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A band straying into a secluded part of the Pacific Northwest stumbles onto a horrific act of violence. Because they are the only witnesses, they become the targets of a terrifying gang of skinheads who want to make sure all the evidence is eliminated. **


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‘Once Upon a Time’ cast tease season six storylines at Comic-Con

LA Daily News -  Characters on “Once Upon a Time” will be exploring the darkness within themselves heading into the sixth season of the popular ABC series.

Now that the Evil Queen is back, co-creator and executive producer Edward Kitsis said in a Q&A during Comic-Con International Saturday the upcoming season’s theme will be about “looking at the darkness within us — and can we actually separate it [out].”

The fifth season ended with the return of the Evil Queen after she was separated from Regina Miller, both played by Lana Parrilla, with the help of a potion used to free Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde from each other.

“The separation of the dark and the light in Regina, I think it’s not as simple as just cutting someone in half and that’s something that we really want to explore,” co-creator and executive producer Adam Horowitz said. “Can you really just take one part of yourself out? What does that do the rest of you?”

Parrilla is curious to find out what happens to her character now that she’s two separate entities, too.

“I don’t know what the Evil Queen is going to awaken inside of (Regina),” Parilla said. “Right now, the Evil Queen doesn’t have a conscience, she’s almost a psychopath.”

Regina won’t be the only one coping with the return of the Evil Queen. Rebecca Mader’s character Zelena now has two sisters to deal with.

“I love how they’re exploring that sister relationship between the two of us,” Mader said, “and now, it’s like, three’s a crowd kind of thing.”

“I think she definitely needs a therapist. She needs to see Jiminy Cricket, stat!” Mader continued. “I mean, she just killed the first love of her life to save her sister.”

Mader suggested that Emile de Ravin’s character Belle French also seek out the help of the Storybrooke therapist as Ravin attempted to explain her relationship with Rumpelstiltskin.

“She likes the challenge of trying to bring the quote-unquote good guy and the kind heart, loving guy out from him,” Ravin said. “It’s not so much that she likes or respects his evil ways. You know, she’s not promoting him being a murderous bastard, but it’s more about maybe liking the challenge.”

“I’m telling you, Jiminy Cricket! His prices are very reasonable,” Mader said as the two “Lost” alumns laughed. “He’s got his work cut out for him this season.”

Belle was trapped inside Pandora’s Box for the latter part of the fifth season — which just happened to coincide with Ravin’s maternity leave. While Ravin wouldn’t say when Belle finally makes it out of the box, she did give a few details about how that will play out in the upcoming season.

“I can tell you that she does get out of the box and that it’s cool how she gets out and you meet a really cool character during the process of it,” she said coyly declining to answer if that character could be Aladdin.

During the “Once Upon a Time” Comic-Con Ballroom 20 panel earlier in the day, season six footage was shown to fans revealing that the Disney characters Aladdin and Jafar will be featured in the upcoming season. Horowitz also confirmed that Princess Jasmine will make an appearance along with the return of Cinderella to the show.

He said that it will take a little bit though before the two worlds, that of Aladdin and Storybrooke, mesh into one story line.

“We left a lot of threads dangling last year: Jekyll and Hyde, the Evil Queen. … So were not in a rush to get to Aladdin and Jafar because we have other things to take care of,” Kitsis said. “We’re going to do much more of a season one, season two stay in Storybrooke kind of vibe.”

Kitsis and Horowitz alluded to connections between heroine Emma Swan and Aladdin, who is also a savior.

“We’re going to start to be dealing with some very strong and emotional things about being the savior with Emma,” Horowitz said noting that those issues will connect the two characters.

According to Colin O’Donoghue who plays Emma’s love interest Killian “Hook” Jones, the two will also be dealing with their own emotions as they move forward with their relationship.

“Hook’s past is what it is, so how will that affect his relationship with Emma and how she’ll see him?” O’Donoghue asked. “It’s going to be very complicated, but part of it too is that it’s going to be fun because there’s been enough messing around, we’re a couple. That’s what we are so they’re gonna try to figure that out.”

O’Donoghue said that some of Hook’s past may still yet come back to haunt him in season six, as will David Nolan/Prince Charming’s, according to Josh Dallas. Both men could see their relationships affected by past decisions.

“But that’s what’s so great about ‘Once.’ It’s not about whether you’re a hero or a villain, it’s not about the label of who you are, it’s about the choices you make now,” Dallas said. “If you make good choices, bad choices — it changes who you are and that’s how you value someone, by their actions.”


OUAT Cast San Diego Comic-con July 23, 2016

This seems promising.

oh my god, karkat. Two lines in and I’m losing it already.

This is a work of fucking art. I’m gonna print this entire thing out and nail it to my door so I can look at it evert morning and remember that I can never hope to write dialogue this good. I have no words.


this is the best fucking thing i’ve ever laid eyes upon. holy shit

Of course John would be so nonchalant about it. You can just see Karkat staring blankly at the screen as his train of thought gets violently thrown off its rails after a direct collision with the phrase “hi karkat!”.  It’s wonderful.

Poor guy. His fate had been sealed the moment he attempted contact with John Human, Friendship Specialist Extraordinaire. Now the microscopic worms of this disease are nesting deep inside his brain, rotting it slowly. The illness has claimed another victim.

An aside: oh god will this bug get off my desk arleady. Sir. Madame. Excuse me but could you get off? Please? You need to get off. I’m trying to write a reaction here and you’re rather killling the mood. No, this is neither an exit nor the moon, it’s my fucking computer screen and knocking yourself against it won’t help you in any endeavor I can imagine.

So here’s Karkat, subtly dancing around inviting John to a romantic hatedate, candles and all. And what is John’s response?

Ouch. Poor guy.

Karkat that doesn’t even make sense. You okay dude

Oh man, this whole thing. There’s Karkat getting kismesisblocked, again. There’s him running out of complex metaphors and collapsing in a puddle of fuck you’s. There’s “see you soon”, which can only mean they’re gonna meet at some point and THANK GOD I’VE BEEN WORRIED THEY’D BE STUCK IN SEPARATE PLANES OF EXISTENCE FOREVER. I was so concerned about this, because between the backwards trolling, the miscommunications and half the trolls refusing to communicate there haven’t been many chances to form linear relationships and if the last John heard of Karkat was some shitty trolling attempt from minute 1 it would break my heart into a million pieces. So thank every possible deity that isn’t happening. Can’t wait for them to actually meet.

In conclusion, this is my favorite log so far and I am in fact convinced that God made this world solely so this piece of text could one day be written.

Josh and  Colin on Season 6

Josh: You’re going to find out some interesting things about all our characters this season. There’s going to be a great story arc with Hook and David this first half of the season for sure, that’s going to push the characters in some really interesting places.

Colin: Yeah, because they’ve had a complex relationship up to this point so…

Josh: And it’s only going to get more complex.

Colin: Yeah.

Blastr, San Diego Comic-con interview, July 23, 2016