Discover The Handcrafted Film Noir World of 'Phantom Boy,' In Theaters Today (Exclusive Making-Of Video)

“Like many films noirs, light and shadow play an important role to heighten the mood of Phantom Boy. The filmmakers not only drew every frame of the film on paper, they also drew a separate lighting level to convey light and shadow, which was then digitally composited over the drawings.”

Watch the “Making of” video at the link.

Tom Hiddleston is celebrating his Emmy nomination with a Thor fight scene

Tom Hiddleston, the Emmy-nominated star of The Night Manager, somehow still manages to be eloquent at 4 a.m. That’s how early it was in Australia, where he’s shooting Thor: Ragnarok, when he spoke to EW about the honor — one he shares with costars Hugh Laurie and Olivia Colman. Hiddleston shared some of his feelings about the announcement and teased a bit of what Marvel fans can expect when Loki returns to theaters next fall. 

Today’s got to be an exciting one for you.
It is a great day. It’s fantastic. It really is the best news. It’s very early in the morning on Friday for me in Australia. I’m in the Gold Coast in Queensland on Thor: Ragnarok, the third Thor film, and I wasn’t expecting it at all. I never like to have any expectations, but it feels like the most thrilling and heartwarming affirmation for the team, the whole of The Night Manager, for Susanne Bier, for Hugh Laurie, for Olivia Colman, and Simon and Stephen Cornwell and Stephen Garrett, all of our producers. It’s very heartwarming. It’s a great feeling that everyone’s up there.  

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Watched “Me Before You” alone in theaters today and

1) Emilia Clarke is unreal pretty (mother of dragons more like mother of my children am I right??)
2) ARE YOU KIDDING ME? That plot was so frustrating. I mean I get it but. Ugh.
3) I loved the mini game of thrones reunion happening it

Mail July 25

July 25th


Majisuka Gakuen Musical
Lost in the super market

We will performed itht in front of audience today
for the first time today

aah!I can’t wait!

For this musical

We’ve done countless preparations and rehearsal
ever since long ago

So I think this musical
will be worth to see

There will be no only AKB member
who will cast

other actor and actress
will appear too

It will become a high quality
super shocking stage( °▽° )fufufu


My heart can’t stop beating
this fast

Now I will be heading to
Akasaka ACT Theater ( °▽° )

Today for 1 day



I peel the skin of my lips
and it bleed(´・ω・`)

Well since it’s on the inside
so it won’t be visible \(^o^)/


“Rehearsal ended”

For today’s meal

I choose this
mixed season bento for the first day( *゜▽゜* )

It was very delicious!

Haaaー… It’s so hot!


“Musical costume”

all red↓↓

How was it?How was it?

Very handsome right〜?lol


“Ojyuken x Katabutsu”

Re checking our performance
with Moekyun \(^o^)/


We will finally perform
after this I’m so nervous(;ω;)

It’s the first musical
for Moekyun

「Sometimes I cried in the morning
because I was so nervous and tense… 」

It’s not very Moekyun like
to tell me her weak side like that(´・_・`)

It’s not different from me
even though it’s not my first musical
I was really nervous that I want to cry



First day
finished smoothly!

It would be great
if the audience can receive
our “maji/seriousness”

tomorrow I will do my best too!

aaahー!let’s fire this up!oooh!

I’m very happy right now