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“He was a passive observer to a force far superior to any strength he could muster against it. The force within him was triggered when he was aroused, angry, depressed, or when something he saw or thought about thrust into his mind. It wasn’t there all the time but it was becoming more frequent. From this point on…Ted would not be able to top seeking out and killing victims. It was not that he couldn’t. He had been giving life to this Entity within him for so many years, turning into a person, allowing it to be in control when it suited him.”

The above excerpt, taken from Dr. Al Carlisle’s I’m Not Guilty, describes a dark controlling force inside Ted Bundy known as the “Entity.” Bundy himself makes various references to the Entity, also calling it the “disordered self” and the “malignant being.” According to Ted, the Entity began its inhabitance during his late teen years and continued to gain control by feeding on the sorrow he felt with each negative experience (ie: breakups and failed classes). Eventually, Bundy was no longer able to control the growing sinister energy and went on to commit an infamous series of sex murders. 

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So I also love romance, but I've gotten in a runt recently bc I feel like I just keep reading the same things over and over. Do you have any book recs that are different/unusual or just good enough that it doesn't matter if it's tropey af?

You’ve probably read a few of these before, but here’s a list of titles you can check out! A few aren’t strictly romance romance, so you’ll have to forgive me.

- Did I mention how much I love The Hating Game? BECAUSE I LOVE THE HATING GAME.  

- Do you want YA angst with a magical bent that will squeeze your heart into itty bitty pieces? Read Sarah Ress Brennan’s Lynburn Legacy series. I want to set myself on fire every time I re-read Kami and Jared’s first scene together. Cassandra Rose Clarke’s Assassin’s Curse duology falls into the same ouch my heart territory. 

- The Viscount Who Loved Me and Romancing Mr. Bridgerton are the best of Julia Quinn’s infamous Bridgerton series. They’re such delightful historical romance novels.

- Tessa Dare’s A Week To Be Wicked is 👌 👌 👌, as are the rest in the Spindle Cove series. 

- Introduce yourself Heather Wells if you haven’t already. Cooper Cartwright is to die for.

- Hi, here’s the dorky steampunk paranormal romance series of your dreams. 

- Brigid Kemmerer’s Elemental series is my lightly paranormal guilty pleasure YA series of choice. FIVE IDIOT BOYS, ALL THE TEEN ANGST YOU COULD WANT. 

- The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater. I always fucking sob at the end. ALWAYS.

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True that. and I like your points too. I also agree that SP shoves NH and Hinata in everyone's faces while downplaying other pairs like SS. Who i really feel bad for is Choji. Not even SP wanted to explore Choji x Kurai. Tenten too. So just curious- if not SP then what studio would you have liked to see handling the series? and ugh i fee llike Sp changes hinatas hair color/features too much and give her screentime too much attention like with the wedding

right? they don’t just stop at the drastic alterations in plot matter, personality or appearance… they literally change every subtle detail that they can possibly touch or even vaguely improve upon too, like her hair colour or facial features.

honestly, i’m not sure which studio i’d prefer to handle naruto. i feel like the secure and “dependable” (i.e. financially stable) studios with the best audience reach, financial backing and merchandising capabilities all produce fillers to drag out the content and cash in on the series anyway… so escaping those episodes in any major/successful series is near damn impossible. but fillers aren’t necessarily an issue, if handled well. i mean, just look at atla and lok!
which actually makes me think:

s/p also (part) animate korra, and are infamous in that series too; scrutinised for doing their shitty job, especially in comparison to the korean studio, studio mir.

so studio mir definitely looks like an obvious choice in answer to your question, anon! but lok’s an american product, whereas naruto is japanese; so would most likely stay with a japanese studio, rather than send the task overseas like a lot of u.s. shows. but in terms of quality, s/m would be a great – but probably unlikely – shout! they also don’t seem to have any impartiality in depicting characters or taking creative control away from the actual creators either; they directly animate what they’re told to and, you know, do their fucking job.
↳ if only all fillers could be manga adapted omakes (written by the author) that are just entertaining, light-hearted and extremely enjoyable, like part one’s unmasking of kakashi! but, then again, that makes them still written by the mangaka and would therefore be considered technically canon. 😅

…yeah, choji and karui? damn, i know. like, they were a literal ass-pull that desperately needed an explanation and s/p didn’t even attempt to touch upon it or feature them! (yet they unnecessarily ingrain hinata into every canon or omake plot-line? priorities, s/p.) which, btw, also leads chokarui lacking in the time-line too… like, since all the couples have kids within the same time-frame, which isn’t a substantial amount of time after the wedding for them to meet, bond, develop a significant enough relationship for her to move, settle down and have a kid.
↳ neither karui nor tenten are hinata though, therefore they don’t matter enough to receive decent enough screen-time. (although, tenten did feature somewhat in the final arc.) it’s s/p after all, we know where their priorities lie.