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what's the best way to get into toppdogg?

what i did was go directly to the interviews, which led me to a listography that ended up directing me to tumblr. it took me a while to learn everyone but i found that it wasn’t actually that bad? it was only mildly confusing until i got them all down (Topp Dogg Project is great for that, but since then All-Kill came out so i’m sure it helps too)

BUT, back then i didn’t even know what Tumblr looked like. since starting this site i noticed that there’s easier ways to get about this

GET TO KNOW TOPPDOGG by @potatogoon -> outlines the members, various TD blogs, MVs, covers, etc. this post is dynamic so expect updates as new info/content comes out (so if you’re going to reblog it, reblog from her account!)


YOUTUBE -> go here for multiple interviews and official translations for ToppDogg Project (another ToppKlass has been independently subbing some episodes herself. they aren’t as produced as TDI’s, though)

TUMBLR -> written interviews, more profiles, translations (social medias/lyrics/???whatever else they do it all), etc. the website is very organized, so this shouldn’t be hard to find

TWITTER -> similar to Tumblr, except many of their posts link to the Tumblr itself. they also update regularly on Twitter

*DoggOnTopp works in conjunction (I believe lol) with TDP, they do a lot of the translating and have a few videos posted on YouTube

** there’s many other people who have done translations, but one person that is definitely worth a look over is @awakening-menace. if you’re on desktop, please give her subs a view! 


for this, i direct you to my blogroll. i follow a lot of Topp Dogg blogs and am always looking for more. alternatively, potatogoon’s longpost has many blogs worth looking at. it won’t hurt tracking a few tags too!

if you’re looking for something more direct, I’ll mention @stan-topp-dogg. this page was made by @madllght and I in order to help new TK get around Tumblr and Topp Dogg. the page was meant for desktop, but we reblogged many posts geared towards introducing Topp Dogg.

i’m so sorry for taking so long to get to this question! school started two weeks ago for me and i’ve been all around. i hope you’re still interested!


[MV] MASC - Strange

These guys first came out with their teasers, like, 6 months ago. Since then, they switched companies and had to change their name a bit, but they’re here, and this song is a fucking jam. Totally not what I expected, in a great way. Totally different from a lot of boy group songs, and I love it. God I hope they get some music show slots and get some support.

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Yeahh and that's not one of the most savagest things he's said in the mixtape either XD I think I'll be replaying the album for quite a while too. It's just SO GOOD. Also 2 more MVs are going to be released!! For "So far away" and "give it to me". I think Jimin needs some company XD Sorry for being gone for so long. ~Muffin Anon~

It’s really not though is the thing… I’ve been listening to only this mixtape since it came out that’s a lie, i listened to some g-eazy this morning but otherwise and it just gets me the more I hear it. Yeah! I suspected it would be so! I’m so excited tbh, ‘cause those two are also high up for my favorite tracks, and “so far away” … yeah I’m gonna stop before I end up unraveling the twine of my inner emotions ;3; also yeah, i missed you muffin~~

- Devi 


I really loved every little second of ChewingGum , not just because they’re all super adorable , but the song itself is really really fun (can’t stop listening to it since it came out ^^) and the mv is addictive too .

I especially loved the parts when Mark and Jisung were about to “kinda have a fight ? :p “

oh and Jisung’s dance part , that is actually my favorite part , he was like a cutie little mini Kai x Taemin .

he could totally sell half of his songs, but he gave it to us for free, just because he wanted to share his thoughts an feelings and passion without being bothered by charts, and censoring, and if its isnt what TRUE ARTIST would do, then i dont know what true artist is. I am honestly cant listen to anything else since his mixtape came out, because everything sounds dull comparing to this.

also, bighit aint earning money for this, but bang pd gave him 3 mvs. already two has great sets and looks like they costs some real money. if it isnt what good company should do, when it respects their artists, well then.

MV/Song Streaming Guide

So, Secret just came out today lets get our girls the highest amount of views and rankings we can especially since view counts and music rankings are important on music programs ! 

So here are some ways you can help up the view count/song rating:

- Playlist of the MV 100 times (momomo is in the playlist since sometimes yt doesn’t count all views if its the same video) 
        !! Please watch 360/720p or higher, 50%volume or higher if on chrome you can mute the tab !! 

- Incognito (some have said watching incognito counts / doesnt count but its worth a try)  
      !! Please watch 360/720p or higher, 50% volume or higher if on chrome you can mute the tab !! 

- Clear Youtube/ browser history after every view (or every couple of views), clear cache and cookies as well 

- ONLY watch on Starships official channel since 1thek views dont count as much as Official channel views

- Share the link !! Send it to your friends tell them to watch it spread it on twitter your blogs where ever you can 

-Stream at least once a day or more if possible this isn’t just a one time thing if we want out girls to have good rankings stream the mv and song

- ONLY stream the song on official sites (Melon, Genie e.t.c) american/nonKorean sites do not count towards ranking and points 

-Downloading the song from Streaming sites and playing it does NOT count please Stream on the site to up ranking 

-Stream at times when the SK fanbase wont be up/ able to stream (typically when its 12am KST and later) this goes for both song and mv streaming 

WIth all that lets show our girls the best for this comeback our efforts do make a difference !! Just remember WJSN debuting in the 200′s and now with this comeback are in the 30′s on charts, we can do it ! 

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Bts 🤔

  • fan or not // yes oFCOURSE IS THIS EVEN A QUESTION
  • how long i’ve been a fan // since a lil before dope came out
  • the first song i heard by them // idk this tbh cause i discovered them through tumblr actually bUT I THINK it was i need u
  • my favourite song as of now // danger, fire, baebsae
  • the first mv i saw // i need u
  • my favourite mv as of now // danger and also fire

inbox me a k-pop group and i’ll tell you all these thINGS

I’ve listened to Give it to Me a million times since the mixtape came out (seriously his mixtape has been on repeat) BUT that still didn’t stop me from crying over the MV T-T OMG he just looked so cool and theh filmography was fucking great and I was screaming so hard I’m just so happy. He just looked so fucking good and omg yes Bighit thank you T-T that video was so amazing and looked so high production and I’m so happy.