Embrace life and change:

We fall.
We’re all human.
What’s important is the outcome. We learn. We keep going. That’s all we can do. Work on becoming a better human being day in and day out. Get back up and conquer the fight. Do whatever it takes to get where you want to be with the person you want beside you. Love as hard as you can. Keep a smile on that face. Make the most of this life while we all still have a chance. Don’t go down without a fight. Better days are always coming. Keep your head up. You’ll get what you deserve and that’s pure bliss and happiness.

In some South American cultures, adolescent boys have to go through an initiation into adulthood through a spiritual ceremony. They believe that opening the kundalini will help good spirits or angels guide us through our human experience.

Not many cultures today still practice the ritual of spiritual initiations which I believe has led us to forgetting our way back to our spiritual home; the centre of the self; Singularity.