GARY NUMAN, In A Dark Place

Something calls me
From a dark place

And so I pray every night

Something knows me
It whispers my name
And I’m losing my faith

I can feel it breathing
But it feels like something dead and cold

I can feel it waiting
But it waits for something in my soul

Sometimes I call out for you, and sometimes I’m afraid

So I beg God
For salvation, for an angel
Every night

And I ask God
Can He forgive me?
And I want to believe

I think I hear it laughing
But it sounds like my voice lost and old

I think it showed me Heaven
And now I know why I’m scared to die

Am I a fool in the dark, I don’t know
Am I the ghost in my dreams, I don’t know
Am I a shadow of life, I don’t know
Am I afraid of the truth, I don’t know

Sometimes I call out for you, and sometimes I’m afraid

So I ask for
One small mercy?
But it whispers ‘Who are you?’

So I ask God
If He can save me?
He says ‘It’s all too dark’

Oh my love,
What are you trying to prove?
Showing me your blood
Showing me you’re bruised
You say that nothing hurts like the truth
So that’s what I’ll use

For the record
I never loved you
Like fools do

You wanted big love
Well, I tried
I just couldn’t work it up
When I said I couldn’t get enough
I lied
I think you saw it
In my eyes

See, I love me
More than I love you
And that’s the truth
Now I don’t care if you bleed
I don’t care if you’re blue
Cause that’s what my love
Will do to you see less #Deep #InADarkPlace #WhenLoveStrikes #BrokenHearted #PlayThisTrack #Whoa