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I hate using anon but I just had to say this - Back To Us seriously made me take a hard look at my own life and everything that's been happening in it. I've felt so much like Adrien recently and it was so crazy to relate to a character so closely. I'm going through a hard time in my life and your fic has given me so much courage to keep going. You bring emotions to life to vividly that I felt every scene you put in the fic, all the good and the bad. You are an amazingly talented writer ❤️

Ahhh, thank you!!!

I’m always blown away by messages like these; this madness I write for fun actually manages to speak to people beyond what I ever intended, and it’s mind-blowing every time~

Thank you so much for reading~ I hope things work out for you, Nonny! <3

-slamming fists on table- Just! Because! A person! In! A same! Sex! Relationship! Is! The! Bottom! -breaks table- DOES NOT MEAN THEY HAVE TO BE CUTESY AND HELPLESS

❤️I crave you. I get the pleasure of thinking “how did I get this lucky?” every time I think about you, hear your voice, see a picture of you, and every time I look at you. I could go on and on for days about how special and important you are to me and whisper sweet nothings of how much I love you into your ear, but the truth is that no amount of words or poems, hugs or kisses, memes or Tumblr posts that could ever possibly express how much i love you 🌹
I adore, love, and cherish you for who you are on the inside and your absolutely breathtaking on the outside.
Your my best friend and the best girlfriend, partner, companion, and lover I could ever want or dream of.
When we first became friends I always had an amazing feeling every time we would talked, I knew I couldn’t resist falling for you. I knew even then that you’d be my world. You gave me the entire galaxy and everything beyond, when I was just expecting to get a planet 🌎 You are my starlight ⭐️