[YOI model AU] Viktor’s lingerie collection runway show ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) basically just variations of the eros outfit without the mesh part…and pants. and i imagine they got DJ Beka playing in the bg for this Victor’s Secret runway show ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

god I can’t stop thinking about Yuuri’s added wink in the BD version of ep10…

In which the Green Goth Babe Brigade explains their origins:

Loki: Okay, so I used to be the God of Evil, formed the first Avengers team with my horseplay, fought some superheroes, schemed some schemes, did some cackling, bit of bloodshed, had fun. Then he got bored with himself, decided to orchestrate his own 110% Extra murder-suicide, died. 

Until Thor resurrected/made/??? a little fun size kiddy Loki. He was sweet and good and perfect and everyone hated his fucking guts. He killed himself to save everyone. Which is where the Bird came in–the bird was also Loki, God of Evil Loki, except not, except yes, except not, because he was basically a copy-paste of G.o.E. Loki’s memories/soul that gained its/his own sentience while chilling out as a shade/corvid. Possessed the dead Kid Loki’s leftover body. Sad times. Pretty gross. 

Magpie Loki tried to hold onto some of that Classic Asshole vibe, couldn’t stomach it, his conscience–holy shit! a conscience! that’s new! I’d never had one of those, wow, I wonder how that’ll affect him/me–tried to kill him. He tries to clean up his act, become a good god, ran some errands for Mom. Turns out Mom was in cahoots with Crazy Future King Loki who popped in to visit our present and fuck shit up for Magpie Loki. There was a whole fighting destiny thing. Magpie Loki blew himself up rather than become his future self. Aw. 

But then there was another Loki! God of Stories! Kicks the Future’s ass, saves the gods, gives the Future a hug and kiss, makes him into tasteful scepter-jewelry, and then runs for President. And here I am today!

Hela: I made myself out of my own hand.

Leah: I am the hand.


girl squad lockscreens!!

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