Drag squad summary updated ver.

Zara - is actually 5, will tell star on u, gets all the ladies, owns a penguin named noot.

Madison - is a walking meme, slut 4 harambe, dramatically leaves chat from time 2 time

Star - will fight anyone anywhere, a lil sad but rad, likes coffee, probably will shit talk u

Phoenix - stalks the chat, only replies 2 star, super fucking gay, noob of the group, star’s gay husband

Harambe - hates leafy, joji trash, has the dankest meme’s, has eyebrow’s like leafy

Noot - is an actual penguin, zara’s pet, is rebellious against her master zara

Cassidy - Loves onion cuck boy, uses the laughing emoji too much, star’s ex lover.

Jessica - can get a man to do basically anything she pleases, kinky af, willing to flirt with anyone & everyone

Smuts - pops in chat every once a blue moon, the one time she did expressed her love for cup of ramen

Bey - literal furry, can curse u in Spanish, chat lurker

Meme - obsessed w ian, German fuck, oldest in the group

Val- makes aesthetic leafy edits, likes halsey, obsessed with kpop, hair porn

Saoirse - knows all the lyrics 2 ur fav song, typo queen, yells POOPS when confused