ina queue

1-2 week (semi-?)hiatus

tomorrow evening i’ll be at our vacation house which is on the middle of an island, so we have no wi-fi and barely any reception at all….meaning that i‘m gonna try making a queue list, but don’t expect a lot of art updates if u can understand my situation lmao

idk how long i’ll be gone, but the positive thing is that it is a nice place and i’ll be able to make and work a lot more stuff with the internet not being easily accessible, so there might be a major art update or something when i get back :)


09.23.16 *Cpt. Jack Sparrow voice* I’ve got a jar full of washiiii!! 

Today was my first day of lectures!! I had 3 out of my 4 lectures and love my professors!! The classes themselves are super interesting too and I can’t wait to get to all the material! My only issue is that my Orgo prof just uses a laser pointer to follow along with problems instead of writing things out ugh. So unhelpful. Can’t wait for my neuro lecture on Monday! After, I hung out with friends before coming home and cleaning up some. Here’s most of my washi collection!