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You fetishize Narry all the time you call out us Larries for writing smut about Larry but you wrote a 50 chapter fic where they fucked for half of the story hypocritical whore bag.

I’m assuming you’re talking about All the Colors, and that story deals with two young teenagers who go off on a road trip together after graduating high school to waste away the last summer they’re going to have with one another and along the way discover that they aren’t straight and are in love with each other. It also deals with two very different closets and how childhood — particularly childhood trauma and the aftermath — effects such a thing, as well as using religion in a positive way instead of a negative. I’ve had several people message me and tell me that my story has helped them learn to love themselves and admit that they aren’t straight, coming out to themselves and their families and friends. I’d love for you to go to them and tell them what you’ve told me, but you won’t because you’re a coward and a sad, sad person.


On Monday I won a fish, and today an older gentleman stopped by my office to talk about public lands and our local recovering wolf packs. When he mentioned he works with state game wardens to rescue and find sanctuary space for illegally owned wolf/wolf hybrids, I said “Oh! I’d love to see them! Stop by the next time you bring them into town!”

He went straight home and came back with Maggie (fluffy, wolf/malamute, 120 lbs) and Malachi (chill, wolf/husky, 140 lbs), to show them off like any proud caretaker.

It’s been an interesting week.