On Monday I won a fish, and today an older gentleman stopped by my office to talk about public lands and our local recovering wolf packs. When he mentioned he works with state game wardens to rescue and find sanctuary space for illegally owned wolf/wolf hybrids, I said “Oh! I’d love to see them! Stop by the next time you bring them into town!”

He went straight home and came back with Maggie (fluffy, wolf/malamute, 120 lbs) and Malachi (chill, wolf/husky, 140 lbs), to show them off like any proud caretaker.

It’s been an interesting week.

            i  never  realized  the  importance  of  katherine’s  quote   “  i’m  the  one  that  taught  you  how  to  love      until  now.    i  understood  it ,    i  agreed  with  it ,    but  i  never  truly  realized  just  how  deeply  she  impacted  damon’s  personality.    his  fierce  love ,    his  passion   –––––––       that  comes  from  katherine.    granted  a  lot  of  it  comes  from  him   –––––––       she  didn’t  give  him  emotions ,    everyone  has  them   –––––––       but  she  encouraged  him  to  feel  them  fully  and  capitalize  on  them.    katherine  is  nothing  if  not  dramatic  and  damon  adapts  that  style  later  on.    not  only  did  he  love  katherine ,    but  he  also  admired  her.    he  admired  her  power  and  grace  and  charm ;    he  not  only  wanted  to  be  with  her ,    he  wanted  to   be   her.    he  wanted  to  be  the  mysterious ,    chaotic  vampire  that  she  was  and  he  eventually  became.    once  sage  reminded  him  of  everything  he  loved  about  vampirism ,    he  stopped  simply  existing  and  started  living  the  life  he’d  dreamed  of.    he  remembered  the  passion  that  katherine  evoked   –––––––       the  jealousy ,    the  love ,    the  desire ,    the  ambition ,    the  wanderlust ;    all  of  it ,    and  he  capitalized  on  it.    and  then  he  waited  for  her.    yes ,    he  slept  with  other  women ,    but  as  they  said :    it’s  only  ever  been  katherine.    love  meant  waiting.    love  meant  second  chances ,   and  third  chances ,    and  even  fourth  chances  because  it  meant  never  giving  up.    he  will  wait  forever  for  the  woman  he  loves  because   that’s  what  katherine  taught  him.    even  though  it  didn’t  work  out  in  the  end ,    he  spent  145  years  loving  her  absolutely  and  putting  her  above  everyone ,    even  himself ,    and  that  is  now  ingrained  on  his  heart.    whether  or  not  you  believe  he  still  loves  her ,    there  is  no  denying  that  her  shadow  lurks  behind  every  object  of  his  affection  because   she’s  the  one  that  taught  him  how  to  love   and  that  will  never  go  away.

Ok but ghouls being in heat…and at least one in heat exactly like a cat. Where they do that stupid thing where they rub themself on everyone and stick their asses in everyone’s face. And yowling forever.

And spray bottles with water having to be everywhere so Papa and the sisters can spray the ghouls every time they take it too far or just get too annoying.

The image in my head will NOT go away and its so dumb and I love it.