Why can't I be happy about being a mom?

       Why, as a teen mother, am I not allowed to be happy about my pregnancy, and my child? Why do I get to miss out on the experience just because of my age? This is my first child. This tiny human being is growing inside of me, this tiny human being that I’m falling more and more in love with as each day passes.
       Why am I not allowed to look at my child like a blessing?
       Why can’t I be excited about having my own family?
       Having a family is never easy for anyone. Age does not define maturity. I was never a ‘partier’, and even if I were, my past doesn’t define my future. And my pregnancy doesn’t define who I am.

       Why do people feel they have the right to tread of me and my pregnancy (which is actually a sensitive subject sometimes) and make me feel less than human?

       My advice to other teen mothers going through this; Their words don’t define who you are as a person; it defines them. Don’t be ashamed of who you are. People will see you walk on water and say it’s because you can’t swim–

       you’re great. And I’m sorry you have to deal with the stigma. Stay strong. You aren’t alone, you never will be now. You have this beautiful baby. You have a family.   

Dwarfism awareness - thoughts on doing right by adult little people

I wrote this post for Dwarfism Awareness Month (which was in October) in collaboration with a friend who is a little person. It wasn’t ready until now, so I am posting it now.

Here are some things worth knowing:

Adult little people are adults, but people often treat them like children. You might be doing this too, and it’s important to get over that. Many people strongly associate being a certain size with being a young child. It’s important to be aware that not everyone that size is actually a child, and to act to mitigate any reactions you might be having that lead you to see an adult little person as a young child.

For instance, at work:

  • If you’re in a professional setting and someone is wearing professional clothing and acting like a professional adult, they’re not ten years old.
  • If you keep viscerally responding as though they are a child, it’s important to realize that it’s not ok and get over it. Don’t express that reaction, and don’t try to justify it.
  • Treat them as an adult
  • Respect their professional competence
  • If they are above you in the hierarchy, do not treat them as junior
  • If they are at your level in the hierarchy, do not treat them as junior
  • If they are actually junior, do not treat them like a visiting child or a teenager getting work experience. Respect them as an adult professional.

Another example: bars:

  • If you are in a bar, and someone is wearing adult clothing, acting like an adult, and drinking beer, they are not ten years old
  • They are an adult drinking beer in a bar
  • This is not a problem. This is something that many adults choose to do.
  • Do not look around for a caregiver. Adults do not have to bring minders to bars.
  • Do not ask them if they are ok unless you have an actual reason to think they might not be. Being a little person in a bar is not cause for concern in itself
  • If they are flirting with someone, this is not cause for concern either
  • Many adults flirt with people in bars. This is a thing that people do.
  • (Also, do not make jokes about tossing them, ask to toss them, or in any other way treat them as a toy. Adults have the right to drink beer in bars without being treated as a novelty attraction.)

And when you’re setting up an environment, remember that some adults are less than 4'10" and some are much shorter than that. Adult little people need access to anything that other adults need access to.

More specifically:

Adult little people need to be able to get through doors:

  • If you use a latch high on the door to prevent children from entering or exiting, you’re also making it impossible for adults of the same height to enter or exist
  • Latches need to be in places that adult little people can reach
  • Adults with disabilities should not be locked in like little children
  • If for some reason this kind of safety system is unavoidable, there needs to be an alternative way in and out that is reliably available
  • And you need to make it clear what that is

Keep this in mind when you put things on shelves:

  • If you’re putting things on shelves that a four foot tall person could not reach, you need an alternative way of reaching the thing
  • Or to put the thing in a lower place.
  • Keep in mind that if you put something on a high shelf in order to prevent children from reaching it, you’re also preventing adult little people from reaching it
  • Consider alternatives such as using child locks or supervising children more closely
  • (Or reconsidering whether the thing actually needs to be restricted. Eg: It might not actually be so terrible if your 7 year old students can reach the copier paper. You might not actually need an adults-only candy jar (and if you do, it’s not so nice to keep it where kids can see it anyway.))
  • If putting things on high shelves for safety reasons is truly unavoidable, make sure that there is an alternative way for adult little people to access them *and that you make it known what that way is*.

More generally:

  • Do not simplify your language the way you might when talking to a young child.
  • Do not assume that an adult little person is unemployed or only employed in a sheltered workshop or in jobs that can be done by children and teenagers.
  • Do treat adult little people as the age they actually are. (Eg: if they are elderly, don’t treat them as though they’re 20).
  • Do not ask invasive medical questions.

tl;dr Adult little people are adults. Since many of them are the same height as young children, a lot of people treat them like children. Don’t do that. Also, make sure that you’re configuring things so that short adults can do the things that adults need to do.

Are any of y'all reading this adult or teenage little people who would like to weigh in? Is this post correct? Is there anything you’d like to add or contradict?

Since I don’t think I’ll finish this proper, I figured I could put up the sketch. 

Zhurrick Childhood AU tho.

no but srsly

i am 1000000% sure that any person who’s into fanfiction and memes will make the coolest mum or dad like just imagine when we’ll be telling childhood stories...’i was there when drarry was rising, john’

 ‘timmy, remember the book you saw in the museum yesterday which was The Most Heteronormative Book 2016, yeah that’s harry potter and the cursed child and i was there when it released and wrote fluff to make my pain better’

 ‘i actually had an account on tumblr dot com, bridget’

 ‘that historic Pokemon Go Age in your book, sonny? well, i actually have played the game myself’ 

‘yeah you’re shocked people had to fight for lgbtq+ rights at one point? well so was i but i have seen that darkness and shipped so many couples, euriel’

‘yes, i have waited one year for every percy jackson book, doug’

LIKE IT’D BE SO COOL also btw idk what are these names

Had an AU thought for some reason last night:

Wash meets Blue Team but there’s no war and they’re all just living that city life. Wash totally has the crush on Tucker but Church is like “he’s not even 20 yet you sick fuck” and wash obvs is like ‘omg i AM. Im a sick fuck. im never talking to that actual child again holy shit’ 

But TUCKER obvs has the hots for Wash so he keeps hitting on him all the time and wash is like ‘pls. pls go away’ and it tangles into this whole knot of confusion and uncertainty and when they finally confront each other wash is like “YOU’RE TOO YOUNG OK YOU CAN’T EVEN DRINK YET I’M SORRY I CAN’T DO THIS”

To which Tucker responds

“what the fuck, asshole, I’m 24 years old.” 

Church, enjoying the show, goes “oh yeah, I lied.”

It’s about time I got back at it with the analyses… let’s talk about Naming Our Daughter ft. ThatcherJoe - first off, let’s appreciate how perfectly bro-ish the title is!

Wow, only 14 seconds into the video and already this is happening



Of course you would have to put arm around Joe, Caspar

I wonder why there is a cut then

What could possibly have happened



Look at Caspar’s face

One, heart eyes


Look at their happy little smiles I can’t

Caspar: We spoke about this, and we have come to the conclusion that we will take my surname which is Lee, and if we had a daughter, we would call her Emma




Can I also point out that Caspar really must have thought about this because his answer came very quick

Joe: I hate it

Caspar: We spoke about this

In this fucking soft voice I am fucking done - like, I know this is acted, yeah, but can you actually imagine them having a fight and Caspar talking in this soft voice that he uses only for Joe, I am in tears

Yeah, let’s all give this video a thumbs up for Caspar being flexible

This can come in handy at times

Caspar: *talking about Frankly*

Joe: This is how we can name our son! Frank Lee!


Joe: Caspar doesn’t use an alarm clock, he uses me as an alarm clock

Okay, but how do you wake him, Joe? Care to enlighten us?

Caspar: Thank you so much, Joe!

Does he hug everyone he collabs with hug like this? I think not

You can also send in requests if you want me to analyse a certain video - I can’t promise I’ll do them all, but I’ll give my best! :)


Michael Burk’s “Therefore I am” Imagines Future Possibilities for Prenatal Screening

As advanced as technology is and with the number of devices and machines available to us, a machine that produces an in-depth look into the life and future of an unborn child, has still yet to be actualized. Ultrasounds and sonograms give us a peek into the life and development of a child while in the womb, but Michael Burk, of the Berlin University of the Arts, has created a way to look deeper into the life and future of those yet to be born. Burk’s Therefore I Am displays his fictional measuring instrument, the purpose of which is to produce a story about one’s life and ultimately their death.

This deeper look into prenatal diagnostics is executed by Burk’s machine, when initiated by the user. A blood sample is inserted, the dial is turned, and animation on the machine’s screen displays images that mimic chromosomes, and strands of deoxyribonucleic acid molecules. Once the machine is finished, it produces and prints a life story based on the blood sample measurement. A typical life story includes the gender of the person, their interests, their sexual orientation, and their career choice. The instrument gives a life, future, and real feel to a person who has yet to even take their first breath.

Watch the video Therefore I Am on vimeo. 

- Lee Jones






The DNA testing is completely and utterly wrong.

It’s already confirmed Sarada is the child of Sakura and Sasuke. Even Boruto the Movie’s website says it.. the translation says on Sarada’s bio

“ Sasuke and Sakura child . Dignified pupil characteristics . Of which I am wearing the crest of containing clothes”

I don’t understand how people are kinda freaking out already and some I understand the subject of the DNA testing is very confusing. Please do NOT source WIKIA, they update based on the current chapters so they always change the characters biography.

Remember Karin had a freaky obsession with Sasuke, it could be possible Karin has something to do with helping Sakura give birth to Sarada. 


The DNA is actually Sarada’s because generally how DNA works is that your paternal carrier would share similarities to their offsprings. It is totally barbaric to have the SAME because the only way for you to have an identical DNA stem would be if you have an identical twin since twins share the same face, mind, and body.  

Suigetsu practically tested Sarada’s DNA with her own DNA. Doctors will look at the molecule inside it there are things called “Alleles” they are given unique numbers which represents a person’s DNA profile, each person will have 2 Alleles mean they will have 2 parts or location of where the DNA is analysed. This way if a mother and father has an offspring, the offspring will then have 1 ALLELE OF THE BIOLOGICAL MOTHER, AND ONE ALLELE FROM THE BIOLOGICAL FATHER IN THEIR DNA. 

Sarada is only 12 years old, she has no idea how DNA molecule or testing is like. 


So to those people who are like “WTF IS GOING ON??? WHO IS SARADA’S MOTHER”. It’s definitely SAKURA!

OKAY BAIZZZZ * i can’t believe i spent 3 hours learning about DNA testing LOL”


“Oh.” Lexa’s eyes widen comically for a moment. “Oh. You and I?” Clarke nods. “I am yours.” She looks up at Clarke reverently, child-like wonder on her face. “I get to kiss you?”

Raven snorts into her hand and Clarke feels the beginnings of a smile on her face.

“And probably other things too, Commander.” Raven sneers and Clarke leans across Lexa’s body to shove her, not taking her eyes off Lexa.

So since I suck at leaving reviews for fics that I actually enjoyed reading, I thought I’d just make fanart for them instead. First up is fuscience‘s fic, high as a kite, which features drugged-up Lexa, sassy Raven and loving Clarke. Do yourself a favor and read it.

More fic recs here!

Credence and Graves

Am I the only one here that thinks shipping Credence and Graves is seriously messed up.

Like are you aware that Credence is a severely mistreated and abused child and you are actually shipping him with a grown man which is gross enough, but this man is actually contributing to said abuse on Credence. 

I have seen some pretty fucked up ships in many different fandoms but this is next level. #CredenceDeservesBetter
Facebook group to save a pitbull that mauled a four year old

Since the Feb. 20 attack, the pit bull Mickey has become the object of a Facebook page that has gotten more than 40,000 likes and an online petition to spare his life.

I am not going to lie, people. I’m disappointed. This animal didn’t just nip a child, he lunged at the child, got him in the face, and managed to actually break bones in the child’s face. He’s permanently disfigured and will likely require multiple surgeries, and instead of a facebook group to help the child’s family with medical bills, there’s a facebook group trying to put the dog, which has killed another dog before, in a NEW home?

This animal is a massive liability. It needs to be put down. This isn’t a simple nip with blood, this kid was mauled. MAULED. By a dog that has mauled other dogs to death before. This dog isn’t a pet. This dog cannot be safely rehomed.

And there are 40,000 people who’d want to put that animal in another home after it permanently disfigured a little boy? When an animal like this proves itself a danger to not only other animals but human beings as well, it has to go. I’m sorry, there’s no fucking wiggle room for this.

40,000 likes on a fucking Facebook page to rehome this dangerous animal. Would you want a dog that killed another dog and tried to eat the face off a toddler in your backyard? or your neighbor’s backyard?

This stupid hippy dippy fluffy bunny “look at the cute doggy!” bullshit has to end. I’ll tell you right now that if any dog ever bit the face off of my kid, or killed one of my animals, animal control wouldn’t even be able to find its body, let alone have time for a forty thousand strong thrall of senseless imbeciles to make it a fucking facebook page.

mini analysis of gideon gleeful:

this is a ten year old boy who is use to manipulating, scamming, lying and faking to get his way: he’s literally a con-artist. his dad introduced him into a limelight when he was a baby and he grew up in an environment where everyone bowed to his every whim and tantrum; where everyone loved and adored him. Which is why it seems he has two sides of himself: one where he acts like an actual innocent child and another where he’s possessive, aggressive, near sociopathic. he’s grown into the personality that we’d seen over the past two seasons, where he’s antagonistic and spiteful towards anyone getting in his way. 

i am in no way excusing his actions because he constantly objectified Mabel with a toxic adoration that was based off the want to possess her, and how he was murderous to anyone who dare stop him (e.g. Dipper) and how he treats his family harshly and very nearly cruelly in ways to gain an edge on others. but it explains how he doesn’t understand how to do anything differently than how he’s always done. 

Dipper talking to him about proving his love to Mabel was probably one of the first and only alternatives anyone’s ever showed him. Instead of being hateful and possessive, instead of forcing his love on someone, Gideon was challenged to do something that’s actually worthwhile of being loved. It was probably the most emotional development that Gideon had ever experience before, where he actually put what someone else’s choice before his own.

In his own awful way, he does love Mabel and he can’t let it go. Hopefully now he’ll respect her boundaries and actually listen to her rejection instead of being in denial about it.

anonymous asked:

for the unpopular opinions. liam ain't that dumb lmao idk and quite frankly dont care whether carol or whatever her name is is actually pregnant, although i am slightly annoyed on how it's being used for a 'IS IT HIS' and extremely disgusted over how she was in a position of authority of him when he was a child and its being called romantic. will this ever end.

SHE SAID CAROL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM FUCKING SCREAMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and yes i completely agree. at first i didnt rly think she was pregnant but i guess she is? but yeah shes clearly using it for pr which is….quite ugly. like did u see how her rep said she ‘wont comment on it’ but like is cool prancing around and having people write about her yikes. but yeah liam might be simple sometimes but i srsly doubt hes dumb enough to get a woman pregnant after watching this whole (fake) shit with louis play out. also he looks like he wants to die whenever hes around her and that doesnt rly shout lets start a family together. and yes the fact theyve pushed the ‘he had a crush on her when he was 14 now theyre dating!’ line. is really fucking disgusting. like it makes me wanna puke. and yes literally free everyone and end everything.

W.I.T.C.H. girls and their Tumblr blogs
  • Will Vandom
  • Url: willthefrog
  • Bio: Will, 15, Heatherfield. She/her/hers. Expect frogs, swimming, and irritating rambling personal posts.
  • Theme: Lots of pale greens and blues. Clear and uncluttered theme, but tags are not visible
  • Content: Lots of cute animal photos, especially frogs and small rodents. Frequently cross-posts pictures of her dormouse from Instagram, more than she actually posts pictures of herself. Lots of motivational quotes from athletes, and pictures of swimmers, to inspire her. Writes long personal text posts, always under 'read more' breaks, and tags them with things like 'Will talks to nobody' and 'Ignore me I'm tired'
  • Interactions: Reblogs a lot of social justice stuff from Cornelia. Constantly recommends Taranee's blog and compliments her photography
  • Irma Lair
  • Url: flower_child_irma
  • Bio: I AM TRASH. bury me in Karmilla CDs
  • Theme: Bright pinks and purples, with a magazine-style look. Has a Karmilla header image which she made herself and is quite bad, but she loves it
  • Content: Bandoms, especially Karmilla, but also plenty of other rock and metal bands both classic and modern. Reblogs every humour post and crazy video she sees. Uses every Tumblr slang term and meme there is. Lots of hippie/'60s fashion photography tagged as 'GOALS'
  • Interactions: Constantly reblogging humour posts from Hay Lin, and the two have pages-long conversations that basically involve tossing memes and injokes back and forth. Tags these posts as 'bae lin' so the other girls can blacklist them
  • Taranee Cook
  • Url: taraneecookphotography
  • Bio: Landscape photography by Taranee Cook. Contact:
  • Theme: Sleek, simple, black-and-white design that allows the photographs to be the focus
  • Content: Taranee's own landscape photography. She uses the site as a portfolio for her work, with the hopes of getting noticed by professionals. Often reblogs other people's artwork and photography, taking immense care to tag the original artist of each piece. Has a music player at the top of her blog which plays her favourite classical tracks to set the mood for her work. Has a private, password-encrypted sideblog where she writes her personal posts
  • Interactions: Reblogs fashion photography from Cornelia and motivational quotes from Will. 'Likes' all of Cornelia's social justice posts, and the pair frequently DM each other to discuss social issues
  • Cornelia Hale
  • Url: blueeyes-greensoul
  • Bio: "Humans are made from the nuclear ash of dead stars...When I die, I'll return to dust, glitter, rain... I'll reform as apple blossom"
  • Theme: Pastel pinks and blues, with a flowery theme
  • Content: Fashion and make-up photography. Lots of selfies with comments like 'No justification necessary' and 'Because I look great today'. Lots of feminist and social justice-oriented posts. Supports blackout day every month, reblogging all the selfies she finds. Strongly environmentalist posts and links to important articles
  • Interactions: Reblogs a lot of quotes from Will and photography from Taranee. Has long unfollowed Irma, whose immature attitude irritates her
  • Hay Lin
  • Url: themindofhaylin
  • Bio: Hay Lin. Heatherfield. A fan of fandom itself. Welcome :)
  • Theme: Changes every week. Favours bold colours and a theme that shows off her artwork
  • Content: Fandom posts, especially anime, cartoons, and bands. Reblogs a lot of fanart and uploads her own using the tag 'Hay Lin draws a thing'. Lots of quirky fashion photography, especially '80s and '90s stuff. Humour posts, strange memes, and shitposting
  • Interactions: Occasionally reblogs photography from Taranee and Cornelia. Mostly has long conversations with Irma that appear meaningless to the outside world. Reblogs a lot of Irma's bandom posts too
Title: It seems like I got reincarnated into the world of a Yandere Otome game. Author:花木もみじ Translator: Firi Proof Reader: Midori Editor in Chief: technicolordiscode Summary based on the web novel...

So I’ve recently become an editor for the translation of this Japanese web novel! If you’re interested in this type of story please check it out. =)

It seems like I got reincarnated into the world of a Yandere Otome game.

Translator: Firi
Proof Reader: Midori
Editor in Chief: technicolordiscode

Summary based on the web novel:

Lycoris, as a precocious child, suffers from a strange sense of deja vu. On the day her father told her about her fiancé, she realizes that said fiancé was actually a character from an otome game she once played in her previous life.

“I am the heroine’s rival from the game?
And I get stabbed to death in the bad ending?
What a joke”

In which the protagonist is determined to avoid the yanderes surrounding her.