im so excited yet so nervous about my life atm. in three months ill hopefully be living in seattle (which means i have to make the move from louisiana to washington state with three cats, a dog, a rabbit, two rats and a snake? which isnt feasible at all!!! but i love them all so much i just dont even know what im doing regarding them yet). that means moving into an entirely new house, new city thats WAY bigger than my current one, and find a new job. I’m also hoping to find a doctor asap and start HTR soon after the move and living full-time as a female. which is so exciting and terrifying at the same time. i’ll hopefully have my name legally changed after a few months of living there as well. 2015 feels like it just began but 2016 will be here before i know it and hopefully my life will be so radically different. hopefully i can achieve all of my goals and become the person as know i want to be. i am so ready to transition (hopefully not too quickly and with ease lgkhklkjkjlkvmvmxcn) and start making music again and make friends that accept me and form a sense of community with Actual Local Trans People and just….hopefully i’ll stop feeling so lost lol.

Today I was told the reason why my medication wasn’t being upped. A massive reason was because of how much it was cost the NHS.

I’m on 60mg of Fluoxetine (otherwise known as Prozac), I take 20mgs. Which is 3 a day. I get a prescription that is meant for someone who takes one a day for a month, meaning I pay more than I need to. Today I asked my doctor if it was possible if I could change over to the 60s. His reply shocked me. It costs the NHS 99p to give someone a month of 20mgs, while if I was given single 60mgs it would cost the NHS £30. This is something I heard about my other medication; I couldn’t have my prescription put back to how it was months ago because it would cost the NHS too much money.

With what’s going on at the moment my doctor told me that if I was private my prescription for one month of flux at 60mg would cost me £30. That’s for one prescription. I have 4 others.

Now I’m not claiming that we have the most perfect and brilliant national health service, but we do have one. Something we are extremely lucky to have. I am personally terrified by the cuts and privatisation that is going on in the NHS right now because of how much id have to pay for one month. Something I will never be able to afford, therefore I will never recover or get better. Simple as that.

I am a proud supporter of the NHS and think of Nye Bevan as one of my idols. Privatisation of the NHS is a terrifying thought but because of what this new government is doing and planning on doing, it’s a realistic thought.

Action is required.

Less than two months after being released from the hospital, Ebola survivor Dr. Ian Crozier developed intense pain and fading vision in his left eye, which to his horror changed from blue to green. Doctors found Crozier’s eye awash with the Ebola virus, which they had initially thought he was clear of, The New York Times reports.

Though it is quite rare for eye color to change so dramatically, this does happen from time to time as a result of viral infections and is usually permanent. Changes in color are usually due to the viral infection damaging pigmented cells in the iris. Following treatment, however, Crozier’s eye returned to normal, though it remains unclear why.

Crozier’s doctor speculates that the change in eye color could be a consequence of the viral infection that has caused a “transformation” in the metabolism of the iris, which is uniform everywhere. What precisely this metabolic alteration may have been, however, remains a mystery. Foster tells The New York Times that this could happen again to other Ebola survivors.

Since last year’s epidemic, the focus has been on treatment and prevention, and doctors are now being confronted with what’s been described as ‘Post-Ebola Syndrome.’ Crozier and a number of West African survivors report a range of symptoms, such as visual problems and joint, muscle and chest pain, since contracting the virus. As Denise Grady reports, Crozier’s doctors were surprised to find the virus inside his eye because although the virus may be found in semen for months after a patient recovers, other body fluids were thought to stay clear.

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Every month right before my period I had really depressed and anxious and I really need to cut right now but I haven't in over two years so I can't but I feel like I need to and I don't know what to do.

It’s common for people to get more depressed in the time before or during their period because of hormonal changes in your body.

Talk to your doctor about it. It could be just a change in your mood due to hormonal changes (which, like I said, is common) or it could be PMDD.

The changes in your mood could be enough to trigger the urge to cut. But knowing what your trigger is could help you to not give in to those urges.

oh my god I am so upset. I just got an e-mail from the visa application people so yay, right? except they are asking for a TON more paperwork. Which costs another $250 to file. This is like the beginning process all over.

Also they want Madde to get a full physical (including chest x-ray???) from their chosen doctor which we of course also have to pay for out of pocket and have to schedule ourselves to hopefully get within the next few week somehow???

And we need to call to schedule an interview with the US embassy in Stockholm. Which this new paperwork needs to be completed and accepted first in order to get.

All of this being last minute is not our fault! They literally just gave this all to me right now, even though they have known the final date (which we had to change for them once already because they were taking so long) for months. Why couldn’t they have given this to me at the beginning? They accepted the application last August. I applied last July. They told me that it would take 6 months. hahahahaha.

I am so upset and stressed right now.

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how much does Ritalin and Adderall cost? I don't know if my parents can afford it

It really, really depends. Some generic immediate release formulations cost  less than $15 a month, and some brand-name extended release formulations cost up to $300 a month. These prices assume you don’t have prescription coverage on your health insurance, which would change the prices as well. Tell your parents about GoodRx, a website to compare US pharmacy prices on different medications, and let your parents and doctor figure out which medication will work the best for the least cost.


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Sorry for the silly question, but a lot of ftm people seem to get hormones (during transition) by needle or other injection-type things. As someone with a huge fear of anything sharp and "sticky" (much less going under the skin) , do you know if there are other ways to do it, like by oral pill for example? Just curious, as i keep getting mixed results ; ;

There are! You can try gels as well as pellets. I’m not too familiar with the pellets, but I am with gels. I was on gels for 9 months and didn’t really see any changes. I mean there were some, but not like the guys who were on shots. So if you don’t mind changes happening at a slower pace, then gels are for you! I would totally recommend going to see a doctor and choosing which method works best for YOU and what your comfortable with and trying to get out of your transition. The internet is a really great source of info, but it can also be very misguiding. A doctor can tell you 100% what your options are. 

Hi, my name is Crystal. I’m a mom with two little boys and a wonderful husband. After almost two years staying in a efficiency(which we moved into because our previous apartments kitchen ceiling collapsed) we finally moved into a safe rented home a little over a year ago. We struggled, sacrificed and worked our butts off to get to this point for our kids.
Unfortunately I also suffer from mental illness. I have OCD, depression and panic disorder. I’ve been getting therapy and have been on medication for a little over five years now. I had reached a good place, had control on my panic and was doing well. That all changed a couple months when my medication stopped working for me. Unfortunately sometimes your body gets too used to a medication and it stops being helpful. Which caused my panic attacks to come back full force. I immediately contacted my doctors but it takes work and time to find the right new medication. Which means my husband missed quite a bit of work for doctors appointments, breakdowns and emergency room visits. On top of that my husband’s work has fallen on hard times(cutting lots of jobs and even getting rid of a shift entirely) so there is no chance of getting extra hours to catch up. We don’t have a lot of wiggle room financially so we have fallen behind quickly on all of our bills. I am starting to get better and trying to find work myself to help with the bills. But we are quickly running out of time.
This is where this campaign comes in. While I hate asking for help we need it. We have no where to go if we lose this place. And I can’t stand the thought of my children losing the home they love so much(and deserve) because of my mental health. If you can help in any way it would mean the world to us! Even if it’s just a share :) I have put the link below. Thank you all so very much, I really appreciate it.


It’s only been three months, four days and twenty-seven
minutes since the Master finally dragged himself out of the 
War, and somehow he is already back on Earth. AGAIN. 
It’s as though he’s caught in some kind of ridiculous vicious 
cycle: scheming and failing and running right back for more (a  
cycle which the tiny part of his brain that sounds an awful lot like  
the Doctor particularly enjoys referring to using phrases such as 
‘masochistic evil boomerang’ but he doesn’t pay much attention 
to that of course.) Could it be time for a change? Being good 
doesn’t sound too hard, and it must have its perks or else nobody 
would do it. Maybe he could open a cosy little suit shop. Or put his 
big brain to work on curing disease or ending world hunger or ―

Heh. Nah. Now that he thinks about it all of that sounds terribly dull 
and it’s not as though literally ruling the universe isn’t worth a bit of
hassle here and there. He just needs to be better. 

Population spreadsheet open, plotting playlist prepared, and laughing quietly, 
the Time Lord cracks his neck and gets down to business. What? Haven’t
you ever seen a man cackle while he works?

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Is it possible for depression to change into bipolar? I used to be massively depressed all the time but the past few years I've had what seem to be manic phases followed by a recurrence of depression. Each phases lasts a few months.

Hi love,

I’m not a professional, but it could be bipolar disorder. Each “phase” usually lasts a few months, like you described. There are different types of bipolar, so it may have been bipolar all along. As I said, though, I’m not a professional, which means I can’t give you a diagnosis. You should see a doctor who can give you a diagnosis and come up with a treatment plan. Bipolar, like any mental illness, can become dangerous if it’s left untreated, so you should see a doctor as soon as possible. 


I'm Here

I’ve been MIA lately. Last week I went to my parents’ doctor, who diagnosed me with non-alcoholic fatty liver. He told me that was the cause of the pain on my right upper quadrant. He gave me a medicine, which reduced the pain in a couple of days. Yesterday I got an ultrasound: the fatty liver is confirmed, plus I also have a polyp on my cholecyst. Now I’m strangely calm: my doctor reassured me and explained I need to take the medicine for 6 months and get an ultrasound again after the cure. He told me the pain could be caused by biliary sand. Needless to say, I drastically changed my diet: I’m trying to follow the Noom green food regimen, which will eventually lead me to vegetarianism. I’m taking a 1,5/3 km walk every day and I’m very motivated. I love my body as it is and I’ve never wanted to diet, but the fear of pain is stronger.

Morning Motivaton! Weight loss Wednesday #Determined2Satisfied

Check out @__amelodii. She has done it; help me salute her!! “Confession: I lost 102lbs. Gained 12lbs back ‘cause I became too comfortable. Wasn’t eating enough, consumed Monsters/Rip-its daily for 4 months, overeating healthy foods, and became utterly lackadaisical/lethargic, the doctors say. Honestly, I was depressed, but refused to admit it. Began doing things like hide my gained weight behind jackets or refused to look at myself in the mirror after showers’ cause I was disgusted, but I wouldn’t admit that either. Since my fiancé noticed a change in my behavior, I confided in him and he has become a source of motivation for me. I lost 4lbs of the 12lbs I gained. I’m currently 247.4lbs, which gives me a grand total of 94lbs lost. In order to be effective to those looking up to us, one must be absolutely honest of bad days, which isn’t often done so. Weight loss ain’t easy, but you must NEVERRRRR give up. Pick yourself up and keep going. Put your excuses to the side and remember this…"YOU ARE CAPABLE”. Be STRONGER than your EXCUSES. We CAN do this! As I’m encourging you, I’m speaking LIFE to my situation too. Amen". @__amelodii. @__amelodii. @__amelodii.
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