frustrated hand through his hair and stomps his boots back into the hut.)


(Newt sits in the interview. His right knee bounces up and down impatiently. His left hand is positioned with his pointer finger over his lips, his thumb braced against his cheek. He thinks before he speaks.)

Newt: I know him, yes. I have seen him around the office with different women and I’ve seen how he treats them. I’ve never used the word hate…but I hate that man.


(The camera goes back to Thaddeus and you. You are feeding the Mooncalves. Thaddeus stands by you and runs a finger up and down your shoulder. You look up to see the camera watching this and you quickly move and hand him the bucket. As you walk away the mooncalves begin to jump up at Thaddeus, trying to get food out of the bucket he’s holding. As you return with another bucket, the Mooncalves have taken Thaddeus down. For a second you watch and silently laugh. You then take pity on him and help him up. )

(The next scene is Milton and Angelica sitting in his office at his desk. He has a misuse of magic form and is going through what he uses it for with her. They sit very close together and occasionally they touch arms and apologise to each other.)

Milton: This section lets the ministry know what the reason was… (He accidentally touches her hand. They linger for a moment and then quickly part)

Milton: So sorry.

Angelica: That’s quite alright, I was in the wrong.

Milton: No no… It was me….

(Their faces are close together but before they can kiss there is yelling out in the corridor. Angelica and Milton look to the door . Milton immediately gets up and Angelica looks after him like he is the world’s greatest superhero, she quickly follows behind. The camera follows Angelica out into the hallway. Newt, Thaddeus and you seem to be having a confrontation.)

Milton: What is going on out here? What’s happening?

(Newt and Thaddeus are squared off to each other. Newt is visibly angry at Thaddeus and Thaddeus has a amused expression on his face.

Thaddeus: Newt is having a little tantrum.

Y/N: He tried to kiss me! Not to mention all the little touches. I told you, I’m not interested! You’re a dirtbag!

Newt: The woman told you she wasn’t interested. What in your right mind thought she’d want you to kiss her?

Thaddeus: I can’t believe you’re defending her. She’s an assistant. (He pauses and suddenly throws back his head and laughs) Oh my God. (He laughs again at the fact that Newt has apparent feelings for you.) Do you really think you’re man enough for her?

(With a flash, Newt’s fist connects with Thaddeus’s face. With all the commotion, everyone has gathered into the corridor. As Newt’s punch leaves damage on Thaddeus’s pretty boy face, everyone lets out a shocked gasp. Thaddeus hold his face in his hand. The camera focuses on your reaction as you bring both your hands to your mouth.)

(Newt sits in the Minister’s office. Minister Parkinson is rarely serious. Newt sits actually nervous to be before the Minister.)

Minister Parkinson: I will give you this, Scamander… I didn’t think you had it in you, especially slugging a Auror… especially one so popular. While I agree with your actions in this instance, I have to give you a mark against your record.)

(Newt nods, thinking and clearly not present. He stands up to leave but the Minister’s slight cough turns him around.)

Minister Parkinson: Newt, listen. We don’t care if you date her, but it just needs to be disclosed to WR. For reasons like this very situation. Is she worth losing your job over?

(The office is empty and silent as Newt opens his office door and shuts it. The room is dark except for a dimmed desk lamp on your desk. You sit at your desk sitting back into your chair. At the sound of Newt walking in you quickly stand up. Newt just stands by the door, his blue jacket draped across his arm as his hands are deep in his pockets. He quietly places it on his desk in front of him. His silence makes you nervous.)

Y/N: What happened? What did he say? My God did you get fired?

(Newt still quietly stands by the door, he watches you intently. Without warning Newt walks up to you and takes you in his arms. His lips slip down to yours as his embrace tightens slightly. You melt into his body and react to the kiss. You bring your hands up to his hair and hold him. After sometime, Newt and you part. Your lips tingle from the contact. Breathless and glazed, you both smile at each other and gasp a laugh.)

Newt: I’m sorry… I just… I had a whole speech planned about how much I love your laugh, your wit and your beauty. How I can’t stop thinking about you whenever I’m without you. I fell for you so fast and I just, I want this to be a more serious relationship.

(You smile at him excited to have finally sealed the deal.)

Y/N: That speech was amazing, but I think the kiss said all of that.

(Newt smiles and throws back his head and gives a quick laugh. He looks back down at you and runs a thumb over your cheek.)

Newt: So should I continue the speech or just go back to saying nothing at all.

(You answer him by going back into the kiss.)

You're Worth It

Prompt: Could you please write a Derek Morgan from criminal minds oneshot where the readers on the team&they’ve gone out for a few months & she’s always really flirty and stuff but is a Virgin so when he kinda hints about having sex &stuff she like pushes him away a bit and finds more reasons to like avoid him during the day and he’s worried she doesn’t like him anymore and stuff&it leads to a fight but they make up once he understands shes self conscious about how she looks&a Virgin?leave the rest to u

Rating: Mature
Pairing: Derek Morgan/Reader
Word Count: 1,680
Warnings: Reader is self-conscious, virgin!reader, self-hate, there’s an argument between reader and Derek, & swearing.
Author’s Note: So, I decided not to put any smut in it, there’s an obvious but brief description that they did the frick frack but nothing in depth. I hope you enjoy anon!

I’m so bad at naming my fics, it’s ridiculous! 

“So, we get Henry to bed and we’re finally getting some mommy and daddy alone time when… you all know the rest.” JJ was telling the team how her night was going as everyone listened with amused smiles.

You were sitting next to your boyfriend of 6 months, Derek Morgan, when he made his sexual comment.

“Ooo trying to dust off the old cobwebs.” His arm slyly wrapped around your waist as he said it and Garcia hit him.

“Hey, inappropriate comment, sir.” She said jokingly, making you all laugh before she offered to babysit so JJ and her husband could have a vacation.

“Speaking of cobwebs, my pipes could use a good cleaning.” He whispered in your ear playfully, you gave him a small smile but shied away from his touch, thankful at that moment Hotch called you all into the conference room for the recent case.

It wasn’t unusual for Derek and you to flirt with each other but just when things turned the least bit sexual you shied away and backed out, letting yourself go quiet. It wasn’t because you weren’t attracted to your boyfriend, it was very much the opposite of that, but you were very self conscious about the way you looked. Ever since you were younger you never really thought of yourself as attractive and maybe that was the reason you were still a virgin at this age. Derek didn’t know about any of that, of course, you were afraid that if you told him he wouldn’t want you anymore, you still were amazed that he even wanted to be with you.

As you were briefed on the case you could feel Derek’s eyes on you, you tried not to make eye contact but you ended up looking at him anyway, he looked confused and a bit… worried?

“Alright, wheels up in 20.” Hotch finished, walking out of the room. Everyone began leaving behind him and you tried to get out quickly but as luck has it you and Derek were the last ones.

“Can I talk to you?” He asked

“Uh, yeah, sure.” You answered nervously.

He waited until everyone was out of earshot before speaking.

“Is everything ok with us?”

“Yeah, of course it is.”

“I just feel that sometimes you distance yourself from me.”

“I’m sorry I make you feel that way but everything is fine, promise.” You felt so bad for lying to him like this but the truth would have been worse to deal with.

“Okay, come here.” He grabbed your hand gently and pulled you to him, he wrapped you in a hug before he leaned down, catching your lips in a quick kiss.

“Anyone up for some food?” Rossi asked the team as you all came back from your recent case.

There were a mumble of answers that came from each of your mouths.

“I’m guessing that’s a universal no.”

“Are you going straight home?” Derek asked as you put some papers into your bag from your desk.

“Yeah, I am so tired I’m barely keeping my eyes open right now.”

“How about I drive you, don’t want you falling to sleep at the wheel.” You looked at him for a second thinking about it. You and Derek. Alone. In a car together where many things could happen.

“Uh, it’s fine, I’ll be okay.” You turned back to your desk and you heard him sigh, you could tell that it was his annoyed and frustrated sigh.

“What is going on with you, why are you distancing yourself from me?” You glanced around the room to see that almost everyone had already left out, which means there was no making an excuse to get away from this conversation.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about Derek.” You were trying to make a quick getaway by rushing past him but he followed behind you and caught your arm. He quickly led you into an empty office where he slammed the door.

“Don’t give me that bullshit, _____, you’ve been finding more and more ways to avoid me! Is it something that I did, do you not want to be with me anymore?!" 

"What, no, Derek, it’s not you–”

“Oh, great, now you’re going to give me the It’s not you it’s me conversation!” He scoffed and turned away from you, trying to calm himself down.

“Well what do you want me to tell you then, Derek!” When he looked back at you you could see the pain and frustration in his eyes.

“The truth, that’s all I want!”

He wanted the truth, fine, here it was.

“I’m a virgin and I despise the way I look, there, there’s the truth!” You couldn’t meet his eyes and he didn’t say anything so you finished what you were going to say.

“Any type of anything sexual makes me nervous and yes I know I’m a huge flirt but I have never gotten anywhere past that because I’m so self-conscious about what I look like and you’re absolutely gorgeous, I have no idea why you’re even interested in me.”

There was a couple of minutes of silence before either of you said anything. He was the first to speak.

“I’m with you because I love who you are, everything isn’t all about looks, _____, but I think you’re beautiful. Why didn’t you tell me you were a virgin?" 

"I was ashamed, a lot of people my age aren’t virgins, Derek. Guys that I’ve gone out with before you didn’t want me because I was a virgin, they didn’t want to be responsible for taking it or they didn’t want me to get clingy. So, I stopped saying anything to the men I dated but I never went past kissing then… you came into my life and I fell in love with you–I just didn’t want to scare you off because of my issues.” You shifted on your feet and crossed your arms feeling embarrassed.

“______, sweetheart, nothing is going to scare me away from you. I want to work through this with you, I want to be with you every step of the way until you see yourself the way I see you.” As he talked he walked closer until he was right in front of you, his hands reaching out and rubbing up and down the top of your arms.

“Hey,” You looked up, your eyes reaching his dark brown ones. “I love you and I’m with you every step of the way, okay?” You nodded, feeling relived that you finally told him but you knew that the next days, weeks or months were going to be hard.


5 Months Later 

“Are you excited for this weekend?” Derek asked, threading his fingers with yours as you made your way to one of the many properties he owned. 

So far there was no case and it looked like your weekend would be free but there was always something, for the moment though, you and Derek decided to take a little trip for the weekend. Just he and you and this time you weren’t nervous about being alone with him. 

The past few months were spent with you building yourself up instead of tearing yourself down, the first time you looked in the mirror and called yourself beautiful you broke down and cried because you didn’t believe it to be true but you kept up with the exercise, started thinking more positively and with Derek making you feel like you were his world you got over your fear and began really loving yourself and all of your flaws. They were what made you, you.

Which is why, if this weekend went okay with no cases, you would be surprising him with something special.

“I’m very excited.” You smiled as he kissed the back of your hand.

“______, what are you doing up there, are we watching this movie?” Derek yelled up the stairs before going back into the kitchen.

You came down the stairs soon after in Derek’s old button up shirt, you had a bra and pantie lingerie set on underneath it, you were going to give him the surprise of his life.

“I don’t want to watch the movie anymore.” You stood in the entryway of the kitchen with a small smile on your face.

“Then what would you like to– whoa.” His face showed blatant surprise when he turned to look at you but as he took in your a smile spread on his face.

“Well, look at you.”

“Yeah, look at me.” You giggled coming closer and sat on the counter.

“Are you going to keep staring or are you going to come over here?” With those words he came straight over to you, putting one arm around you while his hand gripped the back of your knee, bringing you closer to him, you wrapped your arms around his neck and met his lips.

“Wait, wait, are you sure you want to do this?”

“I’ve never been more sure.” You placed your lips back on his and you let out a laugh as he picked you up, easily carrying you to the bedroom.

You both were waken up by the sound of your phone ringing loudly, you refused to get up, you were exhausted and a little sore so you just lied there ignoring it. It wasn’t until Derek woke up and reached across you to get it that it stopped.

“Hello?” His sleep laden voice asked and you heard the familiar voice of JJ on the other side.

“Yeah, yeah got it, we’ll be there.” He hung up before wrapping an arm around your middle to bring you closer, he kissed the side of your neck and you sighed contently.

“I don’t want to get up.”

“I know, me either.”

After being briefed about the case on the jet you decided to take a nap, as you laid yourself out on the couch you heard JJ laugh.

“Long night?" 

"Very, didn’t get much sleep,” You gave Derek a playful glare and all he did was chuckle. “But it was worth it.”

anonymous asked:

Companions react to Sole patching up and kissing their injuries (because obviously kisses will help them heal faster)

thank you for a beautiful first ever prompt! honestly I’m really nervous about this and I’m not 100% pleased but hopefully it’s okay.

Hancock: in the heat of battle a raider’s bullet had just missed driving itself into Hancock’s skull, carving a bloody, red streak into the marred flesh of his left ear. In the hours following the gunfight the wound had proven too tender to continue wearing his tricorn hat, a fact that had left Hancock in a slump until late that evening when they found shelter in an abandoned house with enough cover for them to safely check their wounds and catch some shut eye before heading out again in the morning. When sole had finished carefully bandaging the wound they placed his hat in its rightful place atop his head and gave a rueful smile before leaning in to plant a gentle kiss against the bandage. Hancock, never one to miss an opportunity, turned his head to meet them face on, their lips catching and staying that way for quite some time.
Later, upon questioning Hancock simply replied;
“I was just getting my proper kiss better, doll. What could I have possibly achieved with a peck?”

Nick: Nick was well accustomed to gentle pecks better after particularly dangerous missions. He’d spent many days and nights holed up in his office with Elle as she tightened loosened screws and patching him up as best she could. What he wasn’t accustomed to was sole being the one to kiss him better. He jolted at the soft press of lips before chuckling, responding to their sheepish expression with a casual “thanks, kid”

MacCready: MacCready froze completely when he felt the press of lips against the shallow knife wound in his shoulder, a hot blush coloured his cheeks as sole pulled away apologising with a guilty look on their face and an apology on the tip of their tongue. MacCready cleared his throat feeling awkward, rubbing his neck as he stumbled over the words “A kiss better?”
He hadn’t experienced such intimacy since Lucy had died. Heck, it had taken a lot to get him to even agree to take off his shirt in order to clean the wound. It came as no surprise to him that he had clammed up in this situation no matter how much it may have frustrated him.
“A kiss better” they confirmed handing him his shirt. He ducked his chin to hide the small smile playing around his lips. The blush didn’t leave his cheeks until the next morning.

Dogmeat: *happy bork* *cuddles*

Strong: Strong had mistakenly assumed that sole was trying to eat him when he saw them advancing face first towards an open wound and with a deafening roar he launched them across the room. Upon clarification Strong was still confused but none the less accepted that he was in no danger of being consumed. Once that’d been cleared up he began yet another spiel about the strangeness of humans.

Deacon: despite feeling warm and fuzzy inside, Deacon is too much of a hardcore spy to let on that he really enjoys kisses better. To combat the nerves he prattles on about how he once healed a man’s broken leg with the magical properties of his saliva and how sole needs to up their kiss game. For the following weeks, upon every injury received, Deacon makes a point to outline the importance of kissing in the healing process.

Piper: After a particularly nasty run in with the pack of mongrels that circled Diamond City, Piper was left with several long bloodied gashes marring the length of her forearm. After lengthy hours of meticulously cleaning the wounds and administering stimpaks in her office, sole ran a gentle thumb over the raw skin. When she felt the lingering press of sole’s lips against the pale flesh of her arm, her delight manifested itself in the form of a bright blush and a choked, nervous chuckle. Sole looked up monitoring her reaction before they slowly sat up and leaned closer.

Cait: sole’s affection was met with a swift punch to the face. Their lips didn’t even make contact before Cait’s fist transformed their nose into a bloody mess. With a pained yell they fell backwards “what the bloody hell was that all about?” her growl was met with a muffled groan “you ask permission before you go tryin’ to get into a girls knickers” she continued as she turned on her heel and stomped away.
An hour later she helped sole reset their nose. Three days later she gave a short nod after a intense bar brawl when they asked the question; “may I?”

Curie: Curie was initially surprised when sole pressed a kiss to the bloodied skin of her palm. She had taken a particularly nasty stack out of a tree after climbing it in what turned out to be a futile attempt to catalogue the commonwealth’s new bird species. She had grazed both of her palms and had a shallow gash across her left knee. Curie could not for the life of her understand how a kiss had any effect on he speed at which her body performed the healing process. After inquiring sole laughed and threw an arm around her shoulders drawing her close and explaining it was a sign of affection left over from their time from before the war. Curie was still greatly confused by the concept but accepted, pleased that sole wished to express affection towards her.

X6-88: “That was inappropriate sir/ma'am. We should continue our mission”

Danse: it had taken a great deal of effort to coax Danse out of his power armour despite the fact that blood was dripping from the joint at the knee where a bomb fragment had lodged itself hours earlier. Sole had never seen Danse show any ounce of weakness but as they dug around in his leg in search of the shrapnel he tensed completely, sweat dripping from his brow as he gritted his teeth against whimpers and screams of agony until he’d eventually fallen unconscious. Hours later by the light of a fire Danse awoke slowly to the feeling of gentle fingers in his hair and the press of lips to his forehead, with a barely audible gasp his eyes flew open to see a small smile spread across Sole’s face as they watched the blush rise in his. “I-that’s not-” Danse was cut off by sole laughing softly, still stroking his hair they murmured softly “go back to sleep, Paladin. We can talk tomorrow”

Codsworth: sole kissed and lay gentle hand on a nasty dent left in the chrome of his body after a run in with some mirelurks. Codsworth gave a delicate sniff and an affectionate “thank you sir/mum” before picking himself up and drifting ahead of sole.

Preston: The general cut away Preston’s pants, they’d dragged him all the way back to Sanctuary after the laser of a synth’s rifle had hit him mid-thigh, rendering his leg useless. After sucking in a sharp breath at the sight of his singed flesh sole wasted no time in dosing him up on med-x and stimpaks, bandaging the wound before the skin began knitting itself back together. “How’re you feeling?” sole asked pressing a sweet, lingering kiss to his forehead. A dark blush stained his cheeks as he grinned up at them before replying
“Better, general. Much better.”


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trigger warnings: past rape

rating: teen

pairings in this chapter: nalu, gruvia

characters in this chapter: natsu, lucy, gray, and mentions of juvia

summary: retail–the bane of the guild’s existence

Lucy rolled her eyes and pulled out her novel as she turned another guy away yet again. It wasn’t her fault that she worked at a place that had everything under the sun–including xxx novels and magazines to buy.  She was so fed up. With a sigh, she grabbed her pencil behind her ear and continued writing her story. The alternate universe provided relief like a balm on her frazzled nerves, and she began to relax once more.

It wasn’t just that she worked long hours or stayed later than she was supposed to because someone didn’t come in for their shift. It wasn’t that she was annoyed at her managers for constantly changing her schedule despite her pleas that she needed time for homework and a small social life. Lucy was tired of being taken advantage of, and it was getting on her nerves more than she liked to admit.

She was beautiful. There was no denying that. But when mostly older men decided it was okay to come up to her and press the magazines and novels into her hands that were covered in plastic, Lucy felt utterly disgusted. Her sight aversion to anything sexual was amplified, and her senses were overloaded as the men whistled at her and wiggled their eyebrows as she rung them up. Lucy was tempted to push some tissues into the plastic bag along with the novel, but she decided against it. She didn’t want to get fired, and her repulsion would just have to wait.

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majerkiwi submitted: 

So I’ve worked at this grocery store for almost a year and I’ve had my fair share of creepy men and stupid people come through my line, but this one time I’ll never forget. So my name and my managers name sound almost identical (especially over the intercom). So I decide to change my name to my high school nickname, which is kiwi. I got everyone to start calling me that, I changed my name tag, everything. About 2 weeks after changing the name tag I get this 50ish year old man come through and he gives me the “oh, you’re name is kiwi?!” Which is a very common response. And I start my shpeel with “yeah it’s my nickname because my actual name and-” he cuts me off mid sentence and exclaims, “IS IT BECAUSE YOURE JUICY?” I literally stopped and stared at him for a good minute because I couldn’t believe what I just heard. I managed to get out a “that was really inappropriate, sir.” And get through with his transaction while he’s all butthurt because “it was only a joke.”

Two words: strip poker.

Thank you anon! I’ll fully admit, I have NO idea how poker is played. I’m really terrible at card games and remembering long complicated rules. So, I’ve decided to change this to adult Go Fish. Because I love the contrast of a kid’s card game and adults getting naked. ;D Hope you like it!!

It was pouring outside. Luckily, he’d fixed the leaking window earlier that week. Even so, the power was out. Claire walked around their flat with a blanket around her shoulders, her hair sticking out.

The electricity in the air from the oncoming storm was making her hair go wild. It had put her into a touchy mood.



“Fancy a card game?”

“I can’t play card games, you know that,” she said, rolling her eyes. “I can’t bluff if my life depended on it.”

He smirked and pulled out the deck of cards.

“Aye. I ken it well. But what about a game that doesna require ye to lie?”

She frowned, thinking he was obviously up to something.

“And what cad game will we play that doesn’t require bluffing?”

“Go Fish.”

She shot him a look so flat it was funny.

“Jamie… That’s a child’s game.”

“Aye. But… If we play wi’ the brandy Jared sent us and we play the adult version…”

“Adult version?”

He nodded to the living room and they sat down on either side of the small coffee table.

“Do tell, Mr. Fraser. What exactly is the ‘adult version’ of Go Fish?”

“Weel… Every time ye ask for a card that I dinna have, ye have to take something off.”

“And I suppose that if you ask me for a card I don’t have, you have to strip as well?”

“Of course.”

“So who wins?”

“I think we both win. But… Whoever has the most cards at the end of the game gets to decide what we do next.”

One of her brows arched high.

“Oohh… I like the way that sounds.”

“Good. I’ve already planned out what I’ll do to ye when I win.”

“When you win? What about if I win?”

“I suppose that’ll be up to you, Sassenach.”

He dealt out the cards and spread the leftovers between them.

“So… Do I get to decide what you take off?”

“No. I’ll decide what I remove, as will you.”

She nodded and organized her cards.

“Ladies first.”


He smiled.

“Nay, lass. I’ve no two. Strip an’ fish.”

She snorted and laughed, setting down her cards before she pulled off her sweater. Then she drew a card from the big pile.



She took three cards from her hand and gave them over.

In half an hour, Claire sat glaring at him in her socks and panties. Nothing else. Jamie, however, still had his socks, boots and boxers on. She kept pulling the blanket closer around her as it slid off her shoulders.

“Give me the queen,” he said, staring at her final card.

She flung it at him, clutching the blanket closer.

“My G-God it’s c-cold in h-here.”

“And I’ve won, Sassenach.

“And you’ve g-got p-plans?”

“Aye. I do.”

He pulled off the rest of his clothes and pushed the cards off the table. Then, he grabbed the blanket from around her and put it over the table.


“Aye. The lights are out. No one can see us through the windows.”

“Jamie no! What if the lights come back on?”

“Then we’ll give the old couple next door a good show. Come here, Sassenach. Ye lost and I wish to claim my winnings.”

She began to protest, but he would not be denied. There were candles lit on the  little table beside the couch. Just enough to see the outlines of her body.


“Come. Here. If ye willna come on your own, I’ll make ye. And ye willna like it.”

With a huff, she stood up and removed her underwear. Grabbing her around the waist, he held her too him and kissed her hard. Little by little, she melted against him. 

He’d once had a dream about this, taking her in the dark on the tabletop. It made no sense why he wanted to experiment with it so badly. But he did.

Things got awkward for a moment while he laid her down on the table.

“Would you hurry up and do something? I’m freezing!”

He laughed and looked down at her pointed nipples.

“So I can see, Sassenach. Here,” he pinched and massaged one breast. “Let me warm ye.”

Belatedly, he realized the height difference of the table would make things difficult.

Eventually, he got himself figured out and thrust home. Claire grunted and one leg hooked around him.

“Get it all worked out?” she asked through a giggle.

Letting his weight hold her down, he began to thrust his hips against her. Her hands slid down his back and grabbed his buttocks hard. He could feel her nails digging into his flesh.

She whimpered and tried to move herself to match him, but the leverage he had kept her as she was.

Suddenly the lights came on.



Her head turned and she stared out the window.

“They can see us!”

“Hush, woman!”

“Jamie! They’re wa- Oh God!”

She thrashed against him and he kept moving. He was so close, could feel the tension and the heat of it. Then he cried out, burying his face in her neck as his body jerked.

“Jamie!” she panted. “They’re watching us!”

“Let them. I canna move.”

And then someone knocked on the door. Claire giggled and pushed him off before running down to the bedroom, holding her clothes over her chest. For himself, he wrapped the blanket around his hips and went to the door, keeping himself covered.

“Mister Fraser!”

“Good evening, Mrs. Crook.”

“Mister Fraser! I have to say I’m verra disappointed in ye!”

“Aye, Mrs. Crook. I ken what ye mean. I’m sorry for what ye saw, Mistress.”

“I’m glad that ye have such a passion for yer wife, sir. But I’ll have to kindly ask that ye keep things out of sight! Why ye nearly gave poor mister Crook a heart condition!”

“I deeply apologize mistress. I promise, next time we’ll draw the blinds so ye willna see anything inappropriate.”

“I thank ye, sir.”

He closed the door and locked it before going down to his wife. She was curled up in bed already, though not yet asleep.

“What did Mrs. Crook have to say?”

“That she’s glad I’ve such a passion for my wife,” he said, mimicking the woman’s shrill tone. “But she’ll have to kindly ask that we keep things out o’ sight.”

“Mmm. I think we can do that. Come to bed, Jamie.”

Gathering her into his arms, he kissed the top of her head.

“I love ye, mo nighean donn.”

“I love you too, Jamie.”

Ficlet: Per Your Request

“Barton, what the hell is this?”

“It’s what you requested, sir.”

“I did not request a video file sent to my phone.”

Clint grinned down at the cutting board. “Well, no, but this is just me being proactive. I was told to work on being proactive on my last quarterly review, why is Hill giving me quarterly reviews now, by the way?”

“It has something to do with a conflict of interest,” Phil said. He sounded like he was chewing nails. “In that Director Fury seems to think that me having to give you your reviews might interfere with our working relationship.”

“But doesn’t that define our working relationship?” Clint spun the knife on the flat of his hand, catching it neatly and stabbing downward with an efficient use of force. The potato never saw it coming. “You’re my boss. You boss me. Then you tell me how I fucked that up.”

“Then we go home and sleep together,” Phil pointed out.

“It’s the natural order of things,” Clint agreed, dicing the potato with a few flicks of his wrist. He considered double dicing, but that was probably a bit much, what with the phone call and all.

“As it turns out, SHIELD is not sure I’ll give you an honest quarterly review, because of the sleeping together part.”

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a-virtuous-pyromaniac  asked:

[inappropriate-drill-usage] Dear Sir, I'm looking for a contract. Signed and sealed, Beatrice M. Rasmussen.

Chuck sat at his desk, brandishing a fountain pen and whistling a little tune. The whistling was why they joked they’d given him his own office, but he figured it was the fifteen-odd high security filing cabinets he kept up with.

The letter on his desk was fresh delivered and formatted to his exact specifications. It’d be rude not to give her a call back after such an effort.

“Hello? This is Chuck Haslett from the Mann Co. Office calling to confirm a contract for one Pyrotechnician.”