Fujio Akatsuka was a noted fan of Charlie Chaplin. The balance of madcap physical comedy alternating with character-driven pathos is definitely something both their works have in common. Akatsuka wasn’t exactly shy about taking cues from Chaplin, either: for instance, Bakabon’s Dad is known to have been based on Chaplin’s Little Tramp character. 

In the Osomatsu-kun franchise, the clearest Chaplin callback is probably the manga chapter “Iyami, Alone in the Wind”, an Edo-period retelling of City Lights. 

But I think there’s another big one: not in any particular chapter, but across the whole series. 

See, in the fluid continuity of the comics, Chibita goes through a lot of parents depending on what the gag calls for at the time. His parental figures have included Dekapan, Santa Claus, and…, er, nobody. But if there’s one relationship that recurs consistently across the whole franchise, it’s gotta be Iyami and Chibita!

There’s something compelling about the idea of a sly but charming hobo becoming an unwilling surrogate father-figure to an abandoned little boy, who then helps him commit various scams and petty crimes.

Their whole dynamic is, I would argue, is an ongoing retelling of Charlie Chaplin’s classic silent movie The Kid. In this 1921 feature, Chaplin’s Little Tramp character is… well, a sly but charming hobo who becomes an unwilling surrogate father-figure to an abandoned little boy, who then helps him commit various scams and petty crimes!

So, was Chaplin ultimately the source of inspiration for this unforgettable duo? Admittedly there’s not much I can do to substantiate this theory beyond a general hunch, but hey… It’s food for thought at least.

New rebelcaptain fanfic recs, February 22, 2017. Find the MASTER LIST of my recommendations HERE.

And I am this close to posting my 100 categorized fanfic recs. Just gotta find a few more fics and then finish sorting everything to my satisfaction. In the meanwhile, enjoy these stories!

Won’t You Let Us Wander (series) by angel_deux

I’ll break these up the stories for my big categorized master list of rebelcaptain fanfic recommendations when I post it, but read this whole post-Scarif series. It’s amazing!

Don’t call em at all by goingmywaydoll // 5.3k (one shot)

Jyn gets bailed out by a familiar face.

It’s Only Ever Been by neondaisies  // 8k (multi-chapter; WIP)

The practice of searching out soulmates has become a fading tradition. However, that doesn’t mean the Force won’t carry your messages to your soulmate if you just write them down.

this is the fate you’ve cared on me by Selkit // 17k (multi-chapter; WIP)

Soulmates AU; her soulmate’s first words to her are these: “When was the last time you were in contact with your father?”

The Trading of Valuable Information by randomdreamer01 // 7.4k (multi-chapter)

Detective Cassian Andor and Jyn Erso (criminal, informant, all-around runner) have a working relationship that benefits all parties.

We’ve Been Here Before by angel_deux // 5.6k (multi-chapter)

Jyn has to keep reliving Scarif until she gets it right. Groundhog day AU.

Where my caution should be by rosaxx50

After Scarif, some attachments aren’t so easily left behind, even when they’re inconvenient. That has consequences.

Memories that warm from within by rosaxx50

Jyn asks Cassian about his scars. He doesn’t remember them all.

Touch by piperholmes // 902 (one shot)

K2SO is trying to understand the change in Cassian Andor. Cassian doesn’t touch, until he does.

Mend by Taeyn // 1.6k (one shot)

Hurt isn’t always a feeling. Sometimes it’s a place.

Color My Cheeks  by Copper_Nails (Her_Madjesty) // 29k (multi-chapter)

The crew of Rogue One gets sent on a scouting mission, post-Scarif, to explore a potential new home for the Rebel base, and Cassian and Jyn make an…interesting discovery. AKA sex pollen, but with feelings

This might be a problem by katsumi // 1.4k (one shot)

Three times Cassian just barely keeps his feelings for Jyn under control.

A Ghost Just Needs a Home by tellcincinnati // 3.5k (one shot)

When Cassian returns from Scarif, it’s not to the reception he’d imagined.

Between Two Lungs by caramelle // 2.2k (one shot)

Pride and Prejudice AU featuring Cassian and Jyn.

I know the Reclaimer Saga has seemingly just indefinitely expanded and 343 is working with all this set-up they’re now layering onto the series after dropping Halo 4′s plot points and character beats… but would it kill them to learn the value of denouement?

Halo 4′s ending was perfect. From the moment John slams his hand on the warhead’s detonator we’re treated to a series of cutscenes totalling about 8 whole minutes - Cortana’s farewell, Infinity finding John in the debris field, the scene with Lasky, and then the epilogue with the Didact’s speech (which still only makes sense in the present, damn it) depicting the immediate fallout of the Composer being used on New Phoenix while cutting back to John having his armour practically torn off of him to visually drive home the major theme of character deconstruction present throughout the game.

And ever since the writing team for Halo 4 dispersed, all we’ve gotten is cliffhangers - stories that feel like the equivalent of just ending Halo 4 as soon as John detonates the warhead on Mantle’s Approach.

For me, cliffhangers have to be earned. It’s why I’ve never been bothered by Halo 2′s because the major themes and character beats reached a final confluence and continuing the game further from that point would have felt detrimental to the writing and structure. Gears of War 4 is another game that earned its cliffhanger and is a similar case of “this is a natural stopping point for the story”.

While I love Halo Wars 2 and it does a whole lot of things right, there is an equal void of things before the ending that makes the story feel incomplete. It is not a story that I would say qualifies as having earned its cliffhanger, let alone a “to be continued in episodic DLC”…

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I really enjoyed Just Not Tonight. I love thhat whole series. And the interactions in this part were so funny, I love it. I also really like Soo-jin, and her and the reader giggling over the man that looked at them was so sweet. I can't wait to see where this series takes us, thank you for sharing it.

I’m really happy you liked it! And it’s going to be pretty interesting ;)

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“Let Go” series: Part I, II, III, IV, V


Despite not being a main fight…I’d say this was my favorite of the whole series.

They kick the shit out of each other and barely even get serious.

craving-bullshit  asked:

Your gentle thoughts headcannons are literally making my heart flutter, bless your kind heart and beautiful writing skills ❤

Originally posted by jessabella-hime

Oh goodness, this is the sweetest!! Thank you so much, my dear!! This made my whole day 💗💗 I’m hoping to continue them as a lil series of warm headcanons to brighten people’s days when they need it ^w^ 

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Hey Just wanted to share- I ended up caving and buying the First Skulduggery Pleasant book on iTunes- Audiobook style! :D

Wait, there’s an audiobook of Skulduggery Pleasant? :0 Now I’m curious if whether or not the whole series is available. >u>

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What's your favourite moment in the whole series? :)

My goodness, that’s SUCH a hard question!!
I love the part where Sunny sleeps in the big salad in the Austere Academy! I also love the scene where Sunny tells Violet that she isn’t a baby anymore, that was a great moment to show her growth (pun intended haha) in The Slippery Slope (I believe?). And I looove it when the Baudelaires met the Quagmires and for the first time they didn’t feel alone anymore, because they had friends.

But I think one of my all time favorites would be the scene in The Vile Village, where they were captured and thrown in jail and where they made the weird thing with the bench and some water and bread. And then Klaus realized that it was his birthday that day.
That moment made me cry, for real. And I barely cry during movies and never really when reading a book. But that moment really did something to me, so that would be my favorite moment in the whole series!


Still got many years ahead to grow together 🌻

I can officially say that 2016 has been the wildest most interesting year ever cause the Cubs just won the World Series for the first time in 108 years. We’ve only got two months in this year left, God knows what else could happen. A meteor with a bunch of giant monkeys could hit earth and I’d be like “oh okay” like it wouldn’t be unexpected at this point.


not only did Yuuri have a billion posters of Viktor on his room, he also kept a picture of Viktor FRAMED ON HIS DESK RIGHT WHERE HE COULD ALWAYS SEE IT

and unless it’s merely an animation error not only did he keep a framed picture of Viktor, he also took the time to swap said picture from time to time


however it’s impossible to tell EXACTLY WHAT is in the frame right now so maybe it’s not Viktor anymore, but instead Vicchan (my poor heart if that’s the case) bUT WHO KNOWS maybe he did keep one picture 

please protect this pure boy at all cost he makes my heart melt he’s so adorable and loved Viktor for so long 


BOOKS READ IN 2017: percy jackson & the olympians by rick riordan

It’s hard to enjoy practical jokes when your whole life feels like one.

i just want to make it clear that, from the lich twins’ point of view, taako looked them dead in the eye & shouted, “I GOT A FUCKIN’ IDEA FOR YA,” and then immediately his eyes rolled back and he fell to the floor, comatose. i mean we got to see his dramatic ethereal rescue mission but to everyone else he just threw down that dramatic-as-fuck action hero line and promptly fainted