[south asian werewolves] tell yourself that shapeshifters only exist in the epics, that all you’re hearing is the wind, that the wild dogs are silent of their own volition – not because a bigger predator is about, no. some claim that there are entire villages of wolf packs, lurking out of sight. others swear that the man-beasts hide solitary and silent among the city crowds, counting the days until the moon turns and their claws emerge. their bloodlust dates back to the satya yuga, when their earliest predecessors were born of brahma’s breath and banished to earth by vishnu. they may be limited to these two forms, watered down with mortal blood over the centuries, but what more destructive combination of beasts could there possibly be than human and wolf?

In the company of wolves [Theme 08]

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“the girl burst out laughing she knew she was nobody’s  m e a t”