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Hi! Can you recommend some spuhura sick fics for me if you can? I am having a hard time finding any and it's my favorite type of fic! Thanks!!

One of the official novels, the delta anomaly, features that a bit ;)

some fanfictions at the top of my mind right now:

- Nobody Told Me That You’d Be Here by  Psicygni

- What the Doctor Knows by Linstock (sequel)

- Of Kleenex and Vulcans by Scholar’s Callous (which is cute but not updated :( )

- Comforts of Home  by  TrueAwesomeSauce (also incomplete; some of those vignettes feature an injured Spock) by TrueAwesomeSauce

that trope is also featured in NotesfromaClassroom’s fanfictions

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ok so i don’ know why but i cried for like an hour the other day cause i just like, thought about spock too intensely and it made me emotional. but like, for some reason my first thought after was ‘i gotta tell bluespock’ so here i am, i’m emotional

Spock does that to us, it’s kind of ironic in a really beautiful way. Nimoy said that his fanmail tripled after The Naked Time aired, because Spock crying definitely humanized the character, and in such a gentle, tender way. Everyone fell in love with Spock from that point onward, and he easily became the most popular character on the show (which of course made Shatner so unbearably jealous). But what can I say, Spock is wonderful. 

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kirkspocks replied to your post “i just hope there’s something within spock’s physiology that makes his…”

ive read fic where spock uses mild melds during sex, which intensifies the orgasm for kirk too…… i luv that

if you don’t think i climbed aboard that mind meld sex train long before my obsession with tos was even born than you don’t know me at all… this is often when i am trying to convey when all i can manage to type is “spock is a touch telepath”

he is a touch telepath

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"What happened?!"

Send me “What happened?!” to find out what state your muse found mine in.

10. Completely lost.

Everything seemed so confusing and Spock wasn’t really sure where he was. he looked up at the sky, trying to decipher which way to go. It was while doing this that he heard someone call out to him, a voice he recognized. His eyes found the man, Jim. The man’s name was Jim.

“I am not certain. I seem to be… lost.”

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