I’m very proud to announce the first public test release of LANCER, a Mech combat RPG.

Play as an upcoming mech pilot in the tumultuous year of 5014. Fight extra-galactic threats. Fire up your tachyon lances, and prime your kinetic hammers.

You can pick up and download the test copy here totally for free. A full release, with a GM section for stories, characters, and NPCs, as well as a fully playable starting module is planned for the future, but we need your help and valuable feedback to make that possible.

Thanks for playing. And good luck out there, pilot.
The Opening of Sailor Moon Crystal 2nd series drawn in the art style of 90's series
It took a month to complete.

I’m totally here for Sailor Moon fan-animation. (Fanimation? Do we have a word we’ve agreed on?) This animator did a killer job re-animating Sailor Moon Crystal’s opening in the OG style. Look at the beautiful work they did and watch all the way to the end! I hope we can see this in color!