inability to speak

Okay, so after reading @sir-scandalous ‘s Abuse AU (or something like that, I believe?) I have feelings and thought god dammit, so lets get down to it. I’ve mixed it with an AU I’ve been drafting for a fic as well, which is Mute!Lance/Highschooler!Lance and Cafe owner!Shiro. (Lance is 17, Shiro is 19)

Lance has an abusive father with anger issues, and at the age of 9, Lance suffered severe damage to his vocal chords after a bad bout with his father strangling him. So he is no longer able to talk, which makes it even worse for him because he can no longer voice for help when he needs to, which his father fully knows and abuses this fact. 

Lance is taking the long way hope one day, wanting as much alone time to himself before facing whats at home, and he discovers a new cafe opened just several blocks away from his neighborhood. The big banner over it reading The Noir Lion, and the smell of freshly baked blueberry muffins made his stomach growl painfully.So, he decides to head in and take a seat at a semi closed off booth area. 

Because his other employees are busy cooking and tending to others, Shiro himself dusts himself off and grabs a black waiter apron to wrap around his waist to go and get Lance’s order. He asks the usual way and waits for an answer, to which Lance starts to get nervous and anxious over because damn, it was too crowded today and this handsome gentleman was expecting an answer and oh damn, his phone almost slipped from his fingers. Good job. Shiro notices the boys growing anxiety and holds out a hand, telling him to take it easy and go slow, with whatever he was doing. Lance nodded, smiling small, and took a deep breath, before typing out his reply on his phones notepad. 

Shiro wondered why the boy couldn’t talk, but he wouldn’t pry, instead giving him a nod and gentle smile before going to get Lance  a muffin and a cup of coco on the house because the boy looked so sad and stressed. So when Lance is about to leave he tries to pay for the coco too, but Shiro refuses it and tells him to come back anytime. Later on when Shiro goes to clean the table, he sees ten dollars, to which he simply pockets to save and give back. 

This continues on for a whole month, Shiro learning of Lance’s inability to speak, and always saving Lance’s money he leaves behind rather then putting it in the register. Lance starts developing a crush on Shiro after two months and starting to actually flirt with gestures, brush of finger tips and cheesy as hell pick up lines on his phone. Shiro always makes time to sit with Lances on each of his visits now, and even invites him to a private back room where the employees go for lunch, when Lances come in overly stressed, breathing hard or crying. Lances never outright admits his abusive household, but Shiro already has strong suspicions, but doesn’t force anything yet. 

Just imagine Lance, instead of going home right away, he goes to Shiro’s cafe and shows him his progress in grades and trophies in swimming and track competitions, and Shiro always smiling brightly and occasionally giving Lance a hug when the boy was ready for such contact. 

Then imagine Lance’s father finding out where Lance has been going and getting upset at not knowing, so he goes over one time and publicly humiliates Lance in front of a half filled cafe and Shiro, but Shiro is having none of that and despite Lance’s dad being somewhat bigger than him, Shiro is still hella strong enough to grab the man by the arm and manhandle him out of there and away from Lance, defending his dignity all the while. Lance is in tears for both Shiro defending him and because he was now scared to go home. Shiro invites Lance to stay the night at his place, and until closing time teaches Lance how to make buttercream roses on cakes and how to make his favorite blueberry muffin as distraction.

@soluscheese In which Dean is a fisherman and Cas is a selkie. Sam’s POV

There’s no denying it: Dean’s new friend is strange.

Where to begin?

Well, the fact he’s dripping wet and naked in their small beachside cabin is a pretty good start. Which might have been acceptable (albeit horrifying) if Dean was also naked, but unlike the mysterious man, Dean’s fully clothed.

But that’s not all, no, the guy is naked in their cabin being spoon-fed soup by Dean himself.

Even without the bizarre situation, the man would be strange. His skin is oddly pale, though there are dark freckles down his calves, making his feet a dark grey that would have looked sickly in another situation. His eyes are as blue as the ocean on a clear, sunny day and his teeth look sharper than teeth ought to.

“Meet Cas,” Dean tells Sam with a grin.

Cas fixes Sam with an intense gaze and replies with a bark. A bark that might sound like “Cas,” but only if one strained.

Sam shoots Dean a look. There is something seriously wrong with this situation. The world’s fraught with magic and monsters, after all, and their family business, their fishing business, is perfectly safe and perfectly ordinary. Sam isn’t interested in making it any more interesting. Up until now, he’s assumed Dean felt the same. 

Dean merely shrugs and continues to spoon feed the strange, naked man. “He doesn’t speak Common,” Dean informs his brother.

Sam’s not entirely sure Cas speaks at all.

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Part One: Awake

I was super in love with this prompt, and then it tried to kudzu its way out of my hands so that was a thing. So now it’s kind of… divided into 3 parts? Because this thing would’ve never seen the light of day due to me obsessively picking at it and going back instead of moving forward. By chopping it up it’s… somehow a lot easier to move forward. 

This will ideally eventually feature some of my headcanons about the fall of Overwatch, slightly modified to apply better to this particular fic B) Also mildly canon-divergent in regards to Mercy’s position and role in the story/organization, shh, don’t worry I promise I kind of know what I’m doing



“The Iceland labs have gone dark, sir.”

Jack stood slowly from his desk, eyes slowly narrowing as the words sunk in, sent the gears in his head turning.

“What do you mean they’ve gone dark?”

Lab goes quiet, lights out, alarmed yelling, the first round of a firearm cracking into the darkness.

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Spice it Up! (M)

Jimin & You

Genre: Fluffy Smut, One shot

Word count: 4,110 words


The images projected by the TV were a blur and you blinked several times, realising that you had let yourself get lost in your thoughts. Shifting your head ever so slightly to the left, you sneaked a glance at your husband, whose eyes were trained on the TV, unaware of your lack of attention tonight. You chewed on your lower lip, the plans that you were determined to carry out making you nervous, but you were going to do it no matter what.


“Yes, sweetheart?”

The affectionate nickname made you smile and boosted your confidence a little. He loved you just as much as you loved him, if not more. This gave you comfort, knowing that even if he didn’t like what you wanted to try tonight, he would not feel hatred or disgusted towards you. He always made you feel safe and comfortable with voicing your thoughts.

And this was a thought that had been plaguing you for a while. It was a big one, to you at least.

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anonymous asked:

Headcannon or drabble on the chocobros seeing a girl that they are like "love at first sight" for, but she speaks a different language and hardly knows any English or whatever language they know? Thanks ❤❤❤

I’m gonna be honest with you anon, that is the CUTEST effin thing I have ever heard! My heart is just WOW. I legit had to hold my heart and stop from crying. o(≧∇≦o)

I’m gonna make you proud! (I hope :P) This went a little longer than I thought it would…that’s why it took so long. ❤❤❤



“An escort mission, seems simple enough.” Ignis stated, holding a piece of paper.

“Iggy’s right Noct, with that money we won’t have to worry about anything from here to Tranbene.” Prompto added, looking into the backseat. “Please it’s on the way, so we can technically kill two birds with one stone.”

“It would add a little excitement to this 2 week bachelor party you wanted to go on.” Gladiolus chuckled.

“If I recall correctly, I didn’t want a party at all.” Noctis groaned.

Now here they all sat in the Regalia, a young woman squeezed between Future King and Shield, a long veil over your face. You never responded to any of the banter, making the car ride rather uncomfortable.

The mission was simple, drive 2 days east, and drop you off to your future husband.  About an hour out of your old city, you shocked the entire car as you uttered your first words.

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what films would you rec for a bollywood begginer?

Oh gosh. There are so many good ones, but let me see.

Here are some films I would consider watching. 

  1. Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge - When Raj and Simran first met on an inter-rail holiday in Europe, it wasn’t exactly love at first sight.
  2. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara - Three friends decide to turn their fantasy vacation into reality after one of their number becomes engaged.
  3. Jab We Met - A depressed wealthy businessman finds his life changing after he meets a spunky and care-free young woman. 
  4. Swades - A successful Indian scientist returns to an Indian village to take his nanny to America with him and in the process rediscovers his roots.
  5. Dil Chanta Hai - Three inseparable childhood friends are just out of college. Nothing comes between them - until they each fall in love, and their wildly different approaches to relationships creates tension. 
  6. Lagaan: Once Upon  Time in  India - The people of a small village in Victorian India stake their future on a game of cricket against their ruthless British rulers.
  7. Highway - Right before her wedding, a young woman finds herself abducted and held for ransom. As the initial days pass, she begins to develop a strange bond with her kidnapper.
  8. Kahaani - A pregnant woman’s search for her missing husband takes her from London to Kolkata, but everyone she questions denies having ever met him.
  9. Kai Po Che -Three friends growing up in India at the turn of the millennium set out to open a training academy to produce the country’s next cricket stars. 
  10. The Lunchbox - A mistaken delivery in Mumbai’s famously efficient lunchbox delivery system connects a young housewife to an older man in the dusk of his life as they build a fantasy world together through notes in the lunchbox. 
  11. English Vinglish - A quiet, sweet tempered housewife endures small slights from her well-educated husband and daughter everyday because of her inability to speak and understand English. 
  12. Lootera - An aristocrat’s daughter falls in love with a visiting archaeologist, but he holds a secret that could drive them apart.
  13. Fitoor - Modern adaptation of Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations; a poor but talented boy falls in love with a girl from an affluent family.
  14. Queen - A Delhi girl from a traditional family sets out on a solo honeymoon after her marriage gets canceled.
  15. Rustom - In 1959, a decorated naval officer is accused of murdering his wife’s lover. 
  16. Dangal - Former wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat and his two wrestler daughters struggle towards glory at the Commonwealth Games in the face of societal oppression.
  17. Pink - When three young women are implicated in a crime, a retired lawyer steps forward to help them clear their names. (Warning: rape/assault)

I know that the question is asking for Bollywood films, but I need to go ahead and include two of Indian Cinema’s post popular films ever released. 

  1. Bahubali - In ancient India, an adventurous and daring man becomes involved in a decade’s old feud between two warring people.
  2. Bahubali 2 - When Shiva, the son of Bahubali, learns about his heritage, he begins to look for answers. His story is juxtaposed with past events that unfolded in the Mahishmati Kingdom.

I could go on and on to recommend some of the best ones, but I wanted to share with you some of the lesser known films but got a lot of praise due to the story. I also included some of the most accoladed films in this list. If you ever need more recommendations. Just shoot a message at our inbox. 

- Sonia

In Which Johnny Tries to Talk to Max, But Then Panics Because of His Crush on Him

Johnny was on a mission, he was going to talk to the mvp about just who Johnny was. And Max was going to accept that this was the Johnny to Johnny, he wasnt going to stop being this Johnny and start be someone who wasnt Johnny anymore just to impress max. No, if this was going to work, if Johnny was going have Max respect him and junk too, it had to be because he was true to HIS heart, just like he true to his True Hearts Foreverboys.

So Johnny ran through the school, searching for max. He was determined to tell him exactly what he was thinking and how he was feeling. he wasnt going to back down from this, hes Johnny, the roughest, toughest, BUFFEST kid in the school!!! The thought of Max not like Johnny for how Johnny he is doesnt scare him!!!! He aint scared of nothing!!!! Hes JOHNNY JHONNY FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!! And just when Johnnys hunt for the boy he junks seemed fruitless, he turned the corner and saw max, the currently-not-levitating boy, searching through his locker.

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Mute - one

Originally posted by hobiga

Paring: hoseokXreader

Word Count: 1.8k

Summary: You’re mute and it’s been that way since you were ten years old and a series of traumatic events happened. Your only real friend is Yoongi, the one person who understands you without you speaking - that is until Hoseok comes along and opens up your sheltered world.

Notes: Future mature themes, talk of abuse, and more.

One |

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▪ Crest is on his left side
▪ Cloak color is Scarlet
▪ Books
▪ Books everywhere
▪ The library is his
▪ All his
▪ No one is allowed in their
▪ Except him and mark when he needs company
▪ He claimed it when he was around five
▪ As a joke that became reality
▪ Loves books
▪ The smell
▪ The feel
▪ The adventures your mind goes on
▪ The roller coaster of emotions
▪ Has cried many a time because of a story
▪ Will absolutely never admit that to anyone
▪ Only Mark knows
▪ Mark, thankfully enough, doesn’t tease him about it
▪ As he sometimes shares his reading time with him
▪ The whole “Prince” thing barely crosses his mind
▪ His crown is collecting dust in his room
▪ Along with everything else
▪ Sleeps in the library
▪ His parents are positive that they have 17 children
▪ Only ever see 16
▪ Always late to balls
▪ Dinners
▪ Events
▪ A peaceful soul with the inability to speak right
▪ ‘You read so many books, but you can’t be charming with words, without making a girl cry. How?’ - Ten
▪ He frowns
▪ ‘My mouth doesn’t form nice words.’ - Him
▪ Smiles every time he finds a book about nature
▪ Collects them for Renjun
▪ Knows how much his older brother enjoys them
▪ Has books about war for Taeil
▪ Space for Mark
▪ Romance for Johnny because he’s a softie
▪ Often slips into town for new ones
▪ He just really loves to r e a d okay?
▪ Does not like being yelled at
▪ If they are ever yelled at
▪ Him and Renjun are the first with tears in their eyes
▪ Renjun because he generally doesn’t do anything wrong
▪ Haechan because he just can’t stand when people raise their voices directed at him in any way
▪ Takes shelter in Doyoung’s room while he is away

- Love life -
▪ All the words in the books that he could never say came rushing to him when he saw you
▪ He saw right past your light lavender dress
▪ Almost into your soul, and mumbled
▪ ‘I’m going to marry her.’
▪ You are a princess
▪ A somewhat snappy one
▪ You’re nice but know how to stand your ground
▪ You love to watch him read
▪ You’ve taken occupants of his room in the Palace once married
▪ When older o b v i o u s l y
▪ Adored by the others
▪ You don’t stand for their teasing though
▪ You two hide away in his Kingdom of books
▪ Not to be heard from for days at a time
▪ All he really needs is a good book
▪ Tea
▪ And you in his arms
▪ There’s your happy ending

Mum’s the Word - Shelby!reader

Request: Hi could you do an imagine where you’re tommys daughter from a previous relationship and you’re about the same age as Finn(16/17) when he decides to marry grace and you hate her and give her a hard time?? Love your writing Xxx

Mum’s the Word - Shelby!reader

“You look lovely.”  

You glanced up from the cigarette you were smoking to stare at Grace. She was all dressed in her purple wedding gown, moments away from walking down the aisle with your father. You stubbed out the cigarette, watching the ashes mark up the stone garden wall you were sitting on. When she realized you weren’t going to answer her she walked back to her family.  

Grace wasn’t grasping at straws with you. The first time she’d been in Small Heath you’d been enamored with her. You thought she was beautiful and smart and you hung on every word she said. Your dad, who had endured the war only to come home to a dead wife and a motherless eleven year old, was unprepared for more heartache. When he met Grace he was closed off but you watched her slowly work some sort of magic and restore him to the same person he was before he left. Then she abandoned both of you and, while he seemed ready to forgive her, you were not.  

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Shit I want NT people to know about autism

1. It’s not a disease, it’s a functional disability. There is a difference.

2. Please, don’t say “but you don’t seem autistic” to an autistic person. The reason why this is called an invisible disability is because - wait for it - it’s often not visible!

3. Autistic people exist within all the scale of intelligence spectrum. We’re all different, just like you. Most of us are not like Rain Man (Savant Syndrome is very rare and way different than autism, okay?) and if you throw out a package of peas on the floor, we wont be able to count them, just ask ourselves why we are considered disabled and not the moron throwing food on the floor.

4. We can have romantic and sexual relationships, friends and families too. Some of us are parents and doing fine.

5. The math professor you’re passing by in the corridor at university, the cleaner who’s trolly you just saw around the corner, the teenage girl waiting for the bus, the old lady walking her dog around your block, the musician you just heard on the radio, the toddler that seems uninterested in playing with the other kids in the park, the dad who’s always looking at his cellphone, may all be autistic. We are everywhere. We’re different.

6. When it looks like I’m going through the day smooth, it’s because I’ve done rigorous plans to not get a meltdown. And no, most meltdowns are not visible.
7. Being autistic, often means it’s difficult to reckognize feelings and separate them. That’s called alexithymia and that too is different from person to person. Some have more of it than others. It doesn’t mean we have less feelings or don’t feel as strong as non-autistic people. It simply means a lot of us have to spend time figuring out what we’re feeling and why, because our brain don’t tell us that automatically. That makes us feel chaotic, perhaps even frightened. It’s fucking exhausting too.

8. A lot of us hate surprises. That doesn’t mean we’re boring. It means that our brains have a limitied capability to visualize new situations and to shift focus. It can also be extremely frightening and make us feel loss of control, exposed and vulnerable.

9. It’s very difficult to try and tell your autistic brain that, for example, trying new food or going to an unfamiliar place with your friends to have a good time in safe company, is enjoyable. When you have a hard time both visualizing and generalizing, things that non-autistic people think are about the same, could feel like completely different things. We think in details, not unities, and that makes us perceive the world in ways that differ more than the usual differences between people. 

10. We take things literally. Yes, we do. Even people who, like me, belong to the high functional part of the spectrum. We don’t read between the lines, we are often not very good at reading body language, faces or tones of voices. The spoken - or written - words are, for most of us, the one thing communication is about. Don’t get mad at us for not knowing that you really meant “life sucks and I need a hug”, when you said “I’m fine”, okay? 

11. Generally, we care less for emotions than facts. Not because we don’t have emotions or don’t care about others - believe me, we do - but because they are a very uncertain navigation tool for us. It often makes us end up in situations where we come off as cold, indifferent, hard or just socially very awkward. As an autistic woman, this is often way, way more difficult with non-autistic women. I’ve lost count on how many girlfriends I’ve lost because of my inability to read between the lines and their inability to speak plainly.

12. It’s a tricky disability, because it takes so many different shapes. Sometimes it’s not visible at all, sometimes it’s even a strenght. Some of my autistic features, I wouldn’t want to live without. Others have the capacity of literally ruining my life. To be a 30+ female with an objectively smart brain in some areas, that somehow fails miserably with food, cleaning, remembering where things are, keep even basic order, doing the dishes, focus on studies, finishing tasks, shift focus and has such difficulties with surveying, short term memory and sense of time, is not a minor inconvenience - it’s a neverending, daily struggle that drains me and makes me feel like a complete failure. 

Lot’s of girls and women with autism and ADD, never get the help they need, because we’re so good at hiding our difficulties. The diagnoses still very much describes boys and men within the spectrum, but girls and women often have a bit different symptomes - and we’re good at hiding them. Our family, teachers and friends, may not see our difficulties as “real” difficulties, especially not if we are high functioning in some ways. People think that since I read at least five times faster than the avarage person, that means I must be smart in “simpler” areas, like keeping track of time or knowing proper social behavior.

But autism doesn’t work that way and even when our difficulties aren’t shown, they’re still there and make our lives harder than others. It’s not whining, it’s telling it like it is. And if “pull yourself together and just get more organized” helped, believe me, we all would’ve been fucking masters on organizing, planning and prioritizing - and you would’ve begged for our assistance. But, alas, it doesn’t work that way. Do you even think that an autistic brain, who craves logic and order, would freely live in chaos if it could maintain order just by “pulling itself together”? Really? No, I didn’t think so.

The world isn’t nice to an autistic brain. And if you, like me, have been blessed/cursed with ADD as well, the world could be your fucking arch enemy. 

So, if you’re a girl or woman with autism or ADD or both - or just suspect you might have it, or maybe just think “holy fuck, some of this shit actually describes some of what I’m feeling and thought I was alone and just a fucking failure”, I want to say:

You’re not alone, you’re not crazy and you’re not a failure. Your brain simply works different and you have the right to both ask for help and guidance with the struggles that you may feel embarressed about not getting right, and to find ways to use your strenghts and enjoy life on your terms. You’re not spoiled, you’re not a “snowflake”, not a brat or a lazy bastard just because people can’t see your struggles.

Be nice to yourself. For many years, I wasn’t. And sometimes I’m still not. I wake up in the mornings, longing for normality, for control and a quiet brain. I accuse myself, I’m unforgiving and ashamed. And then, when I’ve walked down that spiral, I somehow always get back again.

And I realise I kick ass, for going through life and not giving up. That I’m not a brat for wanting what the people accusing me of being lazy, unfocused, rude or stupid are taking for granted:

a mind that doesn’t constantly, 24/7, does it’s best to fuck up normality in an endless guerilla war you didn’t asked to be a part of.  

Missing You

pairing ; lafayette x reader

summary ; the need to see your husband has not only gotten you to america, but also lost in the big new york city. 

words ; 1837

warnings ; badly translated french


My dearest Gilbert,

I do hope that you are alive and well over in America. The sudden stop in returned letters has left me quite shaken and worried about you. As your wife, I feel as if it is my place to tell you that I have been questioning you returning home. How do I know if you’ve found another in the “Land of the Free”? Or that you now believe that we should no longer be married? But besides that, I would like to tell you that I love you, and I hope to see you very soon.

Your love,

Y/n Lafayette.

You sighed, looking around you. The area around you was riddled with people, shops, inns, everything. The road in which you traveled to get here were made of dirt, and the bottom of your dress now had a brown tinge to it, something you were sure you would be able to wring out without much trouble. But the roads here were all made of cobblestone, carefully lain to provide the image of elegance and care about one of the most beautiful towns in the up and coming America.

You had absolutely no idea where to go, and you were sure you looked like a foreigner “just passing by” with the way you were standing. You were on your tiptoes, trying to see if there was anything you were missing, though that was simply because you’d gotten used to being as short as you were.

Women were never given the nice end of the stick in the height department, sadly.

So, with a shake of your head, you ran a hand over the top of your head and stopped when the side of your fingers met the bun atop your crown. Tendrils of hair poked out, but otherwise, it felt kempt and managed-looking, especially since you had an image to keep up, being a Lafayette and all.

Taking a few steps in what you thought would be a good direction, you got lost in the view of Manhattan. Alongside the cobblestone paths were buildings of utter beauty – brown bricks, red bricks, maroon bricks, even white bricks made up the walls, the windows were all outlined in gorgeous white wood, complementing the freshly-cleaned glass it framed.

The yards were outlined with metal gates with spikes at the top, a silent message to tell people to keep off the grass and property depending on the time of day. The inns and stores were all clearly marked, their signs elegantly carved with precision.

All in all, it reminded you of the beauty of your home country, France, what, with how everything was cozily pushed together and even the buildings themselves practically floating in regality.

Snapping out of your gaze of the place, you focused back on your mission – find your husband. He had to be around here somewhere, but it would take asking people to figure out where that somewhere was.

Taking quick steps into a store, you walked up to the counter and cleared your throat, “Excusez-moi?”

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A Haikyuu!!! Au

Basically, I’m trash. I’m trash who likes mafia au’s. I’m trash who has noticed there are pretty much no Haikyuu!!! gang au’s. I want them. I will help you make them. I will be your metaphorical nurse. We will birth this au together.

Questions to answer before you ask them:

Will I write this? Maybe.

Can you write this? Give me some credit and the link and we’re set.

Here we fucking go. Straight into fucking hell.

-There are just about six gangs in one giant city.

- Four of those gangs get along pretty well, you can guess who

-Each of them have parts of the city, some leaders choose to run the whole thing on their own, others split it up in territories or something like that.


- Ukai is the leader of the whole operation. Chain smoker, can probably kill you with one hand.

-He has a very obvious crush on Takeda who is his information source.

-Literally whenever Takeda so much as smiles, Ukai turns into this embarrassing, fumbly mess.

- His secretary, Kiyoko, thinks it’s cute, but is really just waiting for him to profess his love.

-Kiyoko is engaged to Yachi, but Kiyoko prefers to keep Yachi out of all the mafia stuff.

-Yachi is super supportive and is a teacher at preschool. Likes to have Kiyoko come home to a warm household.

-Kiyoko one hundred percent has to be in an elegant black dress, and high heels, with a gun fucking shit up. If that is not a scene, I swear to god.

-By secretary, I mean badass bodyguard.

-They have three quadrants. One of which, Daichi runs.

-Daichi is a highly responsible and respected leader, he’s Ukai’s second in command.

-Daichi is very tough and cold hearted to everyone outside of their team.

-His team consists of everyone on the karasuno volleyball team in canon.

-They are a big family

- Daichi is stubborn, but will do anything Suga asks him too because he’s head over heels in love with him

-Daichi and Suga are very lovey-dovey. Sometimes the last thing someone sees before they kill you is them flirting.

-They are definitely still referred to as Mom and Dad.

-Suga is the best sniper in the whole gang. He’s a great hitman.

-Asahi is definitely their nurse and Noya definitely keeps getting “hurt” to see him.

- Noya and Tanaka are their debt collectors. Tanaka is the bite to Noya’s bark.

-Hinata is their newest recruit. Kageyama, one of their most intimidating and skilled interrogators, is assigned to show him the ropes.

-They don’t get along at first, but maybe Hinata saves Kageyama’s life or something and their relationship blooms from there.

- Karasuno runs a super good illegal weapon store thing

- Tsukishima is their hacker. Yes, he does know that the freckly one has a crush on him. No, these feelings he gets just by looking at him are just the effects of living off of coffee and ramen noodles.

- Kageyama and Tsukishima buttheads a lot because Kageyama always wants to punch someone and Tsukishima always tells him no.


-Oikawa is the overall leaders, obviously.

-They don’t split it up into quadrants because Oikawa is that time of person. It works so who cares.

-Iwaizumi is that guy who everyone knows, but no one except five people have actually seen

-Everyone thinks Oikawa and Iwaizumi are fucking and everyone is right.

-They own five territories, the most out of all of the gangs.

-I’m not saying Oikawa and Suga sometimes get together and gossip, but Suga and Oikawa get together and gossip.

- On the outside Oikawa is proud and confident, but behind closed doors he’s just as insecure as in canon, maybe even worse since he’s running a whole empire.

- Iwaizumi is always there.

-Iwaizumi is his shadow, the bodyguard.

-They’ve known eachother since they were kids and all that. Iwaizumi was there when Oikawa’s dad died and he became a fucking King at the age of nineteen.

-Oikawa is a mastermind, he knows everyone sensitives spots. He knows everything.

- I’m not going to get too into the other characters too much, but yes, Matsukawa and Takahiro are the power couple.

- Also Kentaro is definitely that dude who everyone is afraid of. Not a lot of people like to talk to him beside Oikawa, but he’s super busy all the time.

- Yahaba is their mess cleaner, he makes all their problems with the police disappear, he’s hella good at it.

- Yahaba is fearless so he doesn’t give any shits what so ever about Kentaro being a rumoured puppy killer. So he scolds him when he does something bad and all that. At first Kentaro is angry then he’s all like, “Why are you not afraid of me?” to which Yahaba replies “I’ve seen some shit.” Their relationship probably sprouts into to angry make outs, then into something really tender. Bam! Then their engaged.

- Kindaichi is the super flustered sweet one who everyone is like “Wtf is this guy doing here.”


-Akaashi is the beautiful son of the boss.

-Bokuto is the gang leader who is in love with, but is super out of his league.

-That doesn’t stop him from courting him and endlessly flirting with him. Lots of owl puns because that’s their symbol and he thinks Akaashi will like them.

-At first Akaashi thinks Bokuto is just being nice to him to get into his father’s good graces, but then Bokuto does something really Bokuto.

-They have an affair because of course they do.

-Of course, Kuroo and Bokuto are best friends. Their bromance is the sole reason Fukurodani and nekoma get along so well.

-Bokuto one hundred percent shows Kuroo the same pictures of Akaashi asleep over and over again until Kuroo is just like, “stop. bro. please stop.”

-Akaashi’s dad is pretty accepting of the whole “My son loves someone of a lower position than him.”

- Even though he’s super strict about it and threatens Bokuto none stop. He likes Bokuto though because he’s a good leader and he would be good at protecting his son. Since Akaashi is the boss’s son he needs a lot of protecting.

-He’s pushing for a wedding hard and Bokuto does propose because he loves Akaashi so much like damn.

- They own four territories

- Bokuto runs one of them. The Fukurodani volleyball team in canon are all in Bokuto’s gang.

- They are all really fucking good at their jobs.

- Tbh I don’t know a lot about the other team members so…..

- Fukurodani is known for their super elegants and nice parties. Members from nekoma are usually always there, but Karasuno and Aoba Johsai not so much.

- Sometimes these elegant parties are secret meetings in disguise.


-Kuroo is the leader

-Kenma is the stripper he’s in love with.

-Kenma works at a strip club that Nekoma owns.

-The strip club is a very nice place and all the strippers are respected because Kuroo will kill anyone who is rude to them. There are posters on the walls.

-Their relationship isn’t anything beyond the average lap dance yet because Kuroo has this inability to speak words when he’s around and Kenma is convinced that Kuroo has fifty favorite strippers who he asks to see everyday.

-Kuroo is always showering Kenma with gifts

-During the day Kenma is just an everyday college student.

-Yes Kenma knows that Kuroo is a crime boss

-Kuroo and Kenma sometimes just talk in private rooms when Kenma is suppose to be giving Kuroo a lap dance.

-So Nekoma owns three territories

-Nekoma and Karasuno have this rivalry, but it’s nothing serious. It’s a childish squabble.

- Kuroo annoys the fuck out of Daichi and Ukai. He’ll call them up like, “Guess who robbed that bank first or guess who’s strip club is the best in the city.”

-Suga and Takeda have to talk them both down or else they’ll start a gang war

-Kuroo and Bokuto share a bromance. Kuroo usually always talks about Kenma and how he loves him so much. Then Bokuto shows him a picture of Akaashi sleeping and Kuroo wants to kill him.

- Nekoma are best known for their drugs, cocaine mostly.

-They throw these wild ass party with bright light and really loud music. Bokuto is usually always there because he prefers those over the elegant parties Fukurodani throws.

-Akaashi and Kenma get along super well at these parties because they’re usually always there against their will.

-Lev is one of their hitman. He’s really only there because he looks intimidating, but everyone knows he’s just a hyperactive puppy. He’s super loyal.

-Yaku is one of their best drug dealers and is in charge of all the drug stuff.

-They meet by coincidence and Lev just won’t stop annoying Yaku, damn it!


-So with this you get free range, but I’m a self indulgent asshole so I’ll just tell you what I want.

-So basically there’s been a lot of domestic terrorism around, but no one is really paying attention to it. They have bigger things on their plates.

-Okay you’re going to hate me for this one, so Akaashi gets shot.

-This would work out really well because not only is he the boss’s son, but he is also Bokuto, a gang leaders, fiancé.

-Anyway so maybe the whole thing opens up with Kuroo walking into one of their elegant parties which is really codename for secret meeting.

-He’s escorted to their secret meeting room.

-Theirs the boss looking very sullen and Bokuto with dark circles under his eyes.

-They do this intense small talk thing before the boss is finally like, “My son has been shot.”

-Kuroo is completely baffled and sad about this because Akaashi is his friend and he’s angry too.

-They talk more and they think Karasuno is behind this and all of them are just too angry to really think about how wrong that is.

-Also, Akaashi is in this horrible coma thing and it’s heartbreaking and I’m sorry, but he does wake up, but probably not until the very end.

-So Fukurodani surprise attack Daichi’s base of operations.

-There’s some fighting before they stop. It’s not serious, but it’s enough for Karasuno to know that they are now at war.

-At first they think it’s just with fukurodani, but then one of them points out it’s with Nekoma too.

-So over at Aoba Johsai, Oikawa is in bed with Iwaizumi and they just learned this thing has happened.

-So, he gets a meeting with the leaders of all three gangs. Ukai, Kuroo, and Akaashi’s dad. All of their respective bodyguards with them because it could be a trap.

-Oikawa makes some jokes and all that Oikawa stuff before finally he’s like, “Karasuno didn’t shoot your son, sir, have you heard of all of this domestic terror violence happening all around the city?”

- Everyone is baffled because what does that have to do with anything. Well, Oikawa has been keeping a close eye on them and they’re up to something.

-This domestic violence people could be anyone really, but it would be cool if they are a gang who are looking to take the top four gangs down.

-So they shot Akaashi and immediately everyone wants to go after them, but Oikawa stops them because these guys seem to be powerful enough to do a large amount of domestic terror and start a war with four of the top gangs in the whole city.

-Later, these mysterious gang guy start putting Nekoma’s Karasuno’s, etc. names on their terrorism so these guys are smart.

-So the police get involved.

-Everyone is trying to figure out which of the other two gangs it could be.

-Maybe it could be both of them

-Maybe it could be a gang from a completely different city

-You can choose.

That’s it for this long and rather boring au creation. I’m thinking this would look super cool as a comic or something *wink wink* too bad I can’t draw, *wink wink*

Write it.

hermionejean  asked:

do you have any advice for applying to college in general and/or for specifically applying to ivy league colleges? thank you!

Okay, here’s the thing about applying to any college, but especially a highly selective college like an Ivy: it’s all a numbers game. Literally, the admissions office will boil everything you’ve spent the last few years working your ass of for down to a handful of numbers and it sucks, but that’s how it is.

At an Ivy, everyone is going to have your test scores, your grades, and a bunch of extra curriculars. Not that you have to give up hope, hope is good, but it’s something to keep in mind. Still, there are things you can do and some things you can’t control.

  • Some things you just can’t control: race/ethnicity, gender, sexuality, your school and state, your parents’ education level. Schools are trying to build a diverse coalition of students from different races, income levels, and parts of the world and being “different” from their normal (read: rich white male and probably northeastern) can help.
    • Don’t lie about this stuff, obviously but if you do have something that makes you more diverse, share a bit about that if you feel comfortable. (My Common App essay was about how my ethnic identity was tied into my inability to speak Spanish, for example.) This especially helps if your school puts special emphasis on their diverse population (*cough*Columbia*cough*)
  • Get good letters of rec. Remember all letters are going to recommend you go this school so pick teachers who know you well enough to help you stand out. Ask teachers who you have more of a personal relationship with. who liked you and had you for multiple years, if possible. If you can, ask teachers in the field of study you would like to pursue, as long as they’re a core class (English, math, history, science, language, etc.)
    •  If you have an arts or music teacher, coach or gifted teacher who knows you very well and can add a more personal touch to your application, submit something from them as a supplemental second or third letter: most schools allow for this. Don’t send more than one though. Two to three letters is enough.
  • If you have one class that’s a little bit more rough than the others (@AP Calc for me this year) try to work for an upward trend in that grade to show you’re dedicated to improving in the places where you struggle. Yeah, you have to have good grades for an Ivy, but they know you aren’t perfect. They just want to see you’re trying.
  • Take advantage of alumni or campus interviews and use them to make yourself seem more human. My Harvard interview was actually a lot of fun: we talked about fake news, fanfiction, being LGBT at Harvard, and a bunch of other stuff. These people see a lot of rote answers that are just people reciting their resumes for an hour. Be polite and polished, don’t be a afraid to brag a little, but be yourself.
    • Also, if you have gaps in your application (example: I couldn’t afford subject tests, which Harvard recommends) this is often your place to explain those. Take advantage of that.
  • Don’t load up on extra curriculars. It’s stressful as hell (speaking from experience here). Instead pick a handful and show dedication to them. Stay with them throughout your high school career and take on leadership roles where you can.

If you have more specific questions, let me know! Hopefully this is a start though. 

i’m literally begging you guys to distract me

Mute - three

Originally posted by hobiga

Paring: hoseokXreader

Word Count: 3.8k

Summary: You’re mute and it’s been that way since you were ten years old and a series of traumatic events happened. Your only real friend is Yoongi, the one person who understands you without you speaking - that is until Hoseok comes along and opens up your sheltered world.

Notes: Future mature themes, talk of abuse, and more.

One | Two | Three

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Stop using triggered

Triggered. It doesn’t mean angry. The word does not mean sad.

There has been this horrible trend to claim to be triggered based on a misunderstanding of the word. And the new sarcastic and witty response to anyone passionately disagreeing with you is to call the person triggered. It is time to stop this. Now.

Triggered means that a person has had significant trauma and an event has put their body and mind into a place of danger, when there is little to no actual danger. Inability to breathe, panic attacks, uncontrollable crying, inability to speak, freeze flight or fight…these are some of the symptoms. The person’s alarm is on. Their brain is telling them they are in danger. It can also lead to avoidance of triggers so that they do not have to feel that way. It affects function. It can lead to addiction, loss of employment, loss of support system. It’s not a joke.

To use triggered because someone has said something offensive is wrong. People with PTSD can be triggered by media or Internet- but there is a difference is being hurt, angered, saddened and being triggered. To use triggered to make fun of people’s passion is wrong. You are making light or making fun of people who suffer from PTSD. People are allowed to have feelings and not be “triggered”. and people who have PTSD do not deserve to be your punchline.

Do you know the largest two groups of individuals who are diagnosed with PTSD?

Veterans and sexual assault survivors and when the popular trend is making fun of people being “triggered” that is who you are really hurting. That is who you are making fun of. That is who suffers.

Just FYI. If you deal with PTSD. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and eye movement desensitization and processing therapy (EMDR) are the most evidenced based treatments.

There’s Something in Your Eyes

I’m going to kind of combine prompts for this one, and that may be cheating a bit, but I like this enough to submit it for both. First and foremost, this is a Harry Potter AU (Day 13), and I have combined it a bit with Day 17, Prom Night. Of course, the closest thing to a “prom” in the Harry Potter universe would be the Yule Ball! So this will be a two-shot, with part one being posted today, and part two posted on the 17th. I hope you enjoy!

This year, the Triwizard Tournament is being held at Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, where Marinette Dupain-Cheng has been selected as Champion. She is not afraid of most of the challenges that await her. Except one. Fantastic beasts? No problem. Tests of wit? She’s got them in the bag. Asking her crush to the Yule Ball? That’s a different story entirely…

Named for Ajab Si from Om Shanti Om.

Also on AO3

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