A group of Colombian rebels scanning the sky for government aircraft in May.

Colombia and FARC Announce Deal to End the Americas’ Longest War

Colombia’s government and the largest rebel group in the country have reached a deal to end more than 50 years of conflict, the two sides announced Wednesday, paving the way for an end to the longest-running war in the Americas.

For four years, the Colombian government and the rebels have been locked in negotiations. Time and again, they have emerged from the negotiating table to assure a weary public that another impasse had been eliminated, another hurdle cleared.

This time, the two sides declared that a final deal had been clinched.

“Today begins the end of the suffering, the pain and the tragedy of war,” President Juan Manuel Santos said in a nationally televised address after the agreement was announced. “Let’s open the door together to a new stage in our history.”

The agreement, reached in Havana where the talks took place, effectively signifies the end of the last major guerrilla struggle in Latin America.

It outlines a timetable in which the rebels, known as the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, will abandon their arms. It also sets out a pathway in which former fighters will enter civilian life again — and in some cases, run for office.

But to most Colombians, the deal is simply a promise that the war, which has lasted 52 years, claimed some 220,000 lives and displaced more than five million people, is at last coming to an end.

Peace in Colombia now looks more likely than ever, but a big hurdle still needs to be cleared before the deal is ratified. Mr. Santos, who has staked his legacy on a deal, must now sell it to his people, who will be asked to vote in an up-or-down referendum.

Rallying against that approval is Mr. Santos’s predecessor, former President Álvaro Uribe, whose term ended in 2010 with the FARC diminished.

Mr. Uribe is widely credited with the military gains that forced the rebels to the negotiating table. But he is now leading a growing campaign against the deal, saying it amounts to an unjust amnesty for the rebels.

“They will spend zero days in prison, they will be awarded with political representation,” Paloma Valencia, a senator in Mr. Uribe’s party, said of the rebels. “This deal breaks the rule of law.”

Still, others hailed the deal as a major step for a country of 50 million people whose growing economy has long been hampered by the simple fact that the state does not control all of its territory.

“It’s an enormous opportunity for the country to create a democratic state, which will allow us to live in peace,” said Maria Emma Wills, a political analyst at the National Center for Historical Memory, a government research group.

She warned, “The deal has strong political opposition, and the next job is going to be public advocacy for it.”

Members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, in May.

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The Prophet (ﷺ) said: ‘The Beast will emerge and place a mark on the faces of the people. They will be plentiful among you such that a man will purchase a camel and it will be said: From whom did you buy it? He will say: I bought it from one of those with the mark.[1]’


Ibn Kathir (رحمه الله) said: 'This is the beast which will emerge at the end of time when people have become corrupt, abandoned the commands of Allah, and changed the true religion. Thus, Allah will bring forth the beast from the earth.[2]’

—  [1]. [(Musnad Ahmad #21805)]
[2]. [(Tafseer Ibn Kathir 27:82)]

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I watched the Colbert segment amidst all this chaos of the photos emerging, and the whole time I was thinking, "This man. This adorable, scruffy goofball is the man that gets to have sex with Gillian Anderson. I'm so proud."

me: makes any change in my life no matter how small and inconsequential

my anxiety, the night immediately following said change: *emergency sirens blaring* TIME TO FUCKING DIE

I have a lot of things to say about Minncon, but first of all, I want to talk about Jared.

I know he made a post today that was contradictory and a lot of people may think he’s an asshole. But lemme tell you a story that nobody told me, I saw it with my own eyes, and made me realize even more what an unique person Jared Padalecki is.

Last night, Minncon was ending and Jared was finishing his autos, he was last as usual and there was barely nobody around anymore. We were outside the room waiting for him to leave, so we could see him one last time. He finally emerges, and we wave and stuff, and he immediately goes hug the girls closest to him. He walks away , I yell that we love him, and he yells back that he loves us more. But that’s not what I want to tell you.

When I thought he had left already, I saw that Clif and other security had stopped, so I went to check what was happening, and I came to a scene of Jared crouched down beside a girl who was seating against a wall. The girl was desperately crying, and Jared was comforting her. He talked to her, he hugged her, he took his time. That went on for about 5 minutes. He made everyone wait just so he could talk to the girl. Then he went on his way. That touched me deeply, to see how much he cares. There were no cameras, nobody was around, it was only him, the real Jared. He didn’t have to do that, he could just walk past her but he didnt. That was not the actor, that was the person. Nobody would know he did that if I wasn’t making a post about it, because he doesn’t have to show off. That’s who he is. And I know it’s true because i was there.

My point is, Jared has flaws. I won’t applaud or agree with everything he does. He’s human after all. But I have never met in my life such a caring and loving person. He was so kind to me the both times I met him (I’ll talk about my autograph later), he has such a power within him, that I don’t understand how can someone hate him. Meeting Jared in person was a turning point for me, I already loved him for many years, but now i love the person Jared, the one who cares, who looks at you with the kindest eyes in the whole world and makes you feel important. The one who detours from his path to comfort a crying fan.

I’ve seen firsthand how other actors act when a fan says a simple hi, and how uncaring they could be. But not Jared. You can say a million things about him, but if you hate him, you’re wasting your time. You are missing on one of the most special people in this planet.

Jared, thanks for being who you are, I love you so much I can’t even put into words right now.

oftd featuring. tezri propie

The Bizzare & Unromantic Origins of 11 Wedding Traditions

If you’re staunch believer in age old wedding traditions, then be prepared to discover some surprising facts we’ve uncovered that will turn your fairytale romantic wedding into a gathering of well-played marketing propaganda and morbid ancient customs. From the clever antics of an advertising team to make money by selling diamond engagement rings, to the class discriminating white wedding dress, to re-enacting primitive kidnappings as a honeymoon, the truth about these wedding traditions are wackier than you could believe! 

Keep an open mind  - these wedding rituals emerged at a time when weddings were less a romantic moment and dealt with much like a hurried and forced business transaction.

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Do you know what I want to see more of in literature? I want more Pratchett-style witches. Not in the headology and the things which are unique to Pratchett’s world, but this whole notion of tough-as-old-boots old women doctoring and standing guard over a community, somewhere between James Herriot and Harry Dresden. Witches being called out at midnight to attend at a birth or cure a sick cow, and then having to stay on their feet to deal with an old lady who needs her medicine dropped off, or to lay out the dead and help wash the sheets they died in, because that’s not a job for the faint-hearted, and then have to go and take back another family’s child who’s been stolen by fairies or undo a curse besetting a man who wandered into the woods and disturbed things he ought not have touched. Witches who live their lives on call, spending most of their time going from one emergency to another and never stopping to breathe for a moment because there’s still work to be done. Witches who rarely receive thanks for their work, and when they do it's only for the most desperate, hard-earned struggle a witch could hope to live through, and sometimes not even then. Witches who are crabby and difficult and snappish all the time, but will still work all hours of the night to get a community through an epidemic or save a life that might otherwise have been lost. Witches who cultivate fearsome reputations, because if every horror in the dark is scared stiff of you they’re not going to come and cause trouble in your bit of territory, to the people you live and work among every day. Just…Terry Pratchett’s idea of witching can’t die with him, because it’s the most perfect notion of witchcraft I’ve ever read, and I’ve never wanted anything so much.

Speaking of Godzilla, this awesome model of the famous Japanese monster was made entirely from cicada nymph shells by Twitter user @3kyk212. Cicada shells are pretty easy to find around Japan this time of year because summer is when the cicadas emerge from the ground to molt into their adult forms and seek out mates.

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BTS: Time traveler!Tae and an emergency

Taeyhung landed in front of your house after traveling through time and is now staying with you…and that comes with all sorts of misunderstandings!

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Aren't you used to flooding by now with all the Hurricanes?

I’m just gonna copy a status I seen on my news feed because it’s perfect.

“I’ve had a lot of people messaging and asking how things are going here in Louisiana.
There is no simple way to answer that.

I know people are watching the news and saying, “Oh they can handle this. They get hurricanes all the time.”
Let me assure you, this is no hurricane.
This is absolute devastation.
At least with a hurricane there is time to prepare, buy supplies, evacuate and have an emergency plan in place.
There was no time to prepare for this.
It’s now being called a 500-year flood.

What does that mean?
It means most of these people did not have flood insurance and did not prepare because they were told that they weren’t in a flood zone. Places are flooding that only flood once every 500 years!

Remember the images you saw from hurricane Katrina with people waiting for help on their roofs?
Imagine that… Except there is hardly any dry land to retreat to.
Water is still rising.
Places that are dry now may not be dry in the morning.
Several shelters, housing hundreds of people, have had to evacuate.
Every Boudreaux and Thibodeaux I known is out in boats trying to rescue as many people as they can.
People are getting out of their homes with just the clothes on their back - leaving everything behind. Some are even swimming out, with their children and a few valuables in plastic crates.
Upon being rescued, some people are brought to dry land and then left to wait on a family member to reach them - if that’s even possible.
Rescuers are out in school buses trying to haul as many people to safety as they are able to reach.

We have never experienced anything like this in the history of the state.
The devastation is widespread, as is the desire to help.
The national guard has been called in, but right now there are more people in need, than there are volunteers to reach them.
What do you do when the “safe places” are also being swallowed up by water? When people are on Facebook posting desperate pleas for help because 911 is back logged and no one can reach them?

We pray.
We cry.
And we pray again.

And for those who have said that this is a “cleansing” or a “judgement” from God - shut your mouth!
Your words are neither loving nor helpful.
Right now people need compassion and prayer.
Families have lost their pets, their homes, everything they own - their entire lives!
You playing “prophet of doom” is not helpful to anyone.
In the words of Thumper, “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all.”
When the waters recede, our state and our people will need help rebuilding our lives.

But for now, just pray.“

Today when I was walking to the parking garage after work I was like “I have to stop myself from committing suicide literally every night but I think I’m doing okay and could live on my own!” And it’s true. Like even tho I’m always dizzy because of anti-psychotics and still have episodes every week I’m like functioning so much higher now that my moms been gone for a few days bcs I become dependent on her otherwise and now I like don’t have any options besides getting Thru It.

The rock salt time capsule

The composition of 815 million year old air has emerged from tiny inclusions of trapped atmosphere in crystals of rock salt, held within the crystal lattices as they formed when long gone lagoons evaporated back in the late Precambrian. The data was obtained from a drill core from Australia, the team crushed the halite crystals from it and removed the trapped gases for analysis.

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