Do you think Mason texted Brett saying he needed his help and Brett just like dropped his knitting needles and half-sewn cardigan, or whatever they do in prep school, and ran like all the way to beacon hills high not stopping to change out of his sweater vest because “i doN’T HAVE TIME MASON NEEDS ME”

When someone likes a thing: YEAH!

When someone reblogs a thing: HELL YEAH!

When someone adds a comment: HELL TO THE MOTHERFUCKING YEAH!

When someone agrees with you by making an argument you vehemently disagree with: HELL TO THE MOTHERFUCKING NO!


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I’m not even sorry this is my collective phone backgrounds like. yes. look at all the man candy I surround myself with.

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I got my hair cut very short, I’m gonna read some Marlowe for the first time ever and drink tea or possibly write some script stuff, and I will FUCKING FIGHT ANYONE WHO IS MEAN TO MY FRIENDS RN I WILL FIGHT YOU.

My view from the plane window on the flight path from LBA to Alicante, it was a lovely day for flying as the sky was so clear! This was taken on my iPod touch 5 - the camera quality is surprisingly good! I’ll have some images to upload off of my Nikon sometime next week 😄📷✈️ by katieboltonphotography

1am thoughts..

Who is that voice in your head, that voice that does all the talking? All the thinking, all the buzzing? That constant noise that keeps you moving that gives you words to say, is that who you are? It’s not. You are the silence between the noise in your head. That silence is the calm of the storm that is your life. That silence is you. So if you want to know yourself, or who you are, quiet your mind. It’s not easy and it will most definitely change your life once you drown out that noise inside. Your life is not as bad as you think, the noise tells you it is bad, the noise tells you it can get better. But you are alive, you are aware, and you are this awesome organism, the most resilient and adaptive and evolved life form we have ever known. And once you yourself find that out, you’ll realize it cannot get any better than that. It can’t get better than this.