((OOC: I tried to resist the temptation, but I just can’t stay out of this AU any longer! Just, guh, everything about the Nightmare Dork University AU is just flawless. I love it so much. *gushes*

Anyway, if Trick was ever allowed in that universe (the NDU universe… the NDU… U?!) I think he’d be that annoying brat who comes around every second Sunday to bum Pitchiner’s letterman jacket and pretend that he’s a big boy. He’d definitely be a huge fanboy of all the Nightmare Dorks… He’d just become a huge quivering mess of “YOU’RE SO COOL! I’M WANT TO BE JUST LIKE YOU WHEN I GROW UP!”

I think Trick would either be Pitch and Piki’s little half-brother or step-brother, a snarky brat who’s spoiled rotten by his parents because they had him so late in life… Or he’d be some kid from a local “Big Brothers, Big Sisters” outreach program who the Nightmare Dorks have to mentor and keep off drugs as some form of community service. IDK. But Trick would definitely look up to all of the Nightmare Dorks and want to immediately enroll in NDU as an art student. They give out diplomas for crayon drawings, right?))