Operation Henderson and Harrington Pt. 3 ~ Mini-Series

Summary: The kids take it upon themselves to test their matchmaking skills. With a little help, they form a plot to get you and Steve together by Halloween.

Pairing: Steve Harrington x (Henderson!You) Reader

Word Count: 1.5k

Warnings: Language! Mostly from Dustin.

A/N: Part Three is up!!! Enjoy!

Part One ~ Part Two ~ Part Three ~ Part Four (Coming Soon)

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Phase Three of Operation Henderson and Harrington: Shopping.

You hummed as you made your way through the Halloween store that was located about a mile outside of Hawkins. Everyone knew this was the best place to go to for all costume and decorating needs. You already had found black attire at a regular clothing store, attire meaning black leggings and a black shirt to wear underneath the signature pink jacket, for yourself and the two girls but the pink jacket could only be purchased at a costume store.

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Did you just legitimately tell me that because Riot made a poor design choice–in your opinion–that you’d condone child pornography?

She is shaped like a child, acts like a child, and no matter how old she is, she is depicted as a child.

Our world doesn’t have ‘ancient beings shaped like children’, and you know what this porn is going to encourage? Actual pedophiles that prey on actual children.

Are you for real sitting there telling me that you’re okay with people drawing graphic porn of people sticking their dicks in a small, innocent, child-like being because you think that she’s not worthy of being an aspect and failed the design, so she should literally be raped and despoiled? That’s what child pornography is. No child can actually consent. No child would want to consent to that.

I understand being mad. Could’ve come up with a cooler aspect, sure. I was mad about Jhin’s shitty poncho design but I got over it.

But you’re condoning child pornography because you think she deserves it.

I’m astounded. Appalled.

But you do you. I just hope you know what you wrote.

Out of curiosity i checked my art tag and i’ve made around 360 art posts in 2.5 years, and some of them are photosets, and now i’m just asking myself why do i feel like i don’t draw enough dhjks

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I actually have glow in the dark stars and (I think) planets. I should probably put them around my room. That might make me feel better. I honestly forgot I had them. Thanks for reminding me and making me feel better

I recommend everyone buy a cheap set of glow in the dark stars! They really held make the night less scary. I actually put the constellation for Scorpio (my sign) over my bed! I’ve got the others scattered around my walls, a few on the dresser side that faces my bed, and one I stuck to my light so it glows really beautifully when I turn the lights off.

sg producers: floriana is just too busy!! sanvers had to end, floriana asked to leave and her schedule is insane so idk how we’ll ever get her back!!

floriana: *posts insta stories of her laying around taking naps with a puppy and kissing cats* yep….. so busy… can barely find time to breathe, haven’t slept in years, someone save me from this hell…