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Boromir and his relationship with his mother?

He remembers her mostly as—fragile. Like some treasure brought up from the great vaults, that he was not allowed to touch unless his hands were clean, and he behaved. He had lived in fear of her maidservants’ disapproving glares, whenever their games turned too lively; there was a cold place in his breast for the memory of her suddenly sinking to her knees, white as her kirtle and struggling for breath. Her women had borne her away, and Boromir had been left alone in the hall, holding his hoop and stick and trying not to cry.

(He thinks his mother had a gentle aspect, but time has blurred his vision of her, muddied it with the faces of his mother’s sisters, strange women he has passed in the street, the carved death-mask on Finduilas’ tomb. He finds and loses her, again and again, and it is never quite right, never the same.)

She had been warm, Boromir knows; if for no other reason than Minas Tirith had gone cold in her absence.

I don’t really agree that Skye is responsible for Tripp’s death. Yes, she ran down there. Trip chose to follow her though. How could either of them possibly have known what was going to happen? How could any member of the team know what was going to happen? Tripp’s death is probably one of the most bullshit deaths in the history of Whedon shows. It was completely unnecessary. Yeah, I agree that if you want to put the blame on anyone, it should be White hall and HYDRA. They’re the ones who started this entire thing.

People being nasty with Phil though and blaming Skye and all this seems incredibly unfair. If you hate Phil so damn much, why watch the show?

He’s the leader of the team and he has to make the hard decisions. Of course he’s gonna blame HYDRA. They were playing around with alien technology.

As for the arguments in the new clip, they’re more than justified. Mack and Hunter have every right to be angry but lashing out at May, Phil and Skye is going to get them absolutely no where but a divided team and resentment that will only hurt them in the end.

This is a brand new SHIELD and Coulson only knows so much about what he’s doing. He’s going to make the wrong call. The wrong decision. They all are and this time Tripp’s fierce protectiveness of his team mates cost him his life. It’s unfair, it’s ridiculous and, well, complete and utter bullshit.

If they can’t follow Coulson because of current events after the grieving for Tripp has ended, then they need to move along. Being a divided team will only get someone else killed.

I have known many gods. He who denies them is as blind as he who trusts them too deeply. I seek not beyond death. It may be the blackness averred by the Nemedian skeptics, or Crom’s realm of ice and cloud, or the snowy plains and vaulted halls of the Nordheimer’s Valhalla. I know not, nor do I care. Let me live deep while I live; let me know the rich juices of red meat and stinging wine on my palate, the hot embrace of white arms, the mad exultation of battle when the blue blades flame and crimson, and I am content. Let teachers and priests and philosophers brood over questions of reality and illusion. I know this: if life is illusion, then I am no less an illusion, and being thus, the illusion is real to me. I live, I burn with life, I love, I lay, and am content.
—  Conan the Cimmerian
(From Queen of the Black Coast by Robert E. Howard)


     SHE THINKS HER eyesight is probably permanently damaged. 

but that’s what you get for checking the time on your phone in the middle of the night, when it’s at full brightness. stupid. however, she had managed to get the time before everything went white, and it only made her wonder —— what on earth is honey doing at three in the morning? gogo can hear sounds coming from their living room, and it doesn’t sound like the typical just-got-up-to-get-a-glass-of-water kind of sounds. 

so okay, gogo is guilty for doing school work ( experiments ) at late hours, but in her defense, her work wasn’t about to threaten death via chemical hazard on the whole building. ( but it might not be safe from other hazards, like the fact that in the hall closet is a stash of portable industrial tools that she’s not technically allowed to have. there are no proper air vents. she decides to stop judging honey. )

she can’t really see what honey’s doing when she gets down the hallway, due in part to the spots dancing at the edge of her vision, but mostly because the slim woman is in between gogo and her work. but she’s positive that there’s something interesting, so she reaches over and flicks on the light. 

     ’ should you be doing that in the dark? ‘

Regina Hall, Vivica A. Fox, and Amber Riley tried to ambush Viola Davis, MJB, and Oprah but failed and got killed.

Niecy Nash, Denise Lasalle, and Jenifer Lewis turned on Betty White and killed her.

I beat Taraji P. Henson to death </3

Phylicia Rashad died trying to escape the arena.

Alfre Woodard begged Paula Deen to kill her, and she did.

Lorraine Toussaint protected Sheryl Lee Ralph from Jill Scott, and killed her.

Viola and I fought and killed Denise and Angela Bassett :-(

Oprah fell in a damn lake and drowned.

Tina Campbell speared Lorraine in the abdomen, killing her.

I killed SLR. And then Jenifer killed me with a spear to the stomach.

Paula tried to climb a tree and fell to her death.

Patti LaBelle killed Jessica Lange out of rage!

Tina C., Retta, Niecy, and Jenifer tracked down Patti and killed her.

Tina C. went on a rampage and killed Viola and Jenifer!

Retta forced Niecy to kill either Mary or Tina Turner, she chose Tina.

Retta attempted to climb a tree but fell and died.

Tina C. killed Niecy in a fit of rage.

Mary foolishly climbed a tree and fell and died.

Tina Campbell of Mary Mary won The Hunger Games!

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((So how's Vermivah doing? Alabyn? Aegir? Ohh...right, right... You fucked up, didn't'cha? You didn't protect them. You weren't watching them. They died because you weren't paying close enough mind to the fight and now they're dead and gone to you forever. You couldn't even be arsed to look harder for Alabyn's body. Some friend you are.))

Meme: Bring up my muse’s past, fuck them up, nothing is off limits 

Dead silence. It was the calm before the storm. Giovanni stared blankly at the words of the ominous voice.
"Who are you?! How do you-" He seethed through his barred teeth. 

It was him, wasn’t it? 

The only possible bastard who would know anything about this. Of course he would continue to torture him long after his death. Vivid images of his friends torn apart, scattered into bloody messes withing the halls of the White Gold Palace, raced through his mind. He was right; there was no denying his negligence was responsible for the death of his friends, his brother, her... But more importantly…
"YOU." He bellowed, the lining of his eyes moistened and inflamed. "HOW DARE YOU. I WILL PERSONALLY DRAG YOU FROM WHATEVER PLANE OF OBLIVION I SENT YOU TO AND PUT YOU THROUGH HELL WORSE THAN I DID BEFORE, YOU DOUBLE-CROSSING BASTARD FETCHER.” He wanted nothing more than to kill the source of the voice, “I WILL TEAR YOU APART WITH MY BARE HANDS.” His voice grew hoarse, howling into the night sky, droplets streaming from his face. "DID YOU HEAR ME!? WITH MY BARE HANDS.”

A/V Room: Like his Cadillacs, Minnie Miñoso tributes rolling

White Sox legend lives on through old footage, interviews, photos and other memories If you believe in signs, you might take notice of the rainy stretch in Arizona that coincided with Minnie Miñoso’s death. The White Sox’s intrasquad game on Monday was canceled, which allows us one more day to take stock of the Cuban Comet’s contributions. Cactus League play opens on Wednesday, which will provide a welcome diversion. (By the way, I updated the White Sox’s 2015 spring training broadcast schedule with MLB Network and dates.) Minnie Minoso was victim of unfair Hall of Fame election rules - Sporting News Historian Adrian Burgos, who participated in the White Sox’s Hall of Fame forum for Miñoso in 2011, outlines how every Hall of Fame ballot process managed to marginalize Miñoso’s contributions. Minoso’s eligibility for the Hall of Fame, as much as his candidacy, has always been hampered by arcane rules established by the Hall’s Board of Directors and the Baseball Writers’ Association of America’s missteps in considering his case decades ago. The end result is that a player who ranks as one of the definitive stars of baseball’s integration era has repeatedly fallen short of election. The Hall of Fame has long enforced its rule that individuals could only be considered for the Hall of Fame as either a player in the major leagues or in Negro Leagues, an umpire or team/league executive. This has meant that Miñoso would either be considered as a Negro Leaguer or as a major leaguer, but voters could not take into consideration what he accomplished in the other circuit in casting one’s vote.. Then Burgos goes on to detail Miñoso’s exemplary pioneer work, both for Chicago and black Latino players as a group. Here’s another excerpt, but read the whole thing: Miñoso’s path was in fact a bit different than Robinson and Doby. As a black Latino, he encountered what Clemente himself stated were “two strikes” while in the United States: one for being black, another for being Latino. Moreover, as a foreign-born black man, Miñoso lacked a familiarity with US racial mores and practices that Robinson and Doby had as they embarked on their big league careers. None of this deterred the man who would become Minnie in his adopted hometown of Chicago. Rest in power, Minnie Miñoso — Vice Sports Tomas Rios does a beautiful job encapsulating all the emotions Minnie’s death stirred. He left a world that took from him without pause after some 90-odd years yesterday. He would never say such a thing, at least not in public, but to pore over the facts of his life and career is to be struck by his capacity to remain above a fray that so desperately wanted to bring him down. Let it be said that the fray lost, and lost badly, to Minnie Miñoso. Minnie Minoso: dead at 90, unbeaten — The Catbird Seat James uses that Hall of Fame forum as a jumping off point for his remembrance. But Minoso never wore these frustrations. He was not built to. Of the challenges and insults he faced, it was insignificant. He traveled from Cuban sugarcane fields, toiled in the Negro Leagues, sat behind lesser white players until he got his shot, kicked everyone’s ass at a Hall of Fame level for a decade, lived out his retirement as a conquering hero counseling dozens of Cuban ballplayers he kicked in the door for, taking in Sox games whenever he felt the notion, and pushed his Cadillac around his city until his heart gave out. Photos from Minnie Minoso’s Early Days in Major League Baseball — TIME Speaking of Cadillacs, Time’s website resurfaced some old Life Magazine photos of Minoso, including the Caddy he drove in 1954. 1969 Minnie Minoso interview with Joe Wright — Elsewhere in the archives, here’s an interview with Miñoso from a Michigan radio station in 1969 (h/t Scott Reifert). Video: Baseball’s Been Very, Very Good to Me: The Minnie Minoso Story — WTTW11 Video You can watch Tom Weinberg’s Miñoso documentary in its entirety at WTTW’s site. I reviewed it back when it aired in 2012, and this quote is awfully bittersweet now: “I’m confident Minnie will make it [into the Hall] in 3 years, and I’m confident Minnie will be here to know about it. I mean, he’s at least 104 years old now, and he still drives.” Tags: (sports, africa, animals, arts, asia, auto, boxing, breaking news, business, cartoon, celebrity, cinema, city, culture, education, environment, europe, fight club, fights, football, health, humor, lgbt, manchester, manchester city, MMA, moto, music, news, newzwolf, oceania, people, politics, soccer, streetfight, technology, UFC, USA, war, warzone, world Related posts Red Sox set to pay luxury tax in 2015 (for now) (0) Royals set to have $110 million payroll in 2015 (0) Netanyahu Election Video Features ISIS Fighters Heading for Jerusalem (0) 45 Churches Torched In Anti-Charlie Hebdo Protests In Niger’s Capital (0) Dennis Siver: ‘Smashing Conor McGregor’s face in beats any title shot for me’ (0)

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Strange things that happen at state universities (my friend across the hall says strange things that happen at predominantly white institutions)

Dear Student,

We are writing about the up-coming Unofficial St. Patrick’s day, to encourage you to be safe, responsible and respectful in your choices related to this event. Students have often asked that they be informed of the consequences of inappropriate or illegal behavior, and that is the spirit behind this letter.

At Illinois, we expect our students to take responsibility for their behavior and its impact on others.  Unfortunately, in past years, the event has led to serious injuries and at least two deaths.

We want to make it clear that the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign does not sponsor or sanction Unofficial St. Patrick’s Day nor any events or merchandise associated with it. On that day, as on other days, the University responds to all violations of the Student Code, regardless of where the behavior occurs. Such violations include consuming alcohol as a minor, providing alcohol to minors, damage and destruction of property, dangerous activities such as throwing items from balconies, and acts of physical violence and sexual aggression. The consequences for such violations will be assigned commensurate with the seriousness of the behavior. As a reminder, disciplinary records are subject to review in background checks by graduate schools and future employers. Students may be dismissed as a result of their dangerous behavior and irresponsible choices on Unofficial Saint Patrick’s Day.  

At Illinois, students who host guests are accountable for negative consequences incurred by those guests, including property damage or threats to others’ safety. If a guest or visitor is cited or arrested for illegal activity, we will forward this information for disciplinary action to any college or university where that guest may be enrolled. Last year an amendment was enacted to the law which holds individuals (social hosts) criminally responsible for hosting an event or social gathering (party) where he or she knowingly authorizes or permits a residence which he or she occupies to be used for underage possession or consumption of alcohol. Violation of the law can lead to being charged with a Class A misdemeanor (which carries up to 364 days in jail and a $2,500 fine) or a Class 4 Felony (which carries up to 3 years in jail and a $25,000 fine). Hosts found serving or allowing minors to possess alcohol or charging admission will be arrested on state charges and transported to the Champaign County Jail.  
Please remember that your behavior during this event will reflect on you and on your university for years to come. For example, is a social media posting of you wearing an offensive shirt drinking alcohol the image you want to project to future employers, to your family or to the world?

Given the serious consequences that could occur, we strongly urge you to choose responsible behavior and ask that you look out for the safety of yourselves and others, particularly in this cold winter weather we’re experiencing. Please be careful. Please be safe.


C. Renée Romano        
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Kenneth T. Ballom
Dean of Students

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58 & 59!

58. If they were to televise a live execution, would you watch it?

no, because i don’t think death penalty should be a thing. i know it’s a controversial subject so please don’t feel offended by this. it’s just my way of seeing things.

59. If you could be the president of the USA, would you be willing to do it?

prank call obama or maybe ride a bike around the halls of white house.

yo question time

Sky Full Of Hope

Each night

Your light shines bright

You bring out the stars

So beautiful and white

Your beauty brings light

Into the darkest of hours

I look within you each night

Wishing for you to devour

My mind, my all, my soul

I absorb all of you

Inhale your beauty slowly

And your forces of grace

Extort the bad from within me

Your exquisite force of nature

Works in the most mysterious of ways

Almost unfathomable

One glance

At your raw magnificent light

And all my anguish

Dissipates into

Your sky full of HOPE

-Shelby Nichole Hall

Lord of Pestilence

Days had passed since that unforgettable day. When one would betray not only the former Lord, but one’s best friend. When from the ashes arose a new Lord to take place of the old one now struggling with his conviction from his kingdom. Then within hours the new Lord was faced with a creature who only existed in legends and stories passed down from mothers to their children to spook them to behave. A creature who was so frightening he was sealed away and was considered a monster. Days had passed since the filthy stench of death muddied the halls of Pestilence, soiling the precious kingdom and left it to rot.

Fingertips tapped lightly on the edge of his throne chair as he sighed heavily. The long, white haired demon lord looked to his hand that tapped more on his throne chair. Too much had happened. The kingdom now belonged to him, but the cost was already weighing on the new Lord’s shoulders. Nearly all but a few hell wolves still remained, but not only was his alpha gone but his beta as well. Few to none remained. Even some of his servants were gone after the old death lord blew through the walls of Pestilence to run a muck.

The white haired Lord only sighed further, scrapping his nails into the chair a bit more. There was so much to do but where to begin? The top it off he still could feel the blades that sunk into his flesh the other Lord used on him. He was left to bleed out and die, but had it not been for his longtime friend, he could have died.

"Funny, she’s from death as well," murmured the Lord as he looked onto his fixation on his own throne chair’s arm. "One of his own came to help the now enemy kingdom. What a game we have ahead of us…"

Give Charon His Due

Death who is pale and cold
He takes both young and old
His gaze sweeps ‘cross the land
And all fall to his hand

He walks the fields of war
Where men fall to the sword
He haunts the scholars’ hall
And spares no one at all

He rides a pale white steed
His every command it heeds
It bears him near or far
To where the dying are

Beware the Reaper’s scythe
He comes to end your life
For always there is Death
When you take your last breath.