Russian hackers reportedly tried to get into Emmanuel Macron’s campaign in French election

  • Emmanuel Macron — the pro-European Union centrist facing off against far-right nationalist Marine Le Pen in the French presidential election — was the target of Russian hackers, Time reported Tuesday.
  • According to Japanese antivirus firm Trend Micro, hackers linked to Russia created fake websites in an attempt to steal passwords and online credentials from Macron staffers.
  • Mounir Mahjoubi, digital chief for the Macron campaign, confirmed there were attempts to hack the campaign but said they were unsuccessful.
  • “It’s serious, but nothing was compromised,” Mahjoubi told the Associated Press on Monday night.
  • Though it didn’t point its finger at any governments, Trend Micro said it was “very, very likely” a group called Pawn Storm — which U.S. intelligence considers a Russian spying organization — is behind the attempted hacks. Read more (4/25/17)
In Which Trump is Reminded Once Again the Judiciary is a Thing

Today a federal judge shot down Trump’s Executive Order attempting to withhold federal funds from sanctuary cities, an idea fully supported by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who really should’ve known better.

It’s grimly bemusing, though, that Trump is continually surprised that his Executive Orders must be in compliance with the law or they will be overturned by the courts. Please keep in mind his older sister is Judge Marryane Trump Barry of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit (Politico ran a fascinating story about her in January).

Also, you know, he’s lost a bunch of lawsuits, so he’s familiar with judges telling him he’s full of crap.

We’ve now got a guy in the Oval Office who clearly thought he’d be king.

In reality, he’ll always be the court jester.