A young man stands in his room. It just so happens that today, the 22nd of June, is this young man’s birthday. Thought it was sixteen years ago he was given life, it is only today that he will be given a name! What will the name of this young man be?

>Georgia: Enter name.

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Hmm I somewhat like Eridan using ICE magic but isnt there anything HOLY or anything with the emperor? I mean Eridan also has some pretty angelic themes! Alternate Arcana for him could be the tower and death! At least in my opinion...

Well I do remember that some characters could use multiple elements. Koromaru comes to mind because he had FIRE/DARK magic. So yeah, I can see him having some HOLY magic too. Maybe when his social link maxes out and he upgrades his persona.

Tower is not bad but I really see him as a mix between Hidetoshi Odagiri and Kanji Tatsumi in reference to his personality. He’s smug and all consumed with his goals like Hidetoshi but he’s also really unsure of himself and just wants someone to love him like Kanji. That’s why I think that Emperor Arcana is perfect for him.

And I decided to make Aradia the Death arcana so that’s why I can’t use that.

Hope that answers your questions! (O w O   )

>Read gay porn and fap all over your guitar.

Okay for ONE you do not have GAY PORN in your captchalogue, and secondly why would you ever ew what do you haha no wow you are so dumb how do you even okay NOT EVEN DISCUSSING THIS.

….but more importantly, you realize you don’t have your GUITAR with you! It is in your room (presumably), and you are currently outside on your way to YASOGAMI HIGH so you can hang with all your friends that you totally have.

Oh who are you kidding? Not only is today your birthday, but it is also your FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!


>Name: Yosuke Hanamura.

Oops! Now it looks like he’s still all riled up. Turns out that he doesn’t like exactly being called on what many people claim as OBVIOUS HOMOSEXUALITY, which is PRETTY OBVIOUS to those of us who have played A CERTAIN VIDEOGAME. But for his sake we will ignore it. For now.

Your name is YOSUKE HANAMURA. It is your birthday today, as we learned earlier, although that is kind of BORING considering NOTHING WILL HAPPEN HERE FOR A WHILE. We wanted to see your room to examine your many INTERESTS, but you bustled your ass outside by your sweet BIKE. Your interests are probably COOL though, and you are an all-around COOL KID with TONS OF FRIENDS. No doubt about that.

What will you do?

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Also actually i think the towers themes fit better for aradia well deaths do too much in the arcana the tower is a GREAT SUDDEN UPHEAVAL where as death just is change the tower seems more WHOA there then death does? IDK

also maybe you should make the trolls human! It would allow you more to mess with their designs and you dont have to explain why half the class is grey

Okay. So you made me pause and question my choice for Aradia. So I went through all the card meanings again so that I could really figure this out. (because I remember who all the social links were but not the exact card meanings)

So I think you’re right, maybe Death was not the best arcana choice for Aradia. I’m not sure who I want to use Death for just yet so I’m gonna leave it open. However, I will have to disagree with you on the Tower for Aradia. Going through the description of the Tower it “represents the destruction of all the lies the person has built to protect themselves from others” and “when the tower falls it shows the person for who they really are.” Based on these descriptors, I think Tower fits Vriska really well. For Aradia, I decided to go with the Moon. It represents imagination and unexpected possibilities and how the light of the Moon can show one the way. I think that’s a better choice for Aradia.

As for making the trolls human, I got this question earlier so I’ll just mention the short version: I decided to make it so that humans and trolls just coexist on the Earth and they have for about hundred years. There are still some cultural differences but I think that adds to the charm of the world and everyone’s interactions. Plus, I like the trolls as they are and I didn’t want to change anyone’s character too much.

Really, I’m doing Persona 4 but with the Homestuck characters instead of the regular Investigation Team. Like, I didn’t want to make John to be Souji or Dave to be Yosuke. I want the same plot but with these characters. 

Wow, sorry if I typed waaaaaaay too much. (;;;= ^ =)

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Well you make it sound really cute. Can I give a suggestion though? Wouldnt it be easier to make them all human rather then explaining the presence of trolls in the universe? And then you could experiment with designs. :D (Also EridanRose is super cuteeee)

Well, I thought about that but I like the idea that humans and trolls just coexist on the same planet. I really like the features of the trolls and how they are different but not different from humans. There would be some interesting cultural differences with both the humans and trolls interacting with each other. Plus humans/aliens is hot…ghashgiusdhg

So yeah. In this AU, humans and trolls exist on the Earth like normal. 

Thank you for the compliment. I really like how Eridan and Rose turned out. (U v U///)