so my grandad came over today and he said he had gone out and brought me some books (i’m bed bound atm sigh) and he said “i chose these because they reminded me of you a lot” and guess what books they were, that’s right, the mortal instruments. my face i swear to god, i was like “this is my favourite series ever” and he just looked so proud that he had chosen well. i have 3 copies of them though cause people keep giving them me :’) 

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oh man i'm just gonna pretend the whole episode didn't happen, actually THAT THE WHOLE ROOT A SERIE DIDN'T HAPPEN.


so when was that 2nd season of tokyo ghoul coming out

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Honestly the whole Harry Potter series is so white supremacist that it should burned, banned, and forgotten on the ash heap of history. Fuck Harry Potter and Fuck J.K. Rowling and FUCK white imperialists exporting their racism through the Harry Potter series.

are you trying to fight w/ me because i’m not giving in especially since i have never had a problem admitting that it has its problems just like literally e v e r y t h i n g else does

Well, Katniss is my favorite. Katniss first, then Effie second. But yes, Katniss, of course, she’s the moral center and the heart and the soul of the whole series and she kicks ass and so as a woman audience member, as a reader, as a mother, I’m just so thrilled to see that character succeed.
—  Elizabeth Banks about her favorite character from The Hunger Games.

I felt so grossed out when Connor and Cordelia started seeing each other. It literally felt like an awkward, incestual relationship, as that is the common consensus between everyone I talk to about it. And from that point forward I cringed at every scene with just Cordelia and Connor. I mean, were the writers just trying to make us hate Cordy to try to ween her off the show? Although it was all worth it when Jasmine came in the mix, as she was one of my favorite “big bads” of the whole buffyverse series.

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Sasuke and Hinata interacting would be beautiful they're the most beautiful characters in the whole series. Kishimoto made SS just for Sakura so she wouldn't alone and Naruto stayed with the hottie. Such a beautiful coupl they would've made SasuHina was dangerous did you see they weren't allowed to interact they have the same backgrounds geez if only Kishimoto. Don't deny it they love beautiful almost too hurtful for they human eyes that's why we couldn't witness it. Sakura is plain average _-_.

Don’t you feel bad? You always take what’s in my most recent posts and say the exact opposite. If I say that blue is my favourite colour, you would come and say that blue sucks and green is the best colour. It’s like you just like to be contrary to me because you get some sick pleasure out of it. Do you like me? Are you obsessed with me? Are you okay? You DO know that I don’t care right? I usually just reply because I like to laugh at you and it provides entertainment for my followers.

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This is a bit sappy but sorry that the fans have pretty much made you less enthused about dangan ronpa, I mean... Because of you I got into the series and long story short really connected with my best friend through the whole thing. I love the series and I've been really inspired by you and it.. Idk what I want to say just that I'm grateful to you, I guess. I hope that despite everything you remember what you loved about it in the end and don't feel regret or sadness. You're a good man <3

I am always filled with regret and sadness. It is… who I am. *dramatic hair swoosh*


RAIN// Luke Hemmings PART 17

Are you kidding me! You can’t leave me hanging like that! 

Okay so I just read the whole RAIN series at once, and I need part 17 omg

Girl, like we all need this on wattpad

can’t wait for 17

I’m so ready for the next chapter of rain!

OMG! I just started reading ‘Rain’ and read all 16 parts in a row! I am obsessed! It had me crying and laughing! Thank you! How often do you post? I can’t wait for part 17!

Part 17!!!!!! Update fast please!!!!

I love rain so much!



Luke trailed behind me as we walked on the sand that surrounded the lake. It was mid winter so the lake was frozen, but the sand was still nice to walk on. Usually, I would go ice skating with Luke. But something tells me that’s not going to happen this year. Or any other year for that matter. I still can’t believe he’s going to die in three months. Three months. I thought I would have him for the rest of my life. I looked in the corner of my eyes to see him not too far behind me. A grey beanie sat on his head along with a plain black sweatshirt. His hands were stuffed in his pockets to protect them from the cold air. I faced forward and crossed my arms over my chest.         

"We can walk together, you know." Luke said from behind me.        

I shook my head and walked a bit faster. A rock wall is coming up and I’m eventually going to have to turn around at some point. I felt something touch my foot and I looked down and screamed. A crab scurried around in the sand trying to find the ocean.        

"What? What happened?" Luke ran over to me.        

I pointed to the crab with wide eyes and Luke chuckled. He bent down and picked up the crab, holding it in the palm of his hand. He moved it towards my face and I stumbled backwards. Luke laughed again, “It’s not going to bite you.”        

I narrowed my eyes at him and he looked at me with a goofy grin on his face. I smiled at him because his smile is so contagious. Seeing him happy makes me happy. How can he be so happy knowing he’s going to die? I looked down at the grab in his hand. I wonder what it’s like to be a crab. Only looking at life in one direction. They can’t look anywhere else because they’re forced to look only one way. Almost like Luke. He’s looking at life in one direction, only has one way to go. I looked away from Luke and slowly started to walk away. I saw him put the crab down and he jogged up next to me.        

"I don’t want you to be mad at me." He admitted.        

"I’m not bad at you. I’m mad at myself."        


"Because I’m in love with you."        

He stopped walking and his jaw dropped. I forgot that I never told him that I loved him. I just told him I couldn’t love him. “You…you love me?”        

"Yes. And that’s why I’m mad at myself." I started to walk back towards the lake house. Luke followed behind me, not bothering to catch up with me. I looked back to see his gaze on the on the ground and his hands stuffed in his pockets again. I looked forward and kept walking, needing to be away from him. Or I might start to cry.

Later at night        

I looked in the mirror and flattened my dress. My hair was down in it’s natural styles and I had very little make up on. We’re going out to dinner since it’s the first night were here. The way the house is set up, there’s only one room upstairs and three downstairs. Usually, Luke takes the upstairs one, but he’s becoming more weak. So I took it this year. I slipped my heels on my feet and headed downstairs to see my mom and Luke’s mom sitting in the living area.        

"You look pretty." My mom said.        

I smiled warmly at her, “Thanks.”        

"We’re going to be late. Can you go check if Luke is almost ready?" Luke’s mom asked me.        

"Uh, sure." I hesitated a bit, but then I walked towards his room. The door was shut and no noise was coming from the other side. I knocked on the door, but he didn’t respond. My heart rate sped up and I turned the knob of the door. It opened and Luke wasn’t anywhere in sight. Oh my God.        

"Luke?" I spoke out loud.        

A figured appeared from the other side of the room and I sighed of relief. He was dressed in a white button up shirt with black skinny jeans. He had a black tie around his neck except it wasn’t tied yet. His hair was, as always, gelled up to perfection. He looked really good, despite being sick.            

"Hi, sorry. I was in the bathroom." He said playing with his tie        

I sighed, “Are you almost ready to do?”        

"Yeah, I just…" He looked up from his tie, his eyes landing on me. They trailed my body and I fiddled with my fingers.        

"What?" I spoke up.        

"Nothing. You just…you look beautiful."        

I blushed and looked down at my feet, “Thanks.”        

"I just have to tie my tie and then I’ll be ready." He played with it, still not being able to tie it.         

I laughed, “Come here, I’ll tie it.” I walked towards him. I reached up at pulled the pieces of fabric together. He looked at me, but I kept my gaze focused on the tie. I miss being this close to him. I could almost feel his heartbeat and it’s a bit reassuring. He’s still alive. For now. I finished his tie and looked up meeting his gaze. His lips were inches from mine and my God am I tempted to kiss them. His hands traced my sides, sending shivers down my body. His touch is electrifying; hard to resist. His eyes stared straight into mine, almost in a begging type of way. I want to kiss him. I want to kiss him so bad. But it took every fiber in my being to pulled away from him and walked backwards.        ”Uh, we’re leaving so uh, yeah…” My voice trailed and I exited him room. I left him standing in there alone. I so badly want to turn around, run to him and hold him close to me. I want to tell him how much I love him. But I can’t.        

I just can’t.


A/N: I just wanna say how happy it makes me that people are enjoying this story. I’ve had this idea in my head for three years and now it’s coming to life. Thank you for making it enjoyable, I love you all so much :)

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I really like that some of the villains and adults were previously KND agents, especially the Delightful Children. What had happened to them prior to the series?

i really like that too because it shows the knd isn’t actually the be-all and end-all of goodness; it might be stable within itself but it tends to cast operatives out as soon as they lose their use or stop fitting the criteria. it’s kind of a nod towards the whole GKND situation, especially at the end of the series where nigel’s being methodically separated from all his friends so he’ll be more willing to leave earth. operatives working within the knd might think everyone’s looked out for and taken care of, but what’s actually happening is that everyone’s just being used and then left out in the dust. there might be compassion and care in the individuals, but not the whole.

what do you mean by that question though; what happened to the delightful children especially or what happened to each villain before the series started? i’m pretty certain all ex-knd operatives are given at least a vague explanation of what happened to bring them to that point, but i’m not sure what you’re asking specifically?

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  1. Uh, I…I-I can read a whole book series i-in one night… ❞ 
  2. I th-think I’m….a pretty good a-artist….somewhat… ❞
  3. Erm, I can….s-solve a lot of…Sudoku puzzles…? ❞
  4. I’m a, um…I’ll be a g-great listener…to you… ❞
  5. I-I’m not really— I don’t know uh, w-what else to say…I’m sorry… ❞

I suppose I’ll tag…
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As someone who has never gotten into Kingdom Hearts too much, could you tell me what you like, enjoy and love about the series? I know many people who do, just thought I'd like to know what you like about it. Is it the crossovers? What do you think of crossovers?

Ahhh, hmmm let me think.

I always thought I never really cared for the “Disney” portion of the game at all, but I do. The whole series has this hopeful and wonderful feel around it, something you see in many if not all Disney movies. So in a way, you could say I like the crossovers.

What I like most, though, is the characters and the individual journeys they go on, while still being part of a greater storyline. The character development is amazing in my opinion, and there are countless incredibly likeable characters to choose from. The game pulls you in (as expected from the game company who made the Final Fantasy franchise), and just doesn’t let you go. I’m even able to forgive the incredibly complicated and vague storyline at times, just because I want to see what’ll happen to the characters I love so much.

Themes like “friendship”, “trust” and “truth” are very strong in the series. Innocent friendships get destroyed by the influence of the world around them, by events they could never have seen coming, yet they always manage to keep a connection between them. I’ve heard many people say that the storyline of Kingdom Hearts taught them many things, no matter how simple. It just amazes me.

Oh and the design. The designs are just great. And you fight with a fucking key. It’s the best.