7 Tips for Overcoming Feelings of Inadequacy

1. Remind yourself that you are not who other people think or say you are.
2. Remind yourself that everybody makes mistakes at times, has areas of weakness, and things they want to change.
3. Remind yourself of ways in which you’ve grown and changed with time. You’re not who you once were - so celebrate how far you’ve come.
4. Also, the ending isn’t written and the future isn’t fixed. You’re free to change your image, and an old identity.
5. Identify the lies you have believed about yourself – and work on changing them so they’re more accurate and true. Also, don’t reinforce those lies by acting like you think they’re true.
6. Remember that your feelings are not the same as facts. Don’t live based on your feelings … as that will keep you trapped.
7. Hang out with those who see, and who appreciate, your worth. And take their words to heart, and let them help to build you up.

pro tip

If you’re ever in the middle of something pleasurable and you start thinking “I don’t deserve this” try to refocus on the moment by describing what is going on in present tense (inside your head, or on paper). For example I really enjoy singing in choir, but I often am interrupted with thoughts telling me I’m not a good enough singer, or not pulling my weight. Instead of trying to figure out whether or not I am, I just refocus by telling myself “I’m at rehearsal right now singing music I love. We sound great as a group, and I love being part of this ensemble”