Don’t Ask

sleep. not now.

stars are calling.

me. quiet. reflective.

more questions than answers.

keep me. awake.

searching. digging.

spiritual archeologist.

so many questions.

about life.

about love.

about god.

about eternity.

pensive. am i.

sleep. happens.

on its terms.

don’t. ask.

before morning.


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Color Correspondences

As an artist I found color correspondences on this site to be so USEFUL, except they’re missing so much! The more I dug the more it seemed that way across the board. I didn’t feel for my practice that bright red and dark red evoked the same reaction, so I opted to make my own correspondence list. 

Every color on this doc was carefully selected to be representative of that “group” of colors, ie. bright pink or neon blue, with each color including an hex code that best sums up that color group. Color correspondences were taken not only from pre-existing materials, but from research (still ongoing) surrounding that color. This includes areas the color is found in nature, art or the world, as well as emotional responses evoked in myself.  Found Here (My Correspondences Doc, which includes many sources used for colors!)

For my practice this list is used across candles, fiber and art. 


Pastel Pink - ffd2da:  for compassion, nurturing, love, youth, good health in children
Pink - f3c3ca:  for compassion, vitality, nurturing, femininity, friendship, affection, protection for children, mercy
Bright Pink - f4468d:  for youth, joy, social/interpersonal success, high energy
Bright Red - ff0000:  for anger, vitality, ego, survival, war, danger, impulse
Red - bb0f0f:  for passion, lust, health, strength, love, mercy, stubbornness
Dark Red - 5d0707:  for lust, anger, conflict, obsession, courage, burning
Maroon - 800000:  for passion, lust, drama, courage
Wine - 7d1920:  for lust, conflict, vigor, desire, relationships, creativity
Peach - ffdab9:  for vitality, peace, sweet natures/intentions, creativity
Salmon - f96b46:  for fertility, survival, healing of emotions


Pastel Orange - f8a654:  for success, rhythm, phases, intellectual matters, overcoming addiction, fun, kindness
Copper - b87333:  for money, business success, career goals
Orange - ffa500:  for creativity, joy, ambition, intellectual matters, business, vitality, enthusiasm, encouragement, celebration, changes, fire
Blood Orange - fa7415:  for good self and emotional expression, joy, adaptability, fun, transitions, warmth
Neon Orange - ff9933:  for joy, safety, warnings, action, unexpected/large expenses, vitality, technology
Dark Orange - db6414:  for ambition, action, justice, technology, warnings, distractions, fire
Burnt Orange - b34a00:  for legal matters, business goals/decisions, disassociation, deceit, aging, wisdom, transitions, burning, warmth  


Pastel Yellow - ffff75:  for happiness, memory, learning, persuasion, inspiration, mornings, new beginnings
Yellow - ffff4c:  for intellect, happiness, pleasure, imagination, sun, learning, inspiration, air, communication
Neon Yellow - ffff00:  for annoyances, sun, masculinity, lack of control
Dark Yellow - fbca1a:  for intellect, memory, learning, monetary success, travel, communication
Gold - ffdf00:  for pleasure, luxury, success, persuasion, ego, masculinity, attraction, prosperity, narrow mindedness, sun


Pastel Green - c4fb7a:  for emotional/physical healing, manifestation, fertility, freshness
Lime Green - 9cd707:  for luck, ending frustration, manifestation, envy
Green - 008000:  for growth, luck, jealousy, earth, plants, fertility, freshness, nature, insight, clarity
Dark Green - 113006:  for prosperity, growth, earth, forests, acceptance, nature
Olive Green - 535629:  for money, greed, obstacles, earth
Neon Green - a3f930:  for obstacles, jealousy, toxicity, obnoxious obstacles, envy, high energy
Seafoam Green - 8ae19a:  for fertility, creativity, calmness, acceptance


Pastel Blue - ccf5f5:  for peace, spirituality, tranquility, awareness, cold nature, cleansing, birth, creativity
Blue Grey/Slate - 497090:  for tranquility, awareness, clouded judgement, cold nature, nightmares
Blue - 0000ff:  for peace, water, wisdom, protection, communication, good fortune, failed technology, creativity
Navy Blue - 000035:  for depression, wisdom, dream manipulation, logic, nightmares, order/structure, ambition
Neon Blue/Cyan - 00ffff:  for anxiety, clarity, good fortune,
Sky Blue - 4cdcdc:  for peace, protection, communication, air, beauty, searching/seeking
Teal - 008080:  for spirituality, water, forgiveness, cleansing, calm, creativity


Pastel Purple - d8c8ec:  for spirituality, tension, meditation, hidden knowledge
Lavender - cc99cc:  for spirituality, insight, clarity, intuition, sleep/restful sleep
Purple - 800080:  for knowledge, royalty/government, independence, intoxication
Indigo - 4b0082:  for dignity, divination, ambition, overcoming depression, contacting spirits
Deep Purple - 291129:  for royalty, for personal power, intoxication
Bruise - 583d6c:  for tension, depression, pain, lack of ambition, grief
Magenta - ff00ff:  for driving away evil, anxiety, sleeplessness, spiritual power

Browns - Greys - Neutrals

Cream - f6f5b4:  for sweetness, living things, weakness emotionally/physically
Sepia - 704214:  for remembering, forgetting, concentration, unclean/dirty, construction
Burnt Umber - 9e3817:  for growth, warmth, grounding, home, animals, trees
Brown - 5b200d:  for animals, earth, dirt, growth, stability, grounding
Dark Brown - 211306:  for grounding, old things, old growth, forests, mountains, stability
Grey - 808080:  for neutrality, security, loneliness, removing negativity, a fogged mind/ memories, balance, contemplation
Warm Grey - 9f885c:  for lawful neutral, glamour, stillness, contemplation
Cool Grey - 899692:  for chaotic neutral, clouding decisions, hiding truths, restraint
Silver - c0c0c0:  for the feminine, moon, communication, intuition, divine, lying, victory
Black - 000000:  for removing negativity, protection, wisdom, learning, depression, death, loss, mourning, transforming, banishing
White - ffffff:  for purity, blessing, innocence, light, truth, children, hidden evils/dangers, drama, cleansing, rage/fury
Most of us let our negative emotions persist longer than is necessary. Becoming suddenly angry, we tend to stay angry - and this requires that we actively produce the feeling of anger. We do this by thinking about our reasons for being angry - recalling an insult, rehearsing what we should have said to our malefactor, and so forth - and yet we tend not to notice the mechanics of this process. Without continually resurrecting the feeling of anger, it is impossible to stay angry for more than a few moments
—  Sam Harris, Waking Up: Searching for Spirituality Without Religion
neptune in the signs

neptune usually spends 14 years in each sign as part of it’s cycle. as the planet of idealism, illusion, creativity, escapism and spirituality, it tends to represent the cultural ideals of the time.

the aries generation: neptune was in aries from 1861 to 1875 and as such traditionally ariean traits like freedom and independence were in focus. serfdom was abolished in russia in 1861 and the emancipation proclamation of 1863 abolished slavery in the united states.

the taurus generation: neptune was in taurus from 1875 to 1889. this placement idealises security and material possessions and coincides with the so called “gilded age” in the united states. during this time, economic growth was rapid and many famously extravagant homes were built in areas like newport.

the gemini generation: neptune was in gemini from 1889 to 1902, and this generation particularly idealised intellect and communication. in the united kingdom, the “souls” group dominated intellectual life and in france this period encompasses much of the belle époque, during which writers like émile zola and colette first came to prominence. also, this period includes the beginning of the jewish golden age in hungary.

the cancer generation: neptune was in cancer from 1902 to 1916 and during this time the home and family life was idealised. the temperance movement and groups like the anti saloon league gained attention in the united states. the emergence of “new liberalism” in the united kingdom also saw the establishment of the foundational welfare state.

the leo generation: neptune was in leo from 1916 to 1929. the idealisation of youth, glamour and artistic expression can be seen in this period. the flapper subculture famously boomed in the united states and the growing film industry led to the creation of hollywood culture. in paris, many young expatriate authors published daring novels and created a scene where free expression was valued. 

the virgo generation: neptune was in virgo from 1929 to 1943. this placement idealises work, positive work ethics and education. many countries experienced a growth in labour forces and unionisation in this period and the “common man” was idealised in film, particularly in the work of directors like frank capra.

the libra generation: neptune was in libra from 1943 to 1957 and as such marriage and relationships were particularly idealised at this time. much of the post war period in culture was famously characterised by a focus on relationships and the “baby boom” is indicative of this placement.

the scorpio generation: neptune was in scorpio from 1957 to 1970, a period in which the idealisation of sex and transformation is particularly evident. in the united states, the sexual revolution began and psychedelic drugs and rock were tools of personal transformation. politically, protest movements in various countries show the desire for governmental transformation.

the sagittarius generation: neptune was in sagittarius from 1970 to 1985. in this period, the search for spiritual and philosophical meaning was idealised as well as different belief systems. eastern religions grew in popularity across the world and the televangelist phenomenon began. the 1970s are often known as the “me decade” due to the cultural focus on spiritual growth.

the capricorn generation: neptune was in capricorn from 1985 to 1998 and success and business were particularly idealised at this time. globalisation occurred at an increasingly fast pace and a distinct business culture developed, aided by technological advances.

the aquarius generation: neptune was in aquarius from 1998 to 2012. in this period, free thinking and inventiveness were idealised. the development of smart phones and the growth of the internet allowed for the development of new ideas. the emergence of social networks resulted in greater connectivity and understanding.

the pisces generation: neptune has been in pisces since 2012 and will be until 2026. during this time, compassion, spirituality and sensitivity will emerge as ideals. this can already be seen in the advances of the LGBTQ+ community and the growth of social activism.

aries, masculine expression of mars - daylight, charges recklessly into the world
scorpio, feminine expression of mars - undertakes battles internally, waging self destructive wars, nocturnal 

taurus, feminine expression of venus - self satisfies, personal pleasures 
libra, masculine expression of venus - relationship oriented, shared experience

gemini, masculine expression of mercury - quantity of mind 
virgo, feminine expression of mercury - quality of mind

sagittarius, masculine expression of jupiter - searches for the spiritual temple 
pisces, feminine expression of jupiter - becomes the spiritual temple 

capricorn, feminine expression of saturn - emotion, sadness, nocturnal, personal responsibilities  
aquarius, masculine expression of saturn - flexible, social responsibilities


Lilith Signs

Lilith is an asteroid whose significance in astrology is that it reveals our ‘dark side’. Lilith is the secret wild child within us all that we attempt to keep hidden from the world. The parts of us we wish didn’t exist because they don’t fit a trim, neat image that’s expected of us by the public eye. Rage, stress, and triggering memories can reveal our Lilith’s attributes to us.

Lilith in Aries: Emotionally unstable, fiercely independent, defiance to authority, sensuality, passionate tendencies, need for control

Lilith in Taurus: Possessive, jealous, focusing on materialistic, out of control sexuality, extreme stubbornness, refusing to change, addictive tendencies, lazy

Lilith in Gemini: Mental isolation, nervous breakdowns, anxiety, sexual unpredictability, multiple personalities, manipulative

Lilith in Cancer: Unhealthy relationship with family, ashamed of vulnerability/rejection of vulnerability, out of touch with feminine side, sexual repression, obsessive, temptations, fertility difficulties, authoritarian mother

Lilith in Leo: Overly ambitious, exaggerated sexuality, cold will, arrogant, pushy, stifled creativity, tendency to get involved in love affairs, insecure

Lilith in Virgo: Overworking, health problems, either repressed sexuality or over-expressed sexuality, frustration, anxious, stutter, curiosity, emotional instability, OCD tendencies, prudish

Lilith in Libra: Discomfort in social situations, loner, egoism, snob-like, always feeling unsatisfied, lack of balance in relationships, health problems, widowhood, anti-socialism or too much socializing, feeling life is missing something

Lilith in Scorpio: Interest in metaphysics, unhealthy sexual tendencies, desire to dominate, frustration, passionate power, suicidal impulses, fanatical joy, nightmares, extremist, addiction-prone

Lilith in Sagittarius: Lack of direction, feels different, feels lack of independence, trapped, in search of spiritual guide, accident-prone, breaks all the rules or is extremely limited, difficulties with strangers

Lilith in Capricorn: Either over-worker or lazy bum, REPRESSION, cold, snobby, silent, prone to depression, sadistic, close-minded, trials, feels isolated, feels deprivation, possible widowhood

Lilith in Aquarius: Tense, nervous, lack of friends, death of friends, either over or under sexually active, claustrophobic, desire for independence, surgery, accident-prone, possible divorce, not true to oneself

Lilith in Pisces: Risk of real of symbolic imprisonment, health problems, drug tendencies to escape reality, escapism, searching for perfect fairy tale land, wrong spiritual choices, gift of prophecy, illegality, psychic troubles, many love affairs, a feeling of being different, getting lost in dreams

Our Lilith is not meant to weaken us; it’s meant to show us our weaknesses so we can learn how to channel them into strengths. As we develop as people, the negative traits of our lilith become points of strength for us to use.

You think of yourselves as humans searching for a spiritual awakening, when in fact you are spiritual beings attempting to cope with a human awakening. Seeing yourselves from the perspective of the spirit within will help you to remember why you came here and what you came here to do.
—  The Group
Jupiter in Astrology

Jupiter is the biggest planet of our solar system and represents at the same time the highest God in Roman mythology. Portraying the greatest of spiritual searching and finding beyond the borders of Earth, only Jupiter’s very size indicates its significance.

What Jupiter symbolizes in astrology:

  • your taste of humour in association with your over time gained wisdom
  • your inner spirit that disconnects from all earthly things
  • in which way you see yourself as part of the cosmos
  • how strong you connect your spiritual way of being with your earthly everyday  interactions
  • how much the stars have destined for you to become drawn to ethics, philosophy and leaving the world of things
  • how you see yourself as part of the society and which part of your personality you share and give away
  • if, how and in which ways you grow and broaden your horizon
  • where you can seize the chance to enhance financial/material opportunities
  • if you are prone to the past catching up with you and if this might be troubling you
  • if you oftentimes feel blessed with the way things worked out for you (and the degree of importance of those things)
  • how much you pay attention to the little things and appreciate them
  • how mature your soul is destined to become

Key traits if Jupiter’s set in…

• Aries: leadership and renewal, creative power, social and intellectual improvement, encouraging action, enthusiasm and self-confidence, evolutionary thinking and growth, the courage to realise great plans
Be careful not to: boil the ocean, act rashly, ignore advice, become too reckless, react stormy towards unexpected difficulties

• Taurus: appreciation of art and music, organisation and commitment, sense for providing security, turning what is given to something useful, knowledge of the power of solidarity, sustainment and expansion, endurance and determination and therefore wealth
Be careful not to: become resigned and too materialistic, be too proud of your achievements, live to lavish, let your intolerance towards spirituality gain the upper hand

• Gemini: openness and complaisance, a desire to travel, joviality and popularity, intellectual curiosity, critical dealing with society, communication and urbanity, writing and researching, an adequacy of word choice
Be careful not to: give in to restlessness, appear superficial, become snobbish and theoretical, lose focus, neglect long-time friendships, cling to the wrong people, ignore your gut feelings

• Cancer: great creativity, wealth of emotions, quite preparation and sudden glamorous performance, excellent manners, parental love, devotion and trust, comfort and homely flourishing, taste in food and fashion, idealism and good will
Be careful not to: lose yourself in utopian rhapsodies, be too sentimental with yourself, have fear of breaking up old bondings, hold back your true opinion

• Leo: glory and recognition, optimism and energy, generosity and ecstasy, fondness for religion/fate and history, passion for display of splendour, honour and honest radiating of encouragement and benevolence, authentic affection for children
Be careful not to: expect others to have the same energy as you, take to a big liking in yourself, leave your friends behind in favour of your personal interests, lose yourself in resignation

• Virgo: all or nothing, from apprentice to master, choosing details over the big picture, adviser and attendant of society, honour and essentiality, filtering out the truth from delusion, perfection and guidance, orderliness in clothing and behaviour
Be careful not to: lose sight of the overall situation and what really matters in the end, overwork yourself, be offended by things not concerning you, attend to things not meant to be

• Libra: justice and moral principles, estimation and appreciation, giving and forgiving, knowing how far is too far, harmony and loyalty, socialism and love of animals, thoughtfulness of other people’s needs, emphasis of personal beliefs
Be careful not to: decide for others, try for everybody to be happy, develop double standards, expect others to always be considerate or favouring towards you, let jealousy win

• Scorpio: passion for all things of interest, dear holding of opinions, practicality and routine, distinguishing oneself  at any cost, falling down and picking oneself up, life and death, feeling the invisible, observing and striking, deep worthiness and mannerliness
Be careful not to: become set on something, get stuck in your own head and perceptions, misjudge without even asking, see yourself as the centre of everything

• Sagittarius: discovering the backgrounds, mores and etiquette, idealism over materialism, adventure and riskiness, systematics and life principles, respect and admiration, criticality and curiosity, strange cultures and centuries, knowledge of the upcoming
Be careful not to: be overcritical, balk at new ways of approaching things, become blinkered or denying, fall for outdated dogmas, be too trusting, let others use your joviality

• Capricorn: clarity of aims, responsibility and endurance, knowing for what can be achieved, circumspection and humbleness, clown on the outside, young soul – old mind, maturity and excellent humour, family ties, status and high quality
Be careful not to: become detached to status symbols and the outward, burry your feelings inside, let yourself be deterred quirkiness and unconventionality, set the wrong goals

• Aquarius: graveness and sincere gratitude, in search of renewal and improvement, abomination of phoniness, realism and acceptance, humanitarianism and seeing life as a preciousness, forceful challenging of traditions, forgiveness and will to approach
Be careful not to: neglect the care of friendships, think too unrealistically or revolutionary, isolate yourself from conservative ways of dealing, split your energy

• Pisces: meaningfulness and dedication, intensity and solitude, waiting for a deeper sense, love and willpower, emerge from behind the curtain, universal mind and searching for a purpose, fusion of mind and soul and desire
Be careful not to: sink in self-pity, blame others too much, sit back on a higher throne, dam up your emotions until eruption, lose sight of what you are capable of

Gimmick: (This is just for fun, pls don’t take it too seriously :)

MTL drawn to the impact of Jupiter (or how lucky your Jupiter sign is):

  • Aquarius
  • Scorpio
  • Libra
  • Sagittarius
  • Pisces
  • Virgo
  • Gemini
  • Cancer
  • Capricorn
  • Aries
  • Leo
  • Taurus

sagittarius is light and free. but they are complicated, because double bodied signs are never quite what they seem. there are powerful mental energies in sagittarius, the intellect is in apex command because it responds immediately to the environment, searching for the spiritual focus, seeking to expand at every available moment. they are all about what feeds the spirit in delirious, reckless, excessive, and venturous ways

I.   March 1979 and I am watching Nazis
march through Chicago. The bold type
of the Sun-Times describes a small band
of hoodlums, undereducated boy scouts, the better
to be ignored. My grandfather, back hunched
over his Bible, agrees. Jews like myself
should stay home, should lay down our stones
and pray like the Jews that we are. 

II.   Grandfather, you are easy to love
with your long beard and the way you sway
like a palm branch in the storm. It is easy
to romanticize your spiritual search,
worldly naiveté and wise rabbinical words.
You belong in the books I read
by Singer, Peretz, Sholom Aleichem.
But their characters are ignorant
of the chapters to come. You know
where their prayers will lead.

III.   A circle. Six Nazis. Your wife in the middle.
One soldier says all Jewesses are whores
and the others agree. You say nothing.
Years later you’ll decide to speak:
“Do we not serve Hitler’s purpose, we
who would sooner renounce our beliefs
than assume our burdens?”

IV.   A generation after the Holocaust
and I know no Hebrew. No Yiddish. No Torah.
I fast only on the Day of Atonement
and even then I’ve been known to cheat.
A generation after the Holocaust
and I apologize for my grandfather’s
bent back and wild gestures.
I used to tremble to the rhythm
of his prayers. I feared the mysterious
words that kept us from the devil.
Now, from my window I watch Nazis march.
Their feet strike the pavement
like the ticking of a clock. I am a Jew
a generation after the Holocaust.
Poorer, my grandfather says, without a past
than he, who has no future.


Richard Michelson, The Jews that We Are

feels painfully relevant right now


I was trying to figure out where my intellect, if I really have one, where it fit. And so I was searching. I really didn’t know who I was or what I really wanted to be, and in that search, like I think you do as an actor, you end up trying to define whatever that is, and I sort of said, “Oh well, searching spiritually in a way is interesting, and Eastern religion seems to be about a search.”

trapleslieknope  asked:

Hey Cherry! Im trying to understand how the houses work. Could you explain/ guide me somewhere where I could understand it better? Thanks!

Hey, the houses are the experiences and life themes we direct the sign and planet through. The four angular houses are the most significant:

The First House/First house cusp - Ascending: My instant, environmental responses
The Seventh House/Seventh house cusp - Descending: Who I attract
The Tenth House/Tenth house cusp - Midheaven: Who I want to be/who the public thinks I am/success story
The Fourth House/Fourth house cusp - Imum Coeli: Where I came from, mother, psychological base

Second House: Values, Finances, Sensuality, Body
Third House: Immediate perception, Communication, Expression
Fifth House: Pleasure, Play, Children, Creativity
Sixth House: Service, Health, Daily Living
Eighth House: Transformation, Magic, Death, Joint Finances
Ninth House: Awareness, Spiritual Search, Philosophy, Pilgrimage
Eleventh House: Friends, Social inclusion, Dreams
Twelfth House: Sacred space, Privacy, Alone time, Infinity

Each of the houses is ruled by its corresponding sign on the zodiac, and you can see how they reflect the theme of the sign, like Aries ruling the 1st house of self expression and identity, and Pisces ruling the 12th house of dream and delirium. The houses bring the signs and planets to life. These are the places on the atlas we express the qualities through. Does your sun Leo dance through the joy of friends in the eleventh house, or is his lion heart put to work and used to serve others in the sixth house? This is one of the great joys of astrology. I have more info on here


All new character descriptions

I’m almost a hundred percent certain there’s already a write-up of them out there, but I wanted to have it down as fic-reference, so here’s all the descriptions for the skins and characters currently in the PTR
New(ish) lore information is bolded.

Ana Amari
MAIN TEXT: Former second in command of Overwatch, Ana Amari uses her skills and expertise to defend her home and the people she cares for
HORUS: Ana’s call sign was “Horus” when she served in the Egyptian Military during the Omnic Crisis
CAPTAIN AMARI: Captain Amari was Strike Commander Morrison’s Second in Command of Overwatch
SHRIKE: Recently, Ana has operated under the alias of “Shrike” and is wanted for espionage, assault and theft in Egypt
MERCIFUL: Ana’s Biotic Rifle uses a modified version of Mercy’s healing technology, though the weapon was created against the doctor’s wishes

MAIN TEXT: Once a frontline combatant in the omnic crisis, this curious Bastion unit now explores the world, fascinated by nature and wary of a fearful humanity
OVERGROWN: Damaged in one of the battles of the omnic crisis, this lone bastion unit was reactivated in the black forest near Eichenwalde years later
OMNIC CRISIS: During the omnic crisis, Bastion units fought against humans in battles around the world:

MAIN TEXT: D.Va is a former professional gamer who now uses her skills to pilot a state-of-the-art mech in defense of her country
JUNKER: Mech battles are one of the most popular forms of entertainment in Junkertown
TAEFEUKGI (SUMMER GAMES): During her time as a professional gamer, D.Va proudly represented South Korea in tournaments around the world

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a journey or search of great moral or spiritual significance. Typically, it is a journey to a shrine, sacred place or other location of importance to a person’s beliefs and faith, although sometimes it can be a metaphorical journey in to someone’s own beliefs. Many religions attach spiritual importance to particular places: the place of birth or death of founders or saints, or to the place of their “calling” or spiritual awakening, or of their connection (visual or verbal) with the divine, or to locations where miracles were performed or witnessed, or locations where a deity is said to live or be “housed,” or any site that is seen to have special spiritual powers. Such sites may be commemorated with shrines or temples that devotees are encouraged to visit for their own spiritual benefit: to be healed or have questions answered or to achieve some other spiritual benefit. A person who makes such a journey is called a pilgrim.

Etymology: from Middle English pilegrimage; replacing earlier pelrimage, alteration of Old French pelerinage, from Mediaeval Latin pelegrīnus.

[Joon Ahn - Pilgrims]

An Informal Guide to the Vampire Chronicles: Part 1

Transcribed from the Appendix in Prince Lestat (edited with more info.)

1. Interview with the Vampire (1976) - In this, the first published memoirs of a vampire with his tribe, Louis de Pointe du Lac tells his life story to a reporter boy he encounters in San Francisco - Daniel Molloy. Born in the eighteenth century in Louisiana, Louis, a rich plantation owner, encounters the mysterious Lestat de Lioncourt, who offers him immortality through the Blood and Louis accepts- beginning a long spiritual search for the meaning of who and what he has become. The child vampire Claudia and the mysterious Armand of the Théâtre des Vampires are central to this story, including the death of Claudia at the hands of the theatre run by Armand- devastating and further plummeting Louis into his own quiet misery.

2. The Vampire Lestat (1985) - Here, Lestat de Lioncourt offers his full autobiography - recounting his in eighteenth century France as a penniless provincial aristocrat, a Parisian stage actor, and finally as a vampire in conflict with other members of the Undead, including the coven of the Children of Satan (or Darkness) being led by the vampire Armand. After a long physical and spiritual journey, Lestat reveals ancients secrets about the vampire tribe that he kept for more than a century, learned by an encounter with the Roman vampire Marius- a keeper of the king and queen of their kind, “Those Who Must Be Kept.” Emerging as a rock star and rock video maker, he eagerly attempts to start a war with humankind that might bring the Undead together and end in vampiric annihilation.

3. The Queen of the Damned (1988) - Though written by Lestat, this story includes multiple points of view from mortals and immortals all over the planet, responding to Lestat’s revealing rock music and videos, which awaken the six thousand year old Queen of the Vampires, Akasha, from her long slumber. As the younger unassociated vampires gather at Lestat’s rock concert to assassinate him, they are set aflame by the Queen Akasha, who steals Lestat away and reveals her plan to recreate the world in her vision, as a Goddess of mortals. But an ancient prophecy concerning twins witches, seeking to take revenge on Akasha for the creation of their kind, is set into motion which sweeps old and new Undead into a Great Gathering to save their kind. This is the first book to deal with the entire tribe of the Undead around the world. This novel contains the first inclusion of the mysterious order of mortal scholars known as the Talamasca, who study the paranormal.

4. The Tale of the Body Thief (1992) - Lestat’s memoir in which he recounts his disastrous encounter with a clever and sinister mortal named Raglan James, a sorcerer experienced in switching bodies - a battle which forces Lestat into closer involvement with his friend, David Talbot, Superior General of the Talamasca, who scholarly members are dedicated to the study of the paranormal. As Lestat realizes the second taste of mortality does not satisfy him, he and David work together to defeat Raglan James and in the process, gain his body back and turn David into one of the many Undead.

5. Memnoch the Devil (1995) - Lestat narrates a personal adventure, this time filled with devastating shocks and mysteries as he confronts a powerful spirit, Memnoch, claiming to be none other than the Devil of Christian lore, the fallen angel himself, who invites Lestat to journey with him to Heaven and Hell, and seeks to enlist Lestat as a helper of the Christian realm. Dragged into his own rendition of the Divine Comedy, he reemerges with a taste of the Christ’s blood and Veronica’s Veil, to which other vampires Mael and Armand surrender themselves to the sun as martyrs to their newfound faith.

6. Pandora (1998) -  Published under the series title “New Tales of the Vampires”, this story is Pandora’s (introduced in TVL & QOTD) autobiographical confession, recounting her life in the ancient Roman Empire during the time of Augustus and Tiberius, including her great and tragic love affair with the vampire Marius and the creating of her two fledglings, the Athenian Flavius and Arjun, an Indian prince of the Chola dynasty. Though it does recount later events, the book is principally focused on Pandora’s first century as a vampire.

7. The Vampire Armand  (1998) - Here, Armand, a profound and enigmatic presence in earlier novels, offers his autobiography to the reader, explaining his long life since the time of the Renaissance when he was kidnapped from the monks in Kiev and trafficked to Venice as a child sex slave, only to be rescued by the ancient and powerful vampire Marius. Yet another kidnapping by the vampire Santino puts Armand in the hands of the cruel and notorious Children of Satan, superstitious vampires who worship the Devil. A story of survival and love, he explains his point of view of meeting Lestat and his fledglings and the comfort founded in his two mortal saviors after his attempted suicide in Memnoch. Though Armand concludes his story in the present time and introduces new characters to the Chronicles, most of the account focuses on his earlier years.

8. Vittorio The Vampire (1999) - One of the “New Tales of the Vampires,” this is the autobiography of Vittorio of Tuscany, who becomes a member of the Undead during the Renaissance who finds a way to survive after the murder of his family by a coven of Undead who hunt him down after making him one of them. This character does not appear anywhere else in the Vampire Chronicles, but he is of the same tribe and does share the same cosmology.

9. Merrick (2000) - Told by David Talbot, this story is centered on Merrick, a Creole woman of colors from an old New Orleans family and a member of the Talamasca, who seeks to become a vampire during the last years before the end of the twentieth century. She uses her powers to put a spell upon both David and Louis, eventually summoning the spirit of the child vampire Claudia for Louis to bring him closure. This is a hybrid novel, involving a glimpse of a few characters from another series of books devoted to the history of the Mayfair witches of New Orleans to whom Merrick is related, but it is principally focuses on Merrick’s involvement with the Undead, including Louis de Pointe du Lac.

10. Blood and Gold (2001) - Another in the series of vampire memoirs, this time written by the ancient Roman Marius (introduced in TVL) who is the caretaker of Armand’s only fledging, the young reporter boy Daniel Molloy from the first novel. He explains much about his two thousand years amongst the Undead and the challenges he faced in protecting the mystery of “Those Who Must Be Kept”, the ancient parents of the tribe, Akasha and Enkil. Marius offers his side of the story of his tumultuous love affairs with Pandora, Armand, the courtesan Bianca Solderini, and his conflicts with other vampires. This novel concludes in the present but is principally focused on the past.

11. Blackwood Farm (2002) - A hybrid novel narrated by Quinn Blackwood recounting his personal history and involvement with the ever present Talamasca, the Undead, and the Mayfair witches of New Orleans, who figure in another book series. It follows the tale of his kidnapping by the cruel hermaphroditic vampire Petronia, his turning, and the haunting spirit of his dead twin brother Goblin. Set in a brief period of time in the early twenty first century.

12. Blood Canticle (2003) - Another hybrid book, narrated by Lestat, recounting his adventures with Quinn Blackwood and with the Mayfair witches. Following the tale of the newly turned Mona Mayfair, the story includes the Mayfair witches enlisting the help of ancient vampires Maharet, Mekare, and Khayman along with Lestat to help their battle against an advanced human species called Taltos. This story focuses on a brief period of time in the twenty first century.

13. Prince Lestat (2014) - The return of Lestat after years of silence. Many voices and points of view reveal the crisis of the worldwide tribe of the Undead. Vampires have been proliferating out of control; burnings have commenced all over the world, huge massacres similar to those carried out by Akasha in The Queen of the Damned… Old vampires, roused from slumber in the Earth, are doing the bidding of a Voice commanding that they indiscriminately burn vampire-mavericks in cities from Paris and Mumbai to Hong Kong, Kyoto, and San Francisco. A regathering of the so-called Coven of the Articulate from which the former novels are penned, along with a new set of supernatural beings meet to discover the source of the Voice, the spirit Amel, the very sacred core of the Undead. 



The sign on the cusp of the ninth house show your strongest beliefs and what really matters to you fundamentally. Planets in the ninth house affect this too.


People with Aries on the ninth house cusp or Mars in the ninth house believe strongly in themselves and their potential. They push themselves as far as they can go, and their spiritual journey is about their re-discovery and understanding of their own fundamental self.


People with Taurus on the ninth house cusp or Venus in the ninth house often live their lives by adhering to a strong set of moral codes. They do what they believe is right and good, for themselves and other people, as the situation calls, and their spiritual journey is about learning what is really ‘right’.


People with Gemini on the ninth house cusp or Mercury in the ninth house don’t tend to have strong beliefs, or if they do, they are second to their own potential. They do what they can and want to, and their spiritual journey is about discovering as much as they can about the world.

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People with Cancer on the ninth house cusp or the Moon in the ninth house believe in helping and nurturing other people. They build hardy connections and prize teamwork, and their spiritual journey is about strengthening their relationships with others.


People with Leo on the ninth house cusp or the Sun in the ninth house believe in living life while they can and having as much fun as possible. They live in the moment and do whatever it takes to get what they want, and their spiritual journey is about learning what really matters to them.


People with Virgo on the ninth house cusp or Mercury in the ninth house tend to be skeptics who don’t really believe in much. They have their morals, but they are subject to situation, and their spiritual journey is discovering the forces that really do affect them.


People with Libra on the ninth house cusp or Venus in the ninth house believe in the power of human kindness and peace between people. They are very moral and good-hearted people, and their spiritual journey is all about learning what they can do to help others and themselves.


People with Scorpio on the ninth house cusp or Pluto in the ninth house believe that what you do comes back round to affect you. They tend to be suspicious people who always adhere to their morals, and their spiritual journey is about finally learning to forgive.


People with Sagittarius on the ninth house cusp or Jupiter in the ninth house believe in searching for truth and the wisdom within all of us. They tend to be kind-hearted and forgiving people, and their spiritual journey is about searching deep within themselves to who they really are.


People with Capricorn on the ninth house cusp or Saturn in the ninth house are often skeptics who don’t see whey they should adhere to a code of belief or even a moral system. They do what it takes to get where they need to, and their spiritual journey is about finding what they truly care about.


People with Aquarius on the ninth house or Uranus in the ninth house believe that they are on this world to do something, and they will do whatever it takes to ‘make a difference’. They are always searching for creative or spiritual outlets, and their spiritual journey is about themselves and why they matter.


People with Pisces on the ninth house cusp or Neptune in the ninth house believe in spiritual, moral, and / or religious powers that influence everyone. They are the most spiritual people, and their spiritual journey is all-consuming and karmic

Harsh Aspects in Generational Planets

I did not include conjunct aspects because they’re not always harsh, it can be a harmonious aspect as well. I can make a separate post abt conjuncts in generational planets if y’all want tho. Just let me know (: 


Jupiter/Saturn- to learn to stick to one objective at a time until they’ve completed it. Greatest difficulty is they expect too much of themselves, making it impossible to accomplish high goals. Need to learn to accept their limitations. 
Jupiter/Uranus- to learn to be tolerant of other ppl, other view points, ppl who learn slower than them/ Important to learn to be patient with others and let go of the importance of time. Might get carried away with new ideas/concepts they believe everyone needs immediately. Let others believe what they believe without forcing them to change. 

Jupiter/Neptune- to learn to be realistic abt ppl and their faults. Apt to view some ppl thru rose-colored glasses and others much more harshly. Placing ppl on pedestals only leads to disappointment. Accept that ppl are a blend of good and bad, not just one thing. 

Jupiter/Pluto- to learn humility, patience, and tolerance. Have a strong will to succeed but some want that success for ego power. Remember that a true leader n successful person works for the ppl, rather than themselves. Might be overly invested in religiosity. 

Saturn/Uranus- to learn how to relax and release tensions gradually, rather than letting tensions to build up to the point of bursting in a more uncontrolled way. Bursts of anger might be used to release inner tension. A tension that comes from wanting to do one thing when they’re supposed to be doing another. When they learn to accomplish the required tasks they can go after what they want.

Saturn/Neptune- to seek spirituality rather than achievement of material success in society. Feelings of loneliness/uncertainty can’t be appeased even if they’re at the top of their career. This is a past life atonement placement. Seeking spiritual riches instead of material ones will bring peace.

Saturn/Pluto- to learn to be flexible. They hate any kind of change and will resist strongly. Desire to be in authority will cause them to be tested many times with seemingly impossible obstacles. Those challenges exist to teach them to flow more easily with changes and learn humility. As they transform negative traits in themselves, this will show up most in their natal moon sign traits. This aspect causes a lot of emotional turmoil so that they will want to find answers about life.

Uranus/Neptune- to have an open mind to all new ideas related to different religions/institutions/philosophies. They might prefer philosophies that have some structure and are already accepted by society. Very intuitive with psychic potential. They experience emotional turmoil that may lead them to seek relief thru bizarre religious concept, dark magic, or substances (drugs). It would be better for them to seek emotional release thru creative outlets and other, healing magic. 

Uranus/Pluto- to learn to become independent. They have an intuitive awareness of need to stand alone but that causes a lot of inner distress because of an emotional need to lean on the ones they love. They will experience a lot of change and upheavals in life which makes them uneasy or insecure. 


Jupiter/Saturn- must be more patient with themselves. Unable to live up to what they expect of themselves, might feel like what they do isn’t good enough. Might move a lot, change jobs a lot but they don’t seem to advance in the way they want. Their lives become one of many reversals, having to learn same lessons over and over again. Must learn to accept themselves as they are.

Jupiter/Uranus- develop self as not too rigid or self-righteous about goals n philosophies. They probably developed ideas abt philosophy early in life but need to recognize that everyone has their own right to build an opinion. Respect other ppl’s rights to seek their own path. 

Jupiter/Neptune- learning to accept ppl n the world as they are, not how they wish the world/ppl to be. By accepting life n ppl as they are, ,they can release their disappointment. Use Jupiter’s optimism, tempered with some realism, and this placement will not be distressful.

Jupiter/Pluto- respecting other ppl’s viewpoints and learning humility. Can obtain success thru learning these traits. Good intuitive powers which causes them to think they’re always right. “This is what I have come to believe, but it might not be true !” Is a good phrase to learn and accept. 

Saturn/Uranus- desire to be responsible and be free is creating inner tension. Might have difficulty working in cooperative relationships because they become frustrated with having to do what other ppl want them to do. They should examine personal relationships to decide what about the other person causes them to be irritated/frustrated. Address the issues to overcome the issues in a constructive release of tension.

Saturn/Neptune- must learn to trust ppl again. They have an inborn fear from other lifetimes when they lost everything by force. Lesson in tihs lifetime is to recognize unimportance of collecting material wealth and concentrate energies toward spiritual pursuits. Learn to appreciate their possessions and other achievements but feel also prepared to let go of them at any moment.

Saturn/Pluto- learning to cooperate with others in peace and understanding. This is an atonement aspect from other lives. Could be a stepping stone into great personal/soul growth. Have been too domineering in former lifetimes and now have to learn to listen to other ppl’s viewpoints with an open mind. They need to learn to compromise with others, requiring humility, patience, and hard work.

Uranus/Neptune- there is a need to study many different philosophies. It’s easy for them to feel they have all the truth and they can stop searching or learning. Spiritual growth is never ending. Could easily become a religious fanatic or deeply protective of established institutions. Emotional intensity can be released in the same way as the square- creative pursuits and healing magic.

Uranus/Pluto- there is a need for them to see and appreciate other ppl’s viewpoints. They have an intellectual way of approaching life but are also very curious to know what is in their unconscious mind. They would benefit a lot from seeking knowledge concerning the mystery of their subconscious.