Salt Room Cleansing Ritual

So since I’ve just finished completely remodeling my bedroom I decided to take the opportunity to do a deep energy cleanse of the entire room. This is simply my personal ritual for salt cleansing and it’s pretty basic with plenty of room for embellishment.

Materials Needed:

Salt - I used a mixture of sea salt and iodized salt but any salt works fine.

White Tea Candle - I used a tea candle because they burn quicker

Vacuum or Broom

I started by sprinkling some of the sea salt on the candle and lighting it with a match. I set it on my windowsill to burn while I completed the ritual. I sprinkled the sea salt and iodized salt all over my carpet being very careful to make sure all the corners were sprinkled with salt. Corners are holders of stale and bad energy. I also made sure to sprinkle under the bed. After I finished spreading the salt I took the candle to all corners of the room to let the light chase out any dark energy hiding there. After letting the salt sit for about half an hour to absorb all the stale energy I vacuumed it up while letting the candle burn on my windowsill until it burnt out.

That is my salt cleansing ritual!! UPDATE: I forgot to say that after the candle had burned out I took it and poured the melted wax into a hole outside. This way all the absorbed stale energy would be out of my house. :)

Lord of the Flies Room Guardian FOR AUCTION!

The auction ends Friday October 28th at 3:30pm Central

For this room guardian I had a clear image of a boar demon covered in toothy growths with greenish fur and black mane, but there were no classical demon depictions I could find with a boar head. The body of the manticore was initially made for the boar, but it just was not right at all. That’s when I decided I could do my own interpretation of the pig’s head in William Golding’s classical novel “The Lord of the Flies” that is used as a metaphor for the evil of man. I’m more than pleased with how this one came out and I’m so happy I got to expand upon the open ribcage idea that I only touched upon with the Fell Damarras Room Guardian Commission.


The Lord of the Flies (or Beelzebub) is the embodiment of pestilence, disease, and corruption. He normally takes on the form of a demonic fly, but sometimes he has been known to appear as a wild boar covered in rot and disease with hollow insides and a rotting heart. The boar’s terrifying visage shows itself to men with hearts susceptible to evil and distortion. It has the power coax them with its gentle voice to commit heinous acts against others without conscience or empathy.

This listing is for a handcrafted one of a kind original art doll. The Lord of the Flies has a visible emerald crystal heart inside it’s open ribcage. It stands about 7", not including the spines and 12" long.  It has coat of high quality faux fur with some hand dyed detail and a few patches of curly lamb fur. The neck has a ball and socket armature that can be posed in many different ways without wearing out over time. It’s forelegs, and tail are also fully poseable, but they have a wire armature so they must be posed with slightly more care. Its teeth, spines, and ribs were made with plastic so they are slightly flexible and will not break, but please handle your room guardian as you would a piece of art. It is not a toy and should not be used as such.

** You are not allowed to not use my images without my permission**

What is a room Guardian??
Room Guardians are small creatures that protect one’s home from negative spirits and energies. These friends can be easily placed on window sills, kitchen shelves, dressers, or wherever to keep watch over the room. Each guardian has a soft faux fur coat and each is individually sculpted from the wire frame to the clay face and hands, so no two are alike. Room Guardians are not plush, they have a solid body but their arms, tails, and necks are bendable and Inside each of their chests is a unique crystal heart to give each one a different energy. These little guys have a lot of character and they love having a home to watch over.

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