inane text posts: the blog

Me half the time I go to look at someone’s blog on this site:

As we go into Pride weekend here in the Twin Cities, I just wanted to say a few things to straight followers who might be attending

- Please remember that Pride is a political act born from protests. I’ve had straight people tell me Pride weekend is their favorite “holiday.” Pride is not a holiday and that idea is offensive. It is queer people coming together as a community to make the world take notice and acknowledge that we exist.

- Please remember that this is our space, not yours. Many straight people I know treat Pride as tourist trip in Gay Land or something that celebrates “all” relationships. We are celebrating queer relationships, our relationships, not straight relationships. Be respectful. Don’t come to Pride if you are going to act shocked or overly excited when you see queer people showing affection or just existing. We created a space so we can be ourselves. It’s not for you.

- Please don’t act like a tourist. I keep harping on this, but this is one of the biggest problems I see. Don’t take pictures of us without our consent. Don’t coo over our relationships like we are “so brave” or “so adorable.” Don’t gawk at the way we choose to present ourselves. Don’t act thrilled if you think someone thinks you are queer. If you can’t manage this, skip this year.

- We are thankful for your support. As straight people, you have a louder voice in this world. If you want to be an ally to us, please actually use it. Support queer businesses. Stand up for us in public. Join our protests. Listen to our stories without speaking over us.