Hello, guys. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but in my beloved, you’d think civilised, beautiful country, located in central Europe, Poland, the basic human rights are about to be taken away from women. Why is that? The Polish government, inspired mainly by the Catholic Church (that has definitely too much power in Poland), has created an anti-abortion project. For now, abortion in Poland is legal in case of rape or if the mother’s/child’s life is in danger. If the anti-abortion project comes through (which is very likely) the situation of Polish women will change dramatically:

- aborting a pregnancy that has started because of rape will no longer be legal (3 months to 5 years of prison for the mother and the doctor),

- aborting a pregnancy that endangers the mother’s life will no longer be legal (3 months to 5 years of prison for the mother and the doctor),

- aborting a pregnancy in case of a fatal disease of the fetus will no longer be legal (3 months to 5 years of prison for the mother and the doctor),

- the project says that whoever puts the woman in a situation of a probable miscarriage could be charged of 3 years in prison, which in practice means that some of the medical exams (like the prental exam which helps to indicate if the fetus is healthy) could not be available because of the doctors being afraid of going to prison,

- it all also means that men could get easily away with rape, since the women would be afraid of going to the police in case they got pregnant and didn’t want to give birth to the rapist’s child (which they will now be forced to do),

- also, on the side of this project, the Catholic Church wants to make in vitro even less available for families struggling to have children, since apparently “it’s basically just killing unconcieved babies” (?? fuck logic),

- what’s more, they’ve recently withdrawn chemical contraception for women from the pharmacies (things like spermicidal gels, liquids, creams, vaginal suppositories) cause they’re apparently “dangerous for women’s health”, so now the only contraception available without a prescription are condoms,

- don’t even get me started with the level of sexual education in Poland which is basically non-existent. Recently, just this week, a 12 year old girl gave birth to a child. A 12-yr old!! She had sex (they said it was consensual, but who fucking even believes this shit) with a 29 year old man. The doctors said she didn’t even know what was going on during the labour, she of course had to have C-section because her body was obviously not ready to have a baby at such young age. There are so many cases like this.

- all of this is supposed to “help” with the demographic decline and to “encourage” people to have more kids. Let me tell you something - if anything this encourges me to is to not have babies  a t    a l l.

Let me also show you some of the social media responses of “pro-life” activists and give you a glimpse of what kind of shit Polish women have to deal with:

“If the pregnancy started because of rape, the only victim is the child that can lose its life.”

“If abortion is such a dramatic decision to make, it’ll be better to not let women make it. To ban abortion.”

“Womanhood is all about being in service of life. Women/female MPs who are against life, contradict their own womanhood.”

“All of these women screaming that “their belly, their choice” [should know] that the life in their bellies belongs only to the child. Selfish women, assassins like during Holocaust. You just lend your body to give new life. You should be happy you were not killed. There should be no abortion.”

“Abortion is barbaric (…) and it will be remembered as equally bad as genocide and gas chambers.”

I found these in 5 minutes. Women are treated with no respect, they’re believed to be stupid and not fit to make decisions about their own bodies. Men leading our country (most of them are very religious) want to decide about what we should do with our bodies. Please, help us. Spread the word. We are trying to fight this, but we’re in the minority… The world needs to know!!


Guys, if you wanna help, there’s a petition to sign!!

[tw: weight loss]
A little over a year ago vs. now - over 10kg lighter and better at posing. 
I lost a lot of weight because I had to change my eating habits after being diagnosed with diabetes, along with an underactive thyroid, a year ago. I was really shocked, and the fact that doctors couldn’t figure out which type I was, wasn’t helping. I love junk food and I had to cut it drastically. I also started working out, cause one of the doctors recommended it. I’m too self-conscious to go to a gym, so I started lifting weights at home and I even came to like the idea of getting stronger. After just 3 months of eating less carbs and cutting sugar drastically I could get off meds. So for now I just have to keep eating well, exercise and monitor my blood sugar. I still eat potato chips and cookies and chocolate and veggie burgers, but not as often as I used to, and in smaller portions. 

cathawayinspace  asked:

Hope everything went well with your mother!!:))) Lots of love and support!!:))

Thank you, dear! <3 I’ve been in a major slump since yesterday because the main thing we learnt at the doctor’s was that they need to perform several more tests, and mom’s next doctor’s appointment is in a month from now. Which means there’s another month of waiting till we know more concrete things about the cancer.

It’s like we haven’t learnt anything and I’m trying not to be impatient because these things take time. But the truth is, I’m feeling more helpless than ever.

And mom still won’t tell her own mom about the diagnosis, and now every time I see grandma I feel guilty she’s being kept in the dark. Today she asked in a quiet worried voice if everything’s ok and mom said no and mentioned the tests in a vague sort of way but she didn’t tell her about the diagnosis. If it were me, I’d have told grandma last week but it’s not my decision to make, and mom and grandma don’t have the relationship mom and I have, she doesn’t have to tiptoe around me.

Thank you for your message!

today is a great day! 

  • first time on my birthday that it’s not raining or cloudy
  • i was able to resolve my dad’s insurance problem and he got stay with his former physician and we didn’t have to wait a month for it to be official 
  • i confirmed and changed his eye doctor appoint. 
  • i got a new bathing suit yesterday 
  • my sister bought me an iphone (which makes my other sister look bad bc she only got me flowers i hate and chocolate)
  • i was social on fb w\o wanting to kill myself 
  • ouat writers let me see august in leather and a motorcycle last night
  • i have a half made plan on how im gonna get my shit together
  • danni made an edit and it made me cry

all around good so far 

Mommy help 🙁plz...

So my grandpa is a pediatrician and he just so happens to be my babies doctor ( not really by choice ) more like a given… he’s the doc in the family which means it’s only right to take the kids to him 😒 it’s Complicated.. anyway Mia is only 3 months old and I’m assuming that due to this drastic weather change she’s gotten sick. I hate calling my grandpas office because then I’d become “That Mom” you know the one who brings her kids in over a slight fever 🤒 or a stomach ache.. my older son jay is 5 and hardly ever got sick as I can recall so I’m not really sure how to go about possible streptococcus aka strep throat in a 3 month old her throat is very raspy and she’s been super fussy I guess it hurts to swallow she also had vomiting and diarrhea so I already know it’s viral 🙄🙄🙄last night she slept from 9pm to now 6 am with no feeding in between like normally..she woke up with a dry diaper something that is very worrisome I know she could get dehydrated so as of now she’s had one feeding and is now back to sleep so I know she doesn’t feel good she usually stays up wanting to play. Anyone know what could help ease her tummy aside from gripe water? I will be getting her some pedialite today and making her some chicken broth. I don’t want to give her honey for her throat since she’s only 3 months old I’m not aware of what all she may be allergic too ugh… I’m so tired .. my husband has been gone since Monday morning working in Ventura and won’t be back until probably tonight….it’s gonna be a long day 🙁

And years later, the beeping sounds accompanied her nights, instead of Nico’s annoying text replies. She looks at her phone, wishing that an old number would reappear; she misses Nico’s icon on her phone book.

The doctor types a chunk of meaningless text, before deleting the entire content. Would she be a nuisance? Probably, for super idol Yazawa Nico is now a too busy celebrity.

Maki wonders if Nico ever keeps in contact with the other muse members, she hardly replies on the group chat either.

The longest silence had been these six months, right after she tried to strike up a conversation, which was almost immediately strike down.
And Maki has half the mind to believe Nico actually changed her number to avoid her.

She hates the distance between them, she is further from Nico than it could ever be. They say time heals everything, yet she feels the same wrenching pain whenever she sees Nico’s face. Never in real life, but on the glass screen of her TV set.

“Hey Nico-chan, are you busy?”

She knows she probably will never get a reply.


Hello! I’m Sam! When I was 6 months old I was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma Stage IV and the doctors told my parents I had less than a 10% chance of survival which is crazy cause now I’m going to college in less than 5 months! The cancer left me with severe hearing loss and a host of other health issues. As a kid I always felt really lonely about my disabilities, like I was the only one with my experiences but I know now thats not true. Being disabled is something that has helped formed who I am, it is a part of me. I wouldn’t change anything about it. #NoShame 

On the left: July 2014, decently happy but not thrilled to be alive - my marriage was on the rocks and I had recently gotten out of the psych ward, where I spent a couple weeks recovering from a psychotic episode. My marriage never recovered from that experience and also was falling apart because we had an open marriage and my ex was sleeping with an older doctor, who she eventually left me for. Don’t feel bad for me y’all - my divorce was the best thing that ever happened to me because it gave me the freedom to explore my gender expression which eventually led me to realizing I was trans and transitioning in May 2015. 

On the right: me, recently, living full time, 7 months on HRT, 6 laser sessions done, name change happening this month, living with my amazing new girlfriend, totally deeply in love, working on a new dissertation project related to trans issues, liking how I look, happy, comfortable in my new skin, looking forward to the future, truly flourishing as a trans woman. 


I finally caved and made a RedBubble account, so I figured I should make a proper little advertisement for it. Because of financial aid failing I now have to pay back student loans for a degree I didn’t even get to earn. Which sucks. What sucks more is that they are basing my payments off of my dad’s income (which we’ve tried fighting to change to no avail) so my payments are 500$ a month. 

So that’s 500$ a month I have to pay, with no help before any gas, food, doctors and prescriptions, and that leaves me with a negative nothing for personal enjoyment. I’m not begging for money, but if you’d like to buy something that’d be super rad. If you’d like to reblog to boost it’d be even cooler. So hey, thanks.

also guys i *deep breath*

i hate doing this, but my family is kind of in trouble. i mentioned my mother’s back injury before. at the time that i made that post, she had a doctor’s excuse for medical leave until her appointment with the specialist, which she had on the 6th. they noted that her back showed changes since the surgery she had a few years ago to repair a ruptured disc, and scheduled her for an MRI later this month. But, despite the fact that her spine showed visible changes, and despite the fact that she works a very labor-intensive job and they know this, the doctor refused to give her a note for time off until her appointment and only gave her a note that required her employers to give her “light duty.”

so she called her boss, and they’re like “oh yeah, light duty, no problem.” she went back in to work on the 7th, and found out that “light duty” meant “you run your whole line as normal, but if you need help you can call over this other guy who’s busy running his own line on the other side of the floor.”

and of course she tried to stick it out, and now she’s even more injured than before. so now my mom can barely walk, and stays in bed most of the day, and her walking out on a work day has complicated the process of her getting her temporary disability pay. she’s going to get it (allegedly) but it’s gotta go through the bureaucratic gauntlet first, and meanwhile my family has been eating beans and bread for almost a month

this is pretty par for the course for this company. they put older employees who are close to retirement, or employees that are injured/disabled, on very physically intensive jobs that they can’t do to either force them to quit or fire them for not meeting performance standards. i’ve been looking for a job, and i don’t even know how to tell my mom that i’ve seen her job listed online, and it went up almost immediately after she got injured. this is especially worrying because the company doesn’t usually do direct hiring for that position, they bring in temps that transition to full-time employees. it might just be my paranoia and cynicism and experience with shitty workplace politics clouding my better judgement, but i worry that they’re trying to replace her very quickly before she can come back

anyway my mother’s income supports our family of 6. my dad works, but his paycheck is pretty much entirely absorbed into a bankruptcy settlement we were forced into when the recession hit. everything’s been used up. emergency accounts, credit cards, everything. we have less than nothing.

please consider commissioning me, or even tossing me a donation (link is on my main page, it says “support breezy’s wine fund.” there was a kerfuffle a while back about paypal’s official donation button and who had the rights to use it, so i made my own tacky button just to be safe. it links to paypal like a normal donation button, i just replaced the image with my own.)

thanks so much guys, you’ve saved my life before and i hate to ask y’all to do it again but i just don’t know what to do. 

Arrival || DANTANA || F2F

It was the day when the twins would finally be born, 12th September. Santana had contacted the Rehab centre to make sure Dani was still well enough to be allowed access to come to the hospital. Dani had been making brilliant progress and Santana could already see changes in her, the pair had only seen each other once in the last month which killed Santana inside but knew it was for the best for Dani. It was around noon when Santana headed off to the hospital with her mom, making sure her dad was setting off to pick Dani up. 1pm and Santana was getting settled with her Doctor, every time she heard the door open her head shot round hoping for it to be Dani. She needed her girlfriend there. “Where’s Dani? I need her here mom” Santana asked her mom, Maribel was allowed to stay in with Santana until Dani got there. Even though Santana had been in labour before, she was nervous to be having twins.

Happy Due Date, Baby Girl!

Today is Caroline’s due date. I can’t seem to ever quite make it to 40 weeks with either of my children, but I am so thankful I made it to almost 39 weeks this time. C is perfect in every way and is such an easy baby (I hope I didn’t just jinx myself). I thought I’d share a little more about her grand debut. I know birth stories aren’t for everyone, but if you’re interested, click to keep reading.

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Ordinary (Prompt Fic #2)

@thatdarnsimmer asked for Abbie telling Ichabod she’s preggers with baby #2. 

This is another one set in the Trust & Love ‘verse. Which means Abbie is still a cop rather than an FBI agent, and Jenny is with Big Ash instead of Joe. Other than that, should be self-explanatory.

Abbie got pregnant for the first time after a single night of 18th century passion that she’d had every reason to believe would be erased from the timeline and even her memory when she returned to her home century. The second time was a lot more work.

The day after they slew the serpent-dragon bent on setting the world aflame in the seventh and final Tribulation, she and Crane slept in and nursed sundry bruises and singe marks. But the day after that she called her doctor and made an appointment to have her IUD removed.

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