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January 18, 2013

Today was an incredible day. I’ve never cried so much at school. The Rachel’s Challenge assembly definitely did not disappoint but I think the training session I went to afterwards really topped my experience off today. I had already researched and read about Rachel and the Columbine High School shootings so I knew about it before the assembly but seeing the news footage and the clips of the families was a lot to take in. I know the Sandyhook shooting took place recently and I can’t imagine what it must’ve felt like to be in the situation of those that were affected. Aside from Rachel’s story, I really admire the message that Rachel’s challenge sought to teach us. It wasn’t so much facts and figures about anti-bullying but instead the speaker, Ali conveyed Rachel’s theories of bring about kindness and compassion to those around us to ward off the negativity and thus shining the light on those caught up in dark times. I felt so honored today getting the opportunity to hear peoples’ stories. I was too scared to go up and share mine but I was so moved by listening to everyone else’s story. So many people were crying but I felt that while we all took the time to share some of the hardships we experienced or were currently experiencing allowed us to share some of that pain but it was okay because in one way or another we were able to relate or sympathize. 

I’m guilty of keeping things to myself but I’m working on it. It’s hard but try talking to other people. Yes, a lot of people think hey, they’ve got problems of their own so I don’t want to bother them with mine. I know I do that but sometimes you might end up talking to someone going through something similar as you. You don’t have to be alone in your battles.

I’m excited for some of the changes we might slowly start seeing in our community. I learned so much today. Not just about how you should act but also of the people closest to me. I don’t look at them any different but I’m glad I know them a little better now.

Strangely my heart started pounding at the thought of being with him again when his train arrived. I suddenly became extremely self-conscious about how I should act and whether or not I looked okay. Between my excitement and anxiety, these were the thoughts that rushed through my head in the minutes after he said he arrived. I waited outside the train station with my headphones in when a shadow fell over me and I felt a soft kiss on the back of my head. And like he somehow always manages to make me do, I tossed my worries aside(: It was so nice seeing him and getting to be with him this weekend^^ I can’t wait till the next time we see each other😁

January 21, 2013

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! (:
Today was a wonderful day~ I woke up around 5:45 this morning to see Albert^^ I can’t believe he woke up that early just to hang out <3 We walked over to Safeway and bought ingredients to make nutella mug cake & marinara chicken pastaa! We walked back to his house and started making foood. We made nutella mug cake for his mom and his brother then just chilled after ^__^ When I got back home I made more food! (: I was going to make a nice breakfast for my family but when my sisters saw the macaroni and cheese Albert’s mom gave me they wanted that instead ): LOL I ended up making alfredo pasta for lunch ^___^ I like when people enjoy the food I make hehe I probably should’ve studied a lot more but I think my brain has reached its maximum capacity for information absorbancy x__x sigh. 4 more days. I’m gonna finish this semester strong (:< That is, if I survive.

April 25, 2013

Yayy tomorrow is Friday (: I’m doing some final research today and tomorrow to really decide where I want to go for college. Ugh I hate making choices especially really important ones /: I really like both Santa Clara University and San Jose State. Ultimately it’s going to come down to which one I get more financial aid from. Man I wish money wasn’t such a huge issue. Well, wherever I end up going, I have something I’m always working towards so no matter what I’m going to get there!(: I can’t wait to really start working for what I want. I know I’m going to miss the comfort of having my parents to lean on but I can’t wait to really go out and build myself up as a person.

I hope I make the right choice. I know once I make my decision I won’t regret it but I hope I don’t disappoint myself.

I can’t believe this is all really happening.

Exactly 8 more weeks and I’ll be done with high school..mann.

December 26, 2013

This here is one of my best and dearest friend, Ryan (: You dont find people as genuine as him these days. I first met him back in Sophomore year thanks to my other best friend, Angela. Since we became friends he’s always been there for me and I’ve never met anyone quite like him. He’s one of the few people that I can totally confide in and he’s the one person that sees the ‘yes’ in my 'no’ other than my sister haha ^__^ We’ve both gone through a lot of tough times but continuously help each other keep our happy outlook on life(: I’m really lucky to have him as my friend and I cant wait to see what we accomplish in the future :)


May 23, 2013

Man, all I can think about is school ending. I’m going to miss everyone but it’s making me appreciate all the things that have happened over the course of these four years (: I’ve had some pretty good times and met some pretty freaking amazing people that I wouldn’t trade for the world. Agh I’m not done with school yet so I’ll save the rest for later haha :) Physics test tomorrow shoot me now. ): ugh. poo.

May 18, 2013

Saturday <3 and 2 more weeks until senior ball!! (: Speaking of which, Albert asked me to senior ball today!! ahehe ^___^ Definitely wasn’t expecting to see him dressed up as Mickey Mouse LOL I’m not sure if he actually knew how much I love Mickey & Minnie but boy this guy <3 hahaha his group of guy friends did all their asks with Disney themes! Hella cutee ^__^ Oh! And I finally reserved a bus today LOL Can’t wait till Senior Ball laksdjfldskfj <3 I hope my dress comes soon~

January 29, 2013

Oh my I totally forgot to make a post for yesterday LOL All I’ve gotta say is that second semester has been going very nicely! I started anatomy & physiology yesterday! All we did today and yesterday was watch Bones in class :DD Hella chill haha I really like the subject and I’m glad I have a chill class to learn in ^___^b I’m totally cool with self studying because I totally despise homework/classwork or anything of the sorts xD Hmm school in general has been really laid back these past two days (: I’m just trying to make the most of it while it’s like this~ hehe My afternoons have been filled with lots of guitar, uke, and piano! Oh! And lots of runs [: hehe happy Inae~^__^