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Junkrat, McCree, Hanzo, or Mei engaged in pillow fort combat w/ their s/o? LET BATTLE COMMENCE. sorry if that's too many..)

It’s not too many, no worries! sorry if it’s a little late; I was busy yesterday. Thanks for requesting! I am in love with this idea thanks anon


- Jamison is an actual child both at heart and in mind so be prepared for ALL OUT WAR.
- Starts fairly simply with s/o suggesting that they build a pillow fort, which Jamie had apparently never heard of.
- S/o collects pillows from one half of the base, Jamie gets them from the other.
- Upon finishing the fort, he starts rambling about how he loves it so much and he’s so glad he did this and oops, there’s a pillow there.
- Slips on the pillow and accidentally hits his s/o with a pillow. Gets flustered and tries to apologise, only for his s/o to call out a war cry.
- He’s a little confused at first but after catching on, bOI he has no chill AT ALL.
- Laughs a little too manically whenever he gets his s/o with a pillow.


- After making the pillow fort, you can bet that Jesse freaking McCree lies down with his s/o, acting as calm as can be, before starting A WAR.
- Hear me out, okay? Jesse is usually pretty calm/chill about everything, right? He is the literal worst when he’s in a pillow fight.
- Probably hasn’t had one since he was 6/7, resulting a lot of pent up pillow fighting rage.
- Afterwards, he’ll apologise for loosing his calm don’t believe him he enjoyed every moment but definitely will do it again, without a doubt.
- “IT’S HIIIGH NOOON.” *pelts s/o with pillows*


- HANDSOAP!! oh boy
- Hanzo thinks it’s childish. Incredibly, incredibly childish.
- Why is he doing it? Well, to anyone else, he’ll say it’s for his s/o. In truth, he probably hasn’t had a pillow fight EVER.
- Sure, Genji and him could have done when they were younger, but he was always had to be more responsible, as the eldest son.
- He’s not as violent as the others, probably chuckles a lot throughout the entire thing and won’t fully try.
- Unless his s/o hits him smack in the face with a pillow. Then, this means war.


- Mei starts it all. Decides that her and her s/o should build a huge pillow fort.
- But, her s/o starts the fight. Probably jokingly throws a pillow over that gets Mei in the back and, after a brief moment of awkward blushing, she turns to see her s/o standing there, with a smug grin on their face.
- She pretends to frown and moves over to the pillow pile, looking all sad, then SURPRISE ATTACK!! Manages to get her s/o in the face and giggles to herself.
- So began the pillow war of ‘77.
- Mei would be so nice after, would definitely be the kind of person to stop the war when her s/o is injured and mutter apologies, before dragging them off to see Angela about it even if it’s just a scratch

Voyage of the Harmony (out of context excerpt from MLP SF AU)

Notes: This is a My Little Pony SF space AU, though they’re not in space yet. Humans exist in this universe as another spacefaring race, but there are none in this excerpt. Ponies are ponies, not anthros; they’re just in space (or going to space).

Draws inspiration from the works of Cordwainer Smith, particularly “Scanners Live In Vain” and “The Game of Cat and Dragon”. Also, C. S. Friedman’s “This Alien Shore”, which is also inspired by Cat and Dragon. Also, I am embarrassed to admit, Piers Anthony (one of his only short stories that was actually any good.) 

This is the part where Twilight and Spike go to persuade the reclusive xenomedic Fluttershy to join their crew. Word is, she owns a draconequus.

I think the rest of what you need to understand this excerpt is in the excerpt itself.

Warnings: description of some fairly awful child abuse.

With Spike on her back, Twilight trotted eagerly down the road.  The Dark Queen had gifted Equestria with an especially bright moon tonight, and the close-stars beamed tiny patches of mostly red, warm sunlight, drawn from the sun so far away. It wasn’t anything like the light and warmth of Queen Celestia’s solar array, let alone an actual sun, but it was better than the perpetual, chilly gloom from when Queen Moon had taken power.

Queen Celestia… No. Twilight wasn’t going to think about the lost queen. Not now, not while she was on Equestria. She had to stay focused. Get her crew, load up the ship, and go.

Fluttershy was the last one on her short list. Her backer, Rarity, had introduced her to Rainbow Dash, whose piloting credentials were impeccable.  Rainbow had introduced her to Applejack, apple farmer turned engineer when night fell ten years ago and apples could only be grown in hothouses with grow lamps anymore. Applejack had introduced her to Pinkie Pie, an experienced cook and a mare of sufficient exuberance and cheer to make a fantastic morale officer, and no ship out there risking the Pain of Space dared to go without a morale officer.

All of them were in agreement. The mysterious Fluttershy, hardly ever seen in town, was Ponyville’s best xenomedic – which would have sounded awfully like the best gardener in Cloudsdale, except for Ponyville’s proximity to the Everfree Forest. Fluttershy had experience treating animals no one else on Equestria even had names for.

Also. She had a draconequus.

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FMLS90 Weekly Challenge: Register for a 5k, 10k, ½ marathon or something similar. Share your great news with us. :)

I am so excited! I signed up for CASA of Travis County’s Superhero 5k

CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) of Travis County speaks up for children who’ve been abused or neglected by empowering our community to volunteer as advocates for them in the court system. 

Some of you may know this, but I actually used to volunteer as a Guardian ad Litem with CASA, which was an incredible experience. It was a lot of hard work and time in court, but at the end of the day, being there to advocate for a child in the foster care system was worth every minute I invested. 

It feels like a perfect run to test how I feel AND support one of my favorite causes!

Accountability buddies:@fatmaninalittlesuit,  @iamrunspired,@kelseybecomingwhole, @findingmyway33

MyFitnessPal: ErikaWasTaken
Fit chart: Google Doc

My daughter and I do not look alike.

I’m blonde, green-eyed, very much your standard white girl. My wife is half-Colombian, and being her biological child, our daughter inherited her dark eyes and hair. She’s basically a mini-me of L (it’s like she reproduced herself, our donor literally didn’t get anything in there).

Which, whatever, obviously. I love it.

But I am super tired of us being out as a family and people knowingly looking to my wife and saying things like “oh so you must be the actual mother.”


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The problem is that you seem to make up people being "transphobic" and other things with no reason for it and jfc if you think homosexual is a slur I really don't know how I can help you. It's literally a scientific term. Stop wasting your time being horrible to people on the internet who maybe aren't as well informed as you but are atleast trying and go and deal with the people who are actually racist, homophobic ect... And last time I checked you weren't the one that rules the lgbt+ community

You are literally 13. Never speak to me again. You are a literal fucking child.Do NOT come up into my fucking post and derail it because I “don’t care about gay people’s feelings” (which, fyi, honey, isn’t the fucking same as saying your inane comment telling me not to say “gays” is pointless and that I could care less about it’s uselessness in the conversation).I am a person in an interracial same gender relationship in Texas.You do not have the fucking right to come tell me I “don’t care about gay people’s feelings”  because I do. I really fucking do. That isn’t a fuckign joking matter.I do not, and never will, care about your derailing, however. Because I just don’t. I do not care about a fucking kid who thinks they’re all grown up and understands how the world works and thinks they can talk to me like that, and patronize me for saying “gays” instead of “gay people”. You’re an embarrassment.


Hello, my long lost loves! It was a very long weekend but I am back home now and back into my semi-routine.

Some updates: I got a job! 2 actually. One is doing activities with elderly people who suffer from dementia. This position would be every other weekend, equaling 20 hours every 2 weeks. This job should pay my rent. The other job is a little bit more sketchy. It is TSS (therapeutic support staff) position, which basically means a case worker for children. I will have to drive to meet the child in school or at home or in the community. It is a contract position, which I don’t really know what that means honestly. I don’t know much about the job actually.. just that it is in my field and I needed a job so I took it. I think they were desperate for workers because they offered me (and someone else, who came in for the interview dressed in a champion workout tee and nike shoes…) on the spot. Honestly, this is almost never a good sign. Also, I have to do around 50 hours of online training, unpaid, as well as pay for liability insurance. Alas, I need a job and this seems and I will do what needs to be done.

Tomorrow is my La Salle orientation. I do not want to drive to Philly. I DO NOT WANT TO DRIVE TO PHILLY. Ugh. That will be one big anxiety fest.

Onto my run(s). Yesterday (Monday) I accidentally ran 5.5 miles. I was aiming for 4 miles but it was a 6 mile loop so why the heck not. I got lost, ran through the woods, and it was dark by the time I got back. Also my phone and watch were dying. The next time I run here I plan for it to be much more put together. Listened to Runner’s World podcast on motivation (thanks @stupidrunner) as well as Stuff Mom Never Told You’s sports bra science podcast. Although I didn’t finish it, I almost did (it was over an hour, I think) and it was pretty darn interesting.

Since I wasn’t prepared for such a long run, I walked the last .5 and didn’t stretch. Was in a rush to prepare for interview this morning. Legs were a little sore today.

Today I ran just 1 very easy mile since tomorrow I will not being running (HAVE TO DRIVE TO PHILLY UGH).

Very happy about my 5.5 miles, though. It was a good start to my 10k training!

August- 26.5

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I actually only know FMA by name, which is a huge flaw on my part I knooow. But I love what is happening with your art no matter what you draw! I am so impressed !

Oooooooo my god, child

Please promise me that if you get into anything else have it be Fullmetal Alchemist. It is, to this date, one of my favorite stories of all time. Concise, well told, full-bodied story-telling and fantastic characters, from start to finish. I recommend reading the manga or watching FMA: Brotherhood (the anime adaption of the manga, not the ‘03 eventual spinoff). But yeah, great great stuff. And after years I randomly just decided to binge-watch FMA: Brotherhood and randomly start drawing it. No regrets here. Still as great as ever.

I made more progressssss

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Seeing your 100 ways to say I love you series get closer and closer to 100 makes me kinda sad but also super proud like yeah u go u be awesome and finish the series but also like 'omg it's gonna end soon they only have 11 more left what am I gonna do after???' U feel? It's like knowing ur about to finish a really good tv series. Sorry I'm rambling about thing but I just really love ur writing and that series ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

gahhh nooo!! i actually like receiving messages like these because that’s how i know people actually follow the whole thing :> but worry not my baby child!!!

after this series, i have the ‘lana del rey’ drabbles series to finish up, then after the ‘fluff starters’ which consists about 70 drabbles WITH JUST FLUFF, and then after the 50 kisses drabbles!!!

so there’s still much more to come after 100 ways!!!

if anything, once i finish 100 ways, i’ll be opening up the request box for another 101 fluff prompt list so i can fill that up so… IT’S JUST THE BEGINNING MY LOVE

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i need a tomarry version of the must be a fanfic ask from b4 & tom thinks he's hetero or ace cuz he grew up in a super religious orphanage/foster home (he's not homophibic thou if only 2 spite the care takers who called him a demon child) and then harry brings home draco he just 'i am not okay with this damn it'

Yeah, I imagine Tom denying his attraction to Harry until Draco comes along and Tom realises that what he actually wanted all along was Harry, which then starts him off trying to sabotage Harry and Draco’s relationship

Except maybe Harry faked dating Draco to get Tom to come to terms with his feelings xD

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I've always wanted to learn Spanish, but I am not around actual speakers enough to pick it up like a child does their mother tongue."Como se llamo usted"/"me llamo [NAME]" are the pinnacle of my Spanish.I do know how to read and pronounce it, though!

I hope you do get to learn Spanish because learning this language particularly is very eye-opening and trains you to view Latinx as equal human beings, which is exactly the opposite of what Americans are usually socialized to do.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a beginner in the language but you must teach yourself to respect the people who are responsible for its development and usage. And respect the fact that some people will (rightfully) oppose to hearing it roll off of your tongue, as they are constantly stigmatized for having it, their own mother language, roll off of their tongues.

Understand that you have no business willfully learning the language of a marginalized people unless you truly learn to respect the culture and the human beings to which it belongs.

Interestingly enough, this does not just apply to Spanish.

This goes for the languages of any marginalized group of people. That includes any Native/indigenous languages, any Asian language, any primarily African language, Patois, Creole, any languages spoken by Pacific Islanders, and yes, even AAVE.

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Can you perhaps direct us to these cathartic videos ripping Cursed Child? I need some sympathy after reading that.

Why, yes, @zforzelma ! (No idea if Tumblr actually notifies for replies. I am figuring not.)

I have labeled them for relative content. There are legions of these as you can well imagine…

This one is very well-reasoned, articulate and actually takes issue with the queerbaiting which not many videos do, that I have found, to my severe disappointment. The last two to three minutes are the best (though it is all great) and I appreciate their reaction to the “sickening” nature of the inserted, token, straight love interest(s). 

A very satisfying picking apart of its egregiously stupid facets even if it does not address relationships at length. Lots of gesticulating. “Couldn’t it be made to just make sense?” <3

This one is incredible.  Well-spoken and gives no fucks. Also very cathartic in terms of plainly addressing all of the ways in which the script is utterly shitty. Highly appropriate swearing. Around 14-15 minutes, they rip on the writers for blatantly being too “cowardly” to feature a queer couple opting instead to tease ships in order to draw a larger audience. 

Another amazing vid. Someone weighs in at length on their disappointment with the heteronormative ending. Though I thought that they were a little charitable in regards to the quality of the script, they speak so eloquently with such feeling, and their analysis of the Scorpius and Albus relationship (and its lost potential, argh), how they related to it, is brilliant and touching! Very relatable. 

I had many more that I was watching that were eminently relatable up until the point that they began to queer bash, usually towards the end of the video. A bit disturbing and disheartening. x_x 

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10 facts about me

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1. I’m a woman-child and I will never grow up. EVER.

2. A great way to annoy me is to walk behind me and start humming a low whistle. Even if you can’t see my face, I’m glaring daggers.

3. My family owns a candy and chocolate confectionary shop, I get all the damn Chocolate and ice cream that I want… which actually isn’t much because I’m tired of that stuff already XP.

4. I used to live in the Fresno area in California.

5. I am the middle child in my family.

6. I can smell a dead ant, and the smell is just one of thee WORST.

7. I really love Orcas, they are like your average Dolophin, only bigger, cooler and just all around awesome. A goal in life for me is to go to New Zealand and dive there for a chance to encounter a pod.

8. I have been reading the Sonic Archie comics off and on for 11+ years so far. (Yes… Was there during those dark Pender days) 

9. I’ve been torturing my hair with bleach and purple dyes now for nearly four years.

10. I am a HUGE sucker for epic climactic music– such examples include Two steps from hell, Audiomachine, Brickwall audio, Epic score and countless composers. 

I tag: uuuhhh…. I think everyone else pretty much already got tagged *scratches head* 

I saw a thing someone shared on fb. A story about a child molester on death row asking for a child to be his final meal. Which is totally and completely untrue, but it’s even worse because the picture they used of the fictional child molester/ cannibal is actually of a guy who’s in jail for enacting vigilante justice (that is, he beat a child molester to death).

Someone else had previously commented, saying it looked like satire, and they responded to my “this is a hoax” comment with basically “yep, satire,” and no. That’s not satire. That’s not what satire IS. (But I just responded saying “Not satire, just clickbait.”)

Ew ew ew is all I have to say.

theworldoffostering said: Is a new job an option? Maybe something in the advocacy/foster care field?

YES YES YES hopefully so. Aside from the… actual applying part, which I know I need to do but am in such a defeated and depressed state from my current job that I can’t (so that’s how they keep us!)

I’ve wondered if switching fields would be a possibility, a good move, or even an option (my background is in education, so I’m not really qualified but there’s some overlap if you spin it right). I looked at some local positions that didn’t require actually being a social worker, but some of my fear is that I’m already burned out and a poster child for compassion fatigue and what would adding in a job with ACTUAL PROBLEMS add to that? I can go two ways on this, one, it would be the death blow to my mental health, or two, it would HELP me because there would be actual problems that matter as opposed to dealing with people freaking out because no one has ever, in the history of education, plagiarized a paper before. 

There’s also the other option where I stay in my field but find a job with other living humans, and possibly for more money and less hours. Or maybe just less hours. I’m eyeing a few of those, trying to figure out how little I can live on. Because there’s always another job and more money, but for my kids at this age, this is it. We don’t get this again. And they deserve a mom who isn’t crying on the way to and from work everyday and completely spent by the time I get home.