In ogni donna c'è una bambina che senza dire nulla chiede sicurezza, protezione ed un paio di braccia robuste dove addormentarsi.
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A short story about my character and @coldphoenix ’s interacting as children. I hope you enjoy :3
“~Go on. Say hello, child.”

The large namekian carefully nudged his tiny son closer to another child, who was offering a friendly smile and a little eager to meet the timid kid. The little namekian only whined and pulled his cape around himself, chewing on the soft cloth.

“Hi!” The smiling hybrid cheerfully chirped, her reptilian tail swaying behind her “I’m Viola! What’s your name?”

Viola waited patiently for the slightly older child to speak. He eventually gave a very small “Forte” in response.

“Hi Forte!” Viola had suddenly walked closer to Forte, startling him and causing him to let out a small squeak as he retreated back into his father.

Helix frowned, looking up at Viola’s mother who shrugged. With a sigh, he again pushed Forte closer to Viola, who was staring at him with wide eyes.

“~Um… How about I teach you a little more namekian while our children try to greet each other?” The large namek smiled as Frikiza took a moment to understand what he had just said before nodding.


The two parents took a step away from the children. Forte let out a whine as his father moved away from him and began to chew on his cape again while Viola didn’t seem to mind.

“What’s that cape for? It looks cool!” Viola smiled, though despite the friendly expression, the little namekian only make another small whimper as he shifted his weight from one foot to the next. He considered telling her that he wore a cape because he wanted to be a superhero, but feared that she may mock him due to his cowardly behavior. So he just remained silent.

Upon receiving no response, Viola frowned a bit. She had no clue as to why Forte was so quiet and ​nervous. Did he perhaps not understand her? She tried repeating her question, this time in namekian. Forte seemed a little surprised that she could speak the language, but he remained quiet. Viola sighed and tried talking about herself, hoping it would prompt the other child into speaking up a bit.

“So, do you know what an icejin is?” Forte shook his head, “that’s what my mom is, so I’m half icejin, and half namekian!” Viola's​ smile widened when it looked like Forte was paying attention. He seemed less nervous at least. He even sat down to listen, though his cape was still acting as a protective blanket and chew toy.

“Even though my dad is a namekian, he’s more of a demon than anything else. He’s the evil half of a namekian that split in two,” Viola was too into talking about her family at this point that she hardly noticed Forte’s paling face, “my mom used to destroy planets for a living too. But she stopped that. Oh, I also have a bunch of brothers. Most of them are mutants, but they’re nice.”

Soon, Viola noticed that Forte was staring at her in fear. Well, more so than before. She frowned and tilted her head.

“What’s wrong? Did I say something that scared you?” Forte only ducked his head, his ears folding back.

“You’re so quiet. It’s kind of starting to bug me,” Viola sat down in front of Forte, her chin resting in her palms, “you know, if you stay as you are now, I doubt you’d last long.”

A yelp escaped from Forte’s mouth and he pulled his cape over his head, “s-s-s-shut up! You’re-you’re scaring meeeee!”

“Do you train?” Viola pulled Forte’s cape over her own head, so that the both of them were hiding under the cloth.

Biting back another squeal, Forte quickly shook his head. The hybrid frowned.

“Well no wonder you’re so scared. You don’t know how to defend yourself,” Viola started, “maybe I could train you? I wouldn’t be as hard as my dad. He actually ripped my limbs off and told me I’d die if I didn’t regenerate. I was so proud of myself when I managed to do it though!”

Before Viola could say anything else, the cape was pulled off of her. Startled, she looked at Forte, only to find him splayed out on the grass, motionless.

A wave of panic struck Viola as she jumped up and removed the cape from over Forte, “Oh my gosh, are you ok??”

Luckily, he was breathing and didn’t seem to have any injuries. Viola let out a sigh in relief. He had just fainted.

Abbiamo bisogno di qualcuno che ci sia sempre,
che se scappiamo
poi ci viene a riprendere,
che se tremiamo
poi ci stringe più forte.
—  Labellezzadellepiccolecose - (via labellezzadellepiccolecose.)
«Forse cercherò di essere più paziente con gli stupidi.»
«Bene. E che altro?»
«Non so, magari tenterò di non rovinare le cose perché divento troppo emotivo.»
«Cercherò di essere più gentile con la mia mamma.»
«E poi?»
«Non è sufficiente?»
«Sì. E più che sufficiente. E adesso, permettimi di chiederti come pensi che riuscirai a ottenere i risultati che mi hai elencato.»
«Seppellirò i miei sentimenti nel profondo di me.»
«Che cosa intendi per seppellire i tuoi sentimenti?»
«Anche se saranno fortissimi non li lascerò uscire. Se dovrò piangere, piangerò dentro. Se dovrò sanguinare, mi verranno dei lividi. Se il mio cuore comincerà a dare i numeri, non ne parlerò con nessuno al mondo. Tanto non serve. Rovina solamente la vita a tutti.»
«Ma se seppellisci i tuoi sentimenti nel profondo di te, allora non sarai veramente te stesso, non ti sembra?»
—  Jonathan Safran Foer, Molto forte incredibilmente vicino