when ur mom tells the entire village n neighboring district that ur going to be visiting them during winter break but u have other plans like spending time with ur seasonal depression in the comfort of ur bed n all that

new aesthetic: irresponsible queer

u mess up ur own pronouns and call urself gay bc ur too lazy for proper labels. you wear your binder for 16 hours straight sometimes more if u wear it to bed

ppl liked this on twitter so i’ll post it here too ;;v;;; still so large tho

anon said:  Doodle idea: Lance and Keith having arguing to each other w puppets

Why did I give Lance a Dino? No clue other than having Keith be like “wtf are you doing.”

they probably couldn’t decide what the heck their story was even gonna be about, considering they chose a cat and a dinosaur, so Lance was just like “frick ur cat” and had the dino ‘eat’ it.

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