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Tony/Bucky - "I'm pretty sure you're not meant to put that there" (and ps sorry for messing up my first attempt at this <3)

No worries :)

“Oh, excuse me, Mr I-Know-So-Much-Better, who out of the two of us is the Master of Blowing Shit Up again?” Tony said testily.

Granted trying to defuse a bomb in under two minutes with half your teams’ lives on the line tended to sour a person’s mood. Even on a good day you had to be careful in how you pointed the genius in question to a possible mistake he made–he always took them so fucking personal–but right now they didn’t have the time to spare his feelings, and for the first time in seventy years Bucky really didn’t want to blow himself up.

“That how you wanna play this, Stark?” he snarked right back. “Do you really think the only thing HYDRA wanted me for was talent for sniping? Now pull the blue wire and maybe you won’t fucking get us killed.”

It got him a glare but Tony was stubborn, not stupid, and he did pull the wire. The countdown–what was a villain’s obsession with those anyways?–froze.

“Huh.” Tony blinked as though honestly surprised by the outcome. Then he smirked. “Well aren’t you the just full of surprises, sweetheart?”

And with Steve yelling into their earpiece to stop flirting and focus on the mission, Bucky really couldn’t do anything but lean forward and press a quick kiss onto his lips.

“You know it.” He winked. “Now lets go catch that mad-as-fuck-professor.”

“Aww, you always know just what to say!”

There is a disturbingly large cucumber in the office kitchen for no apparent reason. I am afraid

The Narrow Gate (Part 3)

Summary: Father Barnes and [Y/N] have a tendency to let tension build, to leave words unspoken, and to harbor unresolved feelings.

Pairing: James Buchanan Barnes x Reader

Words:  1716

Warnings: Just your good ole’ priest kink. 

A/N: Must be awkward having sexual feelings towards such a sexy priest? And if he returns them… gosh. Hashtag conflicted. Read part 2 or see my Masterlist.

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Chapter 3: A Broken Wing

Matthew 26:41 “Watch and pray so that you will not enter into temptation. For the spirit is willing, but the body is weak.”

The ventilator in her small office was giving [Y/N] a headache. The way that thing droned on endlessly, moving from side to side, and barely provided her with any cold comfort in this scorching heat, made her uneventful work life at the local school even more unbearable. She supposed she should be happy. Her former favorite teacher, Mrs. Pratt, had recommended her for this job. What else was there for her without a proper college degree? Waitressing? In this heat? Now that would have been unbearable. [Y/N] put her hair up in a messy bun, walked to the teacher’s lounge and grabbed her small lunch box from the refrigerator, and walked outside. Hopefully there would be a bit of a cooling wind out in the shades.

“Father Barnes? What are you doing here?” She asked after she closed the door, and walked towards him in the schoolyard. He looked handsome as ever, always clad in his dark clothes, even in this heat, and the clerical collar never let her forget how off-limits he was.

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Why Wincest? : An Honest Answer.

Like most Wincest shippers, I get asked a lot of different questions about why it is so appealing to me. Fortunately, I havent received any hate regarding it (yet) just mostly curiosity, and to be honest, I ask myself all the same questions.

To be clear, I am only answering for myself, since everyone’s experience is different, but I know there are people who feel the same way. I’ll start by saying, I don’t have a brother kink, or any interest in m/m sex, but something about Sam and Dean specifically, intrigued me very early on. I’d say somewhere around “Woooaaah easy tiger” (Dean grins) “Dean!?” (Sam answers breathlessly) I thought, “Oh yeah, these 2 wanna bang each other!” and that was literally the first scene we ever saw of Sam and Dean together. 

There is a reason why the writers/producers gave us a scene like this as our first introduction to the brothers’s relationship, it’s because they want us to sense sexual tension between them. This is the type of scene that TV shows and movies use to plant such thoughts between characters. For whatever reason 2 characters suddenly have physical contact, or maybe just long eye contact. The trope we’ve seen a million times, the “oops our bodies are touching and we made eye contact” that has started almost every love story ever. Since this is the very first scene between the brothers, the writers wanted to establish this immediately. 

So, like so many people, I noticed this, and then thought “well thats kinda gross, they’re brothers” and moved on. However, it didnt stop there. The writers threw in text mixed with subtext to keep it going. From standing/sitting too close together, unnecessary touching, grabbing, pinning each other against the wall, and so on, mixed with spoken text about how much one needs the other, or how theres nothing they wouldnt do for each other, established in concrete, that these 2 are not normal brothers. 

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I kind of confused about all these people commenting about how Onew/SM paid the girl off to drop the charges but I thought the girl dropped the charges right away. I know SM is a big company and would probably do something like that... I'm just confused and wanted to hear your take on these kinds of comments.

they’re lying.  those particular accusations are being made based solely on sm’s sketchy reputation & how often “scandals” are made to disappear with money.

there is zero evidence for such a claim in this instance.

it may in the future turn out to be so.  it may in the future be proved to be 100% false.  but anyone presenting it as fact is, at this point, willfully lying.

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Wow abo Victor WOULD wear that shirt

Some of my followers are weird about Omegaverse so I would recommend you look away NOW because it’s not very often I outright talk about A/B/O (Because I was doing Mpreg before Omegaverse was the generally-accepted Way Mpreg Is Done so I tend to ignore it if I’m just talking about Mpreg. This isn’t reallY ABOUT Omegaverse either I’m now realizing. Anyway, though, Mpreg squick ahoy. Sorry about it)

I just Googled ‘breastfeeding shirt’ on Google fucking Incognito because my search history tends to influence the search results on my family’s cloud for WHATEVER REASON but that’s not the point the point is some breastfeeding shirts are actually very fashionable and Vitya would have ALL OFTHE FASHIONABLE NURSING GARMENTS. 

I’m sure in an A/B/O universe there are , like, companies that design men’s suit jackets with breastfeeding slits and that is VERY MY THING. Catch Viktor Katsuki with four-week-old Irina in a sling on the sidelines of Men’s Short Program Warm-Up Session 2, intently watching Yuuri’s form on that quad flip while unzipping the invisible zipper tastefully hidden in the pleat of his suit. The cameras get a shot of him just as he’s trying to get Irina to latch. “And there’s Katsuki’s husband and coach, Vikto–oop, sorry folks, looks like we got him in a personal moment–”

And later Viktor is asked if he doesn’t think it’s inappropriate to do that in an area where anyone could see?? Like, you’re on international television? Can’t you just bottle it and bring it with you?

And Viktor just sticks his lips reaaaaal close to the microphone and says, “There is nothing sexual or inappropriate about me feeding my infant daughter and if you think there is, that’s your problem and I invite you to stay as far away from my family as possible.

The pictures of Viktor with Irina feeding as he stares with intense focus at the goings on on the ice go only a little bit viral because Buzzfeed posts something to the effect of “Vikor Katsuki gives no shits” and Viktor isn’t SUPER SURE he agrees with the tone of the title but the article gives some good statistics on breastfeeding and encourages the desexualization of the filled breast and so he retweets it anyway. 

Yuuri, just a little peeved and feeling a little bit like he has to defend his husband, takes a very tasteful picture of Viktor feeding Irina while topless and tweets it out with Viktor’s permission. The caption is My husband giving our infant daughter the nutrients she needs to thrive and grow with his own body should only ever be considered beautiful and natural. Never gross or inappropriate. 

mr. jawline ☾ isaac lahey

prompt: isaac overhears an unsuspecting y/n sort of kind of gushing about him to lydia and allison, and can’t help but tease the hell out of her because of his crush. 

word count: 1534                                                                                           

warnings: swearing.                                                                                          

author’s note: i’m trying out a new format is it working???? this is v new. ((also go read my fanfic on wattpad it’s gonna be lit alright. Broken Arrows.))

 Isaac Lahey was pretty much the ideal male form. 

 At least, that was what Y/N found herself thinking nearly almost every day when he would sit down across from her at the lunch tables or when he would squeeze himself on a bench, pressed against the side of her body. She couldn’t help but cast a gaze that could only be described as lovestruck toward the boy, her chin held in her palm as a small, hopeless sigh escaped her lips. 

 Lydia and Allison exchanged a look, shaking their heads and smirking at their utterly in love friend before moving to block Y/N’s view of the boy in question. She almost protested, but kept her composure, not wanting to give the girls the satisfaction of knowing without a doubt that Y/N had been staring at Isaac again. Not in a creepy way, of course. It was more like she was admiring him, as an artist would admire their model. 

 “Hmm, who is Y/N staring at this time?” Lydia asked, her green eyes playful as she tapped her forefinger against her bottom lip, pretending to ponder the question. “I wonder… any ideas, Allison?” Allison laughed, shaking her head and stroking her chin, her lips pulled into a smirk. 

 “Could it be Isaac Lahey?” She exclaimed, lifting her hand to her mouth and gasping oh so dramatically. Lydia and Allison fell into a fit of giggles as they sat themselves down at the table on either side of Y/N, who was blushing a deep shade of red and rubbing the back of her neck, a sign of how uncomfortable she was in that moment. “No, it couldn’t be the guy that she spends every waking moment day dreaming about, could it?” 

 Isaac, upon hearing his name, lifted his head from his textbook, cerulean eyes scanning the crowded cafeteria for the source. His eyes fell upon Lydia and Allison, a red-faced but ever adorable Y/N sandwiched between her two laughing best friends. He glanced back down at his book, placing his pencil down. He was no longer interested in mathematical theories or algebraic equations- not that he had been before- but in the conversation Y/N and the girls seemed to be having about him. He leaned forward slightly, concentrating on the sound of their voices. 

 “I do not spend every waking moment day dreaming about him,” Y/N dismissed, her flushed cheeks slowly returning back to their original pigment. She paused, her lips twitching slightly. “Only when we’re at school and with the pack,” she amended, laughing along with her friends. Isaac couldn’t help but grin, no matter how hard he tried to fight it off. Ha. The prettiest girl in the school day dreamed about him. Isaac Lahey, who used to be a nobody. 

 “Knew it! You have the biggest crush on him,” Lydia squealed, clasping her hands together. 

 “Well can you blame me?” Y/N sighed, running a hand through her hair and glancing fleetingly at him. Luckily, Isaac managed to look away before she caught him staring. He tensed a little, worried she had saw. “He’s pretty much the most gorgeous boy to ever walk the Earth, and I mean it. He’s just… ugh, so fucking cute. It’s distracting. His eyes are just… and his hair is just… I swear he glows in the sunlight!” Y/N groaned, rubbing her temples. “Look at him over there, being all cute, jaw all tense. He has the best freaking jawline I have ever seen in my life. Literally. He’s Mr. Jawline.” 

 And all Y/N wanted to do was kiss that infuriatingly flawless jawline and his infuriatingly perfect face. Not that she would ever admit that out loud. 

 “Aw, Y/N, you really like him, don’t you?” Allison cooed, patting her friend’s hand sympathetically as Y/N nodded, letting out another defeated groan. 

 “Yes, and it sucks,” Y/N said miserably, slouching in her chair. “He’s, like, this perfect guy, right? He’s really cute, he’s sweet, he’s funny, he’s sarcastic… and then there’s me, and he’s way out of my league even if we are friends and a part of the same pack. I’m hopeless.” 

 Isaac licked his lips, his smile even wider this time around. She was adorable. Really. The fact that she thought he was out of her league was utterly ridiculous, of course, considering he had been harboring a deep infatuation with the girl since she defended him to Stiles Stilinski, not realizing that Isaac had been listening to the whole ordeal. He had a habit of doing that, evidently. 

 Lydia scoffed, shouldering her bag and gesturing for Allison to do the same. “Oh, please, Y/N. Don’t give me that B.S., he looks at you as if you’ve hung every single star in the freaking sky. He’s head over heels for you. You should go talk to him, he’s right across the room.” Allison stood up, Lydia following in suit. Y/N furrowed her brow, beginning to stand up as well and about to follow the girls out of the room when Lydia grabbed her shoulders and lightly pushed her in Isaac’s direction. “Go. Talk to him. Tell him that you want to make out or something.” 

 “Lydia, Allison…! I didn’t finish my lunch!” Y/N called to her retreating best friends, who simply waved back at her. 

 “Go eat with Isaac.” Ally murmured under her breath, knowing full well that Y/n could hear her due to her werewolf-enhanced hearing. Y/N, her cheeks now tinged a rosy color due to the embarrassment Lydia and Allison caused, hesitantly packed her bag again and shuffled nervously across the cafeteria floor, setting her stuff down across from Isaac. Allison looked back at Isaac, nudging Lydia with her elbow when she noticed Isaac’s bright red cheeks and shy grin as Y/N approached him cautiously. “How much you want to bet he heard our entire conversation?” 

 “He totally did.” Lydia grinned, steering Allison away so that Y/N and Isaac could… well, do something other than gaze at each other from afar.

 “Mind if I sit here?” Y/N asked quickly, a part of her wanting to run away and hide and another, bolder part of her wanting to grab Isaac Lahey’s stupid, adorable, smiling face and kiss him fiercely. 

 She didn’t, clearly. Her fumbling hands were too clumsy for such bold moves. 

 “Of course not,” Isaac said, slamming his book shut and accidentally pushing it off the table in excitement. Y/N raised her eyebrows, causing Isaac’s heartbeat to speed up significantly as he shrugged sheepishly and ducked underneath the lunch table to pick up his textbook. Her eyes were bright with amusement at his screw up, and Isaac decided in that instant that if she was going to tease him about his book, he was going to tease the hell out of her for her little comments just ten minutes before. 

 “Why are you looking at me like that?” 

 “Do I have a nice jawline?” He asked innocently, bright blue eyes sparkling at her. She blushed lightly, but Isaac picked up on her embarrassment. He flashed her a grin, the most smug of smiles, that nearly made her heart stop. 

 “I- um, you… have a fairly nice- I mean… it’s sharp- no, but I mean that… it’s just.. you know, yeah it’s p-pretty, um, nice,” she stuttered, her face even redder than before. Oh, fuck my life, she thought, sinking lower in her chair. 

 “Aw, I kind of wanted the extended version of that sentence. The one you told Lydia and Allison,” Isaac pouted, staring at Y/N with a certain intensity that made her confidence come rushing back full circle. 

 “How much of that conversation did you hear?” She asked anxiously, the stuttering gone and replaced with something else. Something different. 

 “Oh, just the bits where you admitted your undying love for me and that you wanted to kiss me in inappropriate places,” Isaac answered cheerfully. 

 “Hey, I never said that-” 

 “Oh, but you were thinking it, weren’t you, gorgeous?” Isaac remarked, resting his elbows on the table and leaning forward so he was very nearly in Y/N’s face. 

 “Maybe I was. Is it true what Lydia told me? About how you look at me?” She asked, her arms folded on top of the table as she narrowed her eyes at the boy, leaning even closer. 

 “Maybe it was.” Isaac replied. “What should we do about that?” He pondered that for a moment before taking Y/N’s face in his hands, his eyes closing as he pressed his cupid’s bow lips to hers, deepening the kiss as much as he could despite the constrictions of the lunch table between them. 

 When lunch ended, the two walked to class hand in hand like any new couple would do. Isaac looked at Y/N, at the beautiful girl beside him, and said, “So, do you think Mr. Jawline could be my permanent nickname when we sleep together or should it be-” 

 “Keep walking before I smack you, Lahey,” Y/N said, but he caught her blush before she could stop it, and grinned smugly to himself. He was never going to stop teasing her for that little comment, even if they ended up married with kids ten years into the future. Mr. Jawline. Ha, he loved it.

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Not gonna lie I like Sam in a tux, suits him. And his hair. Also, they looked like it's cold where they're shooting. If another costar were shooting with him, we'd see cozy hands on arms rubbing for warmth, no? But no they're cool drinking coffee. Makes me think how different this movie shoot from OL BTS. And people can't say he isn't close with Mila and Kate yet. We've seen cozy photos with his OL costar pre-S1 shoot.

I know!!! He cleans up well. I remember the expectations building to see in a tux for GG and he did not disappoint. How he can pull of a kilt, jeans, gym shorts and a tux is just not fair.

I noticed the snuggling or lack of snuggling too. Mila and Kate are both wearing jackets and even in one photo seemed to be cuddled for warmth with each other. We saw Sam hug Mila in what appeared to be a goodbye, so we know they’re a friendly cast, but all other contact is professional. Probably because she’s married and that would be inappropriate 🤔

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What about. Bughead prompt how Betty is taking a photography class and uses Jughead as a model. Gets him dressed like young Leo from the Titanic and the whole school goes nuts and fangirls

Thank you so much, I loved this idea!

“Betty, c’mon, I don’t really think this is a good idea,” Jughead whined from where he stood in front of the pile of clothes his girlfriend had left on a wooden stool in the middle of the Blue and Gold office. He poked the offending material gently with his index finger, looking up to meet her eyes, eyebrows knit apprehensively.

“Jug, you said you’d help me with this photography course - whatever I needed, remember?” she returned, crossing her arms across her chest in defiance, a knowing glint in her eye. She knew she’d get her way, and he did too. It wouldn’t stop him from putting up a fight though.

“Yeah, I know, but this?” He picked up the light brown slacks. “It’s not really me.” They fell back to the stool. She sighed, walking over to him to straighten them out before they creased.

“You’re not supposed to be you, Jughead, you’re just my subject.” When his face remained stoic she switched tactics. “Besides, I think you’re going to look great in these, you can ever wear your own suspenders.” She crept closer to him, grabbing the elastic that hung at his hips and pulling at it slightly, letting it snap back against his thigh. Jughead took in an unsteady breath. “If you do this for me, I’ll be in your debt,” she finished, looking up at him from beneath thick, dark eyelashes. He groaned internally - she wasn’t playing fair.

“Fine, but you own me, Cooper. Big time,” he snarked, leaning down to capture her lips before reluctantly grabbing the pile of clothes and going to change.

Betty busied herself arranging the stool in front of the blue screen she’d borrowed from the yearbook department, fussing over the exact position and moving the box lights to get exactly the right shadow. She heard the door click and turned to greet Jughead, breath leaving her in a gasp.

“I look ridiculous.” Betty couldn’t think of anything less true, even if her brain was functioning at full capacity right now. Jughead stood in the doorway, shoulders hunched slightly in discomfort. The brown slacks hung off his hips perfectly, white dress shirt tucked in with the top buttons undone and showing off a hint of smooth chest beneath. His suspenders were now perched on his shoulders and, best of all, his hair hung teasingly over his eyes, beanie long gone. “Betts?” he questioned when she still hadn’t said anything.

“Err… I… y-you look good, Juggie,” she stuttered, hoping that the blush on her cheeks wasn’t as hot as it felt to her. Seriously, did they turn off the AC in here? Jughead relaxed slightly at her new dumbfound expression, feeling a rare manly pride that he would never get used to as it happened only in the presence of Betty.

“Thanks. Where do you want me?” A million inappropriate answers flew through Betty’s head before she cleared her throat, pointing to the stool. He sat, awkwardly at first before Betty ran her fingers deliciously through his hair, eliciting an appreciative hum.

“Just do what feels natural,” she said, taking a step back to admire his pose, one leg up on the bar of the stool, chin resting in his hand.

“Nothing about this is natural,” he retorted, tell-tale smile in his eyes nonetheless. Betty rolled her eyes at his stubbornness.

“Oh, hush.” She raised the lens to her eye before lowering it again. “One second.” She moved toward him, reaching forward to undo another button on his shirt. “Much better,” she giggled. Jughead smirked, a laugh escaping him. He loved seeing Betty like this, playful and carefree. If he had to pose in some ridiculous outfit for a few hours, who was he to complain when he got to see that glow radiating from her cheeks.


“I know you aren’t gonna like it but those pictures of you are some of my favourites and I’m actually really proud of them and-” Jughead silenced her fretting with a kiss.

“It’s ok, Betts. So what if I have to be displayed before our neanderthal peers for a day or two. I don’t mind if it’s what you want,” he murmured, feeling a warmth spread throughout his chest at her responding soft smile. Betty had been asked to create a display as part of the photography course, to be put up in the hallway of none other than their beloved Riverdale High. Jughead pulled his beanie further down on his head and averted his gaze to the ground, preparing to make his way through the mocking whispers and get to class as quickly as possible.

As he expected there were eyes turning to him from all angles as he made his way to class, whispers reaching his ears in a dull buzzing hum.

“Hi, Jughead.” He turned to the unexpected party.

“Err, hi, Ethel,” he said warily, eyes darting towards Betty for explanation. She just shrugged.

“I just wanted to tell you those pictures of you are so great. You look… really cool,” she finished, cheeks turning pink. Betty tried to turn her giggle into a cough unsuccessfully, Jughead shoving an elbow delicately into her ribs.

“Um, thanks, I guess?” he replied lamely.

“No problem!” Ethel replied chirpily, turning to walk down the hall. Betty’s laugh came out full force now they were alone.

“Looks like someone has taken on the role as Riverdale High’s new teen heart-throb,” she laughed, eyes gleaming with mischief. Jughead groaned.

“This is all your fault, Cooper,” he mumbled. She kissed his cheek, causing him to roll his eyes. He couldn’t stay mad at her for long.

“Hey there, Jughead!” The voice came from behind them. They turned to see none other than Ginger Lopez hurtling towards them. “Great pictures! Who knew beneath all that doom and gloom you cleaned up into a hottie. Very young Leo,” she winked. Jughead felt Betty stiffen besides him - she’d never cared for Ginger much. His eyes went wide as he watched Ginger raise her arm, hand coming to rest on his jacket sleeve, a giggle escaping her lips. “Hey, what do you say we-” Her sentence was cut off abruptly.

“Juggie, we’re going to be late to class. Nice seeing you, Ginger.” Betty’s voice dripped with sugary sweet pleasantness. Jughead bit his lip as Betty leaned into his side, wrapping a hand round his arm. He followed her, casting one last glance at a bewildered Ginger before turning to his girlfriend. He could practically see the steam coming out of her ears.

“So, about this new teen heart-throb status…” he began, unable to resist teasing her more. She narrowed her eyes at him, the uptilted corners of her lips giving her away.

“Shut up, Jughead.”

(Nico di Angelo x Reader) (Request)


Originally posted by capaldyeah

peppermintbelle: I’m torn between asking for a Ciel Phantomhive x Reader or a Nico di Angelo x Reader. I know you lot are busy with all the requests piling up, plus you have lives to live so I’d appreciate any of the two. Though if you won’t be able to entertain my request then I understand :) just inform me when it’s safe to request again.

Word Count: 707 

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Dating the Potions Master, Part 2

Harry: That would be one of the Malfoy’s. I’m sure if there was one sour grape in their bottle, they would instantly know. You’ve probably been to many of their dinner parties.

Harry: I can actually. I don’t think I want to know.

Severus: At least once a month…for many years.

Harry: Well that explains why you had always looked upset during school.

Severus: You do.

Harry: Oi, I made your life interesting alright.

(*on, my bad)

*Severus glares*

Harry: I’m not food, you can’t eat me.

*Severus snorts and tries to hide his laughter*

Severus: That could have resulted in a very inappropriate answer.

*Harry grins*

Severus: What?

Harry: You know…inappropriate. 

Severus: Is this your idea of dating?

Harry: Well…I don’t date as much as you’d think.

Harry: I always thought that Aurors, they have their things together right? 

Harry: I mean with Mad-Eye and everything, it seemed like everything was well but…there’s so much that needs to be done and…

Severus: The Ministry has never been on top of things. 

*Severus raises an amused eyebrow*

Harry: May he rest in peace!

Severus: More wine?


To be continued…

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AU where Rey is a Sith and Finn is a Jedi?

  • It—starts by accident. Well, actually, the start was deliberate, it was the rest that happened by accident.
    • As in, Finn deliberately said, “You have a boyfriend? Cute boyfriend?” because the Sith was dealing out blows faster than he could block them and he had to do something before she took his head off. 
      • “No,” she grunted, lunging for his side.
      • “You want one?” he asked, and he was stupid pathetically grateful when her eyes widened and she stared, like he’d tried to bite her.
        • (In hindsight, biting wouldn’t have surprised her so much.)
      • Finn had laughed, just because it was funny; her shocked face, with the pretty eyes. He hadn’t expected a Sith to have pretty eyes.
    • At the very least, it was enough of an opening to escape, and make it back to the ship just in time for Master Luke to throw it into hyperdrive before their tractor beam caught up.
  • He just wasn’t expecting to see her again. Not with her lightsaber drawn, and not with a tentative smile on her lips—”You have nice eyes, Jedi,” she said, matching him thrust for thrust. He was startled into laughing, and her saber came close enough to his throat for him to feel the heat of the blade.
    • It doesn’t stop. Mostly because they keep crossing paths, but also because it becomes something Finn weirdly looks forward to.
  • Also? She’s getting better at it. 
    • “What’s a nice Jedi like you doing in a place like this?” fucking purred in his ear when she finds him in a dingy Mos Eisley cantina. He practically died of the subsequent heart attack.
      • Though when she saw his face she laughed, that was worse—Sith shouldn’t be able to laugh like that, genuinely, with their eyes squinty and dimples.
        • Kriffing dimples.
    • He had his revenge by managing to get punched in the face, and then grinning up at her, his mouth full of blood. 
      • Sith can blush, did you know that? Finn knows that. Finn knows that Sith can blush, and stare, and if you lick the blood from your lip, they stop breathing and their eyes go very wide and you can disarm them with surprising ease.
  • (Finn doesn’t ever talk about it, not even with Master Luke, but once they ran into one another on the docks of Coruscant—he was following a lead on a batch of kyber crystals, and there she was, sitting there with a bottle of Corellian whiskey there beside her. Untouched.
    • “Jedi,” she greeted him wearily. “Would you like a drink?”
    • She never told him what it was for, but Finn sat beside her as day turned into night, and they drank some whiskey and talked about nothing in particular. Weather and ships and music, lightsaber mechanics and the way they took their caf.
      • At one point, she poured out some whiskey onto the battered surface of the dock, and said something in Sith. Finn bowed his head, out of respect.
    • He touched her hand, very briefly, when he was leaving. She gave a full-body shiver, something caught between flinching away and moving closer.)
  • It keeps escalating until Chrenal. “I’m tempted to say you’d look better in black,” she laughs as they dance across the edge of the ravine. “But I suppose even the robes of a Jedi would look good on my bedroom floor.”
    • Finn feels himself go hot, which is probably why he misses his footing, and nearly goes plummeting over the edge of the ravine—at least, he would have, if the Sith hadn’t done something complicated with the Force that yanks him back and sends both of them both tumbling over one another until Finn is sprawled on his back in the dust.
      • “You know, generally I reserve that sort of thing for a few dates in,” Finn says breathlessly, staring up at the sky. “And it’s much less violent. Unless you’re into that, I guess.”
      • A moment later, her head popped into his field of vision. “Are we going to keep fighting, or…?”
        • “Do you want to?” Finn asks, looking up at her. She shrugs. “I—I like fighting you,” she says in a small voice, and she’s blushing, and Finn definitely does not want to fight her. 
        • Not even a little. Not even for the Light.
  • “My name is Finn,” he says instead. It’s a little awkward to offer her his hand, since he’s still got his lightsaber clutched in it and she’s hovering over him, but he does.
    • Her grip is warm. They have identical callouses, and Finn wonders if her master had her train with wooden staffs too, and repair the stupid training droid afterward, even though it shocked her fingers every time she got close. Probably not, but hey. Maybe.
    • “Rey,” she says, and that can’t be right, no self-respecting Sith is named Darth Rey, that’s a terrible Darksider name, maybe she’s—
      • Finn thinks, oh. other name. real name. Rey is still blushing, but defiant this time, as if she’s daring him to comment, to question her.
      • “Rey’s a great name,” Finn says, and then almost has another heart attack when she smiles.
  • “So,” Finn says, as they sit cross-legged beside one another at the edge of the ravine. It’s a perverse exercise in trust—either of them could easily push the other over like this. (Their lightsabers are cradled in the laps, and that would be easy too, just—) “You never answered my question, you know.”
    • She shoots him a confused look, and he grins. “Do you want a cute boyfriend?”
Sun x Moon combinations: Special Edition [1/3]

Libra Sun & Taurus Moon: Luxury yet simplicity. Peace. Finding what truly makes you happy. Soft passion. Being inspired by extremely beautiful things. Nature. Creating art. Glamour. Possessiveness. Wanting to keep the good things just for you. Giving love. Wine. Gold wedding rings. Over-indulgence.

Aquarius Sun & Sagittarius Moon:
Mental restlessness. Rebellion. Birds flying all directions. Light, clear eyes. Free soul. Asking inappropriate questions, giving unconventional answers. Eagles. Running away from responsibilities. Avoiding conflict. Ignoring your friend’s advice. Morals. Purposeful existence. The color yellow.

Cancer Sun & Aquarius Moon: Charity. Being quiet yet alert. The color black. Creative needs. Imagination running wild. Noir films. Trust issues. Superficial joy. Over-thinking. Compassion. Having overwhelming emotions. Wanting to hug someone but pretending you don’t. Ineffable feelings. Hot-n-cold. Trying to put your emotions into words but failing miserably. 

Scorpio Sun & Gemini Moon: Dark, sparkly colors. The night sky. Wanting to know everything around you. Catching fireflies. Psychology. Criminology. The Human Mind. Prying. Questioning people’s intentions. Strong hunches. Temporary, flighty intensity. Endless curiosity. Random feelings at random times. Complexity. Wanting something that’s definitely not good for you.

Gemini Sun & Aquarius Moon: Cherishing ideas. Uniqueness. Trying to keep their words relevant. Clear mind, healthy body. Movement, probably not physically. Important text messages you receive at 2 am. Superficial yet unexpectedly overwhelming feelings. Self-improvement. Trying to fit in by being original. Knowing a little bit about a hundred topics. 

“What’s a Sun or a Moon Sign?”

anonymous asked:

So um this is inappropriate but i need to ask.. who do you think topping? Jensen or Misha? This is for science purpose of course. ps: happy belated birthday my prophet!

If this is inappropriate then my entire existence is inappropriate. 

But to answer your question on who tops: