Emergency meds 9: Atropine Sulfate

Atropine is one of my favorites, because of how ridiculous it’s origins are.

Atropine comes from the plant Atropa Belladona, AKA deadly nightshade.

Nightshade is a member of the tomato family, and as it’s name implies, its extremely toxic if ingested. Nightshade grows shiny black mini-fruit that are full of Atropine, and eating them causes basically the exact same thing as medical Atropine, but worse. supposedly, it earned it’s name because it was historically used by women in the form of eye drops to dilate the pupils (one of its side effects), which was seen as attractive (Bella Donna= “beautiful woman” in Italian). the name “atropa” comes from “atropos”, one of the three Greek goddesses of fate/destiny. Atropos was the one who would choose the death of mortals and cut their string of life with what I’m imagining are Trauma shears for some reason. How fun.

So the way I imagine it, if you were a car, the Sympathetic nervous system is your Gas pedal (increases your HR/BP, fight-or-flight mode) and your Parasympathetic nervous system is your Brake pedal (rest-and-digest, decreases HR/BP). If you’re poisoned with a cholinergic toxin (nerve gas), your brake pedal is stuck, so even if you’re pressing your gas pedal, you’re not going anywhere. So, your heart rate/output drop, and you basically start leaking everywhere (cholinergic tox symptoms: SLUDGE-M: salivation, lacrimation, urination, defecation, GI spasm, emesis, and myosis). what atropine does is sorta lift the brake pedal so the sympathetic NS/gas pedal can work


- anticholinergic


- antidote

- antispasmodic


CV: increased chronotropic, inotropic, dromotropic effects, increased cardiac output

RESP: decreased secretions, bronchial smooth muscle relaxation/bronchodilation

GI: decreased secretions, decreased motility

GU: decreased urinary bladder tone

Misc: mydriasis (pupil dilation), decreased sweat production


- cholinergic poisoning (carbamate, organophosphate, nerve gas)

- symptomatic bradycardia


- hypersensitivity

- acute narrow angle glaucoma, (relative)

- second degree type 2 / third degree heart block

- asthma

- obstructive GI disease, renal disease, hepatic disease

- myasthenia Gravis


MINOR: nausea, vomiting, decreased sweating/increased body temp

MAJOR: tachydysrhythmias, blurred vision, ventricular irritability


- 0.5 mg IV every 5 minutes, to a maximum of 30 mg total


- 1-5 mg IV, double initial dose every 5 minutes until SLUDGEM symptoms abate


- 0.5-1 mg/hour


- IV 0.02 mg/kg (minimum of 0.1 mg) every five minutes, max total dose is 1 mg in children, 2 mg in adolescents


- IV 0.03-0.05 mg/kg every 10-20 minutes until cholinergic symptoms minimize


- administering too small doses or too slowly can cause paradoxical bradycardia

- patients that describe their glaucoma as “painful” probably have acute narrow-angle glaucoma

the real reason i can’t take an interest in the babies of celebrities i am aware of is that my biological clock is the school bully of my hormonal system and if i put a toddler anywhere in its line of vision all my other needs vanish and “it’s baby-havin’ time!” just emerges from my subconscious into the foreground. bad. 

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Sorry if this is a bit of a hefty question but what is Ice's full story? Like, where was she made, what side is she on and such

she was made on homeworld, she traveled to a few of  blue diamonds colonies those that required her skillset along with the rest of  her squadron, until blue  got really involved with helping pink get her first colony, then she spent some time in pink diamonds zoo  before going to  earth to help deal with some unruly  humans, when the rebellion broke out she returned to homeworld for a time before being reassigned to  yellow to help  in the effort to suppress the rebellion 

then it was  back to earth for a  hellish period then pink was shattered and the diamonds got  pissed and like alot of homeworld gems  ice  didn’t  make it back to the galaxy warp in time, in an effort to protect herself from the corruption light  she encased herself in ice thick ice, she  became an iceberg that  sat at the  bottom of the sea for a looong time before emerging, then like peridot she caused rose garnet pearl and amethyst some  grief by trying to get off planet, after consulting garnet rose  decided  ice wasn’t an immediate threat to them and after decades of conversation ice grew to accept the earth as her… prison/home she didn’t really consider herself a crystal gem  for a while  part of her  misses traveling through space  but she’s grown accustomed to earth


Algorithmic price hikes in times of emergency 

“Airline customers looking to get out of the path of Hurricane have been met with dramatic fare spikes for air travel tickets… Airlines have countered that they have not changed the algorithms that determine their pricing, and that the surges are a simple matter of supply and demand with scores of people trying to book last minute flight out of the storm’s path.“ - Guardian 

“As Florida stocks up on supplies for another monster storm, those looking for bottled water on Amazon have been frustrated to find monster price tags to match. Prices for water on the site reached as high as $100 for a single 24-pack of bottles or $63 for a single 100-ounce jug as of Tuesday morning, according to screenshots from people in the area. While most of the more outrageous listings seemed to come from third-party sellers, at least a few were also set by the company’s own price algorithm.”  - Mashable 

Being poor is just a series of emergencies.

Emergencies really do crop up more often for poor people. Necessities, like vacuum cleaners or phones or bedding or shoes, need replacement or repair more often when you only buy the cheapest possible option.

Poor people’s health tends to be compromised by cheap, unhealthy food; stress; being around lots of similarly-poor contagious sick people who can’t afford to stay home or get treatment; inadequate healthcare; and often, hazardous and/or demanding work conditions – including longer hours allowing less time for sleep, home food prep, and mental or physical exercise.

Our homes may not offer much respite, as we’re less likely to have comfortable furniture for sleep or relaxation, more likely to be forced to rely on abusive people for financial reasons.  We’re also more likely to live in high-pollution areas, food deserts, and in poorly-maintained rental housing. We’re less likely to have access to heat or cooling even in dangerous weather.

For all these reasons and more, we get sick more, and when we do, we have less access to medical care – even the poor people lucky enough to have adequate insurance and a doctor who will provide appropriate care without discrimination may face significant difficulties getting to and from a doctor and pharmacy.

Poor people have less reliable transportation; any cars that are affordable for a poor person will usually need major repairs at least a couple times a year - more emergencies! - and poor people are less likely to live anywhere near an adequate public transit system. Just the cab fare to and from a doctor visit can easily cost a week’s worth of groceries or more. Ignoring medical needs as long as possible and not accessing preventative care causes massive future expense.

Many people are poor specifically because of disability, making work difficult or impossible in addition to the expenses of managing chronic illness, accessing mobility aids, or other costs associated with disability.

Poverty runs in families, and friend groups are often based heavily on class in our stratified society, so in addition to your own emergencies as a poor person, you’ll likely also be sharing resources to keep your loved ones alive. You’re not likely to have wealthier friends or family who can or will help.

Poor people are less likely to have enough clothing that we can wait to replace unwearable items. Because our clothing collections are smaller (and often secondhand and/or poorly made), our clothes wear out faster. Not having clothing that marks us as ‘respectable’ can bar us from employment, make us more vulnerable to violence from police or other harassers, and make resources like social programmes less accessible.

Overdraft fees target poor people specifically. Being a few pennies off in your maths can mean sudden huge bills that compound themselves. Predatory banks routinely run all charges before processing the deposits you make earlier in the day or week, which can mean huge overdraft fees can happen even if you deposit your money hours or days before trying to spend any of it.

There are thousands of examples. For poor people, unexpected expenses happen more often. And when you’re poor, any unexpected expense can be an emergency with serious consequences.

Even the cheapest (most temporary) solution for an emergency often breaks the bank.  People who aren’t poor don’t realize that an urgent expense of thirty dollars can mean not eating for a week. Poor people who try to save find our savings slipping away as emergency after emergency happens. Some poor people turn to predatory lending companies, not because they don’t know it’s a bad deal but because being hugely in debt tomorrow is better than your kids starving today.

I don’t think people who’ve never been poor realise what it’s like. It’s not that we’re terrible at budgeting, it’s that even the most perfect budget breaks under the weight of the basic maths: we do not have enough resources.

Cos we’re fucking poor.
Kerrice Lewis, Lesbian Murdered And Burned Alive. Say Her Name.
Kerrice Lewis, age 23, was brutally murdered just days after Christmas, in Washington D.C.

On Thursday, December 28, police responded to a report of gunfire on Adrian Street, just south of G Street. They arrived at 7:30 p.m. and found a vehicle on fire. After the fire was put out, officers found a woman unconscious and suffering from gunshot wounds in the trunk. Police said, by the time D.C. Fire and Emergency Medical Services arrived, they found “no signs consistent with life.”

So through the years it’s become a necessity for the Batfam to get good at distracting large groups of civilians so that other members can sneak off and change or so that no one really notices that ‘hey Red Robin and Spoiler just left and now Tim Drake and that blonde chick are entering the room all disheveled-like’. 

So I headcanon that, even though it’s not anything official, they all have signature ploys that they use whenever there’s a need for them to distract a large group of civilians from whatever nonsense is going on.

Bruce: Bruce usually just becomes ‘Brucie’ and knocks something over/falls off of whatever he’s on/trips/laughs really loudly at ‘a joke he just remembered’.  Legends are still told about the time Bruce Wayne knocked over six (6) priceless vases at a charity auction in the span of twenty minutes.

Dick: Dick usually leaps atop whatever table/furniture is around and loudly announcing his intentions to start a boy-band to honor his heroes Britney Spears/Bruno Mars.  Every time this happens the Internet basically shuts down for a few hours.  Sometimes he signs a song if extra distracting is needed (usually ‘Circus’ or ‘Uptown Funk’) and every time the name of his band is different.  Notable band names include Titans of Pop, Dick’s Dicks, and The Scaly Panties.

Barbara: okay, we all know that Babs is totally an activist for a number of causes.  So she usually either ends up roasting whatever Republican congressmen happens to be nearby (happens mostly at Bruce’s galas) or starting random mobs of protests based on whatever she’s feeling particularly passionate about at the moment. 

Jason: Jason has the advantage of being Legally Dead, so he doesn’t have to worry about ruining his reputation or civilian ID.  Jason also has the advantage of being a Relentless Shit, so usually he either starts spewing the most ridiculous conspiracies about Batman (fun fact- Jason was the one who first spilled the beans that Batman and Bruce Wayne had a torrid ten-year-long love affair) or he lets everyone in on the secret Wayne gossip he just dug up.  Nothing harmful, mostly stuff about Dick getting drunk and marrying a goat, Tim Drake being a cyborg, Damian Wayne actually being six and not ten. 

Duke: Duke really tries his best to be good in his civilian ID.  He’s usually the one pointing out the window and yelling ‘WAS THAT BATMAN?!?!?’ while Bruce and the others sneak off in the other directions.  One time though, there was an emergency and he just couldn’t think of anything to do.  And that’s the story of the time Duke Thomas re-enacted forty-five minutes of the first Lord of the Rings movie (perfectly, as witnesses will attest) to stop Riddler and the Penguin from killing hostages at a Wayne family gala. 

Cass: Cass dances.  Sometimes it’s elegant ballet, and she’ll take different partners in the crowd until everyone is clapping and laughing and hoping that the Princess of Gotham picks them next.  Sometimes it’s hypnotizing break-dancing that usually ends up in a huge crowd with everyone straining to take video.  Several of her impromptu performances have made it online, and she already has curious letters coming from Julliard and the Joffrey Academy of Dance.

Tim: while Tim isn’t quite a meme yet, his ability to do the weirdest shit while sleep-deprived is something that everyone in Gotham is deeply aware of.  There is no predicting what Tim will do if he has to distract people.  Some of his past stunts have included him singing both parts of ‘Fuck You’ from Holy Musical B@man, reciting the entire Gettysburg Address while trying to cram seven strawberries in his mouth, and starting a food fight at one of the Wayne Foundation charity events.

Stephanie: Steph is notorious because she really doesn’t have anything to lose.  She’s done everything from creating mosh pits in Gotham’s main road to encouraging people to pick out ‘souvenirs’ (read: Bruce’s property’)  from the gala.  Her favorite distraction though has been the time where she convinced Harley Quinn and a room of three hundred shocked people that she was Bohemian Rhapsody Wayne, Bruce’s lovechild from Texas. 

Damian: the first time Damian had to distract a large crowd, Jason gave him the helpful advice of ‘Just scream.’  And so Damian did.  He screamed for the entire fifteen minutes it took for the entire assembled Batfam to change into costume and bust in through the windows.  Bruce Wayne later told the press that it was ‘a showcasing of modern art, something Damian greatly enjoys’.  Damian’s real showstopping distractions though are his Animal Ratings.  He finds whatever dog/cat/bird/rat is nearest and loudly starts examining/praising it.  Rumor has it that the Gotham elite now smuggle their dogs into Bruce’s parties in the hopes that Damian will give their pooches an 11/10 (which is a joke because that’s the only rating Dami is capable of giving any animal)

Baby Teeth!

Are baby teeth unique to humans? (Genuinely, Science side of tumblr message me, or something, because I want an answer to this and google is letting me down) 

Look at this X-ray of a human child’s mouth: 

I don’t know how aliens would react to this image but, just speaking as a human, that freaks the hell out of me. We grow one set of teeth in the womb, which keep growing until they literally tear the inside of our mouths apart and become permanent features. Then, while that is happening, the adult teeth are already forming and biding their time, waiting to emerge. 

One X-ray at the right time and:

One scary image!!!

Is it so hard to image that aliens would be jaw-dropping shocked at us?!! This is the kind of stuff that needs more stories written about it.

The night starts with a big, spicy Philly cheese steak. It’s about 6pm. I’ve been wanting to try the cheese steak from this corny, 50’s retro place for a long time. I gobble down the big greasy bowl of meat, hot sauce, and cheese, then head to the coffee shop for my weekly draw group. A little after I get home, about 10pm, a stomach ache comes on. “Damn, guess spicy foods are out.” I’ve been getting stomach aches every time I have spicy Thai or hot wings. I google search about spice pain- possible stomach ulcer? “I guess I have been stressed lately, but no more than usual I don’t think…” File under “Will investigate further later.“ According to the comments on this health website, a glass of milk will help. Gulp one down, go to bed.

Wrestle to sleep for about an hour. Realize the ache is just over the required pain threshold to keep you from sleeping. Do some work on my comic, more tired, but stomach worse. Will play batman until I fall asleep. I feel like I’m just running in circles… How many times have I failed this mission? Batman, batman, stomach now hurts too bad to enjoy an active task like video games. Deliriously tired. Would be great to sleep through the rest of this abdominal temper tantrum. Try the old “hot shower will make you sleep” trick. Take some Pepto-Bismol, and some generic acetaminophen. Out of the shower, hurts to walk around now, and to lie down. Guess I’ll have to wait it out with my eyes open. Call and leave my Doc a message, maybe will get a spot in there tomorrow. Need to get that ulcer discovered… Time to enjoy a passive task like watching TV. Breaking Bad feels like the right mixture of funny and painful, just like me and my burning spice belly. Damn, I can’t even enjoy that part where during Hank’s interrogation of that meth head, Wendy, she accuses Hank of trying to buy sexual services from her on behalf of an underage “football player” (a misunderstanding involving Walter Jr. from a few episodes before). Oh hell. Time to look up what time emergency medical clinics open. Guess I’ll have to pay out of pocket since I can’t wait for my Doc tomorrow.  It’s about 4am now. Earliest clinic opens at 8. Now hungry again, but can’t eat what with all the pain. One hour down. Man, this is really starting to hurt. Can I really wait 3 more hours? Sitting is starting to hurt as much as lying and standing. And I’m still not enjoying TV. Okay, I’ve come to a decision…. 

“Hey, Kayla, my stomach still hurts, I’m thinking about driving to the ER, do you wanna come?” “Oh! Ya, sure. What time is it?” “It’s 5:30”. I  call the hospital “Hey, I’ve had a pretty bad stomach ache all night, I’m thinking of coming by.” Operator: *long pause* “Haha, well, okay! We’re open all night, so just come on in.” 

Driving with a stomach ache is not so bad, because you’re already hunched over. Wish Kayla could drive, but she doesn’t really know how, probably would have a panic attack and would definitely crash. Interesting that they have ER parking, I wonder how many ER patients drive themselves here… All bodily positions hurt my insides now, signing in to this place sucks. Give Kayla half the paperwork to fill out, glad she’s here, or this would be really boring. Man, they sure take a long time for someone trying to get into an empty emergency room… Signing in with a nurse, she ask me my height and I say “ ‘5’’8”, but I notice she puts down “ ‘5’’7”… They want to look at my pee, they always want to see my pee. I pee, no blood, so whatever that tells them means I’m getting an ultrasound first. Then a young nurse named Ken, a cool Asian dude with screws through both ears, squirts so much morphine into my IV that I lean back and audibly say “oh my god.” I feel it ripple like a shock wave from my arm down to the ends of my body. My belly is feeling alright now. 

The ultrasound technician tells me that babies are the least common thing she uses ultrasounds for. My joke has fallen flat. Back in the room, the doctor and his manila folder tell me “Good news! No gallstones, there are kidney stones inside your kidneys, but since they are inside, you shouldn’t be feeling the pain from those.” “Wait, does that mean I have to pee those stones out at some poin–” It is not discussed again. Seeing that neither organ has the appropriate stones, Doc would “rather not expose me to more radiation than necessary” and is working on discharging me. But, “I won’t leave here without a diagnosis.” 

In I go to the CT scan tube. That hot squish of contrast dye spreading through my veins. “Okay, we’re moving you into a room upstairs.” Says a hippy technician. Upstairs in my sweet and swanky single with couch, a person I’m pretty sure is just a businessman disguised in medical scrubs types on a computer. He takes down my answers to what seem like pre-surgery questions. “Do you have anybody specific on file in the event you are medically unable to yield consent  for yourself?” This, combined fact that they won’t feed me, makes me wonder what it is I’m going into surgery for. I saw this same thing about a year and a half ago with the whole brain debacle, but that’s a story for another time. Several medical people dip in, sprinkle breadcrumbs of information; it’s like a game show challenge that combines a scavenger hunt with a jigsaw puzzle. You have to gather the pieces of information from their hiding places, then assemble them in the correct order to reveal an answer. A tech comes in and spoils the game, “You seem to have a lot of questions, so I just want to make sure, you know you have appendicitis right? We’re about to take it out.” “Thank god,” I think. “It’s not the spicy foods. Spicy foods are still in.” Downstairs, in pre-op, I complain to my plain-clothes surgeon about how analog tests like pressing on my stomach are remarkably inaccurate, since a doctor’s subjective interpretation of my poor description of say, “the pain is slightly higher” can rule out appendicitis, the same appendicitis that a machine might spot an hour later. I tell him that I almost got sent home. My surgeon tells me he’s been doing analogue tests for 30 years, and not to worry about it. I start to tell him how “my deadpan reaction to pain also causes a lot of people to misdiagnose me, that a lot of people laugh when I describe how I’m in pai–”, but he walks away in the middle to get dressed for surgery. The operating room has big TVs and lights, it looks like a set, and I consider the possibility of fake hospitals as the anesthesia takes the wheel.

In the recovery area, the nurse tells me how big, inflamed appendixes can be agitated by spicy foods, foods high in fat, and dense foods like heavy cheese. I see an image of a spotlit cheese steak appear in a black void. Nurse feeds me ice chips and tells me she craves ice chips when she’s dehydrated. I suggest that she only craves ice chips because she works in a hospital, that ice chips are too unsatisfying a thing to crave at random, and that most people would just crave water. She agrees. Back upstairs in my room, it is now 8pm, and it has been 26 hours since I’ve eaten. I’ve been hydrated only through IV’s. The driest mouth and the clearest pee. Because the lingering anesthetic can cause nausea and vomiting, they will only give me jello. I go nuts on the jello. They continue to give me every jello I ask for, one at a time, like a test. Way past where I though the cutoff point would be, the nurse tells me “That’s it! There’s no more jello! You ate all the jello on this floor.” You’re damn right I did, you’re damn right….

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Ok I’m desperate to know, what’s the full story of the author of my immortal? I though Rose Christi was confirmed to have written it???

I went to go play video games for a few hours and when I came back my post about this had gained over 16k notes and I had a bunch of messages in my inbox identical to this one where tf have you people been. anyway.

I’m going to go over the events to the best of my ability according to what I remember but it’s gonna get long and shittily written so.

a little background: My Immortal is a notoriously bad Harry Potter (and also possible Back to the Future and Star Wars crossover) fanfiction that was published on in 2006 by someone under the name Tara Gilesbie. it’s a pretty blatant self-insert fic of a teenage girl living out her fantasy of being a sexy vampire who all the hot guys fight over and there’s time travel and it’s fucking batshit and the writing becomes more and more illegible as the story goes on and I love every part of it. it’s hilarious and a great insight into the mind of the author (regardless of whether Tara Gilesbie was actually a teenage girl who wrote the fic in seriousness, or if it was a parody and Tara is a character herself). many people have speculated over the years that it is a trollfic but I’ve always disagreed; the main reason people think this is because the genre has become so diluted with its own parodies of My Immortal that it seems to blend in with all the parodies and thus seems like a joke to the average person (see: this trope). it’s unlikely for My Immortal to be a parody because before My Immortal, there were no fanfics quite like it. bad fanfiction was an entirely different type of thing. also. every single person from age 10 to 18 I knew on the internet in 2006 wrote exactly like this. so I think My Immortal is genuine. but I digress.

chapter 44 of My Immortal ended with a cliffhanger and then the fic never updated again. since then, many people have claimed to have been the writer but nobody has ever been able to provide concrete proof. until September of 2017, over ten years after the fic was published, Tara Gilesbie’s account updated with a message letting everyone know that she was okay and that the main reason she never went back to her account is because it was hacked. she also briefly mentioned she had a tumblr, but didn’t give the name. people found it though.

the tumblr url was rosechristo1 and her real name was apparently Rose Chriso and she’s a published author whose books can be bought on Amazon. according to her tumblr, she was a Native American lesbian in her late 20s. she was super nice to everyone who interacted with her, was an abuse survivor but was recovering smoothly, blogged and wrote about activism - it all seemed too good to be true. and most of all, she was writing a memoir about My Immortal called “Under the Same Stars: The Search for My Brother and the True Story of My Immortal” that was going to be published in May of 2018.

according to Christo, My Immortal started out as stupid fun between her and her friend Raven, but as it became more and more popular, she started using it as a means of trying to reach her brother by putting little shoutouts in there. when people asked her for proof, she stated that in the process of trying to get her memoir published, she was vetted by a lawyer over the course of three days in order to prove her authenticity, and provided things like a flash drive with the original fanfiction on it, the original email account that was linked to her account, etc. even though she never actually provided any of this information to the public, it seemed pretty legit considering how she was getting her book published and all. and everyone just decided to believe that she was indeed the true author of My Immortal. either way, we’d find out for sure when the book was published the following year. right?

it’s around this time that a thread emerges on Kiwifarms by someone claiming to be Rose Christo’s brother - the same brother that she had tried to get in touch with through her fanfiction. but before I go into detail, it must first be noted that Kiwifarms is a notoriously bad website that basically serves as a platform for members of the alt-right to harass, slander, and gang up on marginalized people. so under normal circumstances, as with everything from that website, it should have been ignored EXCEPT for the fact that Rose Christo herself not only acknowledged the existence of the thread but also claimed that the original poster was indeed her brother, and she made several public attempts to contact him.

in the thread, he stated that she was lying about many things, including her race. he said they were both “white as snow” and that she was delusional about being Native and had made up all the stuff about her being abused by her family in the past (here we get into a lot of touchy stuff because of gaslighting and also ofc someone’s appearance is not an indication of their race, and according to Rose Christo they are half siblings and that her father was the one who was Native, but she never knew him so that’s why her brother had no knowledge of this) it’s clear that they hadn’t actually talked in years, and did not have a good relationship, which is weird because some things Rose Christo said previously suggested that she was in touch with her brother (stuff like “my brother is okay” and “he is too hard on himself sometimes even though he is amazing”)

her brother had allegedly been informed about the memoir via the Buzzfeed article which stated that the book was about her writing My Immortal AS an attempt to find her brother who was in foster care. her brother says this was not true and that he was never in foster care and that he felt manipulated and used, and that she was making up a sob story in order to sell books. then Rose Christo stated she never claimed her brother was in foster care - the person who wrote the Buzzfeed article was misinformed, and all she said was that she and her brother were separated when they were younger and were raised by different people. so either she lied, or it was a huge misunderstanding between her and Buzzfeed.

around the time things started falling apart, Rose Christo announced that her memoir publication was cancelled and would never be published. the reason for this was apparently that she had photomanipulated legal documents to protect the integrity of the real people she wrote about in her book. since she was branded a liar, everything fell through. but as others have pointed out, this would not have necessarily been a reason to cancel her book, and that publishing companies actually encourage the changing of real names for legal reasons and why would she give up so easily when this was her chance at a bestseller and blah blah. so either it was worse or more complicated than she let on, or she had to come up with an excuse not to go through with publication since there was someone who knew the truth and could ruin her career. things were crazy. she deleted all her accounts and disappeared off of social media. and that’s that. for now.

it got really strange and there’s a lot of info and drama but when all is said and done, Rose Christo was never actually able to provide any concrete proof that she was Tara Gilesbie. it was a huge mess.


Alright Emergency Time!!!

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I have this headcanon now where james hangs around the DEO from time to time (when there’s no emergency bc he has clearance) and every so often he whips out his camera and snaps some of these amazing photos. j’onn tries to get him in trouble, but james insists that nobody will ever see it and kara seems to love it a lot so j’onn just kind of lets it go and threatens to kill james if anybody ever sees the photos

so then like, forty years down the line, alex and maggie are both retired, kara is still obviously supergirl just more part-time than before, and j’onn knows it’s time for him to retire from the DEO. so he emails james and he says ‘it’s time for everyone to see those photos’

so james releases the photos and a personal essay to like, the new york times or something and it’s one of the most profound pieces of photojournalism ever published. he writes about the humanity behind the special ops groups, the strong friendship and kinship, the loyalty and courage. he writes about how aliens can be more human than humanity itself, and how working together has been and always will be necessary for the sake of our survival and happiness.

james wins another pulitzer and a fuckin nobel prize probably and meanwhile alex and maggie’s kids are like ????????????????? why are you guys hanging out at a secret government organization????????????? why are uncle j’onn and aunt m’gann there with you???????????????????? iS THAT UNCLE WINN AND AUNT KARA AND UNCLE CLARK?????????????????? WHO WERE YOU?!???????!??!?????

Do you know what I want to see more of in literature? I want more Pratchett-style witches. Not in the headology and the things which are unique to Pratchett’s world, but this whole notion of tough-as-old-boots old women doctoring and standing guard over a community, somewhere between James Herriot and Harry Dresden. Witches being called out at midnight to attend at a birth or cure a sick cow, and then having to stay on their feet to deal with an old lady who needs her medicine dropped off, or to lay out the dead and help wash the sheets they died in, because that’s not a job for the faint-hearted, and then have to go and take back another family’s child who’s been stolen by fairies or undo a curse besetting a man who wandered into the woods and disturbed things he ought not have touched. Witches who live their lives on call, spending most of their time going from one emergency to another and never stopping to breathe for a moment because there’s still work to be done. Witches who rarely receive thanks for their work, and when they do it's only for the most desperate, hard-earned struggle a witch could hope to live through, and sometimes not even then. Witches who are crabby and difficult and snappish all the time, but will still work all hours of the night to get a community through an epidemic or save a life that might otherwise have been lost. Witches who cultivate fearsome reputations, because if every horror in the dark is scared stiff of you they’re not going to come and cause trouble in your bit of territory, to the people you live and work among every day. Just…Terry Pratchett’s idea of witching can’t die with him, because it’s the most perfect notion of witchcraft I’ve ever read, and I’ve never wanted anything so much.

extracurriculars can take up so much time and it can be hard to find time to start and finish assignments, projects, and study for tests and exams. here are some tips to help you pull through it!

get some sleep

go to sleep early or take a nap. do whatever you need. without sleep, you’ll only feel more miserable and tired and irritable. you’re more likely to do poorly during practices and classes. don’t force yourself to pull an all-nighter. instead, go to sleep early and wake up early to finish up the last bits of work left to do.

write it down

if you get an assignment or find out a deadline, write it down. don’t tell yourself that you’ll remember it because you won’t.

schedule your time

a planner or a bullet journal or a calendar app are the most common ways that people keep track of the things that they need to do. jot down the events that you need to be at + the starting and ending times. schedule study time like an event too. school is important too!!

find spare time and use it

use spare time during lunch period to get that last question done on a math assignment. use the downtimes at meets to start the first paragraph of that essay you need to turn in. finish up language homework during transportation time. use worktime in class to get a head start on things. you actually have a lot of time if you add up all the spare bits.

do what works for you

use study methods that fit you. you don’t have to force yourself to write notes if you find that it doesn’t help you. if reviewing flashcards helps you more than writing mind maps, then do that instead. don’t get caught up with thoughts of what you “have” to do based on the overwhelming aesthetics and popular methods commonly displayed in the studyblr community.

get an early start on things

start homework as soon as you get it. begin projects on the first day and not before the deadline. since you’ll be busy most of the time, it’s better to get a head start on things and have a few extra days and bits of time to spare for those emergency club meetings and matches that drain your time.

stay healthy

your body needs to be in top condition in order to do all of those sports and keep up with those clubs and stay on track in school! drink plenty of water, eat balanced meals, and have healthy snacks and breaks when you need them.

weekends are your best friend

even if you have games and matches and events during weekends, you can still wake up early and find time in the morning. you can also find time in the evenings too! you have a lot more time on weekends. remember to use some of that time to also relax and wind down too!
don’t make up flimsy excuses if you know that they’re not true. you can’t help it if you’re tired, but don’t pretend like you’re tired and push off those essays until another day.

talk with your teachers

if it gets really bad, try to talk with your teachers, advisors, and coaches to see if you can work something out. school is still important and balance is key. i’m sure that you can work something out.

drop something if you have to

in the end, your own physical and mental health is what matters the most. please take a day off if you have to, and if you can’t handle it anymore, then you need to acknowledge that and drop something (not school).

you can pull through it!!! it might seem overwhelming, but you can get used to it. however, remember that you are only human. don’t disregard your own health and education. don’t stress yourself out too much! if it is too much for you, talk to a teacher or advisor immediately.

hope this helped and good luck! if you’d like to request a post, go here and if you’d like to see more helpful posts, go here!! thanks :)

Headlines - Peter Parker

request -  I LOVE YOU WRITINGS Can you PLEASE write a fic were peter takes his s/o on dates to the tops of buildings as spider man a lot to the point were people beging looking for spider-man girlfriend and pictures of them start showing up on websites and news broadcasts 

a/n - i’ve gotten multiple requests to write this kind of fic, and i hope it doesn’t disappoint and is a flop like me anyways don’t forget to request a fic if you’d like or follow! also peter looks like he’s listening to a pretty funky beat in the gif LMAOOOOO

The sun was setting over Queens after the clock struck seven in the evening. My back was pressed up against Peter’s chest, breathing in the view as he was holding me close by. His mask was in my lap as his chin rested on my shoulder, rocking me from side to side.

Sitting at the roof of a busy building in town was a bit of a risk, but somehow Peter and I were willing to make such an attempt. During times together like these, he would become so equipped and steady to grab him mask at any point and run off with me, keeping our affair a secret as best as he could.

I leaned back even more and look up at his face, only being able to see his cheeks. I chuckled as he looked down, pressing a kiss on my lips as a smile melted onto his face as well. Our hearts were both jumping from mile to mile until Peter broke the kiss, putting his mask on within a second.

“What happened?” I asked while he put my hood up.

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▶ Fuckin’ In The Bushes - Oasis
▷ The Things You Said - Depeche Mode
▶ The House Of Wolves - Bring Me The Horizon
▷ Zombie - The Cranberries
▶ Air Catcher - twenty one pilots
▷ Thanks To You - All Time Low
▶ Scream - Tokio Hotel
▷ Emergency - Paramore
▶ Going To Hell - The Pretty Reckless
▷ Unwanted - Avril Lavigne
▶ M1 A1 - Gorillaz
▷ Obvious - Blink 182
▶ Bang Bang - Green Day
▷ All Fucked Up - The Amity Affliction
▶ Can You Feel My Heart - Bring Me The Horizon
▷ Goner - twenty one pilots
▶ Therapy - All Time Low
▷ Run, Run, Run - Tokio Hotel
▶ Stop Crying Your Heart Out - Oasis
▷ Wrapped Around Your Finger - 5 Seconds Of Summer
▶ Milk and Cookies - Melanie Martinez
▷ Let Me Go ft. Chad Kroeger - Avril Lavigne
▶ El Mañana - Gorillaz
▷ Stripped - Depeche Mode
▶ Bedshaped - Keane
▷ Ghost Of You - Selena Gomez & The Scene
▶ Pyongyang - Blur
▷ Gasoline - Halsey
▶ Anathema - twenty one pilots
▷ Remembering Sunday ft. Juliet Simms - All Time Low
▶ Masquerade - Tokio Hotel
▷ Soldier On - Oasis
▶ Cry Baby - Melanie Martinez
▷ Waiting For A Friend - The Pretty Reckless
▶ On Melancholy Hill - Gorillaz
▷ Hold Me Down - Halsey
▶ Fall Away - twenty one pilots
▷ Dancing With A Wolf - All Time Low
▶ Sacred - Tokio Hotel
▷ Gas Panic! - Oasis
▶ Careful - Paramore
▷ Since You’re Gone - The Pretty Reckless
▶ Stockholm Syndrome - Blink 182
▷ Sleepwalking - Bring Me The Horizon
▶ Faint - Linkin Park
▷ Helena - My Chemical Romance
▶ Breakaway - Tokio Hotel
▷ Bring It On Down - Oasis
▶ ¿Viva La Gloria? (Little Girl) - Green Day
▷ Don’t Go ft. Lights - Bring Me The Horizon
▶ This Is Halloween - Patty Walters
▷ Ignorance - Paramore
▶ Love Is Dead - Tokio Hotel
▷ Miss Nothing - The Pretty Reckless
▶ Violence - Blink 182
▷ Revolution Radio - Green Day
▶ So Long, And Thanks For All The Booze - All Time Low
▷ Morning Glory - Oasis
▶ I Write Sins Not Tragedies - Panic! At the Disco
▷ Take Me Away - Avril Lavigne
▶ I Don’t Wanna Be In Love - Good Charlotte
▷ Rejects - 5 Seconds Of Summer
▶ Personal Jesus - Depeche Mode
▷ Fairly Local - twenty one pilots
▶ The Mighty Fall ft. Big Sean - Fall Out Boy
▷ Sound Check (Gravity) - Gorillaz
▶ Mad Hatter - Melanie Martinez
▷ Control - Halsey
▶ BeFoUr - ZAYN
▷ Kings of Suburbia - Tokio Hotel
▶ Nobody’s Home - Avril Lavigne
▷ AKA… What A Life! - Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds
▶ Dirty Laundry - All Time Low
▷ Falling Down - Oasis
▶ Impossible Year - Panic! At The Disco
▷ Truce - twenty one pilots
▶ Man Research (Clapper) - Gorillaz
▷ Empty Gold - Halsey          
▶ Forest - twenty one pilots
▷ Old Scars/Future Hearts - All Time Low
▶ Screamin - Tokio Hotel
▷ Born On A Different Cloud - Oasis
▶ The Phoenix - Fall Out Boy
▷ Emperor’s New Clothes - Panic! At The Disco
▶ Monster - Paramore
▷ Heaven Knows - The Pretty Reckless
▶ Bad Reputation - Avril Lavigne
▷ Little 15 - Depeche Mode
▶ Asthenia - Blink 182
▷ Holiday / Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Green Day
▶ Doomed - Bring Me The Horizon


•  10 Iconic Moments of Yuzuru Hanyu’s 2016/2017 Season  •

1st clean quad loop  “Mou chotto” pose 👌 Crazy swan🔥 #cricket bros save 😅 1st 4-time consecutive GPF champion 🏆 #yolo emergency layout 🆘 1st free skate over 220 points 🎉 2-time World champion 🏅 1st program with 3 quads in the 2nd half #pink bow 🎀

Things were not easy for Yuzu going into this season, from the heartbreak of Boston, to being off-ice for 2 months because of his lis franc ligament injury, to struggling to get used to his jumps again when he could finally step back into the rink, to nearly skipping the entire season…

Against all odds, Yuzuru gave us a season full of miracles and firsts. He fought like a true champion throughout.

Go forth and slay the next season, Yuzu! 🍀