headcanon -

that after keith left for the bom, lance missed him so much (despite the everyday video chats) and finally broke before sneaking into keith’s room and just sleeping there

it happened when he was particularly upset, especially since that night keith was too busy and couldn’t make their video chat. when lance crawled into keith’s bed, he burst into tears, and practically cried himself sick

from then on, he’d retreat to keith’s room if he felt too anxious or upset, because the room still had a faint smell of keith and it calmed lance down.

bonus: when keith found out (it happened when they were video chatting and keith realized it was his room), he went really red before saying softly, “i would be with you if i could.”

bonus bonus: the next time they meet face to face, they slept in the same bed together, in keith’s room, snuggling and very much enjoying each other’s company

I just want to be your peace. When your head lays on my chest, I want you to forget the world and all it’s problems. Escape in me and give me all your stress and worries, I’ll take it all for you just to see you smile without having to fake it.

Joe Brock

I’ve read so many fics about Harry and Draco getting together after harry’s divorce with Ginny, that all this time I’ve believed that to be true.

It completely slipped my mind that Harry and Ginny are actually still married in the canon universe.


John Boyega said Finn is now known as a space terrorist.

Interesting, I feel like another actor has described his character in much the same way. It’s almost like they’re trying to show how messy and morally blurred the lines get in matters of war and conflict, and how it’s all about perspective.