{Guess who’s planning on a comeback?}

{It’s meeeeeeeee! I’m done with school about five months earlier than anticipated, so I’m job-hunting now! Also I’ve been working on Zinnia in @lakverse so that’s a thing that’s been happening for the past week. PLOTTING. 

Which is something I should do here. Like I mentioned in my previous post, I did drop most threads so I’ll be up for plotting on Skype. Not here because logging in and out of different accounts doesn’t work well for lazy me, so you can just add me on my Skype so long as you let me know who you are. It’s in my info page. Also upcoming new icons too because ORAS chapter updates yeeeee~

This is extended towards the other blogs too because too lazy to log on them right now

@skywayladeon @steeling-peace-of-mind @mysterintellect

Also wowow the number of followers I got while I was away ;u;…..}