Back has reached 10 million views!!!!!

Guys, I have AMAZING news for you!!!!

Back has hit 10 million views!!!!!!! Well done guys!!!!!

I am so so happy, we did it in less than a year since Back came out and this is amazing! :DDD

Destiny is close to hitting a major mark, 11 million views, soon too so make sure to head over and check it out ;)

And now for our views mission 24, lets get Last Romeo mv to 10 million views! Right now the mv is on 8.1 million views but I am sure soon we can get it to ten as well! So go to the mv, watch and spread the news ;))

For all the ARMYs that follow my blog. Jungkook hacked my computer or something! I turned on my computer to go check out their newest MV and this is what I saw…

I thought it was a glitch and would disappear so I just went about my business and…

So I reset my background to just a pic of the stars (no image changing, just the one pic as background) and went about my business. Came back to this

Said screw it went and watched the MV again. I decided to just leave my background be. Now it is this 

It hasn’t changed since.

Point of this story, you bias Jungkook he will take over your life.

anonymous asked:

I thought about that Dongwoo/Hoya outfit from the Special Girl for a while when the MV came out... could it be that she intentionally chose that outfit for Hoya so that he looked a bit more like Dongwoo? (since she was kinda flirting with both...) Like when you like one thing in one guy and another in the other one, so you'd like to have it all in one?

OMG………i feel like everything i have lived is a lie & i am seeing a new light……..that would make sense im about to go rewatch this mv & write a 10 page paper in MLA format analyzing it

I don’t think I’ve been able to watch a kpop mv as soon as it came out since like, the summer. I’m not even in school today and I’m *still* not going to be able to watch the Bangtan mv for hours…

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Kiss on the neck

Finally, it was Khaos’s time to shine. Their debut MV ha just came out that same evening and Ashton was throwing a ‘Congraulations On The Debut’ party for all of Apollo entertainment. There was loud music (mostly Khaos tracks), a lot of people and lot foods and driks. Drinks meant, for the most of it, alcohol; and where there was alcohol, there was drunk people. Khaos itself couldn’t drink, and they were probably the first ones be leaving the party since they were having a showcase in the morning. Ashton forbidden them to party too hard and, to be honest, Khaos’s debut was just an excuse for Ashton to throw the party. The rest of Apollo was enjoying it loads, taking pictures, drinking, dancing, having fun… All while the members were trying to enjoy it best with not many privileges since they were preparing for a long promotion. 

Taehyun was just sitting on a couch, with an orange juice on his lap, enjoying the music but otherwise bored. He didn’t see Suzy approaching him, her legs shambling a bit, her usually smooth voice crackling. When she sat down next to him, invading his personal space, his first reaction was to pull his head back. 

“Heyyyy”, she said, “how are you?”. Her face was as close to his as she could make it. Her breath wasn’t bad, it was just smelling of alcohol… And that wasn’t exaclty attractive. She put her hand on his shoulders. 

“Uh…”, he looked at her hands, “are you ok?”. He knew she was acting like that because she was drunk, but he still was worried. His nature was to low-key take care of everyone, and by proxy, Suzy was included. She was barely concious, but still throwing herself, quite literally, at him. 

“Yeahh, I’m fiiineee”. She laughed, pushed forward and kissed his neck. He reacted quickly, pulling back and holding her face away from his.

“WOAH, THERE. OKAY. NOPE”, he put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her back. “Where is the rest of Little Sweet when I need them?”, he thought about Irene. As he tried to be understanding of Suzy, and hoped she woulnd’t remember the incident later, he took her in his arms and decided to take her home. It was only halfway there that he texted his members he was gone. Irene had found them on their way out and accompanied them. She laughed when Tae told her what had happened. He had never seen Suzy drunk before. They tucked her into bed comfortably, hoping she would feel better the next day.

kpop-beans asked:


  • If I’m a fan or not a fan
    • YES~~~~
  • How long I’ve been a fan
    • Since WIN ^_^
  • The first song I heard by them
    • errrrrrrrrr ??????? Whatever came first in WIN I guess???
  • My favourite song as of now
    • SINOSHIJAK /jams out/
  • The first MV I saw
    • they don’t have one yet tho….
  • My favourite MV as of now
    • Can I say Born Hater??? since BI and Bobby are in it????
  • Who my bias is
  • Who my least favourite member is
    • ?????? I hate to say it but there are like 3 members who I still, despite all my efforts, get mixed up…. I’ll finalize my favs/least favs when they debut ^^
  • My OTP
    • don’t really ship them
  • A pairing I dislike
    • ??????
  • And lastly, an unpopular opinion
    • Team B should have won WIN….. I’m sorry Winner, I love you too but Team B should have won…. they were obviously the preferred talents within YG, it was just the public voting that killed them….
BTS “I NEED U” MV Review

You can find the MV  HERE

Let me start by saying that I absolutely LOVE this song!! It is in repeat on my playlist since their album came out which I adore too!

I actually really enjoy their MV that shows a new side of the members. Each member had a define character with their own individual inner demons: Jungkook = runaway kid, J-Hope = narcoleptic brokenhearted dude, etc…  Their characters really seem to have fun together even if each have something they need to deal with. There is a story behind the MV not just a concept which I find really enjoyable. 

► I only have 2 problems with this MV : 1. Why is Jimin burning a paper while in a bath? and 2. Why is Jin putting those petals on the floor?

Anyway, I know this is not the full MV since it was supposed to be 19+ so maybe I will get my answers later.

Watch on

Weekly Dance Break: Awoo (Lim Kim). This infectious pop track from Korean artist Lim Kim has been bouncing around all week #music

Really excited to feature Acro Collective’s first feature from the beloved world of Korean music! This stylish MV for Lim Kim(김예림)’s “Awoo” has been bouncing around my brain since it came out last week.

dinkleberg-senpai asked:

VIXX and/or SHINee

baes on baes on baes aight

If I’m a fan or not a fan: yes and yes

How long I’ve been a fan: Since the day Hyde came out and the day Ring Ding Dong came out. actually a weird coincidence for both…

The first song I heard by them: Hyde and Ring Ding Dong (but i actually hated rrd at first and made fun of it a lot and then decided SHINee was bae so…)

My favourite song as of now: GR8U or Love lalala idek vixx is very complicated okay… and SHINee is like… Romantic or Boys Meet U OR fuCKING BREAKING NEWS HOLY SHIT or taemin’s entire solo album?????? but probably Romantic

The first MV I saw: actually think I saw Super Hero before I knew vixx was vixx but i didn’t care so Hyde. and Ring Ding fucking Dong

My favourite MV as of now: Rock ur Body cause leo looks so cute. Boys Meet U or Replay

Who my bias is: Leo and Taemin

Who my least favourite member is: literally no one but if i have to throw someone under the bus I will say Ravi for both groups (but its a total lie)

My OTP: Keo but also like anything with Hakyeon??? Or Leo??? NEO??? (that one soccer fic though) and 2min i am trash throw me away bye NO FUCK WAIT jongho or jongyu or onho

A pairing I dislike: Ravi and Hyuk cause its like two dudes fist bumping and i just ain’t about it. I used to really like OnTae but just ain’t with it anymore

And lastly, an unpopular opinion: Kinda disappointed with Love Equation because I wanted it to be as good as GR8U but it was a remake so it’s all good. I think Taemin deserved the first solo album out of all of SHINee.

So….this is going to be a random post, but overview of everything.

On day two out of eight for work since I requested next weekend off to go to Vegas. It’s been many moons since I’ve done something for fun.

I GET EXCITED SEEING BIGBANG ALL OVER MY DASH AGAIN! But, I’m not fully spazzing yet. I wil be once their mv and album drops.

I might not be able to go see BTS in July. A situation came up and I basically have the be the good oldest daughter and help out. If anything, I could possibly buy the cheapest ticket, but it depends on the situation. I really wanted to see the boys live, especially Namjoon.

K CON dates were announced. Ends up being the weekend right after BTS and it’s at Staples Center. I AM PLANNING ON GOING TO K CON EVEN THOUGH IT’S GOING TO BE FUCKING EXPENSIVE. Plus, I been planning on going since last year. I just hope they wait to released the ticket info. I have a feeling JJCC might be apart of the lineup, but I don’t want to give me hopes up.

What else..what else… I’m really tired. Had to go into work at 5 today. Eww.