OC TIME: Isabelle

Isabella is a ragdoll cat who was blessed with space-warping powers, which, upon her blessing, she would have to unlock for herself. Until that time happens, she is part-space and part cat. 

Once an ordinary housecat, Isabelle had a sweet owner who took good care of her and loved her very much. One day, her owner brought home an abusive human, who hated all animals of every sort. once the human tried to kick her to the side, she attacked the human, who ended up harming her to the point of near death. A spirit of great power approached her, and blessed her with the powers, but after saving her life, it left her without a clue on how to unlock them. Its her current quest to find the true meaning of the gift, as well as unlock them to be used. Unfortunately, her owner never knew of the event that happened, and Isabelle ran away from home quickly afterwards in order to escape the human.

Isabelle is genuinely sweet, and loves to play innocent pranks. She sometimes goes overboard with it, but will atone for her mistakes. She can be hot headed when it comes to arguments, and is not afraid to fight tooth and claw for her to be right. Shes also very stubborn in her beliefs.