• Yuri Katsuki, the first half of this show: what did i do to deserve Viktor Nikiforov
  • Viktor Nikiforov, in his head, this entire time: I came to Japan for Yuuri Katsuki because he pole danced half naked, cha-cha-ed with me with a tie on his head, dry humped me while begging me to be his coach, probably saved me from oncoming desolation and depression, my life, my love, my-
  • Yuuri Katsuki, episode 10: i did wHAT
  • *221B*
  • Baby Holmes: *entering; unwinding her scarf*, wait, that means the colleague must have killed her. The baby was his!
  • Sherlock: *nods* Exactly. Can't have his wife finding out his dirty secret. Strangled the mother, tried to make it look like a burglary. His mistake?
  • Baby Holmes: *snaps her fingers* Nothing was taken. And there was no sign of forced entry.
  • Sherlock: *smirks* Most likely had the key for their meetings.
  • Sherlock & Baby Holmes: *high five*
  • Molly: *standing in the kitchen; arms folded* And where have you two been?
  • Sherlock & Baby Holmes: *glance at each other*
  • Sherlock & Baby Holmes: Cinema.
  • Molly: *raises her eyebrow* Do you think I was born yesterday?
  • Baby Holmes: *opens her mouth*
  • Sherlock: *shaking his head, muttering* Don't don't...
  • Molly: *sighs* Sherlock, she's thirteen.
  • Sherlock: *enthusiastic* Exactly. Practically an adult, aren't you? *pats her shoulder*
  • Baby Holmes: *grins* Does that mean I can get a Pokémon tattoo?
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Molly: *smug; mocking* Well, she is practically an adult, dear.
  • Sherlock: *hesitates* Wouldn't you rather have something else?
  • Baby Holmes: *thinking* How about a tongue piercing?
  • Sherlock & Molly: No!

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In some South American cultures, adolescent boys have to go through an initiation into adulthood through a spiritual ceremony. They believe that opening the kundalini will help good spirits or angels guide us through our human experience.

Not many cultures today still practice the ritual of spiritual initiations which I believe has led us to forgetting our way back to our spiritual home; the centre of the self; Singularity.