Excited to announce that COSMOS, our biggest show of the year, is just a few short weeks away! Pre-order the COSMOS TAROT & ORACLE DECK!…/pre-order-cosmos-tarot-or…

Cosmos Tarot & Oracle Deck
Features the incredible work of 100 contemporary artists reinterpreting the magic of the night sky!
78 Gilded Tarot Cards
22 Gilded Oracle Cards
a 140 page book with instructions on how to read cosmic oracle spreads, comprehensive info on each of the constellations and astral bodies, information about the four elements, the zodiac, and more!
Comes neatly packaged in a rigid-board box!
* Shipped October 30th!
10.5" x 5.5" x 1.25"

More information about the upcoming exhibition and all of the artists involved visit

Over the coming weeks we’ll be dropping teasers of each of the pieces along with some information about the cosmic elements, myth, and metaphors of each! The opening reception will be OCTOBER 30th from 7 - 10pm in Minneapolis! Please stop by to see the fiber-optic installation — as we recreate the night sky!

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Thanks so much!


I’m taking a little break from jewelry and I started making galaxy inspired wall art. This is acrylic paint on canvas and LED string lights, representing Gemini constellation. I still need a lot of practice (and figure out how to take good photos of LED lights) but you can expect more of these as soon as I get more materials and they’ll probably be for sale :)

Thoughts appreciated! :D