Hello, guys. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but in my beloved, you’d think civilised, beautiful country, located in central Europe, Poland, the basic human rights are about to be taken away from women. Why is that? The Polish government, inspired mainly by the Catholic Church (that has definitely too much power in Poland), has created an anti-abortion project. For now, abortion in Poland is legal in case of rape or if the mother’s/child’s life is in danger. If the anti-abortion project comes through (which is very likely) the situation of Polish women will change dramatically:

- aborting a pregnancy that has started because of rape will no longer be legal (3 months to 5 years of prison for the mother and the doctor),

- aborting a pregnancy that endangers the mother’s life will no longer be legal (3 months to 5 years of prison for the mother and the doctor),

- aborting a pregnancy in case of a fatal disease of the fetus will no longer be legal (3 months to 5 years of prison for the mother and the doctor),

- the project says that whoever puts the woman in a situation of a probable miscarriage could be charged of 3 years in prison, which in practice means that some of the medical exams (like the prental exam which helps to indicate if the fetus is healthy) could not be available because of the doctors being afraid of going to prison,

- it all also means that men could get easily away with rape, since the women would be afraid of going to the police in case they got pregnant and didn’t want to give birth to the rapist’s child (which they will now be forced to do),

- also, on the side of this project, the Catholic Church wants to make in vitro even less available for families struggling to have children, since apparently “it’s basically just killing unconcieved babies” (?? fuck logic),

- what’s more, they’ve recently withdrawn chemical contraception for women from the pharmacies (things like spermicidal gels, liquids, creams, vaginal suppositories) cause they’re apparently “dangerous for women’s health”, so now the only contraception available without a prescription are condoms,

- don’t even get me started with the level of sexual education in Poland which is basically non-existent. Recently, just this week, a 12 year old girl gave birth to a child. A 12-yr old!! She had sex (they said it was consensual, but who fucking even believes this shit) with a 29 year old man. The doctors said she didn’t even know what was going on during the labour, she of course had to have C-section because her body was obviously not ready to have a baby at such young age. There are so many cases like this.

- all of this is supposed to “help” with the demographic decline and to “encourage” people to have more kids. Let me tell you something - if anything this encourges me to is to not have babies  a t    a l l.

Let me also show you some of the social media responses of “pro-life” activists and give you a glimpse of what kind of shit Polish women have to deal with:

“If the pregnancy started because of rape, the only victim is the child that can lose its life.”

“If abortion is such a dramatic decision to make, it’ll be better to not let women make it. To ban abortion.”

“Womanhood is all about being in service of life. Women/female MPs who are against life, contradict their own womanhood.”

“All of these women screaming that “their belly, their choice” [should know] that the life in their bellies belongs only to the child. Selfish women, assassins like during Holocaust. You just lend your body to give new life. You should be happy you were not killed. There should be no abortion.”

“Abortion is barbaric (…) and it will be remembered as equally bad as genocide and gas chambers.”

I found these in 5 minutes. Women are treated with no respect, they’re believed to be stupid and not fit to make decisions about their own bodies. Men leading our country (most of them are very religious) want to decide about what we should do with our bodies. Please, help us. Spread the word. We are trying to fight this, but we’re in the minority… The world needs to know!!


Guys, if you wanna help, there’s a petition to sign!!

“Hi my name is Dominic Regis. I’m 22 years old and I have recently been diagnosed with a rare cancer called Pheocromocytoma. Six years ago, while playing with a family member, I was injured. I suffered a hit to my stomach and got the wind knocked out of me so bad causing me to be rushed to the hospital. As I was treated for my injury, a tumor was discovered in my abdominal cavity called a Paraganglioma. A few days later it was removed. After further routine testings for traces of cancer cells, by the grace of God it was clear and normal. All that changed as of a few months ago. I started experiencing lots of symptoms which urged me to get medical attention. Unfortunately, the doctors revealed to my family and I that the tumor has returned but this time cancerous and it has aggressively spread to differents parts of my body. As I under go treatment it has become extremely costly to my family. I’m reaching out to my church, family, friends and just about anyone who wants to help. Whatever God presses upon your heart, even if you don’t have the funds, I fervently ask for your prayers. I am convinced that our Heavenly Father is just in all that he does. Thank you in advance.”-Dominic

Please donate if you can! I’m praying for you brother!


The Winter Season [Chapter 16] - teawhovian


The Singh Project hopes to battle bias against Sikhs, one portrait at a time

Two young British-Sikh photographers celebrate the turban and unshorn hair as symbols of non-conformism.

With their long beards, turbans and kirpans, Sikh men cut striking figures. But their distinctiveness has sometimes made them the target of prejudice and even violence. British photographers Amit Amin and Naroop Singh Jhooti aim to change those attitudes with their art.

With The Singh Project, which will be exhibited next month at London’s The Framers Gallery, Aim and Jhooti intend to “capture the essence of modern Sikhism and to pay tribute to the beauty and variety of British Sikh men”.

Their portraits feature British Sikhs from a variety of backgrounds and professions: IT professionals, doctors, boxers, even fashion stylists and magicians. The Sikh men in these images “have consciously embraced their religious symbols to make a positive affirmation of their faith while disregarding any previous fear or negativity”, said Amin and Jhooti.

Today, they note, the turban and unshorn hair “are symbols of revolution, non-conformity and style”.

But their work isn’t just about people who share their religion. “If there is a deeper message about the project it’s not aimed specifically and Sikhs, but all faiths and religions,” they said in an email message. “The message is that being yourself is good.”


Hello! I’m Sam! When I was 6 months old I was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma Stage IV and the doctors told my parents I had less than a 10% chance of survival which is crazy cause now I’m going to college in less than 5 months! The cancer left me with severe hearing loss and a host of other health issues. As a kid I always felt really lonely about my disabilities, like I was the only one with my experiences but I know now thats not true. Being disabled is something that has helped formed who I am, it is a part of me. I wouldn’t change anything about it. #NoShame 


I finally caved and made a RedBubble account, so I figured I should make a proper little advertisement for it. Because of financial aid failing I now have to pay back student loans for a degree I didn’t even get to earn. Which sucks. What sucks more is that they are basing my payments off of my dad’s income (which we’ve tried fighting to change to no avail) so my payments are 500$ a month. 

So that’s 500$ a month I have to pay, with no help before any gas, food, doctors and prescriptions, and that leaves me with a negative nothing for personal enjoyment. I’m not begging for money, but if you’d like to buy something that’d be super rad. If you’d like to reblog to boost it’d be even cooler. So hey, thanks.

Tried on a bikini for the first time since last year when I competed. 4 months ago, I was in a bad ski accident which necessitated acl reconstruction surgery and months of rehab which I am still undergoing. I could barely walk let alone workout and the doctors told me it was highly unlikely that I would be competing this year. In one day, my whole life changed. I was already in the process of prepping for a competition and was heartbroken to learn that it wasn’t going to happen. It was an extremely difficult and painful experience that has taught me to love my body more than ever and never take it for granted. Sometimes I get down on myself for not being as lean or muscular as I was before my injury but in the time that I didn’t spend my whole waking hours in the gym, I have been able to focus on other areas of my life. My priorities have shifted for the better and I am growing more and more into the person I want to be inside, rather than how I look on the outside. Being ripped and shredded is one thing but being healthy is the only thing that truly matters.

also guys i *deep breath*

i hate doing this, but my family is kind of in trouble. i mentioned my mother’s back injury before. at the time that i made that post, she had a doctor’s excuse for medical leave until her appointment with the specialist, which she had on the 6th. they noted that her back showed changes since the surgery she had a few years ago to repair a ruptured disc, and scheduled her for an MRI later this month. But, despite the fact that her spine showed visible changes, and despite the fact that she works a very labor-intensive job and they know this, the doctor refused to give her a note for time off until her appointment and only gave her a note that required her employers to give her “light duty.”

so she called her boss, and they’re like “oh yeah, light duty, no problem.” she went back in to work on the 7th, and found out that “light duty” meant “you run your whole line as normal, but if you need help you can call over this other guy who’s busy running his own line on the other side of the floor.”

and of course she tried to stick it out, and now she’s even more injured than before. so now my mom can barely walk, and stays in bed most of the day, and her walking out on a work day has complicated the process of her getting her temporary disability pay. she’s going to get it (allegedly) but it’s gotta go through the bureaucratic gauntlet first, and meanwhile my family has been eating beans and bread for almost a month

this is pretty par for the course for this company. they put older employees who are close to retirement, or employees that are injured/disabled, on very physically intensive jobs that they can’t do to either force them to quit or fire them for not meeting performance standards. i’ve been looking for a job, and i don’t even know how to tell my mom that i’ve seen her job listed online, and it went up almost immediately after she got injured. this is especially worrying because the company doesn’t usually do direct hiring for that position, they bring in temps that transition to full-time employees. it might just be my paranoia and cynicism and experience with shitty workplace politics clouding my better judgement, but i worry that they’re trying to replace her very quickly before she can come back

anyway my mother’s income supports our family of 6. my dad works, but his paycheck is pretty much entirely absorbed into a bankruptcy settlement we were forced into when the recession hit. everything’s been used up. emergency accounts, credit cards, everything. we have less than nothing.

please consider commissioning me, or even tossing me a donation (link is on my main page, it says “support breezy’s wine fund.” there was a kerfuffle a while back about paypal’s official donation button and who had the rights to use it, so i made my own tacky button just to be safe. it links to paypal like a normal donation button, i just replaced the image with my own.)

thanks so much guys, you’ve saved my life before and i hate to ask y’all to do it again but i just don’t know what to do. 

And years later, the beeping sounds accompanied her nights, instead of Nico’s annoying text replies. She looks at her phone, wishing that an old number would reappear; she misses Nico’s icon on her phone book.

The doctor types a chunk of meaningless text, before deleting the entire content. Would she be a nuisance? Probably, for super idol Yazawa Nico is now a too busy celebrity.

Maki wonders if Nico ever keeps in contact with the other muse members, she hardly replies on the group chat either.

The longest silence had been these six months, right after she tried to strike up a conversation, which was almost immediately strike down.
And Maki has half the mind to believe Nico actually changed her number to avoid her.

She hates the distance between them, she is further from Nico than it could ever be. They say time heals everything, yet she feels the same wrenching pain whenever she sees Nico’s face. Never in real life, but on the glass screen of her TV set.

“Hey Nico-chan, are you busy?”

She knows she probably will never get a reply.

Arrival || DANTANA || F2F

It was the day when the twins would finally be born, 12th September. Santana had contacted the Rehab centre to make sure Dani was still well enough to be allowed access to come to the hospital. Dani had been making brilliant progress and Santana could already see changes in her, the pair had only seen each other once in the last month which killed Santana inside but knew it was for the best for Dani. It was around noon when Santana headed off to the hospital with her mom, making sure her dad was setting off to pick Dani up. 1pm and Santana was getting settled with her Doctor, every time she heard the door open her head shot round hoping for it to be Dani. She needed her girlfriend there. “Where’s Dani? I need her here mom” Santana asked her mom, Maribel was allowed to stay in with Santana until Dani got there. Even though Santana had been in labour before, she was nervous to be having twins.

Bacteria battle: How one changes appearance, moves away to resist the other

Two types of bacteria found in the soil have enabled scientists at Texas A&M AgriLife Research to get the dirt on how resistance to antibiotics develops along with a separate survival strategy.

The study, published in the journal PLOS Genetics this month, identifies an atypical antibiotic molecule and the way in which the resistance to that molecule arises, including the identity of the genes that are responsible, according to Dr. Paul Straight, AgriLife Research biochemist.

Straight and his doctoral student Reed Stubbendieck observed a species of bacteria changing its appearance and moving away from a drug to avoid being killed.

Caption: Two types of bacteria found in the soil have enabled scientists at Texas A&M AgriLife Research to get the dirt on how resistance to antibiotics develops along with a separate survival strategy. Credit: Texas A&M AgriLife photo by Kathleen Phillips

How to perform a self testicle exam

Starting in your 20s, you should become familiar with your testes so you can recognize any changes that may occur. Not every change is cancer, although it could be other medical problems so when in doubt ask a doctor.

The best time to perform the exam is during or after a bath or shower, when the skin of the scrotum is relaxed. It’s good to do this once a month.


hold the penis out of the way and examine each testicle separately

hold the testicle between the thumbs and fingers with both hands and roll it gently between the fingers

look and feel for any hard lumps or smooth rounded masses or any change in the size, shape, or consistency of the testes.

Each healthy testis has an epididymis, which appears as a small “bump” on the upper and middle outer side of the testis. They also contain blood vessels, supporting tissues, and tubes that conduct sperm. If you have any doubts on what is normal ask a health professional.
Call Walmart Now and Tell the Company Women Shouldn’t Be Fired...

It’s been more than six months since Walmart, which was under pressure from associates and women’s organizations, agreed to change its pregnancy policyto provide basic accommodations for employees experiencing complications with their pregnancies. But a Walmart store in Chicago reveals the company has fallen far short of truly implementing its policy to support pregnant workers.

In April, store associate Thelma Moore was injured by falling TV boxes while shopping at the Chatham Walmart on her day off. Then two months pregnant, her doctors recommended she stay home for two weeks, then made a list of accommodations she needed in order to return to work, including not lifting boxes over 25 pounds and being able to take water breaks every two hours. Thelma filled out the necessary paperwork but was told no positions were available that could accommodate her. Walmart then fired her for missing too many days.

Unfortunately, Thelma’s case is not an isolated one. In February, her co-worker Bene’t Holmes suffered a miscarriage on Walmart property when she was four months pregnant after being denied her request to stop stocking chemicals and lifting heavy boxes.

Feminists should join this fight because Wal Mart is penalizing and even endangering pregnant women.

Anti-feminist women should get involved because, well, one of you could be pregnant and working at Wal Mart. You never know when the next layoff might hit you and you’re stuck here making ends meet while trying to get back into your original line of work.

Men’s rights groups (men and women alike) and male anti-feminists should join this fight because that could have been YOUR kid, too. And if you call yourself a men’s human rights movement, Thelma’s dilemma is a human rights issue.

Egalitarians should get involved because it’s a human rights issue.

Pro-lifers and also Christians should get involved because Wal Mart’s policies are anti-unborn children. (See: the miscarriage.)

We all need to join forces and call out Wal Mart.

Doctor Who's Jenna-Louise Coleman quits role as Time Lord's assistant and will leave at Christmas

Doctor Who’s companion Jenna-Louise Coleman is set to leave the hit BBC show. 

The actress, 28, is believed to be quitting her role as the Time Lord’s assistant in a sensational Christmas storyline. Her exit could bring an end to her 18 months as Clara Oswald, creating a vacancy for another sidekick to star alongside new Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi.

Yesterday a source said: “The conversations about Jenna’s exit have started, and a plan is in place which is being ironed out. By the time she leaves she will be one of the longest-standing companions ever. She has been absolutely brilliant in the role, but everyone agrees it is a part that should change after a period.”

The source added: “It was very much a mutual decision.

“It’s important to keep the series moving and fast-paced, and the time is just starting to feel right and the feeling is that it could be a perfect Christmas storyline.”

The Doctor’s “companion” has become a key part of the success of the iconic sci-fi series, which returns to our screens on Saturday. There have been almost 60 since the launch in 1963. Other stars who have occupied the role include Karen Gillan as Amy Pond, ­Catherine Tate as Donna Noble and Billie Piper as Rose Tyler.

Speculation had been rife among the show’s fans about whether Jenna’s ­character Clara would have a romantic liaison with new star Capaldi, 56, who takes over from Matt Smith. However boss Steven Moffatt dismissed the suggestion but hinted that Clara’s relationship with the Doctor is set to change dramatically with Peter Capaldi’s arrival.

He explained last month: “He’s not as immediately approachable and he’s not necessarily looking for your approval. I would like to restore the sense that when he says, ‘Wait here, I’ll be back’, you really hope he’ll be back, but you’re not absolutely convinced. What he’s not doing is reassuring you very much.”

And he added that the impact on his companion would be clear, explaining: “From a Doctor she could sort-of control because he had a crush on her, she’s landed with a Doctor who barely registers that she’s a girl. They’re great friends and all that but she has to be his human interface with everybody else.”

Adding that the series will become “more serious”, he said: “One of the watchwords we have this year is there are consequences for choosing to live like this. It’s not a fairy-tale – we want to make it feel that these adventures can hurt.”

The BBC refused to comment on Jenna-Louise’s exit.


On the left: July 2014, decently happy but not thrilled to be alive - my marriage was on the rocks and I had recently gotten out of the psych ward, where I spent a couple weeks recovering from a psychotic episode. My marriage never recovered from that experience and also was falling apart because we had an open marriage and my ex was sleeping with an older doctor, who she eventually left me for. Don’t feel bad for me y’all - my divorce was the best thing that ever happened to me because it gave me the freedom to explore my gender expression which eventually led me to realizing I was trans and transitioning in May 2015. 

On the right: me, recently, living full time, 7 months on HRT, 6 laser sessions done, name change happening this month, living with my amazing new girlfriend, totally deeply in love, working on a new dissertation project related to trans issues, liking how I look, happy, comfortable in my new skin, looking forward to the future, truly flourishing as a trans woman. 

New research links bad diet to loss of smell

Could stuffing yourself full of high-fat foods cause you to lose your sense of smell?

A new study from Florida State University neuroscientists says so, and it has researchers taking a closer look at how our diets could impact a whole range of human functions that were not traditionally considered when examining the impact of obesity.

“This opens up a lot of possibilities for obesity research,” said Florida State University post-doctoral researcher Nicolas Thiebaud, who led the study examining how high-fat foods impacted smell.

Thiebaud led the study in the lab of Biological Science Professor Debra Ann Fadool. Their work is published in the Journal of Neuroscience and shows that a high-fat diet is linked to major structural and functional changes in the olfactory system, which gives us our sense of smell.

It was the first time researchers had been able to demonstrate a solid link between a bad diet and a loss of smell.

The research was conducted over a six-month period where mice were given a high-fat daily diet, while also being taught to associate between a particular odor and a reward (water).

Mice that were fed the high-fat diets were slower to learn the association than the control population. And when researchers introduced a new odor to monitor their adjustment, the mice with the high-fat diets could not rapidly adapt, demonstrating reduced smell capabilities.

“Moreover, when high-fat-reared mice were placed on a diet of control chow during which they returned to normal body weight and blood chemistry, mice still had reduced olfactory capacities,” Fadool said. “Mice exposed to high-fat diets only had 50 percent of the neurons that could operate to encode odor signals.”

For Thiebaud and his colleagues, the results are opening up a whole new line of research. They will begin looking at whether exercise could slow down a high-fat diet’s impact on smell and whether a high-sugar diet would also yield the same negative results on smell as a high-fat diet.

Funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the study comes at an important time with obesity rates at all-time highs throughout the world. According to the NIH, more than two in three adults in the United States are considered to be overweight or obese. Additionally, about one-third of children and adolescents ages 6 to 19 are considered to be overweight or obese.

Happy Due Date, Baby Girl!

Today is Caroline’s due date. I can’t seem to ever quite make it to 40 weeks with either of my children, but I am so thankful I made it to almost 39 weeks this time. C is perfect in every way and is such an easy baby (I hope I didn’t just jinx myself). I thought I’d share a little more about her grand debut. I know birth stories aren’t for everyone, but if you’re interested, click to keep reading.

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Ordinary (Prompt Fic #2)

@thatdarnsimmer asked for Abbie telling Ichabod she’s preggers with baby #2. 

This is another one set in the Trust & Love ‘verse. Which means Abbie is still a cop rather than an FBI agent, and Jenny is with Big Ash instead of Joe. Other than that, should be self-explanatory.

Abbie got pregnant for the first time after a single night of 18th century passion that she’d had every reason to believe would be erased from the timeline and even her memory when she returned to her home century. The second time was a lot more work.

The day after they slew the serpent-dragon bent on setting the world aflame in the seventh and final Tribulation, she and Crane slept in and nursed sundry bruises and singe marks. But the day after that she called her doctor and made an appointment to have her IUD removed.

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AU || How to save a life

Muse B has always had problems with her health and as her best friend, Muse A stuck with her all the way. It was inevitable that their friendship developed into something more but when Muse B found out she had a rare form of cancer Muse B was wishing for Muse A not to stick around. The doctors said that she would have months to live and that it wouldn’t really be living. They did chemo to try and slow it down but nothing was helping. Muse A knew that the only way to save her would be to change her into a vampire. However, if Muse B became a vampire, she would be the enemy of Muse A and he or his pack may have to kill her. Life is all about choices an paths and no matter which path you choose, you’re screwed one way or another.