BTS as the comedy show The Office, Pt. 3 - “The Practice Room” (more)

S01E01Episode 666: Sugamageddon - Taehyung will do whatever it takes to get Yoongi out of the office to close the biggest deal their company has ever made…however, when the elevator is closed for repairs and Yoongi doesn’t do stairs, how will Tae get him to go? Starring the 7 members of BTS; featuring Taekook at it’s finest, and Suga at his laziest. (DoNotRepost)


American Horror Story S01E01 (Pilot), S01E03 (Murder House) and S05E06 (Room 33)

The Murder House of the first season returns in the prologue to Room 33, set in Los Angeles in 1926: Mrs Johnson (Lady GaGa) goes there to ask Dr. Charles Montgomery (Matt Ross) to have an abortion.

The shot outside the house, the operating room in the basement and the surgical instruments on a tray perfectly mirror what we saw in the prologue to the pilot, set in 1978.

In the first season, the Doctor and his family make their appearance in a flashback in the third episode.