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09.23.16 *Cpt. Jack Sparrow voice* I’ve got a jar full of washiiii!! 

Today was my first day of lectures!! I had 3 out of my 4 lectures and love my professors!! The classes themselves are super interesting too and I can’t wait to get to all the material! My only issue is that my Orgo prof just uses a laser pointer to follow along with problems instead of writing things out ugh. So unhelpful. Can’t wait for my neuro lecture on Monday! After, I hung out with friends before coming home and cleaning up some. Here’s most of my washi collection!

I’m sick and tired of being on this website so much,it’s hurting me and i hate it so im taking a hiatus or well a semi-hiatus,ill be on to queue stuff but im not gonna make text posts,if you really wanna talk to me leave a ask or skype message idc,ill probably take a long time to reply. im gonna try and be off for at least a few weeks so i can straighten myself out offline with things like school and so on. lemme just say this isnt anyones fault ive been meaning to do this for a long time so yeah goodbye for now,nerds.