Kay guys let’s get real for a sec. unless you are a dancer or even a pro dancer I don’t want to hear that “ the not today choreography sucks bc of the backup dancers”. Being a core and a corps member is super hard you have to remember everything and know everyone’s part. So unless you think you can do that. Step right up. I agree it gets a little off at sometimes. But I think for the amount of people on stage they do a great job. (Also don’t be analyzin every memebers dance style like everyone dances different and your are basically pointing out their insecurities. Unless you are givin constructive criticism then don’t do it. I promise they work hard on what you already point out aaaaa in done bye)


starry pidge icons for anon ✧ please credit if you use ✧ if you’d like one with a different coloured background feel free to ask