>Read gay porn and fap all over your guitar.

Okay for ONE you do not have GAY PORN in your captchalogue, and secondly why would you ever ew what do you haha no wow you are so dumb how do you even okay NOT EVEN DISCUSSING THIS.

….but more importantly, you realize you don’t have your GUITAR with you! It is in your room (presumably), and you are currently outside on your way to YASOGAMI HIGH so you can hang with all your friends that you totally have.

Oh who are you kidding? Not only is today your birthday, but it is also your FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!


>Name: Yosuke Hanamura.

Oops! Now it looks like he’s still all riled up. Turns out that he doesn’t like exactly being called on what many people claim as OBVIOUS HOMOSEXUALITY, which is PRETTY OBVIOUS to those of us who have played A CERTAIN VIDEOGAME. But for his sake we will ignore it. For now.

Your name is YOSUKE HANAMURA. It is your birthday today, as we learned earlier, although that is kind of BORING considering NOTHING WILL HAPPEN HERE FOR A WHILE. We wanted to see your room to examine your many INTERESTS, but you bustled your ass outside by your sweet BIKE. Your interests are probably COOL though, and you are an all-around COOL KID with TONS OF FRIENDS. No doubt about that.

What will you do?