Minnesota woman, Rose Mcgee, delivers comfort pies to Standing Rock

Rose Mcgee founded Sweet Potato Comfort Pie in 2014, after watching protests in Ferguson, Missouri on the news.

“Every now and then you saw the camera zone in on someone and they were so angry. I thought, I wish there was something I could do,” Mcgee said. “So I went in the kitchen and started making sweet potato pie.”

“I believe firmly that if you’re not getting what you want, you have to protest, I believe in that. But, I also believe in how do we heal, and how do we get people to listen to each other,” said Mcgee.

Her latest peace offering came this past weekend as she paired up with the Circle of Grandmothers out of Nebraska to hand out 41 pies in Standing Rock North Dakota.

Members of Standing Rock and their allies have been protesting the construction of a $3.7 billion oil pipeline that will carry crude more than 1,100 miles. Water protectors say the pipeline not only goes through sacred land, but they believe it will pollute the water supply.

Mcgee and her group arrived just after more than 80 people were arrested. It was the biggest arrest in the three month-long standoff.

“As soon as we got up the hill, we saw a big huge law enforcement vehicle, the kind that’s designed to take lots of people away and I thought, oh here we go,“ Mcgee said.

Mcgee and her group handed out pies at a large encampment where supporters are organizing food and hygiene needs.

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30,000 people were watching one of the #NoDAPL #StandingRock live feeds yesterday, at the height of the raid. 
After looking at total views logistics showed there were 4.5 million views on live streams.
There is power in numbers, and when you make those calls feel comforted in knowing that there were this many people witnessing the same things you were. Dont be afraid to remind these people of that when you call either.

So here’s where we’re at for some of you that still deny white privilege.
Native Americans peacefully protesting the desecration of sacred lands: forcibly removed by the government.
White guys leading an armed takeover of a government building: nah bro it’s alright.

Can you imagine what would have happened if these guys were middle eastern or black?

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