Cinematic Landscapes in Vietnam by Deniz Vural 

Amateur photographer Deniz Vural made the most out of his trip to Vietnam by turning it into a photographic experience. Rice plants, mountains, and a lot of water make this series, from the Mai Chau and the Pù Luông areas, as cinematic as they are impressive. With a strong dominance of the green tones, the whole photography series will make you want to explore Vietnam.

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What were the main differences between university and high school? Did you find it hard/easy transitioning?

Hi there! Interesting topic, thanks for asking :)

Transition between University and High School

  • I wasn’t someone who found the academic transition between university and high school particularly difficult as I had already been going to a competitive high school. 
  • On top of that, I’d been someone who had more of a consistent work ethic, so I was pretty used to studying a little everyday to deal with high workloads. Dealing with university studies is about self-accountability and making sure you turn up to lectures and finish tutorial questions on time!!
  • Uni was just one step above that because it’s a little easier to find yourself falling behind just because you get really tired on long commutes. One thing I had trouble with at first was finishing maths tutorial sets on time, as I had to sleep an hour or so later everyday to get things done for all 4 subjects. Coupled with waking up 1.5 hours earlier, I was pretty exhausted the first semester and often slept on the train to and from uni. Protip make the best use of your time: get as many tutorial questions done in between classes and on the train home as you can, because you’ll be physically exhausted from commuting, which makes you mentally exhausted doing tutorial questions, which can end up cutting into your sleep and exacerbating the whole cycle. 
  • The first semester is always the hardest because you also need to balance social commitments - making new friends does take time because you share lunch regularly with other people, occasionally you’ll want to go out and explore the restaurants around your university, particularly if your campus is further away from where you usually live. 
  • Added bonus is that there’s no trouble with just hanging out with someone else if you don’t click with someone. Degrees where there’s no set subjects are good because things don’t get clique-y, and you don’t have to see people after one semester if you’re lucky. Conversely, keeping in touch with and making strong friendships is tricky because of a lack of contact. 
  • Furthermore, it’s also the time where everyone encourages you to join clubs. I went to a lot of club meetings but didn’t really end up finding one for me in first year that suited my hobbies. I wrote a post about Extra-Curricular Activities, but main point is: you either join to make a few friends or you join to make a nice notch on your career ladder, but don’t worry about it otherwise. 
  • You’ll also be trying to keep in touch with high school friends as well, and I would advise that you do, as it can be hard to make as deep a connection with others when you don’t see a particular person as often as you did in high school.
  • On top of that, a lot of people want to find a part time job to help with university expenses. I was tutoring after high school because I did okay academically, so I worked a little during weekends the first year. I did a post about finding a Part Time Job as part of my University Series below, so have a read of that if you’re interested, though I feel like I need to update it because it covers so little. 

So yeah, add all that up and it can really take time out of your day!

Differences Between High School and University

I ~kind of~ have a whole series on that LOL, but let me know if there was anything that I didn’t cover below! Main differences are basically more flexible timetable, friendship circles, workload and study topics, but more commitments, greater difficulty in study, and added stress of applying for jobs and internships. 


Hope that helps! ^__^

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Do you prefer Castean or Samtiel? Lol I just saw ep.4 from season 10 named "fanfiction" I think, and I just wanted to know, what was your favorite funny part of the whole series? I laughe a lot in that episode 😄😁 ...(Sorry for bad english)

I don’t really ship anyone but I see how people think there’s a connection between Cas and Dean. My favorite part of the whole series would probably be the episode, “Baby” when the severed head is on the Impala and Dean wipes it away with the windshield wipers. Thanks for the ask!

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Hc on how todorokis quirk could develop?

ngl i feel like todoroki has already done a lot to help develop his quirk. he’s been forced to train and work on his ice and fire since childhood, man. at this point it’s more like his fighting techniques and costumes that can be fine-tuned to help him more.

HOWEVER: there’s one quirk technique i feel like he might be able to discover!

  • he could develop the ability to conjure lightning!!
    • this fic from this awesome series that i love with all my heart and soul is where the idea comes from
      • i recommend reading the whole series tbh it’s such an amazing ride
  • but in essence: lightning can form only because heat and cold coexist.
    • both heat and cold coexist within todoroki as part of his quirk
    • so it’s possible that he can summon both 
    • and then create lightning or some sort of electricity with it!
  • now this might feel like a cop-out because hey, isn’t that just kaminari’s quirk?? 
    • but if todoroki does discover this sort of ability, he and kaminari could become closer friends and bond over electricity lmao
    • they could also train together!! and kaminari could even help todoroki with it. 
      • the mental image of that saved my life btw

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Hey Rosy! I'm still not sure I actually understand why Octavia decided to come back and be a part of the conclave. Her speech to everyone in the Polis tower seems to suggest that all along, she wanted to fight for humanity. Do you think that's true? Her motivations seem kind of...iffy to me, I guess?

I mean. Okay. I think the fandom has done Octavia a disservice by not actually paying any attention to her character development. And I include myself in that, because she is, and has always been, my least favorite main and delinquent. But she’s an important character, both for her relationship to Bellamy, for her symbolic identity in the world and for her story line. She gets a major storyline all to herself and she has every single season, which a lot of other mains don’t get. She’s important and we should pay attention. 

 Let’s think back to Octavia’s motivations in the whole series? She hated “The Ark” and the power system that kept her imprisoned. She hated Jaha for floating her mom. She was terrified of the guards. She hates authority and the upper classes. 

She has, however, consistently fought for justice and for people’s rights. She was the first person to see the grounders as human and to try to defend them. She was the first person to really integrate herself into the grounder community. People call her a white savior but that is NOT what white saviors do. They don’t adapt themselves to the “savages,” and call their own people the bad guys. She’s also not practicing “cultural appropriation,” in which someone from the dominant culture takes something interesting from the oppressed culture, makes it “fun” and claims ownership over it while still devaluing the minority culture. She didn’t do that. What she did was more along the lines of assimilation. She tried to join the grounders and become one of them. She was busy rejecting where she came from because she was romanticizing the grounders and imagining them to be better than her own people. That’s not healthy either, but she didn’t use the grounders, she didn’t make their culture below her own, she didn’t try to save them and civilize them. She just didn’t. It’s a little closer to what Clarke did, which does have elements of the white savior trope when she’s acting like the princess. Of course she did the same for her own people when she was being ambassador in Polis. Just random princess trying to tell everyone what to do.

But back to Octavia.

She was REALLY eager to kick ass and kill anyone she thought of as her enemy. She had no problem killing people from Mount Weather. None. And nobody had a problem with her slicing and dicing those guys either because we thought they were evil, too.

But Octavia’s got a thing. A problem. She lashes out. She thinks violence solves things. She’s erratic. She picks who the good guys are and thinks anything she does in protecting them is okay. She has a really black and white way of thinking and a merciless sense of righteousness. You are either a good guy who can do no wrong or you are evil and should be destroyed. (She’s a lot like fandom, if you ask me.) This is an easy morality if it’s clear who the bad guys are, like MW, but it starts to get tricky when your bad guys might be your good guys. Like Jaha, who was only trying to follow rules and keep The Ark alive. Or her brother, who if you look at it one way, was to blame for everything but if you look at it another way, was not at all. Octavia’s pov was that he WAS to blame for it, but it mostly came out of her personal bias and her anger at him and disappointment in him not being good, being perfect. In him taking a moral stand that she did not agree with. When he’s supposed to be the good guy. 

Which was the struggle of Bellamy’s season 3A character.

Okay. Back to Octavia.

Because you see, even when she was at her darkest and was having a hard time controlling her crazy and her violence, and wanted to run away and abandon everyone. SHE STILL CAME BACK. Not once, but MULTIPLE times. 

She blamed Bellamy and put him into the bad guy category, but she came back for Monty. She saved him. She realized that the delinquents were her people. She was the one that claimed them all and said they had to do it together. She put her all into joining the fight and saving humanity, AGAINST her madness and anger and vengeance. She couldn’t control it and it kept escaping, but she tried for the sake of humanity and the grounders and the arkers. She still got her vengeance, but not until it was over. 

Season 4 had her just as crazy, but she found a way to leash her violence. How? IN THE NAME OF HER PEOPLE. Who? The Arkadians. She was an assassin for the benefit of those people who she despised last season. For their benefit. She fought for them. In a bad way, but she did it for them. And she kept trying to run away. She was leaving, she was going back to Indra to be a grounder, right? But no. She finds out they’ve been double crossed and she fights back from death to do what? 


And when she figures out that Ilian is trying to destroy The Ark, what does she do? SHE TRIES TO SAVE THE ARK! The place she hates. The people she hates. Right? 

Okay, so she’s still blaming Bellamy because he’s her brother and he’s her target for all her terrible feelings and she used him as a stand in for Pike (it turns out killing him did not kill her demons, just like it didn’t work for Charlotte,) and she loses it again because killing people doesn’t help her pain and she tries to use Ilian for her target too, and then she runs off. And when they face black rain she turns to Ilian instead of blaming him, instead of blaming herself and committing suicide instead of succumbing to the pain and she figures, well hey, if killing my pain doesn’t work, how about I just avoid it and go be a farmer and she tries to run away again. She’s tried to run away how many times now? Half dozen? 

But the apocalypse and the rottenness of humanity catches up to her anyway and she has to recognize that who she is  is a fighter, she’s a skaikru, she’s a warrior, she’s a blake. She comes back, still not really wanting to fight for the arkadians, but during the battle, during Bellamy’s goodbye, listening to Bellamy’s advice to remember who she is and what she learned from their mother and that full force assault is not the only way to deal with confllict, and Ilian’s support and Echo’s treachery and Roan’s assistance and Indra’s support and Clarke’s idealism…. the conclave served as the crucible for all the lessons that had been stewing about in her brain to come together and help her realize that she doesn’t want to cut off the skaikru part of herself, she doesn’t want to kill her enemies, he doesn’t want to doom whole people to death. She actually has a strong sense of morality and ethics and… 

she’s always been fighting for humanity. She just got really confused about what that meant because, well, she’s a basket case. That wonkru plan? That was Clarke’s. She was never against it. She just tried to run away from her pain. She was not this monster wanting to kill everyone. She never was, actually, she was always trying to kill her demons. 

It seems like she will not have settled anything in bunker so we’ll see what happens with that and see if her demons win or if her ideas of a better way do.

I think this is an interesting story and a lot closer to what the show is telling than the fandom narrative that paints Octavia as irredeemably evil because of what she did to Bellamy, which I’m not saying is okay. I do think she’s come to value him as much as he deserves, above everyone else. He’s the only one she saved, as Heda, her and then Niylah, because she wouldn’t allow Niylah to be abused like they did to her. A lot of people won’t accept Octavia saying that only Bellamy had a place on the list as an apology, but in my book, it’s actions that count more than words, and I’ve had a lot of fake apologies in my life that don’t mean a thing. So I’m tending to see that her conflict with Bellamy is resolved. 

So a lot of people have been posting about the shapes/colors and this being a child in charge of everything that’s happening well here’s my two cents

  • Let’s start off with the easiest one: Find the Boy.. how many promo teasers has it been in? Well the “boy” could be the child who’s controlling the whole series
  • Who dreams about fantasy lands? That’s right.. little kids typically at the age when they’re taught not to run with scissors, something many kids find loopholes with just to break the rules.. what little wild kid wouldn’t LOVE to have knights who run with scissors cause it’s their weapon?
  • All the shapes involved so far have been the first ones you learn, squares, stares, triangles, etc. and they have appeared in bright colors as well
  • A mage being the villain? What little kid wasn’t told horrible stories about the eveik witches and wizards of far away realms.. thus the magic wand looking a bit like a toy/childish AND the magic producing shapes
  • Trains don’t tend to fly in adults safe places, in fact they tend to not exsisted because many see them an annoying, loud, inconvenient, and/or dirty
  • The Man on the Moon, so many little kids draw the sun and moon with faces bc we were always told about the man on the moon and in so many children’s book they have faces
  • The brightly colored hallway dirk runs down in a promo.. it seems to me like a hallway you would find in a day care and preschool to make the kids happier and teach them colors or something
  • Panto has pink hair and drawing crazy colored hair on people is humorous to many little kids
  • Dirk’s tests tell him that he’s Wrong and he’s done a very bad job, if you tell certain children this they will cry others will argue either way they usually don’t like it

So yea.. I’m behind this childish theme going on and enjoy my over analysis

It’s The End Of Riverdale As We Know It - Phone Calls - Part 7

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7

Pairing: Jughead Jones x Gladys Jones / Jughead Jones x Jellybean Jones / Jughead Jones x Reader

Description: Jughead’s phone call to his mom doesn’t go as expected.

Warnings: Angsty af. IT WILL BREAK YOUR HEART.

Word Count: 1632

A/N: Before anything. I dedicate this whole series to my twin @southsidejuggie. I know how much she loves Jellybean (same as I) and that has kept me interested and happy through writing a not so popular series. She has been giving me priceless feedback that I can never fully express how much it means to me. Thank you so much Zoe! - I broke my own heart writing this. Changed a few things from the show to add something of my own. It saddens me to say, but this is the final part for this series. It was a pleasure writing this. I hope you guys enjoyed this journey!  Happy 2nd episode.

Jughead lives his most fragile moment ever, feeling unable to take any other disappointments. First, he was betrayed by his closest only friends, then his dad’s trailer was trashed by the police when they arrested him for Jason Blossom’s murder. He can see nowhere else to turn to in Riverdale, so the apprehensive boy has one last glimpse of hope.

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Best anime to watch on a date?

If it’s a date maybe a movie instead of a whole series (just my opinion) so I’d recommend either the girl who leapt through time, Koe no Katachi, or your name.
They are all super cute!

k i loved Zootopia but can we maaaybe talk about the motherclucking designs in the Kung Fu Panda series, particularly the women? specifically tigress???

Like she totally reads as feminine and elegant but at the same time she’s completely buff and animal-shaped like the rest of the characters there aint a tiger titty or Fluff Cleavage™ in sight

And thats how the rest of the animals are treated too?! like the females and males of every species are pretty much shaped the same, besides the peacocks who obviously have males and females looking different. and then the third movie comes out and we’re treated to MEI MEI

she’s this crazy panda lady ribbon dancer who legit things she’s the hottest shit on planet earth and she is a total badass once she figures out how to use nunchucks. and like theres just so many beautiful and diverse designs for all these characters and I kinda feel like too many people praise this franchise just for its comedy when its got some killer artistry behind it as well. 


not only did Yuuri have a billion posters of Viktor on his room, he also kept a picture of Viktor FRAMED ON HIS DESK RIGHT WHERE HE COULD ALWAYS SEE IT

and unless it’s merely an animation error not only did he keep a framed picture of Viktor, he also took the time to swap said picture from time to time


however it’s impossible to tell EXACTLY WHAT is in the frame right now so maybe it’s not Viktor anymore, but instead Vicchan (my poor heart if that’s the case) bUT WHO KNOWS maybe he did keep one picture 

please protect this pure boy at all cost he makes my heart melt he’s so adorable and loved Viktor for so long