I think after black veil brides being my favorite band for so long (14 months-ish) whenever I decide to listen to them it feels good. I feel really happy, and nostalgic. last year was miserable and I always listened to black veil brides and now that I’m getting better, when I listen to them now I look back on my
journey and how I’ve grown with this band at my side. I’m not gonna be the stereotypical bvb fan and say things like “bvb saved my life”, but they were definitely an anchor for me, a search party for when I was lost.

I barely ever listen to black veil brides these days, I can go weeks without even listening to them. I fall in love with new artists and I listen to other artists days on end, but when I do listen to them it feels like I belong. Andy’s voice, the guitars and beats and words are all unique and so much different sounding from other bands and when I hear them it feels like home.

you get it?


When you are really into the song

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  • Me:When school starts the headphones come out and the music goes on.
  • Person:*tries getting my attention for 5 minutes*
  • Me:*Listening to the music and ignoring them and counting how much time til the end of the day*