Phil hadn’t wanted to go to his high school reunion. Why would he, when all his memories involved merciless bullying and frequent loneliness? Dan was the one who convinced him to go, saying things like “Don’t you want to rub it in their faces how successful you are??” and “You could stroll in like Kanye!” But while the dumbfounded looks on his former bullies’ faces were well worth the trip up North, Phil’s favorite moment had to be staring at his old yearbook photo and realizing he made it. He’s got two successful youtube channels, a radio show on the BBC, a book and tour coming up, millions of fans, and a beautiful man who loves and supports him unconditionally. Past Phil would be so proud. Future Phil can’t wait to see what else is in store. 


A Presidential Miscellany

The inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44rd President of the United States takes place this weekend, and to celebrate, Lapham’s Quarterly has collaborated with the beautiful Thornwillow Press on a limited-edition libretto of presidential miscellany and a set of broadsides featuring presidential cocktails and drinks from past inaugurations.

Find out what the presidents drank, their modes of transportation, their favorite pets, and much more when you order a copy today!