inappropriate quotes

  • James: 442, this is flight 318. I’m lookin’ to come in for a landing or crash into a plane, come back now.
  • Ryan: 318, I gotcha- I gotchu on radar-
  • Gavin: Negative, 318
  • Ryan: I’m gunna need you to, uh, circle around to runway 3.
  • James: Come back now, I’m lookin’ for a plane to crash into and I’m trying to find one tonight. I got a lot of passengers on this plane that wanna die.
  • Ryan: 132, 132, I’m afraid I have nothing available for you to crash into
  • James: They’re waitin’ to die here, and, uh, their getting pretty antsy. We’re out of peanuts.
  • Gavin: 413, that is an illegal act. Please refrain from breaking the law.
  • James: We’re out of peanuts.

kouginoweek​ day 1: moments

“There’s no betrayal in friendship.”


full sehun and suho bed scene (eng sub)

Demigod!Paladin AU headcanons

So I really wanted to make headcanons for this and I was talking with @jaegereska

(It’s also been sitting in my drafts for a while and I finally posted it)

  • Keith is literally Nico (but actually a child of Nike)
    • Oversized avian jacket + emo hair
    • Nike’s son (goddess of victory, speed, strenght; values bravery and skill)
      • Nike had a pretty good relationship with Athena
        • So Keith might slightly hero-worship Shiro a bit; they’re really good friends and get along well. Shiro knows how to deal with Keith and Keith knows how to calm down Shiro
    • Whenever the paladins (and Allura and Coran) do some group games or whatnot, Keith is just really good at calling people out for cheating
      • Also really good at deciding who won/lost if it seemed close
    • Once he gets past his impulsiveness and takes the time to think, he’s actually pretty good at leading people because he instinctively knows where everyone is on the battlefield
  • Pidge is a Hephaestus kid
    • I mean the whole inventing technology and whatnot?
    • Plus, Pidge seems to be more comfortable around machines than people
    • Okay so obviously Pidge has talent with technology
      • Really good at re-purposing things
      • Also really good at making stuff from random pieces of junk lying around
        • Likes to go into places with broken technology and scrapyards with Hunk to see what they can find
    • Spouts off random facts about different metals/alloys
    • Really good at embarrassing others
  • Shiro is Athena’s kid
    • Totally terrified of spiders
    • Paladin squad points out a spider and he sort of just… runs the other way; he couldn’t help it
      • His immediate thought is “burn the cabin now guys”
      • Everyone teases him about it (”honestly shiro it’s just a spider) because he’s supposed to be the son of the goddess of battle strategy
        • his first thought is to irrationally burn it simply because it’s a spider
      • Pidge eventually gives him some sort of spider-repellant after pitying him for a bit
    • Really well read–can quote a hella lot of different books at random times
      • Sometimes when the situation is too serious and he feels everyone needs to lighten up, he’ll spout off some inappropriate quote from a book/movie/etc. that everyone knows
  • Hunk might be Demeter’s kid
    • He’s caring and puts others before himself
    • Demeter is the goddes of corn, grain, the harvest, earth, agriculture, fertility. She’s associated with the seasons
      • Kind of overprotective? Caring and nuturing, also
    • So Hunk is just really talented with food and really any sort of grain
      • Cereal guys, cereal
      • Designated group chef
      • Will teach the squad how to cook because he knows that when he’s busy, no one eats (also no one really wants to eat Coran’s food)
    • Is really caring and makes sure everyone’s okay
  • Lance is totally a son of Apollo
    • Friendly and easy going but has a huge ego
      • “He thought he was better at everything than everyone”
    • Knows how to lighten up a situation
    • Is actually really good at patching people up 
      • Apollo’s cabin is pretty big and he has a lot of younger siblings PLUS his huge family so he’s just really good at making sure people are okay
    • Can sing really well
      • Will obnoxiously sing to annoy Keith
        • It gets on everyone else’s nerves too, but I mean..
      • Pro at karaoke

I also wanted to headcanon Allura and Coran, so here goes

  • Allura is a daughter of Aphrodite
    • She’s strong minded and passionate, has a way with words, and the ability to bring people together
    • (On a lighter note, she gossips with space mice)
    • She has a natural beauty to her and is really really good at changing her appearance
      • Also can see the beauty in all life (think Rose from Steven Universe)
    • She can talk people into things (subtle charmspeak?)
    • I bet she’s just a really good swimmer
  • Coran might be a son of Dionysus?
    • Dionysus is the god of wine, grape-harvest, ecstasy, and theatre
    • Coran is incredibly dramatic and optimistic and loyal
    • Can be both very easy going and optimistic, but can also be very unforgiving at times
      • Ex: Allura’s head vs when Allura was captured
    • He’s also really good about knowing everything… basically he has some sort of weird ability to seem omnipresent-like