This one was a doozy, simply because I’m not the most imaginative when it comes to AUs lol. So naturally, the first thing to come to mind for a criminal!AU request was Kaito Kid and Zenigata. What.

For @gastonsbiceps for the Gafou Secret Santa event (thank you to @barduil for running it!). I hope you like it, dear!! … I also felt bad for only providing a setup comic, so I’m also offering that random, slightly smutty sketch to make up for the lack of overall UST in the actual gift haha…ha. OTL

Blanket Fort

Imagine Draco and Harry have been dating a while and they are at Friday night dinner at the Weasley’s. Fred and George are reminiscing about that one really epic blanket fort they built when they were eleven, and Draco leans into Harry and whispers “what’s a blanket fort?”
Ron overhears. “You’ve never built one?” he asks. When Draco shakes his head Ron exclaims “what the fuck?” and is promptly whacked on the head by Molly. “Sorry Mum, but he’s never built a blanket fort!” And Molly gives Draco a sad look because some of her happiest memories are from watching all her children working together to make forts.
Ron stands up, all purposeful and determined, and declares that they are building a blanket fort tonight and herds everyone into the living room. He instructs everyone on their roles and sends them away to collect blankets from around the house and as they head up the stairs after Ginny and Hermione, Draco says to Harry “this is madness.” Harry just grins because Draco is all but dragging him up the stairs in excitement.
The fort is enormous and takes up the entire space of the living room, it looks like a giant canopy of faded patchwork. Draco makes a face at having to sit on the floor at first, but then he crawls inside and settles on a pillow beside Harry, linking their fingers together and looking up at the roof of their creation.
Fred and George disappear and come back with Firewhisky and Molly sends in snacks, and they spend the whole night drinking and laughing in the fort until they all fall asleep, and Draco doesn’t care that he’s 24 and probably too old for this - he is pretty sure it’s one of the best nights of his life.

Sei incredibile sai? Ti credi la più forte del mondo però poi non ti piaci mai; non ti perdoni mai gli sbagli, ti guardi con uno sguardo severo, come se per te stessa tu non fossi mai abbastanza. Sei orgogliosa, cinica, bipolare, hai quell'ironia cattiva che taglia le persone in due, il cuore certe volte sembra che lo hai perso. Ti fai odiare, se vuoi ci riesci, è un gioco da ragazzi per te, ma sai anche farti amare da morire, sai farti consumare perché tu dai l'anima e pretendi altrettanto. Ti piace la schiettezza, la sincerità, e ti piacciono le persone che dicono le cose in faccia e ti difendono alle spalle. Sei fatta per stare con i più coraggiosi, non sei fatta per chiunque. Sei per quelli che non hanno paura a farsi del male, quelli che davanti ad una come te invece di andarsene ti prendono la mano pur sapendo il loro rischio.
—  Cit.