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I’ve always thought that Dan and Phil were like a yin yang, and I find it adorable. Just think about it…

1) Dan has a younger brother, Phil has an older brother.

2) Dan’s from the south, Phil’s from the north (and they met together to finally live more in the middle).

3) Dan has a dark aesthetic while Phil’s is much lighter and brighter (and their home, and their often shared wardrobe choices, are a combination of both).

4) Dan’s left-handed and Phil is right-handed (when, again, they can meet in the middle and sign things at the same time).

5) Dan lacked confidence while Phil always exuded it and as served as inspiration.

6) Dan is often witty, biting, and sarcastic while Phil is cheerful and effortlessly funny.

7) Even their appearances are complementary: Dan (despite being pale lately) is naturally tan with brown eyes. Phil is naturally pale with blue/green/yellow eyes.

8) Their fringes sweep in the opposite directions. What are he chances of that, seriously.

9) Probably least importantly, but still interesting, Dan dropped out of college and Phil got a Master’s degree.

I could go on.

Of course I ship Phan, but this isn’t even about that. They complement each other perfectly, and I think we can all agree that they were meant to be in some capacity. They also have so much in common where it counts that I don’t see their dynamic being any more perfect.

And I thought this sh*t only existed in cheesy fairytales… well, I guess it’s supposed to be cheesy.


I thought of more.

10) Dan’s high-pitched voice and Phil’s low-pitched voice. They can, and do, sing duets together perfectly.

11) Dan was born in the summer, and Phil was born in the winter

12) Dan’s earrings and Phil’s lack of them (because, according to Dan, his personality is “too adorable” for them, but I guess Dan’s isn’t).

13) Dan’s tendency to waffle on while Phil listens patiently, yet his still clear respect and admiration for everything Phil says.

14) Dan’s more serious vs. Phil’s more lighthearted nature (look at “The Urge” vs. “The Hand”).

15) **last-minute add because jfc I thought of another one: Dan’s naturally wavy hair and Phil’s naturally straighter hair.

16) And this is a big one: Dan’s love for cursing, bad language, and being inappropriate and Phil’s desire to keep things PG. Like I’ve said for different points above, they often meet in the middle here on their collabs and it’s perfect (most of Phil’s innuendo is in these vids and not when he’s alone, so being together and compromising on their humor creates comedy gold).

Dan’s said in recent interviews that he and Phil disagree often about things, and Phil admitted that they think “quite differently”, yet they “always find a compromise.” This is so rare and beautiful.

Much like their fringes, they always meet in the middle.

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MC who's not used to skinship, so when RFA+Minor Duo try to hug her, she will unconciously jab them on the stomach with her elbow or kick their groin with her knee. Reaction or mini-fic please~

Peep! I’m still alive ^O^ Very sorry for the lack of fics recently… >__<

Hrmm I wasn’t too sure how to interpret this request, so I hope it’s okay, nonnie ;^; sorry if I couldn’t write what you had in mind…


RFA Reacts to MC who’s Bad with Skinship


  • “OW!”
  • It had already been the third time this week that you unintentionally karate-chopped him in the groin
  • You turn around in a panic, hands clapped in front of you like a prayer, ready to apologize
  • … wait where’d he go?
  • You look down
  • Poor Yoosung was writhing on the floor, hands clutching at his crotch
  • “I-I’m okaaay,” he whimpers, tears falling from his eyes
  • You mentally hit yourself for hurting your boyfriend again. You know he meant absolutely no harm, he only wanted to hug you from behind as a greeting!
  • “I’m really, really sorry!!” you repeated over and over, feeling extremely apologetic about it
  • He shakes his head, “It’s okay, MC. It only means I have to help you get used to my touch, right!”
  • And so he continued to tackle you with hugs and touches, even though you hit him every single time
  • He didn’t even try to avoid them or anything??
  • One day, you overheard Yoosung whispering to Zen at the bar.
  • “The truth is, I really like it when MC hurts me like that… Hnng, it feels like I’m being punished…”
  • … O___O
  • As weird as it was, you definitely didn’t feel as much guilt as you used to when you accidentally hit him now.


  • He’s a very affectionate man.
  • From the moment you agreed to be his girlfriend, he practically expected to be able to touch you just about 24/7. He had looked forward to holding you in his arms, cuddling, and holding your hand in public
  • But… but… ಥ_ಥ Why was it that you only pushed him away?!
  • No matter how much love your heart held for Zen, the embarrassment of someone touching you so intimately was too overwhelming. You couldn’t help it! You just weren’t used to all this…
  • Although Zen tried to keep a strong grip on you so that you couldn’t escape, you always managed to pry his hands off of you (with great difficulty and embarrassment)
  • But he’s a persistent man. “Honey, I do want to be gentle with you, but… but I can’t keep my hands off of you!” he complains sadly, red eyes peering up at you oh so innocently as he stared at you across the café table.
  • So it would be your embarrassment vs his persistence.
  • Zen would try to clutch onto you more and more, and your natural instincts started to kick in—you were constantly elbowing him in the stomach or pushing him away any possible way you could! (You had tried to hold back from doing this before, but his desire to touch you was really getting out of hand! And the more you fought against it, the more he wanted to hold you. It was an endless circle, really.)
  • But in the end, after weeks of this cycle, Zen finally stopped. One night on the balcony, he was just staring at you, contemplating to himself quietly.
  • “Babe…” he mumbles. “Do you not like it when I touch you?”
  • You bit your lip, wondering how you would explain this. “It’s just… I’m not really used to being so… intimate with someone like this.”
  • He casts you a small grin. “Then, let’s just start small. I don’t mind, jagi… I know I’ve been pushy, but haven’t you noticed that you can stand much closer to me without moving away now, at least?”
  • You take a second to look at your positions again. He was right. You were pressed up right against him… You instinctively backed away, but he caught your arm gently.
  • “Here. Let’s just hold hands,” he smiled, staring adoringly into your eyes.
  • You spent the night holding hands with him quietly, watching the stars from the lounge chairs together.


  • She wasn’t one for touch, most of the time… especially not at the start of your relationship!
  • (She felt that it wasn’t proper. Haha, Jumin Han must have influenced her after working together for so long.)
  • But when she finally gathered up the courage to initiate a hug, she was shocked when you threw her arms off of you
  • “MC…? What’s wrong?” she had asked hesitantly, feeling heavily discouraged
  • You struggled to explain that you weren’t used to being touched, and that you couldn’t help but react this way
  • Her smile suddenly brightens. She admits that she’s relieved that she wasn’t the only one lacking experience in a relationship, and that she’d be more than happy to take things slow with you.
  • “I’m not an affectionate person… so I’ve lost the few boyfriends I’ve had because of it. So… I promise that I’ll help you get used to things like holding hands and hugs, okay? And I promise to take it slow,” she beams
  • Jaehee’s always been understanding and considerate of your feelings, and you felt that you could trust her when she said she’ll be patient.
  • “And,” she continued hesitantly. “It’s a bit embarrassing to say this, but… I’m glad that I’d be the only one who can touch you this way,” she says, her golden eyes tender as she smiled slightly at you.


  • He first noticed it on a brunch date, when he had placed his hand over yours and you tensed up
  • Although he decided not to comment about it, he did continue to take notice of your actions
  • The way you practically jumped out of his arms any time he tried to hold you…
  • The way you elbowed him hard as if you were defending yourself from an attacker…
  • The way you backed away from him…
  • “MC… am I scary?” he asked one day, frowning adorably as anxiety filled his features
  • You were confused by the sudden question. “Why do you say that? Of course not!” you reassure him, patting him lightly on the arm.
  • He grabs your hand, and again, you try to take your hand back
  • “Then why do you always shy away from my touch…?” He’s staring at you with sad puppy eyes, and you find it hard to find the words to answer him
  • “N-no… it’s just that I’m not used to it… It’s… weird to me. It makes me feel all weird and squirmy in my chest. I don’t know, Jumin, I really don’t,” you sigh, feeling guilty and frustrated
  • He processes your words, and decides that it’s not the end of the world. “Although it hurts whenever you jab at me, I would very much like to hug you properly one day. If there is any possible way to do so through prolonged exposure to my touch, then I will gladly endure the pain.”
  • You smile awkwardly, feeling that he was overthinking it. It… it wasn’t like you meant to hurt him whenever he tried to hug you… It was just a natural reaction…
  • You secretly prayed to the gods, because you just knew that Jumin would be referring you to doctors for the next few months. Dammit.


  • He would tackle you every time he saw you, and you couldn’t help but elbow him and knee him in the groin every single time
  • I mean, he thought it was just because he was annoying you…
  • But then he noticed how you never did that when he pranked you in other ways
  • No, you only shriveled away from his hugs
  • … but he decided to test that a few more times before jumping to conclusions!
  • MC~!” he screeches, running up from a far distance to gain power as he tackled you to the floor
  • *SMACK*
  • “Oof!” he exclaims as you scramble to get away from him frantically, your hands hitting him at random
  • One time was no biggie.
  • I LOVE YOU~~” he coos, scooting next to you and wrapping his arms around you
  • “Geh! DAMMIT SEVEN, GET OFF OF ME!” you exclaim in a panic, pushing at him any way you could
  • You gave a solid kick to his crotch, and he immediately dropped to the floor, whimpering in pain
  • Tears were filling his eyes and you felt guilty for what you’d done… He’d meant no harm…
  • For the next three weeks, 707 would be forced to stay bedridden.
  • … Zen would bring his own posters and stick them around Seven’s room, claiming it would give good luck and a speedy recovery.
  • To say the least, Seven never wanted to see another picture of Zen again.


  • “Nng!”
  • His eyes are squeezed shut in pain as he tries to subtly hold his crotch (you can’t subtly hold your crotch, V. You can’t.)
  • “I’m so sorry!” you shriek, reaching at him only to retrieve your hand when you realized the awkward area you’d hit
  • He’d only been trying to surprise you with a hug, but you’d ended up turning around and punching him (but your hand somehow wondered to his… cough)
  • He smiles weakly, raising a hand to ruffle your hair. “No… it’s okay. It was my fault for suddenly surprising you…”
  • You bite your lip, looking down as the guilt washes over you. “Jihyun… I’m so sorry. I really didn’t mean to hurt you… It’s just- you know I’m not good with being touched sometimes…”
  • “Silly. This is just one of the many obstacles we have to overcome together,” he reassures you.
  • You giggle, “Obstacle? You make it sound so serious!”
  • His soft smile immediately turns serious. “MC, no matter how kind you think I am, you must remember that even I have inappropriate desires to touch you. Zen’s not wrong when he says all men are wolves…”
  • o//~//o
  • oh. okay.


  • He was a bit thrown off when you suddenly elbowed him. It had taken a lot of courage for him to inch his arms around you, and you’d just shoved him away like that
  • “MC?” he said unsurely, wondering if he had done something wrong. Fear was evident in his voice—he’d never want to hurt you, after all.
  • You jump a bit, avoiding his eyes as you turn around slowly, feeling ashamed. “C-can you not do that?” you mumble.
  • Hurt flashes across his face, and you fumble over your words to explain, “It’s not your fault or anything! I just get a bit embarrassed and uncomfortable when people touch me like that… I’m a bit better when I’m given time to relax from their touch, but it kinda resets every time. My first reaction is to push them away when someone touches me…”
  • He listens quietly, nodding as he hears your explanation. Although you can’t see it, Saeran feels extremely relieved that it wasn’t because of him that you rejected his touch.
  • “I get what you mean,” he murmurs quietly, gently running his fingers through your hair, which you didn’t seem to mind. “I could never be upset with you about something like that. Thank you for telling me,” he casts you a rare, happy smile
  • You throw your arms around him, feeling a strong urge to hug him, squeezing him tightly. He happily snuggles into your arms, although he’s a bit disappointed when you pull away only seconds later.
  • “S-sorry. I can’t keep it up for too long or I feel uncomfortable again,” you apologize. “But you were just too cute, so I really wanted to hug yo-“
  • A small frown adorns his face. “Cute? I’ll show you cute…” He makes a small growl at the back of his throat, narrowing his eyes on you.
  • Oh no.

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Pls could you write solangelo getting quite heated for the first time and then breaking away when it gets too intense and not knowing what just happened haha

Nico isn’t quite sure what happened.

He’s flushed face and wide eyed, and Will isn’t much better. His curls are dishevelled and his own cheeks are pink and he’s breathing a little heavier than usual. 

Nico feels a sudden, extremely inappropriate desire to ask him if he needs an inhaler. He suppresses the thought, but his blush probably darkens. He blinks, looks up at Will, who gives him a shy smile, and he’s just a bit dazed, really.

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i just saw this on my twitter feed and i just… needed to talk about this because i’m bizarrely upset by it? but anyway

first of all, the idea that sexuality between women is “inappropriate” is so full of internalized homophobia that i don’t even know how to unpack it. like there are examples where wlw sexuality is used as titillation or exploitative (i.e. blue is the warmest color) or most mainstream cinema, but the idea that we have to erase it and only show cute handholding is so deeply disturbing to me. like the two things can exist concurrently, for instance? d.e.b.s. is a lovely cute pg-13 rom com that i adore. but i wouldn’t want to only have movies like d.e.b.s. because i like seeing my sexuality on screen–all facets of it. 

explicit sexuality isn’t dirty or inappropriate, when done respectfully.  the sex scenes in the handmaiden are very important to the development of both the characters and expression of their freedom to own and explore their own bodies. desert hearts is another film that was very important to me as a bi woman and to erase its raw sexuality would be to erase its power as a film. not all films that feature wlw in sexual situations are for male consumption. i’m going to repeat that. not all films that feature wlw in sexual situations are for male consumption.

most lgbtq+ cinema is created for a wlw audience that want to see themselves represented on screen. the idea that including sexuality in that is somehow wrong stems from a heteronormative perspective that lgbtq+ sexuality is somehow dirtier, and more sexual than het romances. which we do need more innocent portrayals of lgbtq+ relationships, i am not arguing to erase those because those are just as vital and important, but to desexualize wlw dynamics is not the solution and it makes me deeply uncomfortable given the current state of people viewing wlw relationships as “just gal pals being gal pals”. it promotes a really dangerous idea that sexual desire for women is somehow nasty or wrong, and i wish people would stop this. 

i just want to state that ladies, your attraction to women is not inappropriate or dirty–your desire to sleep with women is just as valid as wanting to do more sweet things, like holding hands and kissing. having that represented on screen goes a long way to normalizing that. 

Harsh Pluto Aspects

Pluto is considered a planet in astrology that is known to intensify, disturb and create turbulence to whatever it touches. When Pluto is in a harsh aspect to an inner, personal planet it can make things feel out of control and extreme to the native and almost disturbingly so. Harsh aspects include the conjunction, inconjunction, square and opposition.

Pluto in harsh aspect to the Sun can make the native sensitive to criticism regarding their image and what others think of them. Often times, they feel as though people are out to get them or copy them. Those with a harsh Sun-Pluto aspect can go through many transformations since they feel the need to do better and be better.

Pluto in harsh aspect to the Moon can make someone feel dark inside due to their intense emotional outbursts. There are up and down waves of emotions, all of them felt at an extreme. With a harsh Moon-Pluto aspect, expect the person to be hypersensitive and at their worst, they can lack self-control and discipline.

Pluto in harsh aspect to Mercury can make the native have disturbing, inappropriate thoughts and desires. Sometimes these people think up things that even they themselves are repulsed by or they may want to say things that they know they shouldn’t say. Those with a harsh Sun-Mercury aspect can also be skeptical of others, judgmental and can be prone to paranoia.

Pluto in harsh aspect to Venus can make someone have a hard time letting people in their life or close to their heart. They have a strong love/hate relationship with others and in terms of friendships and relationships, they are a true ride or die. However, they may not know how to control their intensity and this can harm and tear their relationships apart.

Pluto in harsh aspect to Mars can make someone feel their anger intensely and to an extreme and their desires and passions are taken seriously making them sensitive criticism or challenges. These people can be a little too competitive and be envious players. They’re prone to holding grudges and getting revenge on those who have done them wrong. At times, if not controlled, their anger can turn violent.

Wanting to do something terrible doesn’t necessarily make you a bad person.  Even if it’s something unbelievably heinous and abhorrent, even if you truly desire to do it more than anything else in the world, that still doesn’t necessarily make you a bad person.  What you want to do is just a thought, a fantasy, something that only exists inside your head and need not ever affect anyone else in any substantial negative way.  The majority of desires people have aren’t their own conscious choices anyway, and labeling people as fundamentally bad for aspects of themselves that they didn’t choose to have is incredibly dangerous and regressive.

What matters is what you actually do, or what you actively intend to do.  If you have no intention of ever actually doing something awful, and you have sufficient control over your own behavior to keep your dangerous or inappropriate desires from ever becoming actions, then no matter how much you desire to do something terrible, those desires don’t make you a bad person.  Most people occasionally want to do things that would be totally inappropriate for them to actually do, and if we start persecuting people for merely wanting to do those things, if we start down the road of punishing thought crimes, everyone would eventually be found guilty of crimes that they had never committed.

Thought crimes are not crimes, even if you really want to do those things.  Action, intention to act, and the ability to control one’s actions are what matters, not the mere desire to act.


LGBT Kings: Juan II of Castile & Enrique IV of Castile

The most famous homosexual relationship in Spanish history is that between Juan II (1405–1454) and his older lover Álvaro de Luna (c. 1390–1453), who shared a bedroom for years. The king is remembered as a great patron of literature, who sponsored the birth of Castilian lyric poetry, until that time missing from the culture. He is also remembered for his choice of Álvaro de Luna to take over the tiresome business of running the country. Luna has long been recognized as one of the best administrators Spain ever had, and because of his dramatic fall from favor and public execution he became a well-known figure in both poetry and drama. The story of Álvaro de Luna was a covert way for later authors, such as Tirso de Molina, to deal with the topic of homosexuality. 

The love between Juan and Álvaro, for which there are many sources, is worthy of a novel as well. The relationship began when the king was 3, with the appointment of Álvaro as his page (doncel). The bond which quickly emerged between them was so strong that those hostile said the king was victim of an hechizo or enchantment; this in fact became a euphemism in Spain for “inappropriate” sexual desire. When the young king was 7, his mother exiled Álvaro and kept the king virtually a prisoner, a period that ended only with her death six years later. Juan and Álvaro were immediately reunited, and Álvaro, a brilliant conversationalist, was the favorite of many court ladies. He is also the author of one of the earliest and most balanced Spanish defenses of women against misogynist charges. 

Save for a later period when the king was again prisoner and Álvaro exiled, which was intended to end their relationship, Juan and Álvaro remained together for thirty-five eventful years. They struggled together against a hostile aristocracy,sometimes fleeing together from superior force. The end came with Juan’s remarriage after his first wife’s death; his new wife, mother of the prudish Isabella the Catholic, was able to force the dismissal and then the execution of Álvaro. The king died a year later. 

The homosexual tastes of Juan’s son Enrique IV (1425–1474) have been dealt with more openly. His reign was much more chaotic, and he seems to have suffered from a disease which affected his personality. Enrique did not have a governor with the talent of Álvaro de Luna and was unable to meet the challenges from the aristocracy. His marriage with his first wife Blanca was unconsummated and annulled; Enrique’s impotence was explained as enchantment. After remarriage, a major successorial and political issue arose concerning the legitimacy of his daughter Juana, widely believed to be the daughter of the court favorite Beltrán de la Cueva. Enrique was dethroned in effigy as “puto,” and during the latter part of his reign was almost without authority. A kind, cultured, but sick and weak man, like his father he enjoyed hunting expeditions, which apparently served as cover for homosexual activity. Juan II and Enrique IV stayed on comparatively good terms with both their Jewish subjects and the Islamic kingdom of Granada. Enrique in particular had a Moorish guard—the last Spanish ruler to do so until Franco—and gave other evidence of sympathy toward Spain’s non-Christian cultures.

One Sided Silence - Part IV

HERE IS PART 4! So sorry for the wait but good news… as this chapter was originally so long I split it into two, so there will be a Chapter 5 to follow. Thank you again for all of the kind words - hope you enjoy the latest instalment! 


Just in case you missed them or they got lost in your feed here are PART I & PART II & PART III 

She looked pale, almost too fragile to move but she was moving. It took Owen longer than expected to think, everything was blurry and he couldn’t focus on any sounds. Nauseous he felt so nauseous, it was like a knot in his throat, it made it heard for him to breath; before he could even realise or think about what he was doing he ran out of her room, he ran down the corridor, through the men’s room door and emptied the contents of his stomach in the first toilet he found. He heaved and heaved until his throat was dry and sore, his brow was sweaty and his hands were trembling. She smiled at him, she looked at him, blinked, breathed, talked… she was awake, Amelia was conscious. Amelia was conscious, AMELIA WAS CONSCIOUS?!?!?!?!?! As soon as that thought his him he ran back out of the men’s room, back down the corridor and came to a halt just outside of her room. Checking his reflection in the reflective glass of a nurse’s break-room, he straightened his clothes and hair; checked his breath for the smell of vomit and his armpits for the smell of B.O. “Is it ok for me to come in?” he quietly asked gently letting his knuckled bounce off the door; a sheepish look dominated his face, he couldn’t remember the last time he was this nervous about talking to someone, it was Amelia; they had had hundreds of conversations in the past, but none this personal or private. For the second time in 24 hours his blues eyes met the swimming pools of blue that were hers.

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I’m hypersexual, I have an abnormal obsession with sex, I’m open about this. Hypersexuality is usually trauma driven and those who are hypersexual can have sexually disturbing and inappropriate fantasies and desires with the wrong people. They can’t help it, I know I can’t. I can’t control my mind and who I choose to sexually fantasize over. That’s why I’m embarrassed when I talk about sex on here sometimes because once I tell people that I’m hypersexual, it’s always people on Anonymous getting me to talk about sex all the time. Leave me the fuck alone. I don’t like that I get these strong desires to sleep with the wrong people. I have so many disgusting thoughts and sexual urges that choke me and beg my body to go for it. I can’t help but to be sexually aroused at the most inappropriate times and locations. I have an obsession with sex that I don’t want. When it’s appropriate, of course I will go for it. But the sad reality is that most of the time it’s not and I shouldn’t want to go for it. It’s embarrassing to me. Leave me alone.

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Sorry, I didn't intend for my ask to be rude, I was just startled because I thought you were saying Sansa had no right to be hurt and therefore didn't really deserve any sympathy if she was, but I realise now that I jumped to conclusions. Sorry. I'm just dreading boatsex not because I'll be angry at Jon but because I just don't want to see Sansa hurt again, especially by a man she trusts so much (although I know it won't be intentional or "wrong" of Jon since they're not in a relationship). :(

Hi anon, sorry for taking so long! My inbox is full and I really don’t know where to start….. 

Sorry if my answer was a bit rude or salty as well! I know, It’s so hard to judge someones tone and intentions without all the non-verbal communication that’s normally going on. I’m also guilty of that.

If boatsex happens (still crossing my fingers it doesn’t, though I made my peace with it and don’t even think that endgame!jonsa is threatened by it. Optimistic pessimism and all. Just read on.) I do think Sansa will be hurt by it and my heart goes out to her. But looking at the silver-lining, it will probably surprise her just how much it hurts her. I’m going to assume she already knows about r+l=j by this point, so her jealousy will open her eyes about her true feelings. A Green-Eyed-Epiphany.

I imagine that Jon will feel bad about it as well, once he meets Sansa again. Wondering why he feels so damn guilty. Why he can’t look her in the eye. After he finds out about his true identity everything will fall into place for him as well. It will be a blessing in disguise, of sorts. Two characters realizing that they love each other, after one of them sleeps with another person is like a really old romance trope, anyway. It wouldn’t surprise me if they set up the D as a romantic false lead to accomplish just that. 

One thing to keep in mind is this: The jonsa-shipping community has whole-heartly embraced them as a potential couple. We are aware that cousin-relationships are acceptable in westeros, have dissected any underlying meanings and thrive on the whole siblings-to-lovers-angst. But the general audience needs to be slowly and thourougly prepared for that. The series is doing it’s best to foreshadow Jonsa, without being too obvious about it. They are keeping it sublte for a reason. They are constantly using romance tropes and putting them into what could be described an un-siblingly atmosphere to prime the audience for the big twist. They want to keep it ambigious. People have already noticed and once they are ready to come out, a lot of casual viewers will go “now that I think about it, that *insert any, really any jonsa scene* was a bit weird… should have seen this coming.” That’s what they are trying to achieve here. But they will not implement any romantic gestures where the audience could go like “Eww, but they think they are siblings. Gross”. They don’t want us to go LANNISTERS !!!! They want us to root for them, not being disgusted by an assumed brother sleeping with his assumed sister. (Side-note: Jon and Jaime have so many anti-parallels, if desiring your “sister” isn’t among them, I might just scream. That’s the difference between them, though. Jaime actually has an affair with his sister, Jon has the same “dishonourable” thoughts and impulses, but he will not act on these feelings until it’s okay to do so.)

Neither Jon, nor Sansa is going to acknowledge or admit to any romantic feelings, as long as they still believe they are siblings. Now that we have confirmation about them not being siblings, it’s time for a character to notice as well. They can be more open about it. A third party in the show will notice that ~something~ is off and start to drop some hints (looking at you Littlefinger bzw I really look foward to any Tyrion-Jon conversation about Sansa), simultaniously standing in for the audience and drawing it’s attention to the matter. They might not know yet, but we do. As does Creepyfinger. The show has done a wonderful job at setting up jonsa and any J0nerys-sexy-time could be just another piece in the puzzle. Making the audience aware of it, without hitting us right into our cute, little faces. I’m a little down that it takes so long too, but they are taking the narrative in the exact direction I would expect. (side-note: I absolutely love @hyojung12 idea that Jon is dropping the “sister-bomb”, so we can correct him in our minds. They want us to go: But, she really is his cousin, isn’t she? Such a great observation, love it.) 

To ease your mind about boatsex a little bit: Jon sleeping with another woman (or Sansa sleeping with another man, but like please not LF, just no one at all. She deserves to only be properly loved for the rest of her life. No more love-less sexual encounters for her. Seriously.) before they know about r+l=j is actually a good way to keep the gross-factor down. (It’s his bad luck that she’ll turn out to be his aunt. The irony.) It implies that any inappropriate desires where kept far under the surface. It shows that they are unaware of it and that it doesn’t influence their remaining love- or sexlife. It may not be as romantic (I agree), but it also ensures the audience that they aren’t leading their lives accordign to any possible incestious impulses. 

Last, but not least to come back to the original topic of this conversation: Jon and Sansa have a strong bond. They already build their relationship slowly, stone by stone. Ned and Catelyn started doing so after their marriage, Jon and Sansa have already finished that phase. Their relationship is already based on trust, respect and mutual admiration. The love will follow. As I stated in my original post, this will be another ned/cat - jon/sansa parallel. After all Ned and Cats marriage started off with a rough patch as well. They had to become comfortable in their new roles (from future brother/sister-figure to spouse). They had to deal with an alleged affair, even worse having the alleged “product” of it constantly in front of their faces. (sry, jonny.) They worked through it and became of the strongest, happiest romances in the series. 

Jon and Sansa’s relationship will blossom into a love strong enough to get through this as well. In good times and in bad. Once they confess their love, nothing that came before will matter anymore. They can’t cling to the past, if they are busy building a future together. (I love cheesy, dramatic language, btw) 

The best way to keep yourself from doing something grossly self-destructive and stupid is to avoid the temptation to do it. For example, it is far easier to fend off inappropriate amorous desires if one runs screaming from the room every time a pretty girl comes in. Which sounds silly, I know, but the same principle applies to everything else.
—  Harry in Proven Guilty: The Dresden Files
Undertale: Seven Human Sins and Seven Demonic Virtues

So something I’ve noticed after realizing the Seven Human Souls correspond to the actual traditional colors of the Seven Deadly Sins in my other post here

Is that the boss monsters who turn you those colors, at first seem to represent those sins at first glance, but after befriending them and getting to know them, actually represent the opposing virtue instead!

and wow this turned into a huge 2500 word character analysis essay on the main monster characters of Undertale so under a readmore this goes lol

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anonymous asked:

Why do i daydream so much? I just find myself doing it subconsciously... is that bad?

It certainly is not a disorder as long as it doesn’t impede on your everyday life. There are many theories as to why people daydream. Some scientists theorize that it is a cognitive mechanism that helps you reorganize the sensory information you’ve been consciously aware of. Other theories (Freud) posit that daydreaming is a way to let go of a desire you can’t achieve in real life. For example, you may desire someone inappropriately, and because it’ll won’t/shouldn’t happen, the desire gets pushed into the subconscious. Daydreaming may be a way for your psyche to dispel the unwanted feelings. 

The Office - Part 5

Requested by: lovetoheadbang, xxcherrxx, l0serlike-me, theelishad, huntingthetardisat221b, sweet-candii42 

Pairing: Dean x reader

Summary: The reader and Dean are in a relationship now, but they still keep it silent. While in a business meeting, the reader decides to distract Dean. Also, Dean’s wife comes around and causes some more trouble…

Previous Parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Warnings: smut, swearing

Words: 1200

A/N: Please, please, tell me what you think of it! It really means a lot to me!

Dean had gathered the whole team for a meeting. We were all sitting around a large, wooden, black table, steaming coffee cups in front of us. 

I sat right next to my boss, who also happened to be my lover. Nobody knew about it yet, even though it’d been weeks since he moved in. He had planned on finding himself an apartment soon, but I didn’t mind having him around. I didn’t mind waking up next to his beautiful face every morning. I didn’t mind him touching me whenever he could – when I got out of the shower, when I was getting dressed, when I was making breakfast or dinner…

We finally had a relationship. And I loved it.

But he was still afraid of telling everyone about it, he was afraid of making it official. So we still kept it secret at work, shooting each other loving gazes and subtly touching when no one was watching.

“So, you probably wonder why I asked you to come together,” Dean said, his voice mature and dark. I crossed my legs, tried to look casual, while my mind was imagining all kinds of filthy pleasures that I wanted to make him feel. He looked unforgivingly good in his perfect fitting suit and him being my boss was just such a turn on. Some things would never change. His white shirt embraced his beautifully formed body, he looked so strong, so manly. I bit my lip. This man had me going crazy. 

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[ok an actual Post now] but the amount of people i’ve seen on here, when i talk about the institutionalization of gay ppl, are like “that happened?” is pretty revealing like. gay people are vilified often specifically for ‘inappropriate sexual desires’. that makes up a pretty significant of the homophobic vitriol coming from westboro, etc (ex. gay sex is sin!!!) so yeah anyway please don’t tell gay people their sexual desire is Disgusting

Aliens are so confused right now
  • Homura: Mmm baby
  • Homura: Awwww yeah
  • Homura: Just look at that ass girl
  • Homura: Baby your butt is just DAYUM
  • Homura: That booty is banging
  • Homura: I just want to touch it
  • Madoka: Uh....
  • Homura: God I'm getting horny just looking at it
  • Madoka: Homura? Hello? Homura?
  • Homura: I just want to spank it till it's red and raw and-
  • Homura: Huh? What?
  • Madoka: I can hear everything Homura, you're such a freak!
  • Homura: Oh
  • Homura: OH MY GOD
  • Homura: I am so sorry Madoka!
  • Homura: I AM SO, SO SORRY!
  • Madoka: Homura you idiot, you didn't say it out loud!
  • Homura: I didn't?
  • Madoka: You left your telepathy on this whole time! Everyone knows what you're thinking!
  • Homura: Oh shit, everyone?!
  • Sayaka: Yep. You're a goddamn creep Homura.
  • Homura: Oh god.
  • Madoka: Hey wait, aren't you out shopping with Mami Sayaka?
  • Mami: We ARE out shopping. Homura's been broadcasting her PERVERSE, INAPPROPRIATE SEXUAL DESIRES over the entire city!
  • Homura: I swear it wasn't on purpos-
  • Kyouko: Yeah, that's pretty weird Homura.
  • Madoka: Kyouko too?! But you're back in Kazamino visiting your family's graves aren't you?!
  • Kyouko: I am. Homura's been drooling over your heiny so hard she's broadcasting it over several cities.
  • Kazumi: Pretty far, actually.
  • Kazumi: I'm Kazumi. You know.... from Kazumi Magica?
  • Kaoru: Whoever you are lady, you're actually really goddamn creepy
  • Umika: I'm pretty sure we and the rest of the Pleiades are judging you pretty hard miss.
  • Homura: The WHAT?
  • Kazumi: The Pleiades Saints. It's like....
  • Umika: it's a group of 7 puella magi working together.
  • Kazumi: Hey, did I hear Mami before just now?
  • Mami: You know what though? We should totally make one!
  • ?: Hello? Who are you people?
  • Homura: Huh? Who the hell are you first?
  • ?: Uh, I'm a puella magi operating in the Hokkaido area and-
  • Homura: Hokkaido?! HOKKAIDO?!
  • Kyouko: So like.... what, Homura's been screaming about Madoka's ass to the entire nation?
  • ??: Ni hao?
  • Sayaka: Is that person from China?
  • Homura: OH COME ON, CHINA TOO?!
  • Bruce: Did ya hear that mate?
  • Brucebey: Hear what?
  • Bruce: Dunno mate but I reckon we should find out!
  • Bruce: GIDDAY MATES!
The Office: Part 3

Requests: “Hey I loved your office part 1&2! Maybe you could write a part 3…. 😂 Haha, but really its a really good fanfic” by thescrewballpancake

“Heyy! I’ve read couple of works of yours and I’m sooo happy to have found them:3 I wanted to ask if you’re planning to continue The Office because that twist broke me in so many levels that I must know what happens next:D <3 xo” by lovetoheadbang

pleaseeeee write the office part 3! omg it’s so good! pretty pretty please :‘D” by l0serlike-me

“Did you write a part three to the office by chance?” by faking-my-death

“Can you please do office part 3 :)” by xxcherrxx

“Hi I was wondering if you will you be writing part 3 to the office? :D!?!?! Sorry if you’ve answered this question before. :|” by sailortiff

“Oh my gosh.. I just read The Office part 2. That plot twist was so… You have to make a part 3. Please?” by den-jenta1

“If it’s not too much to ask, you please let me know when you post part 3 of the office? I don’t want to miss it! Thanks!” by supernaturl-imagines

Pairing: Dean x reader

Words: 1500

Warnings: swearing, cheating on Dean’s wife, smut smut smut, also fluff kinda ?

Summary: After the reader finds out that her boss Dean has is married, she decides to end their relationship. But Dean doesn’t want her to leave…

I suggest you read Part 1 and Part 2 first!

A/N: This one got requested so much! And I had a lot of fun writing it, so I hope you guys like it, too! Yay for smut!

I hadn’t talked to him for three days now, systematically ignoring him at work and not giving him the possibility to catch me alone. I didn’t know what to say to him. I didn’t know what I to do.

I mean, of course I still wanted him and I didn’t want the thing between us to end. He’d kissed, touched, made love to me like no other. He’d put me in a tornado of sensations that I’d never felt before. The tension between us, the sparkling passion that we’d shared had always made me dizzy, the way he’d said my name in that dark, hoarse voice… It was special. And I would miss it if it was gone. I would miss him. He was so mature and serious most of the time, but he could also be silly and cheeky like a school boy.

I sighed. Maybe I was better off this way, better off without him. I had noticed myself falling for Dean and that really wasn’t a good thing at all. So if we stopped now, I would be able to recover, I could be able to get over him and forget about the sprouting feelings that were starting to torture my heart.

Not only that, I also felt so sorry for his wife, for the woman that loved him, that he’d sworn fidelity to and that he betrayed. That he cheated on. With me. Guilt ran through my veins like a poisonous drug. Made my heart race and my head turn. Shit, he was married. I felt like a sinner.

Everything about me and Dean had been wrong… How come that it had felt so right?

Every time that I saw him, my heart started to ache, there was a regret and hurt…But at the same time, there was this inappropriate, erotic, filthy desire for him. Because after all, that was what Dean and I had been about – really good sex. I craved his touch, craved his hands on my back and his body pressed against mine. 

His muscles always emerged through the thin fabric of his white shirts and that sight always made me want to rip his clothes off him, made me want to run my fingers over his soft skin, making silky sounds of pleasure escape him. Whenever he talked, all I could do was stare at his distracting lips and think about how they’d felt on mine, how he’d kissed me eagerly, passion and need making him lose control over his actions… But then again, I knew that I couldn’t let any of this happen again… Could I? My feelings were a hot mess.

I decided that I needed a break from it, stay away from work for a while, stay away from him and let the heat between us cool down. It would help me clear my mind and find out what I wanted.

So I went to Mr. Winchester’s office after lunch. I was a little nervous, a little scared to see him, but I swallowed my anxiety and knocked.

“Come in,” he called out, and I did so, silently stepping into the room and closing the door behind me.

“Y/N,” he said, slightly surprised, and his voice was so soft that it made me melt like chocolate on a hot day. His eyes roamed over my body so lovingly, he tensely shifted in his seat. It was hard to stay focused. I just wanted to jump into his arms and let him do whatever he pleased to me.

“Dean,” I replied, and it sounded so melodic, “I wanted to ask you if I could maybe take a break from work… For like… A week, or so…I just need some time to think about…stuff.”

“Do you need a break from work? Or from me?” he asked.

“Both, I guess,” I answered, not daring to look at him, afraid of the sadness that might linger in his irises, afraid of seeing him clench his jaw in mental pain.

“Yeah, well, I understand. It’s for the best isn’t it?” He stated, a forced smile on his lips. He stood up from his chair and walked around the table. He was in front of me now, his face was close, too close for me to concentrate.

 “But I’m going to miss you anyways,” he declared. Fuck, he was near. I wanted to touch him so bad.

“I’ll miss you, too. But this is wrong in so many ways,” I pressed out, staring at his full, rosy lips. This man was going to make me lose my mind.

“It always felt right, though.”

“But it isn’t. It never was. You’re married and I don’t want to stand between you and your wife. It makes me feel guilty and I don’t…like that”

For a few seconds, it was silent. We just quietly looked at each other.

“Y/N, you really are the most beautiful and unique person that I’ve ever met. And I know that I’m married. I know that what I did wasn’t right but I don’t regret it. Not at all, because you made me feel…you…there’s just something about you that I can’t describe. I never wanted to cheat on my wife but when you came to my office the other day with that look in your eyes… Fuck, I just blew it. I didn’t care. You’re special,” he kept his eyes locked with mine as he talked, he took my face in his hands. “Not to mention that I’ve never wanted anyone that much. I’ve never been so attracted to anyone. No one has ever made me cum like you did. And I know you feel the same, Y/N. Right now, looking at you, I can see that you do.”

“I just feel so bad about this, Dean. Your wife…” I knew that he could see my resistance falling apart, he could see that I couldn’t hold myself back much longer and that I just couldn’t stay away from him.

“Y/N,” he whispered. And that’s when I kissed him. Crashing my lips onto his in desperate hunger. He responded immediately, moving his mouth erratically, slipping his tongue inside. My hands tangled in his short hair, slightly pulling it as the kiss got more intense. He grabbed my butt and pulled me even closer, heated bodies pressed together. I could feel his manhood rising against my crotch. 

“We can’t do this, this is so wrong,” I mumbled against his lips while letting my fingers travel down his back. “I know,” he replied, licking my neck, biting it, “But I can’t stop myself.”

He literally ripped my blouse open, the buttons fell to the floor, then he unclasped my bra and started kneading my breasts. One of his hands pleasured my nipple, circling around it. “Dean,” I moaned when I felt his tongue swirling around the other one. 

The sensations made me shiver, the urge to feel him inside of me grew big, it felt like it’d been months since the last time he’d touched me, since the last time I’d touched him, even though only days had passed.

I unbuttoned his shirt, let it fall to the floor, admiring his bare chest. Then, I made him take his pants of. “Touch me, baby,” he whispered, dark and hoarse. My fingers were everywhere, exploring his beautifully built body. He was a masterpiece. There was no man in the world that could keep up with him. He was my favorite painting, my favorite color, my favorite sound. Shit, he was perfect. 

I got down on my knees, pulled his boxers down, set that his hard length free. I kissed the tip, twirling my tongue around, then taking him all in. I bobbed my head back and forth, also using my hands. I started slow, then went faster. He grabbed my hair. “Fuck, Y/N, that’s so good,” he groaned, his hips thrusting in my direction. His grunts got louder and louder. 

“Let me fuck you, baby, I want to come inside of you,” he squeezed out, so I stopped and got up.

He sat down on his chair and made me get on his lap, facing him.

“You’re so fucking sexy,” he groaned, then he pushed into me. “Oh god!” I gasped, he filled me out fully, stretching my tight walls. It felt amazing. His fingers dug into my back, as he fucked me, going faster and deeper with every thrust. “I’m going to come,” I moaned, we synchronized our movements, we became one. His large member inside of me was a feeling like no other.

“Come for your boss, babygirl,” he said, taking one of my nipples into his mouth, intensifying the pleasure. 

 “Fuck! Yes! Dean!” I screamed. My walls clenched around him and sent him over the edge, too, groaning my name.

We were still heavily breathing, on the chair, pressed against each other, when suddenly, the door opened. 


Caricatures of Sin

It’s so easy to talk ourselves into self righteousness. We rewrite the definitions of sins in our minds to justify anything we want to do.

Pride becomes someone who literally puffs out his muscled chest and believes he’s better than everyone in every way. I’m not prideful because I’m nothing like the mirror-wielding Gaston.

Lust becomes only an all consuming desire to have sex with women or men who wear small amounts of clothing. I’m not guilty of lust because I can control my thoughts.

Gluttony becomes someone who dual wields a pair or turkey legs and can’t fit through their front door. I don’t break the bathroom scale so I’m not a glutton.

Gossip becomes exclusively whispered words that have been passed from person to person until the story completely changes. I’m not the gossiping busybody who calls up everyone in town when I hear some juicy morsel, so I’m good.

Maybe pride is bigger than that? Maybe it’s an attitude of independence from God? Maybe it’s a focus on self regardless of the worth we attach to ourselves? Maybe it’s the building of a life for our own benefit and rule, instead of for God’s purpose and Kingdom.

Maybe lust is bigger than that? Maybe it’s any dwelt-upon desire for another person, regardless of their fashion choices? Maybe it includes our fixation on unrealistic, perverse fantasies? Maybe it includes rampant, inappropriate desires for wealth, romance, power or attention? Maybe it includes desiring a body without thought to the person themselves?

Maybe gluttony includes excess of all sorts? Maybe it includes not taking care of our bodies as temples of the Holy Spirit? Maybe it includes our pet addictions to caffeine or sugar?

Maybe gossip includes those words we said to help someone pray more specifically for someone else? Maybe gossip includes any disrespectful speech about someone not present? Maybe it includes going on and on with someone about a sensitive situation they have no part in?

A wise man who knew God once said, “Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts, and see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.”

He didn’t assume he knew where the line between sin and holiness was. He didn’t assume he was “all good” with God.

Let’s ask God to penetrate our self-justifying minds and dig out the gunk inside.

(Latin, Luxuria)

The original meaning of Lust wasn’t confined to lust of the flesh, but included lust of the eyes. In some cases, Lust can simply be called “extravagance“, which gives insight to its true nature: to be excessive in enjoying good things. In the modern sense, it’s used to refer to a craving for carnal pleasure. The sinful aspect here is not in simply wanting sex, but the excess or inappropriate satisfaction of your desire.

 But sometimes it’s too good to resist, and you gotta get it in.