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Faberry Week: Saving All My Love For You

Faberry Week: Day 7: Nightmares

Guns loaded, bulletproof vest on. One girl on a mission to save her love in a middle of a Zombie apocalypse before its too late. 

Quinn is all geared up ready to face the outside world full of mind-eating zombies to save Rachel from being bitten.

As Quinn went out on the streets she fought and shot all the Zombies just to get on time at Rachel’s house.

When she got inside Rachel’s house, She searched everywhere to find her until she hears something from the basement. So she went down with her gun and investigated. 

Then, she heard a girl scream. She thought of Rachel. So she quickly ran down the stairs and saw 2 zombies. The zombies were familiar. It was Santana and Brittany. And they are coming for Rachel. Quinn slowly moved behind the boxes and starts shooting them in the head to protect Rachel.

After seeing the 2 zombies dead, she quickly ran to Rachel to see if she is OK. Rachel was crying and when she saw Quinn she quickly gave her a hug.

Quinn: Rachel. Are you ok?

Rachel: Quinn! You’re here! Thank you. But don’t stay.

Quinn: We will not stay here. Its not safe. Come with me.

Rachel: No, Quinn. You don’t understand. You should leave.

Quinn: Why? I fought my way outside to get to you and now you’re asking me to leave?

Rachel: Yes. Please Quinn. I don’t want to hurt you. 

Rachel gets all teary eyed..

Quinn: Why would you hurt me? 

Rachel: They bit me OK! And in a matter of minutes I’m gonna turn into a zombie. I don’t want to bite you ok! Just leave!

Quinn starts to cry.

Quinn: No. Rachel. Please tell me you’re lying.

Then Rachel shows the bite while crying.

Rachel: Its true And time is running. GO.

Quinn: I won’t leave you.

Rachel: You have to!

Quinn cries as she see Rachel getting weak and sick and pale.

Rachel: Please Quinn. Do it for me.

Quinn closes her eyes with tears and nodded.

But she asked Rachel..

Quinn: Does that mean I have to kill you when you turn into a zombie.

Rachel: I can handle it. Give me your gun. But if you want to its ok for me either. I just don’t want to hurt you.

Quinn kisses Rachel on the forehead and said.

Quinn: I want to do it.

Rachel agrees and took her last breath as the virus flow. Quinn, with tears still flowing down her eyes pointed the gun at Rachel’s head and waits for Rachel to wake up again as a zombie. When Rachel woke up with a different look. Quinn cried and whispered.

Quinn: I’m so sorry Rachel. I love you.

Then pulls the trigger. Quinn screamed, closed her eyes and cried at the same time as she sees Rachel on the bloody floor.

When everything goes all black there’s a sudden voice at the background shouting. “Quinn!! WAKE UP!! WAKE UP!! QUINN!! You’re having a nightmare. WAKE UP QUINN!

Quinn wakes up screaming with tears as she sees Rachel beside her on the bed. Quinn hugs Rachel and wipes her eyes as Rachel comforts her.

Rachel: Shh.. Don’t cry. I’m here. Its only a bad dream.

Quinn starts telling Rachel everything. The Apocalypse, The zombies, Her turning to a zombie. She told the whole story.

Finally, Rachel said to her and smiled.

Rachel: Quinn. Its only a dream. Nothing to worry about. I’m here I’m alive. I’m not in blood. You know what? Let’s stop watching horror movies from now on. Now I know its effect on you.

Quinn wipes her tears and sweat and smiled at Rachel. Then cuddled each other to sleep.


At the local Toy Emporium this afternoon, while the boy and his pal Quinn were mulling over Pokemon cards, I picked up a handful of LEGO minifigs for myself. While I’m not a huge fan of The Simpsons or nothin’, the minifigs are awesome. As luck would have it, I got a pretty great selection, too!

Quinn said to me, “Are you, like, obsessed with The Simpsons?” And I said, Not really, I just like the LEGO minifigs. And Quinn said, “The Simpsons TV show isn’t appropriate for kids.” And I said, Yeah, I guess. And the boy said, “Family Guy is even more inappropriate for kids!” And Quinn said, “How old do you need to be to watch The Simpsons or Family Guy?” And the boy said, “At least 13. But sometimes I watch Family Guy." 

And I said to the boy, Yeah, you probably shouldn’t be watching Family Guy. And the boy said, "But you let me watch Archer when you’re watching it sometimes, and Archer is soooo inappropriate for kids! Like, you probably need to be 30-years-old or somethin’ to watch that show!” And Quinn said, “I dunno what Archer is, but you probably shouldn’t watch it, the boy.” And the boy said, “Whatevs.” And I said, Whatevs. And Quinn said, “You guys are so weird.”