The Walking Dead Series Finale: October 23, 2016

Finale Summary: After Negan falls victim to a random heart attack, the group manages to regain control, driving The Saviors and their allies into the woods where they are ravaged by a horde of walkers. When the group finally get to their destination, a cure for the zombie outbreak is created and deployed into the earth’s atmosphere coming into contact with every one who had been infected. The cure reverses the transformation, turning the undead back into the living. Maggie eventually gives birth to a healthy, 7.3 pound baby boy, whom she and Glenn name Shawn Hershel Rhee.

Two years pass. 

Sasha finds out that she is with child, and upon learning that he is to be a father, Abraham proposes having an outdoor picnic to celebrate the good news.

Morgan gives a toast to “new life” and as they dig into the feast, Rick taps his water glass. Everyone places their utensils back down, giving him their utmost attention. Before he speaks, he looks down at his beaming wife. She slowly nods giving him her approval.

He reveals that Michonne is pregnant, and they will be expecting twin girls.

Everyone breaks out in applause, with Carl giving an excited ‘Whoop whoop’. The group resumes their meal.

And they live happily ever after.

okay highkey season 2 was the prime of girl meets world ok so we got:
- girl meets creativity which touched on real problems with cutting arts + bonus Lucaya
- girl meets yearbook
- the whole girl meets texas series which was 30/10 btw
- girl meets gravity
- girl meets Pluto
- girl meets Mr. Squirrels (ERIC FREAKING MATTHEWS)
- girl meets rules
- girl meets the new teacher
- girl meets I am farkle which was such a beautiful episode
- girl meets rileytown which touched on bullying and how it hurts you and the acting was so good and I was crying it was amazing
- girl meets the forgiveness project
- girl meets belief
- girl meets the new year
- girl meets money
- girl meets the bay window

Don’t come into my tag and tell me the only mainstream woman/woman happy ending I have shouldn’t have happened.


  • I ship Korrasami
  • I totally agree that it could’ve been handled better than it was
  • If you want to critically analyze the series I’m right there with you
  • But don’t come and tell me I shouldn’t have gotten this sliver of representation because it wasn’t done perfectly

I originally had a wall of text here that was getting way too long so I’m just going to bullet point the rest of the post as well.

  • Shipping Makorra doesn’t make you homophobic
  • Telling people with extremely low representation in media that you’d have been a lot happier if they hadn’t gotten their representation *is* an awful, hurtful thing to say no matter how polite you think you are being.
  • As hurtful as the “hetero lenses” remark may have been to some, let’s not pretend heteronormativity hasn’t been a huge, ugly problem in the fandom (and the series, and society as a whole).
  • Makorra and Korrasami will never be on equal standing socially. There is simply no way to reasonably attack heterosexuality by attacking Makorra given how ubiquitously, even oppressively, heterosexuality is displayed, promoted and at times enforced by mainstream culture. The reverse on the other hand, is very much possible.

And last point:While I don’t see Korrasami as pandering… even if it was, I wouldn’t care?

If that’s what it takes to get me some representation at long last as something more than a footnote in someone else’s story, yeah, I’ll take that over never getting anything at all. Yeah, it could’ve been done better, but really, where do we get off calling a wlw couple “pandering” because its execution was less than perfect, but decades upon decades of heterosexuality exploding off of every screen and billboard, that’s somehow not pandering?

Out of over 100 episodes between AtlA and LoK combined, ONE relationship was confirmed as not straight with something more than subtext and implied statements and it was in the very last episode, are we really going to pretend straight people haven’t been pandered to throughout this entire show?


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Please please please do lardo or camilla or even alicia for i guess not hockey girls undressed! I loved your georgia so much

i’m so glad people love the series this much!

to be honest, the reason I’ve been somewhat reluctant to do the ladies is because the whole point of the series is to sexually objectify men in a way that women usually are. but also! i get that i can draw ladies being sexy and it doesn’t have to be sexually objectifying! 

so i’m just trying to navigate it in a way that seems respectful and makes sense but also is all the sexy for everybody
Senor Penguin's Mafia

Okay, so, when I was 11 or 13, I started a comic.  A over the top and stupid comic.  It’s called Senor Penguin’s Mafia, and I was so determined to make this thing a hit.  It crosses over EVERYTHING in terms of media, and I was so fucking proud of this shit.  I went through high school making issue after issue of this crap!  

I completely forgot about this shit for the longest time, but my dad made a website for the whole series.  If you want, come on in and enjoy a really, REALLY terrible crayon colored comic called….SENOR PENGUIN’S MAFIA!


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🔥 star wars ?

Aw man do I really have any truly unpopular opinions about this??? I feel like with a fandom this big, someone is always going to agree with you. Ok here it goes:

– I ship Reylo. Fight me.

– I very much am hoping for Rey Kenobi. It’s basically canon to me and if she ends up being a FUCKING Skywalker I’m going to flip. Not for ship reasons either. Like I don’t even need Reylo together I just like their dynamic. But because of my next point…

– why does the whole series have to revolve around Skywalkers?!? There are other force sensitive people out there and especially with this new generation of heroes, we can move away from an exclusively Skywalker storyline. We have the Skywalker with Kylo/Ben. I need Rey to either be a Kenobi or a no one. Pls.

Hello! I’m Brandi, @sushiiimi88, I’m 25, a Hufflepuff/Thunderbird, and a lesbian. I support all the ships, especially Fleurmoine and Linny. Sirius and Hermione are probably my favorite characters of the whole series, and I’m pretty excited for Fantastic Beasts next month. I’m pretty quiet on here sometimes, but please feel free to say hello =] 

Little Giorno problem

I’m getting my friend into JoJo on accident. I never realized this, but I draw Giorno on everything. My choir folder has Giorno. My math notebook, my history, my fanfic one, my sketchbook. Everything! She was wondering who he was, and now she just finished phantom blood. I told her that part5 wasn’t animated yet, and she wants to my the whole manga series. Calm the fuck down Cassidy. We both have an obsession with Giorno.

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3, 5, 19, 21, 30

Least favorite character and why

  • n/gan. and i’m not writing a novel here, i just really hate him so much.

Character you hope will die soon

  • fucking n/gan

Unpopular opinion about the show

  • i love season 2. we had so many conversations, people would talk with pretty much everyone, the focus wasn`t super duper special effect walkers….i miss it hard

Three headcanons you have about the show

  • carol and michonne spent a lot of time with maggie after finding out she’s expecting a baby, trying to help her as much as they can
  • eric asked daryl to look for license plates when he’s out recruiting with aaron and bring them back without him noticing. he wants to surprise him with them for christmas and can’t wait to see his face

  • carl finds the whole harry potter book series in one of the attics and can’t believe he will find out how the series ended after all. his favourite reading spot is the comfy armchair next to judiths bed, and sometimes, when she’s not asleep yet, he reads a chapter to her just like lori did for him.


  • b/ethyl, b/ick, b/ickyl - all that damn mess basically. also c/rgan. 
Please, please make a pregnancy series with Nate Maloley.

Hi my name is Gabrielle,

      I was wondering if you could maybe do a pregnancy series with Nate Maloley, it would be such a good read. If you do one it will be amazing. I love your writing girl.

My Response: I’m glad you like my work. Honestly I like reading pregnancy series, but writing it is a whole other story. I can’t guarantee anything but I do have another Nate series in mind :)

Honestly, I’d rather have a whole series about Aladdin and Jasmine. No Storybrook. No Wonderland. Just them. I wanna know more about Aladdin’s adventures as the saviour and Jasmine ruling over Agrabah. I want to watch and get frustrated seeing the almost-kisses and whispered confessions of love when they see each other in passing. I want to see them teaming up to battle the forces of evil. Tonight’s episode was a wonderful peek into their past but way too rushed.

Sam Winchester x Reader

Title: What Drives Us Apart and What Brings Us Together Part 1

Characters: Sam Winchester

Word Count: 1,070

Warnings: none

Summary: Lil College Sammy runs straight into you while on a morning jog

A/N: So this is going to be a long fic I’m hoping to get to 20ish chapters, so far I have the first 5 chapters planned out, uh as always requests are open and I love yall (the summary is just for this chapter not the series as a whole)

Originally posted by sensitivehandsomeactionman

You sigh; a quick glance at your phone told you your alarm didn’t go off for another thirty minutes. You were restless and instead of forcing yourself back to sleep you decide that a morning stroll might do you some good. Exercise is always good, you think, and plus I can eat breakfast for once. Stretching and yawning you reluctantly pulled yourself up out of bed and headed to your dresser.

Though you were getting up early today and being at least somewhat productive, you most certainly weren’t dressing up. Slipping on jeans and your gray Stanford sweatshirt you grab your phone off the charger, throw your hair up in a bun and head for the door.  You grab your keys at the last second and lock the door behind.

As you walk down a leaf covered path you are very thankful for your choice in attire, it was a chilly October morning. Now this isn’t to say you hate the cold, you actually quite like it but you can’t help but acknowledge the fact that you’d be freezing without your sweatshirt.  You feel extremely content with life at this moment, the cool autumn breeze sends pleasant shivers down your spine.

You smile at the satisfying crunch of leaves under your feet and you look down to watch your feet. Suddenly something large smacks right into, sending you flying onto your back with someone on top of you. The person above you lets out a loud grunt as they fall. You let out a yelp that’s cut off sharply as the wind gets knocked out of you.

“I can’t breathe!” You wheeze. He’s elevated himself up off of you in a second. You pant trying desperately to catch your breath again. It takes a minute but you do and you let out a puff of relief when you finally do catch your breath.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry. Here,” he says standing, “let me help you up”. You take his outstretched hand and he effortlessly pulls you up. Once you’re on your own two feet again you dust off your legs and your butt a little, shaking your arms out and laughing.

You smile raising your eyes to take a good look at your assailant and find a man about your age looking quite frazzled.  He’s tall, with long auburn hair and hazel eyes. He is undeniably handsome, his height and his chiseled jaw major contributing factors. It’s obvious he’s been on a run, the way sweat glistens on his forehead and his breathing is somewhat labored. A blush rises on your cheeks as you check him out, you would be more embarrassed but he seems to be looking you over as well. You both just stand there for a while admiring each other for awhile.

“Thank you.” You manage after you regain your composure, shooting him a sheepish grin.

“Oh, no, I’m sorry I wasn’t watching where I was going. Are you okay? Did I hurt you?” the man asks you hurriedly a look of concern painting his face.

“No, I’m fine.” You shake your head. “It’s not a problem I wasn’t watching where I was going either. Though the circumstances aren’t the best it’s nice to meet you. I’m (Y/N) (L/N).” You beam at him and extend your hand.

He takes your hand mirroring your smile, “Sam Winchester, (Y/N), that’s a beautiful name…”

“Aw, you’re too sweet Sammy. I hope I’m not making you late for a class”, you laugh and punch his shoulder, trying to defuse the somewhat awkward situation.

He laughs at the nickname, deciding not to correct you, for some reason he doesn’t mind the name coming from your lips. “Nah I was just out for a run. I scheduled all my classes for the afternoon.”

“Me too actually, the class part, not the run part, I was actually just on my way to get some breakfast. Do you want to come with me, ya know to get to know each other?” you ask feeling a surge of confidence for some unknown reason, maybe your just tired, maybe it’s his smile.

“I’d love to Ms. (L/N).”  He smirks extending an arm to you.

“How gentlemanly Mr. Winchester.”

The walk to the small café on campus is anything but quiet.

The two of you immediately start chatting about almost everything. You talk about what courses you’re taking, family, though it’s mostly you talking when family comes up, he doesn’t seem to want to talk about it and you don’t push, what friends you’ve made, and everything else under the sun.

By the time the two of you sit down with coffees and bagels he starts to open up a little about his family. He tells you his family moved a lot for his dad’s work. You tell him how you stayed in the same old town all your life and how happy you are to finally be away from it.

It seems like only minutes you’ve been sitting there talking, but in reality, it’s been hours. Your drinks were abandoned long ago and your bagels devoured even earlier. Time moves slowly with him, you find him so easy to talk to, so sweet, so intelligent. But unfortunately, all good things have to come to an end.

“Can I get your number? I’d love to stay and talk more but I really have to leave for class.”

“Oh lord I didn’t even realize the time, of course, you can. Maybe we can do this again sometime?” he asks, he seems a little nervous as he hands you his number.

“Hellz yeah!” you lean over and peck his cheek before slipping his number in your pocket and heading back to your dorm. As you leave you turn to wave and see him blushing, he waves back at you.

You smile for the rest of the day, you can’t stop think about his smile and it makes you smile. Sam Winchester, you really hope he texts you, it would certainly be a loss not to be friends and eventually maybe something more. Your friends tease you relentlessly when they find out you met a cute boy that morning, but you pay no mind to it. You know you’re really going to like getting to know this Winchester boy.

Little do you know the world is going to do its best to keep the two of you apart.

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d/r/3 was a mess. We didn't get anything on b/andai, g/ozu, i/zayoi, the real m/iaya or even r/uruka aside from her being snobby.

( BOI you have no idea how much I get you on this like 

ban///dai existed only to show what would happen if somebody violated their NG code and we NEVER got to see the real mia//ya she’s completely different from her robot self 

and on the topic of characters who got little attention, I hate how the ultra de///spair gir//ls were just shoved in there to remind the fans that they exist and that’s it. like. dr///ae was one of the most fucked up but also one of the best games in the whole series so why did they just throw them away like that?? not to mention we never found out what happened to mona///ka or even mak///oto’s parents which is stupid as hell

I dunno. maybe if the creators make a manga/novel adaptation giving the d///r3 characters more attention, this will make up for it all tbh )

Magic-Kyun Renaissance episode 4, or Anjo-Senpai is One Heck of A Prince!

In this week’s episode of Magic-Kyun Renaissance the story focuses mostly on Louis Anjo, a very talent dancer at the school. We get to learn quite a lot about Anjo-senpai and see who this guy is past the front he puts up. We discover who he is, what he’s been doing at the school, and a whole lot of other information about him. The main storyline does progress as we learn all about him.  I definitely will not spoil this episode for anyone and I encourage others to watch it and the whole series because it’s well worth it.

This episode was wonderful!! I really enjoyed it and found the time passed too quickly for my liking as I watched! If anyone would have asked me, if Magic-Kyun Renaissance was an otome game here in America and which route I would pick first, I would have said Suminomiya without a doubt. Now, after seeing this week’s episode, I would with much confidence say Anjo-senpai! While he appears to be a flirty and overly romantic character, it’s what we see of him beneath that mask that makes me say this. He is a prince in the true definition of the word. He’s had hardships and trials, and he’s made his way though them with a beautiful and gentle spirit. He is so kind and I find this one of his very best traits. How he can be so kind while suffering inside just shows me what a gentle and wonderful spirit he has. This is one guy I just wanted to give a hug to and tell him it would be okay halfway through the episode! He deserves to be appreciated for his skill and for the beauty of his spirit as he performs. I think if we only viewed him as a romantic character, we would be doing him a great disservice. 

As always I enjoyed the songs in this episode and found my foot to be tapping through a good deal of it. I think the music is top notch, and I can’t wait to hear more it as the season progresses.

If you haven’t seen Magic-Kyun Renaissance, I suggest taking a look at it. It’s been well worth it for each episode!

How was the Series of Unfortunate Events movie literally the best thing ever and the worst thing ever at the same time

Like how could they nail the casting, atmosphere, music, narration and basically everything aesthetic so perfectly while completely disregarding the actual story that they were adapting beyond the point where it can even be enjoyable