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MAS Bingo Square #11 – Inappropriate Erections

It wasn’t often that Marco found himself with a problem, Sabo was sure to cover all his needs as that what boyfriends do. They had started dating just last year, both starting out that year in college. As things ran smoothly, they had got a dorm together under the preface of being just roommates this year—during the summer break. College doesn’t really look into it more as long as you pay what needs to be paid, so they were in the clear with everything. They had been going to this school together for the past year, Sabo being younger and Marco starting a year later than what people usually do. Their classes had been similar, and they worked together great, so when they started dating everything just took off. 

Now, there was a rule between them, no teasing in classes as education was important. Any time in between where they had enough of was free game, but no teasing or flaunts in class. They had agreed on it and went with it, so when their classes weren’t going on it was fun to startle the newer people. Not being too shy over it and even showing a little of it when they could as long as it stayed PG, no staff complained. 

Today had been the time Marco found himself with a problem, and his boyfriend wasn’t even in the same class as him. He had this class for the past three weeks, and never had he once noticed the freckle faced guy with dark hair and eyes. He had dashed in, startling most, and almost slid his chair into Marco, which a quick apology came from him as the sound for class to start was there. Of course, Marco waved it off and mentioning how it wasn’t a big deal. 

Oh, it was a big deal. 

The mentioning of Sabo saying they may consider a threesome had somehow festered into his mind minutes later during the lecture. They agreed to share people of interest and Marco suddenly felt like he needed a picture of this guy next to him to send to Sabo. Considering looks and the attitude seeming to be a very uplifting one, Marco thought he may be a good pick—if not, at least friends. The thought in mind, he talked with the other as they were given work and told to pick a partner, which Ace was the one to introduce himself and suggest. 

“You volunteer?” The question leaves Marco, holding his tongue on his speech tic, careful it doesn’t slip and ruin the potential. 

“Yeah, that’s basically why I have missed the past weeks. We keep getting calls just perfect on time for when I need to get here or last all night I have no energy to move.” He laughs out while turning a couple pages in his textbook. “The teach is nice enough to show copies of his notes to take down, but I do better in seat when I can.” 

“I could go over them with you, yoi.” A slight grimace leaves Marco as it slips in his slight rush to offer more time with the other, even hopefully introduce Ace to Sabo, so his boyfriend could see what he means by potential candidate if the other was up to it, of course. 

“Whaaa? Really, man?!” Ace is practically beaming and causes twists in Marco’s stomach. “That would be great!” He mentions with a relieved laugh and pats his head before shifting to pull at the bottom of my shirt. “Ah, sorry, it’s warm in here!” He chuckles while pulling the shirt up to rub at his face and exposing those taut abs bending. Marco swears Ace is doing it on purpose by the way they tighten. 

Just like how his pants are starting to feel. 

“Sure, we could set up a time. Sabo is great with studying, too.” 

“Sabo?” Ace asks curiously as there is a small flicker in his eyes, and Marco must keep his own on that freckled face to not make his erection any more inconvenient than it already is. 

“Yeah, you’ll like him.” Marco reassures with a grin and shifts in his seat to keep his lap hidden under the desk. “He likes muscl—music. He likes music, so he might have that playing while studying.” The strain of the word is there, Marco noticing as the other caught what he was saying, showing that twinge in his eyes into a twinkle. It brings a bit of heat to his face as he feigns that he was about to say muscles, which was probably true if his boyfriend sees Ace. 

“Sweet, I like alternative stuff, but I’m pretty open to anything.” Ace is grinning and moved to have his elbow to the desk, bicep in full view and did he just flex a little? 

The little shit… 

“Great, let me give you my number, yoi.” Marco replies while trying to stifle his erection that was highly inappropriate, not even knowing muscles affected him that much. Oh goodness, he needs Sabo between classes—stat.


Requested by @raised-by-fandoms

What they want: Can I request an avengers x reader where the readers the youngest and they all think she’s so innocent but she sneaks out to go to peters house and then they have a game night and they play cards against humanity and some secrets get spilled?Yea and have him if it’s not too late have Peter go to the game night and everyone is completely shocked when there’s extreme sexual tension between Peter and reader

Auothers note: I already wrote this but I forgot to save it in my drafts and it ended up being deleted but yeah Peter is 16 in this same as the reader the Avengers aren’t together. Reader is a mutant on Steve’s side while Tony has Peter. It probably won’t be as good as the first one and that pisses me off since im on a time limit right now but yeah enjoy.


(Y/n) rolled her (e/c) eyes at Clint again, he was giving her the same speech he had always given her while they went out on mission apparently Tony needed Steve’s help on this one and the team was picking Clint up from his house on the farm.

(Y/n) continued to eat her apple on which she decide to have for a quick breakfast this morning. “And remember no boys over.” Clint reminded, Laura clint’s wife came up behind him and placed her hand on his shoulder. “I’m sure she knows by now honey.”

Picking up her back pack and saying her goodbyes to the family she used her teleportation powers to appear at school, but still being new to her powers she ended up in a empty boys bathroom stall. Peeking out of the bathroom stall (y/n) saw the bathroom fully empty. Quickly exiting the bathroom she made her way down the hallway towards Peter who was standing at his locker.

How did she know Peter? Well just like Tony, steve decided to have a young super hero on his team too, but (y/n) not fully being a good guy or a bad guy just like her older brother wade, decided to join them after all the infamous Capatin America and Black Widow came to wades apartment to request her help. (Y/n) being a young mutant with powers such as teleportation and levitation she would be a great help to the team so Steve started training her with the help of Clint and Wanda.

Once school ended (y/n) told Laura that she would be over at Peter’s house so that they could do homework together, after promising to not stay over their too late she teleported over to his house appearing behind a near by car in which she rushed from behind and knocked on his house door.

Once Aunt May had opened the door and they both exchanged greetings (y/n) ran up towards Peter’s bedroom seeing the door cracked opened she entered to see him sitting doing his homework on his bed. “Still doing your homework I see.” (Y/n) said flopping down on a near by chair, Peter smiled up at his bestfriend and closed his books stacking them all on one side of his bed.

Leaning back in the chair (y/n) focused her eyes on the ceiling counting the cracks on them. “Wanna play a game?” Peter asked breaking the silence. After agreeing to play a game both teens decided on playing ‘Games Against Humanity’. While playing this game it was extremely awkward but funny for the two some one the cards answered were awkward and extremely inappropriate.

‘Round 1’
Black Cards:
Step 1:
Step 2:
Step 3: Profile

White Cards:
Date rape

‘Round 2’
Black Cards:
I’m sorry, Professor. But I couldn’t complete my homework because of.

White Cards:
Having sex on top of a pizza box.

As the rounds went by the two could feel the tension in the air, not a competitive tension but more of a sexual tension. Peter would look up every now and then at (y/n) and just stare. Completely feeling the tension in the air (y/n) took a risk and leaned forward her lips falling right onto Peter catching the teen boy by surprise Peter still kissed back.
After a few moments both teens pulled back and smiled at each other, “I’ve really wanted to do that for some time now.” (Y/n) whispered getting a me too in response.
Peter’s cell phone started ringing and saw it wss Tony, answering it (y/n) stepped out of the room to give him some privacy, standing in front of his door Peter came out and told her that they were back and Clint was waiting at the tower for (y/n) nodding both teens left but not before saying goodbye to aunt may and (y/n) teleported them both into the main room where both teams was waiting. Almost as if he could see it Tony spoke up pointing at them both and making a circle with his finger around them, “What’s up with this whole, you know sexual tension i see around you two?” Almost instantly both teens blushed but blushed even harder once Wanda yelled out, “OMG YOU TWO KISSED!”, in front of everyone.

Yet another teen Lazytown idea

Imagine the kids as all growing older into their teens, and it’s been a while since they last spent some good quality time with Sportacus so they invite him over one evening while they’re hanging out at Stephanie’s. 

So, Sportacus comes over and they aren’t quite sure what to do, -but then Trixie mentions that she brought cards against humanity with her and all the other kids immediately FREAK OUT and asks her if she’s out of her mind, -and one of them covers Sportacus’s ears and they start whispering that they CAN’T play a game like that in front of their pure and innocent elf father because he probably wouldn’t like it/disapprove of it because he’s such an innocent guy and that they might get judged for it or worse- possibly ruin Sportacus…

But then Sportacus (not having heard anything) is just like “I’ll play that game! It sounds fun!” 

And then all the kids look really hesitant and unsure, but they are like “If that’s what you want, Sportacus, than okay…” 

So the game starts and Stephanie is the card czar, and once everyone’s hand is dealt they all look kind of nervous because they have no idea what cards Sportacus has gotten or how bad they are, so they all just look over at Sportacus but Sportacus seems like his usual cheerful self still 

And the first question card is thankfully, one of the more tame-sounding ones (like, “Why am I sticky?”), and Sportacus is the first one to put his card down, but the other kids are taking their time because they are each looking for the least offensive and least inappropriate answer they can put down. 

So then the time comes for Stephanie to pick a winner for the round, and so far, all the answers are kind of lame or they don’t make much sense since all the kids had picked things that are generally tame and SFW, 

-but then Stephanie flips over the very last card and it’s just one of the GROSSEST, one of the most DISGUSTING, most MORALLY WRONG answers in the deck that could’ve been put down for that question that’s just way worse than the other answers in comparison (”Jerking off into a pool of children’s tears.” or something nasty of that nature). 

And the kids are all just frantically looking around at each other, trying to figure out who fucked up and decided to put down the inappropriate card but then Sportacus just smiles softly at them and chuckles a little to himself and says “I think I might’ve won-” 

And all the children are just SHOCKED and they look at him like  “That was YOURS?!”

And then Sportacus just looks at all of them and shakes his head like “Kids, I’ve recognized that you’ve all grown up- and so have I, for that matter-” 

And then the kids just all feel stupid because although he may have acted childish and innocent around them when they were young, Sportacus was still an adult and they should’ve been smart enough to recognize that he’s more than what he was to them when they were little 

Oops, forgot about this yesterday 😳

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the gaang as cards against humanity players:
  • aang: innocent slapstick answers. he will ask to turn in his inappropriate cards for new ones and almost always completely fails to understand at least 2 turns per game.
  • sokka: tries really really hard to give pun answers. almost always fall flat. will make puns about no one appreciating his puns.
  • katara: political/social justice/misandry zingers always. considers herself high brow. will let aang win at least one turn per game.
  • zuko: almost always a swing and a miss. loses his mind when sokka’s answers get picked over his.
  • toph: makes zuko read her white cards to her even though he is horrible at whispering. only lays down the most nasty and salacious answers. gets mad when katara doesn’t appreciate her “genius.”
Hetalia Characters Playing Cards Against Humanity
  • Italy: Always laughing, plays cards that don't necessarily makes sense but then always picks the weirdest, nastiest, most sexual ones when he's czar.
  • Germany: Everyone expect him to be nasty but he's actually just a little embarrassed the whole time. He gets suspiciously awkward when someone plays the "German Dungeon Porn" card.
  • Japan: Calm, collected, actually pretty serious about wanting to win the game. When someone doesn't know what something is he's always the one to just casually explain it while other people are like 'OH GOD DON'T GO ON GOOGLE IMAGES'
  • America: Such a teenage boy about it. Constantly making comments about how fucked up things are. Also he's always laughing, sometimes so hard it gets difficult for him to actually keep playing.
  • England: Ready to fight if he thinks his card was better but it didn't get picked, especially if France was the czar.
  • France: Actually not as much of a fan of the game as you might think. A lot of the cards remind him of something that happened one time. The other players usually do not let him tell his story.
  • China: Constantly surprised by how inappropriate the cards are. He ends up holding all of those ones in his hand and tries to play the clean ones first. When he eventually has nothing but offensive cards left he'll play one, but insist that he's just throwing a card away. Usually that's the first time he wins a round.
  • Russia: The cards he plays range from the kinds of fucked up that make everyone in the game worry, to cards that are actually... cute. But when he's czar he undoubtedly picks ones that he finds "funny", which are almost always the gory or violent ones.
  • Canada: Never admits which card was his. If he wins, and his card was messed up, it usually takes everyone else saying that wasn't theirs and America finally remembering he exists for them to figure out who played the winning card. His turn for czar often accidentally gets skipped
  • Prussia: Plays to win, strategizes about how to adjust his card choices based on who the czar is, but also has a really good time and is always laughing his ass off at the card choices. He takes forever to pick when he's the czar.
  • Austria: Has really bad luck, plays his best card that he's been saving and then doesn't win, always manages to pick the card that the person with way more points than anyone else played when he's czar, pouts about it.
  • Spain: Is the one that people have to explain cards to. He totally doesn't care about winning and just wants to have a good time.
  • Romano: Gets flustered about the sexual cards, especially when Spain asks what they are, because he always asks him first. If he played a good card and it didn't get picked he'll complain about it loudly.
Newsies game night

Newsies playing an intense game of Jenga. Everyone is surprised at how steady Crutchie’s hands are. 

Jack Kelly nearly throwing the Monopoly board out a window

Spot cursing when his arm isn’t long enough to get to the other side of the Twister mat

Race putting odds on a game of Candyland

Katherine playing the best most inappropriate cards in Cards Against Humanity

Davey slaying at Scrabble


anonymous asked:

between soraru and mafumafu who do you think are more perverted? wwww (i'm laughing at their hikifest food names)

Hahaha honestly can I say they’re both perverts? :P Both of them will just occasionally come out of nowhere with really dirty jokes and it always makes me laugh a lot (I love dirty jokes)
Don’t let Mafu’s whole innocent appearance fool you either www just remember in Hikitabi 2 he kept yelling something inappropriate in the card game that they had to censor, which should tell you something there :P

Karasuno and Nekoma getting together to play Cards Against Humanity

Tanaka, Noya, and Kuroo are the ones that make stupid dick jokes even if they don’t fit the black card at all

Hinata and Lev never understand why the dick jokes are funny. Kageyama tries to explain because he thinks he understands but really doesn’t.

Suga, Yams, and Kenma are the ones that play the super messed up, inappropriate, and kinda morbid cards and now everyone is kinda afraid of them

Daichi and Yaku trying to be sensible and play cards that actually make sense instead of ones that are funny

Asahi is mortified by all of this but still finds himself having fun