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alright not really a request but more like suggestions: 1. pierce going down on u while you're up against the wall/sitting on a desk with your legs on his shoulders 2. him fingering u with his metal fingers 3. you not knowing what a monster he really is bc he hides his job from u and when ur in bed he's trying to be slow and gentle and human but he's just so intense and he loves u so fucking much he ends up fucking you completely senseless, biting your throat and holding you down and oh my

oh my

Oh mY

oh MY



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who's,,, like,,,,, ur dream partner (describe them)

like. ?????? someone who puts up with my shit????? like idk Specifics but. someone who messages me a lot n reassures me and is silly with me and makes me laugh. someone who makes me smile just thinking about them. someone who’s interested or at least listens 2 the things i’m interested in. someone who’s soft and gentle and sweet and thoughtful. someone who indulges me and supports me but also like. gives me solid advice bc i have a lot of worries and not a lot of confidence. idk my dude just. that feeling u get when u say ur going 2 bed but then you stay up another two hours bc you can’t stop talking to each other, that’s a Good feeling, it makes my heart do this funny flip thing, i love it…… i just want a lot of affection and like. someone who helps me communicate and actually Talk about my feelings and needs which i Suck at doing like you wouldn’t believe how Terrible i am at communication. i want someone who i feel safe with, that’d be nice



the three stages of getting ready in the morning: vulcan, human, and whothefuckinventedmorning

if Min Yoongi, Born March 9th, 1993, Blood Type O, 174 cm In Height, Born In Daegu, South Korea, Signed Under Big Hit Entertainment as a Member of International Hit K-pop Boy Group: BTS, Producer of His Own Fucking Mixtape, and Otherwise Known As SUGA/AGUST D dares to issue an apology for not being able to perform due to a motherfucking injury i will personally bend the laws of physics in order to teleport my sorry ass over 2 seoul and slap that smart phone out of his hand before he can even open his mouth to say a word bc the only reason we r SAD is bc we just want to see him again and not bc we’re disappointed he’s not performing w the rest of the boys or think he’s not working hard or shouldn’t be part of the group or is laz y like bitch i hate ur face so much get some rest ,eat ur own body weight in food ,dont even get out of ur fuckign bed . ,and sleep for 22 fucking hours like u want to ,,like oh ym god . me: just mcfj ucking ReST UR TINY ASS ok,, GOT DAM IT 

my ideal relationship: me n u chilling topless in our queen size memory foam bed, ur head resting on my shoulder as we scroll thru vine n say “you” and “no that’s you”

Camila Cabello
  • <p> <b>Dinah:</b> Chancho guess what? I thought of a new prank!<p/><b>Dinah:</b> Waaaaalz!<p/><b>Normani:</b> Dinah! Stop. She's not here anymore.<p/><b>Dinah:</b> ...oh.<p/><b></b> ---<p/><b>Ally:</b> Yolandah is back. How are you lovelies?<p/><b>Ally:</b> Mani, Dinah looking bootyful as always. Yes gurl twerk it oh yeah!<p/><b>Ally:</b> and on the other side our sexy Latinas, Lauren and Cam--<p/><b>Ally:</b> Oh crap. Sorry, Lauren. I forgot.<p/><b></b> ---<p/><b>Normani:</b> I never thought how quiet it would be without her.<p/><b>Dinah:</b> Bitch, I'm still here?!<p/><b>Normani:</b> I know, but you get what I mean, right?<p/><b>Dinah:</b> ...yes.<p/><b></b> ---<p/><b>Lauren:</b> Good morning ba--<p/><b>Lauren:</b> Right. *checks phone*<p/><b>Message from Camila Cabello (8:</b> 03AM): Good morning baby. It's 6pm here, but it's morning there, right? You should get ur lazy ass off the bed. I miss u Lolo.<p/><b>Lauren:</b> You have no idea how much I miss you too.<p/></p>

anon said:  Doodle idea: Lance and Keith having arguing to each other w puppets

Why did I give Lance a Dino? No clue other than having Keith be like “wtf are you doing.”

they probably couldn’t decide what the heck their story was even gonna be about, considering they chose a cat and a dinosaur, so Lance was just like “frick ur cat” and had the dino ‘eat’ it.

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“as long as i live, you will not harm him!”

this is mostly a testament as to why i shouldn’t draw whilst vaguely delirious at 1am (yes that background is MEANT to be atollon lmao) BUT -

i would love it if maul’s meeting with obi-wan was less ‘rar rar revenge time’ and more some sort of bizarre therapy session wherein obi-wan makes maul realise that he needs to make amends with ezra if he wants to move forward and have a chance at happiness. 

thus, maul leaves tatooine and makes a beeline for atollon - only to find that chopper base is under attack from the empire. maul cuts through the carnage to find ezra cornered by thrawn and a battalion of troopers (not pictured lmao) and - for, like, the first time ever - he acts unselfishly, taking on the battalion singlehandely so that ezra can escape alongside his crew.