I have decided that I want to exist solely in t-shirt dresses, plaid flannel, and leggings - though I’ll throw in the occasional skinny jean for variation.

I just want to be COMFORTABLE in clothes that feel like pajamas all day long. Is that so much to ask? (Musings brought to you by the fact that I bought my first t-shirt dress. If it works out, I’m getting five other colors and then just buying a crap ton of crazy leggings and tights. You guys. I’m gonna be so flipping cozy.)

Steve Rogers/Captain America - Loose Fitting

As an agent of SHIELD, you would think that you would wear tight bodysuits just like everyone else, but not you. You preferred to wear loose clothing, everything from your jeans, to your pjs, and even your uniform was loose fitting. You have worked with Steve Rogers and the Avengers for some time now, you’ve always harbored feelings for the Captain, but never told him. What was the point, right? Steve has never seen you in anything but your loose clothing, so when he walks into the kitchen one morning to find you making coffee in your yoga pants and a tight fitting tank top all he can do is stare. Not in a disrespectful manner, but more so in shock and awe. When you turn around and catch him staring he gets quite nervous and flustered and blurts out something that shocks you.

Steve x Fem!Reader, Natasha x Fem!Reader (platonic), Wanda x Fem!Reader (platonic)

Requested by the lovely @theoneandonlysaucymo

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Coming Home

You open the door to your shared apartment with your boyfriend.

“Hey I’m home!” You yell as you walk in closing the door behind you. You are met with silence. “Hello?” You say looking around.

Usually he comes and attacks you with hugs and kisses to make you feel better after the hectic day at work. You knew he was home because his car was outside. Walking into the house further you hear the tv on.

“Babe?” You say walking slowly towards the living room. As you come up to the living room you notice him laying down on the couch sleeping. You smiled to yourself and put your bag down onto the table. He had practice earlier for his comeback so he’s been exhausted this whole week.

Turning around you go into your bedroom to change. It felt so good to take off your work clothes and put on comfy clothing after a long day at work. As you were finished putting on your pjs, you wrap your hair up in a messy bun.

You walk out of your bedroom and go into the living room. He was still sound asleep. You debated on cuddling up to him or just letting him sleep. You decided on letting him sleep so you sat on the other side of the couch.

You take the remote and change the channels until you found something you liked. As you continued flipping through the channels your boyfriend started moving. You look over at him as he’s stretching. He lifts up his upper body and looks around. Seeing you sitting there he smiles and crawls over to you.

“Hey when did you get home from work?” Taking your face in his hand he kisses you.

“Not too long ago.” He leans back and you go to lay down on his chest.

“How was work?” He said combing his fingers through your hair as you drew invisible patterns on his shirt.

“Horrible. Sometimes I just want to quit but it’s a good job that I know I would be miserable somewhere else. Today …..” You started telling him everything that happened. He would say things to make you feel better after each incident.

“You should just come work with me.” He said and you laughed. “Then you can see me 24 hours a day.”

“I wish.” You say leaning up and kissing him. He placed his hands on your hips. You folded yours under your chin and faced him as he talked.

“Me too. Then I get to see your beautiful face from the time you wake up to when we fall asleep. Instead of just morning and night.” You smiled at him.

“I would love that. Or we can just run away to a beautiful place and just escape for awhile.” You say getting up. He laughs and gets up. You start to walk away as he grabs you and pulls you down onto his lap.

“Where do you think your going missy?” He says as you both are face to face with each other.

“I’m hungry.” You say pouting. He lightly touches your face putting the hair in your face behind your ear. Then places his arms around your waist.

“We can just order something.” He says leaning back with you on his lap.

“Fine what do you….” You start saying as he interrupts you kissing your neck. You laugh and push him away. “Can we order first?” He smiles and nods.

“Yeah…” He says sighing and letting go of your waist. “I missed you all day.” He says pouting. You lean over and kiss him.

“Me too.” You bite your lip and get up. “After we eat we can cuddle and ……” You mumble the rest as you walk out of the room teasing him.

“And what!?” He yells from the living room.

“Wait and find out!” You yell back laughing as you take the phone in your hand. As you hear him sigh loudly.

Hellsing Headcanon Time!!!: Sleep
  • Sleepwear and sleeping position.
  • Alucard: Regular clothes and sleeps on his back.
  • Integra: Probably work clothes. She just falls into bed. Sleeps stick straight on her back.
  • Seras: Those blue PJs and she sleeps in a nice tight ball.
  • Walter: sweat pants and a T-shit. He sleeps on his side.
  • Pip: Boxers or butt naked. He sleeps sprawled out and snores.

anonymous asked:

Who does the laundry? Or is everything, everything sent out? Somehow it's difficult to imagine you both sitting down to fold laundry lol

All of Mycroft’s close are sent out and all of my work clothes are. I wash my every day clothes and pijamas. I insist on washing his pjs too. Its stupid to have them professionally cleaned.

- A.

I had a breakdown this morning

Because every outfit I put on for work looked shit. My bump is really visible now but I’m definitely still in the is she pregnant or just fat stage so all my clothes look awful. So when I came home I had a shower, put my new stretchy pjs on and emptied my wardrobe. I’ve thrown out five bin bags of clothes that I either don’t wear, don’t like or are going to make me feel like shit. I’ve definitely been too giddy and thrown out too much but I don’t care, I don’t want to feel like crap every morning when I’m getting ready.

so i work at home on tuesdays and fridays.

i often start the day in my pjs.  but usually before noon i’ve showered and put on clothes.  sometimes i go to the gym at lunchtime and then shower and put on clothes.

today however, i am going out with friends later, which means putting on nice clothes.  but i don’t want to sit at my home office computer in a cute dress.  nor do i want to put on comfy clothes, and then change again later into a dress.  so basically that means waiting to shower until i’m ready to put on nice clothes.

result: it’s almost 4pm and i am still in my pajamas.