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you are the master of metaphor... what is your secret

THAT IS SO KIND. Definitely not true, but super kind of you to say.

(Iawknow if anyone else does this, but one of my favorite things to do while walking alone is to let my brain be in this highly sensory, very aware, yet very loose and limber place – just practicing noticing, practicing seeing, and letting words float up on strings and do whatever they want to do. Visually it feels like setting a concept down on a big white sheet, open to all possibilities, and seeing little tendrils from other concepts reach out and offer their twisted ends. And you sort of try them on, test the connection no matter how sideways the two threads might seem, and see how many knots you can make.)

In some South American cultures, adolescent boys have to go through an initiation into adulthood through a spiritual ceremony. They believe that opening the kundalini will help good spirits or angels guide us through our human experience.

Not many cultures today still practice the ritual of spiritual initiations which I believe has led us to forgetting our way back to our spiritual home; the centre of the self; Singularity.


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