Guys, idea for tomorrow: Call up your local radio station(s) and request American Idiot by Green Day. Let’s make this a thing, please, imagine every radio station people tune into being this song in protest of the Cheeto in Chief

Dear Gay White Males

If you a gay white male YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO SAY LGBTQ PEOPLE ARE DOING “just fine”!!! Whether you like it or not, you still have male and white privilege. Trans people are still being killed, lesbian women are being raped, LGBTQ people of color are still being oppressed. You don’t get to climb on your high horse as  an ambassador for the gay community and say that “telling people I voted for Trump feels like coming out of the closet” or that now that gay marriage is legal, the LGBTQ community has nothing left to worry about. THE. REST. OF. US. ARE. NOT. FINE.