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Do you have a common battery flashlight in your EDC or go bag? Why not? In times of emergency it may well be the light that sees you through the night, thanks to batteries that pack ample storage and can be easily purchased. Olight’s been making a lot of waves with their products in recent years, and the S2A is their latest offering that covers your AA bases.

Using its included 2 x AA lithium batteries, the S2A puts its XM-L2 LED to good use. This includes a firefly mode of 0.5 lumens for 50 days of runtime or a high-powered turbo output of 550 lumens. With that kind of runtime and power along with TIR optics that produce a balanced beam suited for general applications, the S2A becomes useful even as your main EDC light.

It uses 6061-T6 aluminum alloy for its body, with a type-III anodized finish for scratch resistance. This gets paired with skin-safe silicon in one of four colors for better grip and visibility when retrieving the S2A in the dark or from your bag.

Time to add a AA-friendly light that packs a punch to your carry. Pick up the S2A in your choice of color at the link below.

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Help me get back up again!

Hey all! This isn’t something I normally do, but I’m going to be opening up Emergency Pay What You Want commissions for the time being! This last month has been really rough, and I’m running into some financial problems.

As some of you know and most of you don’t, my car has been having some issues lately! That is to say, it’s overheating and I can’t drive it. Currently, I have a car that I can drive, but it is also in bad shape and the cost of gas is more than I can keep up with. I finally found someone to fix my car but it is going to be around $900 to fix. I can cover around 400-450 of that, but that still leaves 450-500 dollars left that I don’t have. I’m currently living paycheck to paycheck due to an inability to work long hours because of back pain and other problems.

I also have my sister’s wedding to attend in October and the bus tickets to go see her are going to be around 120 dollars round trip. I’m trying to work it into my budget, but honestly with the car payments and bills and everything else, things are looking a little grim.

As such, I’m offering these commissions! I’m trying to raise about 500 dollars for everything, and honestly every dollar counts. I’m willing to do anything from sketches on up to small-ish acrylic paintings for the price you deem appropriate! And since most of my art is traditional, I can also mail the piece to you for the cost of shipping. I’m willing to do almost any art, including 

  • NSFW 
  • GORE

but I will let you know if there is anything I can’t do.


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I have a lot of things to say about Minncon, but first of all, I want to talk about Jared.

I know he made a post today that was contradictory and a lot of people may think he’s an asshole. But lemme tell you a story that nobody told me, I saw it with my own eyes, and made me realize even more what an unique person Jared Padalecki is.

Last night, Minncon was ending and Jared was finishing his autos, he was last as usual and there was barely nobody around anymore. We were outside the room waiting for him to leave, so we could see him one last time. He finally emerges, and we wave and stuff, and he immediately goes hug the girls closest to him. He walks away , I yell that we love him, and he yells back that he loves us more. But that’s not what I want to tell you.

When I thought he had left already, I saw that Clif and other security had stopped, so I went to check what was happening, and I came to a scene of Jared crouched down beside a girl who was seating against a wall. The girl was desperately crying, and Jared was comforting her. He talked to her, he hugged her, he took his time. That went on for about 5 minutes. He made everyone wait just so he could talk to the girl. Then he went on his way. That touched me deeply, to see how much he cares. There were no cameras, nobody was around, it was only him, the real Jared. He didn’t have to do that, he could just walk past her but he didnt. That was not the actor, that was the person. Nobody would know he did that if I wasn’t making a post about it, because he doesn’t have to show off. That’s who he is. And I know it’s true because i was there.

My point is, Jared has flaws. I won’t applaud or agree with everything he does. He’s human after all. But I have never met in my life such a caring and loving person. He was so kind to me the both times I met him (I’ll talk about my autograph later), he has such a power within him, that I don’t understand how can someone hate him. Meeting Jared in person was a turning point for me, I already loved him for many years, but now i love the person Jared, the one who cares, who looks at you with the kindest eyes in the whole world and makes you feel important. The one who detours from his path to comfort a crying fan.

I’ve seen firsthand how other actors act when a fan says a simple hi, and how uncaring they could be. But not Jared. You can say a million things about him, but if you hate him, you’re wasting your time. You are missing on one of the most special people in this planet.

Jared, thanks for being who you are, I love you so much I can’t even put into words right now.

Do you know what I want to see more of in literature? I want more Pratchett-style witches. Not in the headology and the things which are unique to Pratchett’s world, but this whole notion of tough-as-old-boots old women doctoring and standing guard over a community, somewhere between James Herriot and Harry Dresden. Witches being called out at midnight to attend at a birth or cure a sick cow, and then having to stay on their feet to deal with an old lady who needs her medicine dropped off, or to lay out the dead and help wash the sheets they died in, because that’s not a job for the faint-hearted, and then have to go and take back another family’s child who’s been stolen by fairies or undo a curse besetting a man who wandered into the woods and disturbed things he ought not have touched. Witches who live their lives on call, spending most of their time going from one emergency to another and never stopping to breathe for a moment because there’s still work to be done. Witches who rarely receive thanks for their work, and when they do it's only for the most desperate, hard-earned struggle a witch could hope to live through, and sometimes not even then. Witches who are crabby and difficult and snappish all the time, but will still work all hours of the night to get a community through an epidemic or save a life that might otherwise have been lost. Witches who cultivate fearsome reputations, because if every horror in the dark is scared stiff of you they’re not going to come and cause trouble in your bit of territory, to the people you live and work among every day. Just…Terry Pratchett’s idea of witching can’t die with him, because it’s the most perfect notion of witchcraft I’ve ever read, and I’ve never wanted anything so much.

Talking, Walking Cliche (AO3)

Summary: Cas wins first in year and his best friend Dean couldn’t be more proud.

“And now the moment we’ve all been waiting for. The first in year is…Castiel Novak!” Dean is out of his seat in an instant, along with the entire senior year. The cheers and whistles are so loud it’s nearly deafening but Dean can only hear the pounding in his own chest.

Dean slips to the end of his row marked ‘W’ and pokes his head round just in time to see his best friend emerging from the crowd of seniors and making his way up to the podium. Dean’s never been so proud. 

Even from afar, Dean can see the blush on Cas’ cheeks. He shakes hands with the principal and collects his certificate. Cas has always been the humble one. Every time Dean had told him he would be first in year, Cas had always batted the comment away and told Dean that it was ridiculous and far fetched. 

But here he is. And as Cas steps down off the podium and makes his way back to his seat, the students still cheering as loud as before, he catches Dean’s eye. His face lights up with the most beautiful smile Dean has ever seen, and then Cas is running straight towards him.

Dean’s feet have a mind of their own because soon enough he is right in front of Cas. His arms find them self around Cas’ waist and he’s lifting his best friend up in the air and spinning him around. Cas is so mesmerising that Dean doesn’t even get a chance to think of how cliche it is.

Cas’ eyes are twinkling and his cheeks begin to heat up again as Dean slowly lowers him down, Cas’ hands resting on Dean’s shoulder. Dean can feel his heart beating erratically in his chest and his gaze accidentally slips towards Cas’ lips.

It’s then that they both realise the rest of the students are whistling and repeatedly yelling one word over and over. “Kiss!”

Cas ducks his head, his blush creeping down the back of his neck. Dean smiles softly and lifts Cas’ chin with his finger. 

“You know, Cas, if we did kiss then we would finally tick all the boxes to become one walking, talking cliche.” Cas chuckles slightly but his eyes never leave Dean’s.

“I like cliches.” Cas says softly, only just loud enough for Dean to hear over the loud noise. Dean grins.

“Me too.” 

Their lips meet in the middle and the noise only seems to get louder. But Dean and Cas can’t hear it. They’re too lost in each other to hear anything else but the pounding of their own hearts in their chest.

Think of all the normal, everyday, mundane things that Mulder and Scully did off screen like:

  • The time that Mulder did an emergency tampon run for Scully early in their relationship, when she unexpectedly gets her period. He had to call her from the store because he was overwhelmed by the different options.
  • While we’re on the subject of periods, Mulder always gets up in the night to fix Scully’s hot water bottle and fetch painkillers when she has cramps. He doesn’t even need to be asked.
  • Scully laying with her head in Mulder’s lap while they watch tv and her elbowing him every time he stops stroking her hair.
  • Their Friday night cooking sessions. Each week one of them picks a really ambitious recipe and they attempt to recreate it. This inevitably fails miserably and more often than not, they have sex on the kitchen floor, giggling at their disaster of a dinner.
  • The stupid bickering that often occurs when you are living with someone for the first time. Mulder has a habit (which is soon broken) of dropping his dirty clothes wherever he stands. Scully does the same with her shoes. Heated discussions often ensue when one or the other of them nearly breaks their neck.
  • Mulder sings around the house all the time. Literally all the time. He also likes to harmonise very badly to the radio which never fails to make Scully laugh. Scully never used to join in because she was too embarrassed but every now and then, when the mood strikes her, she does. She’s terrible also but it makes Mulder’s heart soar.
  • At night, Mulder and Scully love to play the ‘back drawing game’ - one of them draws a picture on the other’s back and they have to guess what it is. They take this game very seriously and keep track of who is winning. Scully is currently in the lead.
  • Both Mulder and Scully are keen gardeners. They take real pride in growing their own vegetables. One of the first things they did when they moved into the ‘unremarkable house’ was to start work on the garden. It gave them a sense of purpose and Mulder’s face when the strawberries and tomatoes started to grow was everything.
  • They do this thing when they hold hands. One of them squeezes 3 times to represent ‘I love you.’ The other squeezes back four times - ‘I love you too.’ Neither of them can remember how it started. They have done it for years. But they think it was early on in their relationship when they still struggled to verbalise their feelings.

Speaking of Godzilla, this awesome model of the famous Japanese monster was made entirely from cicada nymph shells by Twitter user @3kyk212. Cicada shells are pretty easy to find around Japan this time of year because summer is when the cicadas emerge from the ground to molt into their adult forms and seek out mates.

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anonymous asked:

Aren't you used to flooding by now with all the Hurricanes?

I’m just gonna copy a status I seen on my news feed because it’s perfect.

“I’ve had a lot of people messaging and asking how things are going here in Louisiana.
There is no simple way to answer that.

I know people are watching the news and saying, “Oh they can handle this. They get hurricanes all the time.”
Let me assure you, this is no hurricane.
This is absolute devastation.
At least with a hurricane there is time to prepare, buy supplies, evacuate and have an emergency plan in place.
There was no time to prepare for this.
It’s now being called a 500-year flood.

What does that mean?
It means most of these people did not have flood insurance and did not prepare because they were told that they weren’t in a flood zone. Places are flooding that only flood once every 500 years!

Remember the images you saw from hurricane Katrina with people waiting for help on their roofs?
Imagine that… Except there is hardly any dry land to retreat to.
Water is still rising.
Places that are dry now may not be dry in the morning.
Several shelters, housing hundreds of people, have had to evacuate.
Every Boudreaux and Thibodeaux I known is out in boats trying to rescue as many people as they can.
People are getting out of their homes with just the clothes on their back - leaving everything behind. Some are even swimming out, with their children and a few valuables in plastic crates.
Upon being rescued, some people are brought to dry land and then left to wait on a family member to reach them - if that’s even possible.
Rescuers are out in school buses trying to haul as many people to safety as they are able to reach.

We have never experienced anything like this in the history of the state.
The devastation is widespread, as is the desire to help.
The national guard has been called in, but right now there are more people in need, than there are volunteers to reach them.
What do you do when the “safe places” are also being swallowed up by water? When people are on Facebook posting desperate pleas for help because 911 is back logged and no one can reach them?

We pray.
We cry.
And we pray again.

And for those who have said that this is a “cleansing” or a “judgement” from God - shut your mouth!
Your words are neither loving nor helpful.
Right now people need compassion and prayer.
Families have lost their pets, their homes, everything they own - their entire lives!
You playing “prophet of doom” is not helpful to anyone.
In the words of Thumper, “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all.”
When the waters recede, our state and our people will need help rebuilding our lives.

But for now, just pray.“
An Open Letter to Julia Serano from One of the‭ ‬Detransitioned People You‭ ‬Claim to‭ ‬“Support‭”

Hey Julia,
My name is Crash and I‭’‬m a detransitioned woman.‭ ‬I blog about how and why I came to transition and then detransition at and at‭ ‬I‭’‬ve been talking to,‭ ‬hanging out and organizing with other detransitioned women for around three years now.‭ ‬In that time I have watched and helped our community emerge.‭ ‬I‭’‬m going to stick to talking mostly about detransitioned women and not touch on detransitioned men because I can‭’‬t speak to their experience.

Look,‭ ‬you say you want the trans community to support detransitioned people but you just wrote an article that distorts and misrepresent our reality.‭ ‬It doesn‭’‬t help me or other detransitioned people when you spread misinformation about us.‭ ‬You‭’‬re not the first trans activist to do so and I don‭’‬t expect you to be the last.‭ ‬I‭’‬ve been reading the articles trans activists write about detransition for years now and I‭’‬ve yet to see an accurate portrayal of our issues and experience.‭ ‬During that same time,‭ ‬we‭’‬ve also been writing about detransitioning as we‭’‬ve lived it.‭ ‬There are a lot more of us and a lot more of our writing available‭ ‬than ever before.‭ ‬But it seems as‭ ‬though many trans people who write about detransition are either unaware of what we‭’‬ve been saying or have been studiously ignoring us.‭  ‬Either way it‭’‬s incredibly frustrating to see the same inaccuracies about us repeated over and over again in the media.‭ You‭ ‬claim to want to support detransitioned people.‭ ‬Well,‭ ‬if you really want to support us,‭ ‬listen to what we‭’‬re saying and take it seriously.‭

We transitioned for a lot of different reasons.‭ ‬Many of us transitioned due to trauma.‭ ‬We lived through event(s‭) ‬terrible enough‭ that‭ ‬it‭ damaged our sense of self and so we created a new self to cope and survive.‭ ‬That self was our trans or male or genderqueer identity.‭ ‬We transitioned because we got raped,‭ ‬because we‭’‬re incest survivors,‭ ‬because we faced violence for being lesbians,‭ ‬because we were locked up in psych wards,‭ ‬because one of‭ ‬our parents killed themselves. We also live in a patriarchy that hates women and attacks female bodies constantly.‭ ‬Whatever trauma we lived through typically had something to do with being a woman.‭ ‬Sometimes bad things happened to us just for being female in a culture where women are violated‭ ‬every‭ ‬day and sometimes bad things happened because we‭’‬re the wrong kind of woman,‭ ‬maybe too butch or‭ ‬“masculine‭”‬ or loud or unemotional.‭ ‬One way or another,‭ ‬we didn‭’‬t fit in with what other people and our culture expected women to be.‭ ‬Sometimes our bodies themselves were deemed not female enough and treated as if they were freakish.‭ ‬That happened to me because I‭ ‬had traits like an adam‭’‬s apple,‭ ‬body hair,‭ ‬an angular face and so on,‭ ‬leading many to speculate on what sex I was.‭ ‬Eventually,‭ ‬other people‭’‬s judgments got inside my head and infected how I saw myself‭ ‬until‭ I started questioning whether I was really female too.‭

Trauma and misogyny led us to dissociate from being female and then to transition.‭ ‬Transitioning was itself further trauma.‭ ‬First others attacked and wounded our bodies and distorted our self-perceptions and then we hurt ourselves in response.‭ ‬Transitioning was an act of self-destruction,‭ ‬enabled by medical professionals who were supposedly‭ ‬“helping‭”‬ us to be our‭ ‬“true selves.‭”‬ It is truly horrifying to come out of that dissociated‭ ‬state and realize that not only‭ ‬were you suppressing and trying to destroy yourself but that other people were there encouraging and assisting you in doing so.‭ ‬Many of us came to see the‭ ‬“care‭”‬ we received as unethical or a form of medical abuse.‭ ‬Many of us believe that the present‭ ‬“trans affirmative care‭”‬ and‭ ‬“informed consent‭”‬ models‭ ‬are‭ misleading,‭ ‬irresponsible and‭ ‬do‭ not truly ensure that people make realistic,‭ ‬fully informed choices.‭

Some people detransition after a few months but most women I know were transitioned for years before they decided to detransition.‭ ‬I took testosterone for a total of four years and most of the detransitioned women I know were on hormones for at least a year.‭ ‬I know some women who lived as trans men for a decade or more before detransitioning.‭ ‬Testosterone in transition-level doses‭ ‬has profound impacts on‭ ‬a female body‭ ‬right away,‭ ‬including on the‭ ‬cellular level.‭ ‬For example,‭ ‬this study discusses mitochondrial damage and damage to the leukocytes in FTMs who have been taking T for‭ ‬12‭ ‬weeks.‭ ‬Many of the effects of testosterone are permanent and some of these irreversible effects,‭ ‬such as a deeper voice and in some cases facial hair,‭ ‬can manifest after only a few months of taking it.‭ ‬In many cases,‭ ‬the changes we made to our bodies felt right at the time but as we‭ ‬began to work through why we transitioned we came to feel very differently about them.‭ ‬The ways transitioning changed our bodies came to symbolize extreme self-denial rather than the self-affirmation we felt earlier.

We have to learn to live in a modified body and this usually involves grieving.‭ ‬All of us who took t,‭ ‬whether for a few months or for years,‭ ‬all of us have altered voices.‭ ‬There is a very deep,‭ ‬painful symbolism behind losing your original voice and having no way of getting it back.‭ ‬For many of us it is not the physical changes themselves that are troubling but what they represent.‭ ‬I am not disturbed by changes like my facial hair or my deeper voice in and of themselves but they remind me constantly of what I did to myself,‭ ‬how I rejected and betrayed myself,‭ ‬how deeply I took other people‭’‬s hatred into my own body.‭ ‬My body is now marked forever by that hatred and that can be a lot to carry.‭ ‬Many of us have struggled with feeling like we have ruined ourselves.‭

Detransitioning is as much about facing trauma as it is about figuring‭ ‬out how to live in an altered body.‭ ‬Transitioning was all about trying to get away from what hurt us and detransitioning is finally facing that and overcoming it.‭ ‬It‭’‬s about making connections between how other people have treated us and how we‭’‬ve seen ourselves and our bodies.‭ ‬It‭’‬s about remembering terrible,‭ ‬scary,‭ ‬upsetting memories and integrating them.‭ ‬It‭’‬s about making sense of what happened,‭ ‬giving up old explanations that no longer work and coming up with new ones that fit our experience better.‭ ‬In the process we often reject much of what we believed when we were trans because it no longer suits us or seems true.‭ ‬It‭’‬s about understanding how the society around us has influenced us and shaped how we thought,‭ ‬felt and came to view ourselves.‭ ‬It‭’‬s not just figuring out‭ ‬how specific people hurt us but how our culture has restricted and attacked us and all women.‭ ‬It‭’‬s about connecting both with other women who transitioned and then stopped and to women in general.‭ ‬Feeling like we couldn‭’‬t be women,‭ ‬being cut off from other women is one of our deepest wounds and healing it means finally finding common ground and community with other women.‭

Detransitioning is learning to accept and be fully present in your body.‭ ‬It is about finding different ways to cope with and heal from‭ ‬dysphoria.‭ ‬Transitioning is not the only viable treatment for dysphoria,‭ ‬however severely it may manifest.‭ ‬We have learned this through experience and often with great‭ ‬difficulty and sacrifice.‭ ‬And many of us found that transitioning made our dysphoria‭ ‬worse instead of improving it.‭ ‬Many of us found some relief through changing our bodies but found even greater peace and happiness coming to accept our bodies as female.‭ ‬I was very satisfied with the physical changes caused by testosterone.‭ ‬They never felt wrong.‭ ‬But changing my body did not get at my root problems,‭ ‬it only obscured them further.‭ ‬My actual problems were trauma and hating myself for being a woman and a lesbian.‭ ‬Since I started dealing with my trauma and finding ways to be more present in my‭ ‬body,‭ ‬I have felt a lot more joy,‭ ‬strength and power than I ever felt taking t.‭ ‬Learning to accept the body and fully inhabit it is an effective way to treat many people‭’‬s dysphoria.‭ ‬Many detransitioned and dysphoric women have found ways to re-connect with our bodies,‭ ‬such as meditating,‭ ‬yoga, working out,‭ ‬exercising or doing physical labor,‭ ‬and‭ ‬we‭ ‬combine these practices with working through the trauma that caused dissociation from the body in the first place.‭ ‬It is often a long and difficult process that takes years but the rewards are well worth it.

As I have explained,‭ ‬detransitioning,‭ ‬at least in regards to women,‭ ‬has much to do with trauma,‭ ‬dissociation and misogyny.‭ ‬Misogyny and trauma caused our dysphoria and drove our transitions‭;‬ detransitioning is about healing from this damage and coming back from dissociation.‭ ‬This is one of the main points I try to get across to people when I explain detransitioning and this is a point many other detransitioned women try to‭ ‬make too.‭ ‬But I have yet to see trauma or misogyny mentioned at all in any article by a trans activist claiming to explain detransition,‭ ‬including your own.

Instead,‭ ‬our suffering is typically dismissed as insignificant if it is even mentioned at all.‭ ‬It seems to be inconceivable to many trans activists that for many women transitioning has been disastrous and traumatic,‭ ‬increasing rather than relieving our difficulties.‭ ‬You do not talk about our grief,‭ ‬nor how we feel betrayed by the medical professionals that helped us transition.‭ ‬You do not really‭ ‬talk about us at all but about what we represent to you.‭ ‬To many of you,‭ ‬we are‭ ‬a statistic that needs to be explained away,‭ ‬a rare occurrence other people are needlessly fussing about.‭

You never fail to exclaim on our supposed rarity and cite studies that supposedly prove how uncommon‭ ‬we are.‭ ‬As a detransitioned‭ ‬woman,‭ ‬I can tell you that many of those studies are based on criteria that exclude our actual circumstances and that I don‭’‬t trust their accuracy.‭  ‬For example,‭ ‬there is a study presently being conducted in the UK on people who surgically reverse previous sex-reassignment surgery.‭ ‬They include both genital surgery and also mastectomy.‭ ‬Some detransitioned women would not qualify for this study because they took hormones but never got‭ ‬ ‬mastectomies.‭ ‬Of those who did get a mastectomy,‭ ‬the‭ ‬majority‭ ‬ do not chose to get breast reconstruction.‭ ‬I would not meet the criteria for this study and neither would any of the detransitioned women I know personally.‭ ‬Additionally,‭ ‬while many of us are unhappy with the results of our transition,‭ ‬not all or even most of us would frame our feelings as regret because at the time we felt we had no other choice but to transition.‭ ‬We had no alternatives that we knew of so we were not truly making a free choice we could later regret making.‭ ‬It is far more honest to say that currently no one knows how many detransitioned people there are because there is not sufficient information.‭ I know of no clinic or practitioner providing hormones who even attempts to keep track of how many people stay on them long-term. ‬From my own experience,‭ ‬I can say that there are many more detransitioned women now than there were only a few years‭ ‬ago and it seems most likely that our numbers will continue to increase.‭ ‬Furthermore,‭ ‬there is a lot of‭ ‬irony in‭ ‬your implication that‭ ‬because we are‭ ‬a numerical‭ ‬minority,‭ ‬that‭ ‬makes our issues less important.‭ ‬As a trans person,‭ ‬you are a member of a numerical minority in relation to the general population,‭ ‬but I doubt you would appreciate having your‭ ‬own‭ ‬issues dismissed on that basis.

Minimizing our numbers and our suffering,‭ ‬obscuring the reasons why we transition in the first place goes along well with a political agenda to increase access to medical transition‭ ‬at all costs.‭

I think this is what is really at stake when you and other trans activists discuss detransitioned people.‭ ‬To you,‭ ‬we are potential obstacles to making sure hormones and surgery are easily available.‭ ‬And that‭’‬s how you generally treat us,‭ ‬as an argument to be disproved,‭ ‬not as real people with real lives and hardships.‭ ‬Let me ask you this,‭ ‬though:‭ ‬what is the real harm in uncovering all the reasons people experience dysphoria and offering alternative treatments‭ ‬alongside transition‭? ‬For example,‭ ‬since trauma can lead to dysphoria,‭ ‬people interested in transitioning could be informed of this potential cause and offered the option of therapy to explore whether trauma is at the root of their own dysphoria.‭ ‬Many detransitioned women now say they would‭’‬ve benefited from having such an option and that it could‭’‬ve helped them avoid making unnecessary changes to their bodies.‭

At present your call for support and compassion towards us comes across as empty words.‭ ‬If you truly want to support us,‭ ‬you could listen to our criticisms of the health care we received and take seriously our recommendations for improving it.‭ ‬You could post links to our writings when you discuss us.‭ ‬You wrote a whole article,‭ ‬with many links to trans people and people writing about trans people,‭ ‬and never once linked to any writing by an actual detransitioned person.‭ ‬I‭’‬m telling you,‭ ‬some of us are quite prolific and have a lot to say–but none of what we‭’‬ve been saying was included in your piece,‭ ‬which purports to explain our situation.‭ ‬That‭’‬s not support,‭ ‬that‭’‬s erasure.

If you want to support us,‭ ‬you can start taking us seriously as people as real as you are.‭ ‬People who you might disagree with,‭ ‬who might say things that upset or anger you but who have as big a stake as these debates and discussions about transitioning as you do.‭ ‬Transitioning has changed our bodies and our lives forever and we have a right to talk about what really happened to us.‭ ‬We‭’‬re not going to put up with you or other trans activists explaining us away and spreading misinformation about us because our reality doesn‭’‬t mesh well with your political agenda.‭

We‭’‬re here and we‭’‬re not going to stop speaking out about‭ ‬our lives.‭ ‬I am no one‭’‬s pawn.‭ ‬Many of us were tokenized plenty of times when we were trans and we are‭ ‬beyond done with that.‭ ‬We do‭ ‬our own politics.‭ ‬I am writing now out of concern for my own well-being,‭ ‬that of my other detransitioned sisters and for all other women and girls who could be potentially harmed by transitioning.‭ ‬I know what happened to me,‭ ‬I know what it means and I came to this understanding through my own reflection and through talking to other detransitioned women.‭ ‬We have been developing‭ ‬our own analysis of dysphoria and transitioning and how it impacts women for some time now.‭ ‬We are a growing‭ ‬cultural force.  ‬We have already changed how some people on and off-line talk about and understand dysphoria.‭

Those of us who post our words publicly have already been told by many women how we have helped them,‭ ‬how they might‭’‬ve wrongly transitioned if they hadn‭’‬t read of our experiences.‭ ‬I have been amazed and distressed to learn how many women consider transitioning because they think they have no other option and how quickly‭ ‬ some decide against it when they find out they really do.‭ ‬I hear many young women talk about how they thought they were not women because they never knew other women like them,‭ ‬never saw any women like them depicted in the media or the culture around them.‭ ‬So many of these young women are lesbians.‭ ‬It is now a relatively common experience for young lesbians to question whether they are really female or a woman and to identify as trans or genderqueer for a time.‭ ‬I see these young women,‭ ‬lesbian and otherwise,‭ ‬finally find other women they can relate to,‭ ‬who also feel out of place in this society,‭ ‬who don‭’‬t fit the patriarchal myths and I watch them grow proud of being female,‭ ‬being a woman.‭ ‬It has been beautiful to watch and amazing to be a part of so many women‭’‬s healing.‭

You can‭ ‬choose to listen to us and change how you talk about us or you can keep repeating the same misinformation.‭ ‬In case you do‭ ‬choose to listen,‭ ‬I‭’‬ve included some links to other detransitioned women‭’‬s blogs and videos.‭ ‬In any case,‭ ‬we will keep speaking our truths because even if you‭’‬re not listening,‭ ‬a lot of women are and they need to hear what we have to say.‭ ‬More and more women are speaking out,‭ ‬women who detransitioned and women who considered transitioning and didn‭’‬t.‭ ‬Perhaps one day there will be enough of us,‭ ‬we will be loud enough that you will not‭ ‬be able to ignore our voices any longer.


Blogs and Videos of Detransitioned Women:

(more to be added as I get permission from more women. If you’re a detransitioned woman and you want your blog, writing and/or video(s) listed here, let me know.)

Redress Alert

Wow, a detransitioned woman exists! by Maria Catts

Words by Maria Catts

Born Wrong

Guide on Raging Stars

The INTPs Guide to Social Etiquette

Because there are times when we have no choice but to emerge from our dens of seclusion and interact with the world at large.

1. Think before you speak. And before you hasten to claim that you always do this, allow me to say that I’m an INTP and it’s hard to always think before I speak. It’s much easier to convince myself not to speak or to blurt something out. But even though social niceties might seem constricting and false, they exist for a reason, and that reason is so that people like us don’t get our heads bitten off for being so callous. We should probably respect the system that protects us so well.

2. Try not to look like you just rolled out of bed. This makes you annoyed to see, no doubt. It makes me annoyed to write. Frankly, I don’t see why I shouldn’t feel as comfortable as I can wherever I am. However, I have styled myself a lady-nerd, and a lady follows social standards. There is nothing wrong with discarding a sweatshirt for something a little nicer. There’s nothing wrong with fixing one’s hair so that it doesn’t look like you just pulled it out of a black hole. I think I should explain my reasoning behind this, because it honestly does seem a little hard. I mean, why not look like you want to? I’m going to say it’s because we INTPs can do better. We so often lack the motivation to do what we should do, and when finally get around to doing it, we realize how easy it is in the first place. Giving a little effort to one’s outward appearance really does something for the psyche. It gives you something to be confident about, and in a social setting, the INTP needs all the help he can get.

3. Remember that the SJs are not out to get you. It seems like that, I think. I very often feel like I’m being stalked and hunted down by the SJs at any social gathering. That’s really not how it is, though. They probably just want to have a kind chat with me. And that goes for any extrovert, too. People aren’t as scary as we think they are. The fact is, we have very little common ground with most people because our minds work differently. So, while it’s easy to brush off an SJ as an idiot, remember that they know a lot of things we don’t (like how to function in a social situation). And getting as SJ as a friend will help you a lot if you’re both willing to put work into understanding each other.

4. Don’t try to come out of your shell. This will only increase the awkwardness of the social setting. Many people have fallen prey to the myth that there’s something wrong with you for having a shell. THIS IS NOT TRUE. Your shell is important. Your shell is actually part of who you are, and if you discard it, you’re discarding part of yourself. What you don’t want to do is use your shell as an excuse to be rude to people. There’s never a good excuse for being rude. It is perfectly possible to be gracious and quiet at the same time. And it’s okay to let people work to get to know you, too. It does seem when people say to come out of your shell that they want you to do all the work. You should not have to, but use that wonderful INTP instinct to know when to open up to people.

5. Don’t use other people as your shell. This is a strong temptation for me. When I’m at a social event where I might know one or two people but not the rest, I tend to hide behind the person I do know. This is bad because it’s dragging down the other person (usually an extrovert) and makes you look bad, too. Instead, find yourself a quiet corner if you can’t handle the noise. Find yourself some food if there is any. Try to avoid staring longingly at any possible bookcases present. You aren’t obligated to start any conversation, but if one is started, it’s okay to answer. What is not okay is using your friend as a human shield. They don’t need that in their lives. So be respectful.

I know that these are kind of hard things to follow. Believe me, I’m far from perfect in a social setting, however I’ve discovered that being social is more of a journey than an overnight thing that pops into existence because you want it to.

Of course, I still need lots of recharging time after any social event!

The rock salt time capsule

The composition of 815 million year old air has emerged from tiny inclusions of trapped atmosphere in crystals of rock salt, held within the crystal lattices as they formed when long gone lagoons evaporated back in the late Precambrian. The data was obtained from a drill core from Australia, the team crushed the halite crystals from it and removed the trapped gases for analysis.

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vvvvvvyeah  asked:

K so what if the day before the endangered sequel drops there is a big android party where its just a day dedicated to the au, and everyone draws art for it and shit, and all the androids can hang out

Omg that would be amazing, I mean we could definitely have a small pre-party or w/e. The “release” will hereby be a scheduled thing, because that sounds super cool. :O

I know it’s hard to tell with huge projects like this, when there’s nothing to show publically until it’s done (b/c we don’t want to spoil the format of the sequel quite yet) but progress is being made every week! \o/

Help a first-generation latinx through college


In two weeks I will be starting classes at college. I am first-generation here in the US and my parents have been trying their best to provide me support. Both of my parents work minimum wage jobs, and we are often left little to no money when bills and such come around. I have obtained a full-ride to my college, but I have a community service scholarship (it is a private scholarship from my school, it is called the Egan Hope Scholarship) that requires almost all of my free time. I will not be able to find a job because the hours would never work with this program. The program is the main reason I am attending college (the award is 17,000 a year so it’s a huge chunk of my tuition), and I need to keep it in order for me to continue my education. I will be living on campus, and it will be my first time alone. I will need money for food and emergencies (in case I get sick, or need to visit my therapist because of my depression/anxiety), and at times my parents may not be able to give me much. I know it might be a stretch to ask for money, but I would be very very grateful with any amount of donations.

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Donate anything you can! If you can’t, please share this.

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