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mutuals can you help me out pls?

Okay a weird bit of information that made me smile recently: You know the Infamous series? Yeah, the game with the lightning guys and the morality system? Well, like most moral choice games, you typically get about a 50/50 split Good Run vs Evil Run from players. So everyone plays both paths or about half go good only or bad only. 

Infamous 2: Second Son, the version starring Delsin Rowe, apparently was huge majority good-only play-throughs. Meaning the majority of players couldn’t bring themselves to play Delsin as a murderous asshole. This pleased people on the production team a lot. I dunno. That kind of made me happy. Here, lookit his adorable non-murderous face: 

this-will-be-the-gay  asked:

I was introduced to your show via my Audio Narrative and Podcast course at NHIA and it was mainly a gateway into style but I became ADDICTED. I dunno if you've ever heard of inFAMOUS (a game series made by Sucker Punch Productions) but the last game, Second Son, and its DLC/stand-alone game, First Light, touch upon some similar topics as far as government control/manipulation and I was wondering if there are other examples that inspired you for your concept? How did you develop your world?

I have not heard of that game but I will certainly check it out! And I’m sorry: you heard about this podcast in a class? What kind of school are you in? What did you guys talk about in respect to The Bright Sessions? I need details! This is completely amazing and baffling to me. 

When it comes to direct inspiration, there wasn’t any one thing that I consumed where I thought, “oh I like this, I want to make my spin on this idea”. I think everything I’ve ever enjoyed watching/reading/listening to has inspired me. There’s certainly a lot of Joss Whedon in there, some Sondheim, some Pullman, a decent amount of Harry Potter (the genetics of atypicals work pretty much exactly the same as wizards) and countless others that have inspired characters or themes. 

In terms of word building, I always start with character. I built Sam first, then Dr. Bright, then Caleb and Chloe. Then the world was built around them. In terms of the rules of atypicals, a lot of it has been adapted from various superhero/magic media and The AM is largely based on the structure of actual government agencies and rehabs. But for me it always starts with the characters’ inner lives and builds outwards. 

Before the games introduced Shiny Pokemon to the series. an infamous episode of the anime introduced a Pink Buterfree. This is the first time that a pokemon of a different color is seen in any pokemon media. Despite this, the true Shiny Butterfree looks nothing like the one pictured above. The reason for this is likely that the Butterfree wasn’t actually shiny. My theory is that it was a former resident of Pinkan Island.

Pinkan Island appeared in episode 88: In the Pink, and the pokemon on that island eat Pinkan Berries as their staple diet, which turns the Pokemon Pink over time. If they’re eaten often enough, the color change is permanent.  As you can see, Caterpie do live on this Island, making it likely that this is where Pink Butterfree originates from.

No, Miss Walker. You’re a survivor.

{ InFamous Second Son - watercolor sketch series
Delsin | Reggie | Fetch | Eugene | Augustine | Celia }